Kpop 2020 in a nutshell

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kpop 2020 in a nutshell
2020 was trashy yet ICONIC so lets relive those moments together!!
A new year present from ME to YOU and i hope you really enjoy it🥰
Hope u'll stay happy and healthy💞
until next time
love thirstae💜

00:00​ - when kpop idols went viral
1:31​ - stage collaborations
3:04​ - song collaborations no one expected
5:53​ - song covers that whispered perfection
8:11 - iconic lines that were stuck in our heads
9:47​ - memes,jokes,crachead energy of 2020
13:20​ - solos that slayed
16:42​ - performances that blew everyones mind
21:50​ - moments without which 2020 would be incomplete

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  • PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1:32 OKAY my ass just got blocked by kbs and thats why i had to EDIT OUT JESSI X JACKSON + NCT X SKZ X MONSTAX collaboration :((( im so sorry for thaaaattttttt a. l. s. o. 7:37 is the 00' liners from kpop (Hyunjin from Skz, Bomin from Golden Child, Daehwi from Ab6ix and Sanha from Astro)✌️ EDIT 2: any abrupt cuts that you see during the video is because i got BLOCKED BY KBS! It included NCT,SKZ,GIDLE,GFRIEND and many more :(( TIME STAMPS✨ 00:00​ - when kpop idols went viral 1:31​ - stage collaborations 3:04​ - song collaborations no one expected 5:53​ - song covers that whispered perfection 8:11 - iconic lines that were stuck in our heads 9:47​ - memes,jokes,crachead energy of 2020 13:20​ - solos that slayed 16:42​ - performances that blew everyones mind 21:50​ - moments without which 2020 would be incomplete

    ThirstaeThirstae2 个月 前
    • Oh I was wondering why Jessi wasn’t here thanks great video

      Ciel PhantomhiveCiel Phantomhive13 天 前
    • sorry but minute 4:00 is just disrespectful to NOT credit loopy. He also featured on this song the same as soyeon did but you didn't put his name there why? It's annoying because it's always the khh rappers who never get credits.

      Estell SophiaEstell Sophia15 天 前
    • @x marielle that is txt. On like 5:35 is the 00's

      lukeluke16 天 前
    • what how did u get blocked?? 👁👄👁✊

      Tory SproutTory Sprout18 天 前
    • This is too biased, The Boyz on Road to Kingdom is a literal definition of cultural reset. Duh 😒

      ran wilderran wilder21 天 前
  • blackpink water dance

    ganalea ganrielganalea ganriel6 分钟 前
  • May I ask about Ryujin's shoulder dance why is it famous?

    사랑린지사랑린지34 分钟 前
  • I luv this vid content everything and can u pls tell how u dealed with copyright pls

    min sugarmin sugar3 小时 前
  • I mean it when she/he said Jason decancelled instead of Jason Derulo..... 😂😂 😂

    Poornima shetty VarshaPoornima shetty Varsha3 小时 前

    Samreen AhmadzaiSamreen Ahmadzai9 小时 前
  • 3:20 sorry jk

    Laasya AcharLaasya Achar9 小时 前
  • I just think that you missed the Way V´s Princess Party (WinWin´s birthday and halloween) hahahah. That was ICONIC!!!!!!

    Katri TorrensKatri Torrens10 小时 前
  • lmaaaaoo nct literally had an nct2020 concept but they're not in here.. i see

    abyaby11 小时 前
  • When Felix said "cookin' like a chef a 5 star Michelin" I really felt that....

    You're Our Best Boy Hyunjin We Will Stay With YouYou're Our Best Boy Hyunjin We Will Stay With You14 小时 前
  • NCT OT 23 NCT OT 23 NCT OT 23 NCT OT 23!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pritha TiwariPritha Tiwari19 小时 前
  • Correction for psycho cover...its cover by 00s line(BOMIN golcha/hyunjin skz/DAEHWI AB6IX/sanha astro) not SKZ

  • The heavenly heavy hellish memory periodically tremble because women biochemically race following a erect makeup. breakable, stimulating bottom

    Richardson WestRichardson West22 小时 前
  • Psycho was covered by 00's i think,its just hyunjin in there

    JayPlaysRobloxJayPlaysRoblox天 前
  • Just bts , just grammys

    Fatma Tuana KeçeciFatma Tuana Keçeci天 前
  • thank god i found kpop in early jan 2020 or idk how would i have gone through that year

    Vanshi DhadukVanshi Dhaduk天 前
  • “Jason Decancelled” I’M DYING

    pINeaPPLe ApPLe PeNpINeaPPLe ApPLe PeN天 前

    Vanshi DhadukVanshi Dhaduk天 前
  • Is it only me waiting for nunu nana by jessi in solo

    Kristine NiloobanKristine Nilooban天 前
  • when bts laughs, i laugh when bts cries, i cry when bts becomes succesful, i fail

    Juno HongJuno Hong天 前
  • pentagon also got their first win after 4 years with their tt "daisy"!!!

    sarah !sarah !天 前
  • The cover of phyco is not just by skz its hyunjin and from skz but their are other people from other groups

    Daisy VasquezDaisy Vasquez天 前
  • Well I personally miss NCT 2020 :( I mean that's so iconic. And especially made for 2020

    läuft beidirläuft beidir天 前
    • they couldn't include it in the video or else it would've been blocked

      SwimmingBirdsSwimmingBirds天 前
  • Refund sisters debut was also one of the most iconic things on 2020

    Debora BustosDebora Bustos天 前
  • What about dream catcher scream

    Oumou DiopOumou Diop天 前
  • 5:30 Jason decancelled LOVE THAT

    qiana bananaqiana banana2 天 前
  • The covers😍

    Dyn DynDyn Dyn2 天 前

    Deepti VermaDeepti Verma2 天 前
  • LMAO Jason Decancelled i approve

    eatin qwassonteatin qwassont2 天 前
  • i started to cry at the end BRO THEY ALL WORKED SO HARD

    joceejocee2 天 前

    Angelica ZambranoAngelica Zambrano2 天 前
  • Solo- WONHO

    Arwen _lrcqArwen _lrcq2 天 前
  • You missed Treasure's debut, comebacks and/or end year performances. Otherwise nice vid 😁

    ana naana na2 天 前
  • 8:30 when every time it sound the’s playback.

    JMBJMB2 天 前
  • Jungkook cussing in savage love is just so damn beautiful and music to my ears PS mochi relationship is so dang cute and James Corden wanting to see them get a grammy is amazing he is a true army fan

    Sarah BurtonSarah Burton2 天 前
  • BTS nominated for Grammy i can't even express how damn proud I am when they win i will be over the frickin moon excited IU and Suga- Eight is a masterpiece Lyrics stuck in my head part is so dang true lol PS 2020 giving us Agust D mixtape after many years is truly the best I could ask for

    Sarah BurtonSarah Burton2 天 前
  • why is treasure not included :((

    Kleah MarizKleah Mariz2 天 前
  • nct and monsta x being left out lmao

    sugar deaddysugar deaddy2 天 前
  • 11:06 plot twist: they are always drunk

    felixkookfelixkook2 天 前
  • Ktl covered by pentagon and ont is on fireeee

    Abdul AzeemAbdul Azeem2 天 前
  • 2020 wouldn't have been the same without NCT 2020 and OT23 finally coming together 😭

    jovukojovuko3 天 前
  • ok but srsly? the boyz mama performance isnt there???? nct kick it?? seventeen left n right, literally took over tiktok????????

    paziapazia3 天 前
  • the best kpop compilation EVER

    prem lata Bhambhuprem lata Bhambhu3 天 前
  • tbh kpop 2020 made my 2020 better

    anneanne3 天 前
  • I can't believe new thangs is not included in the iconic lines

    gimme gimmegimme gimme3 天 前
  • 10:17 the little voice with which he answers hes it's really smart, i love him so much:(

    aryary3 天 前
  • When SKZ covered psycho by Red Velvet they really got me feel like psycho~

    BTS IS 7BTS IS 73 天 前
  • I didnt excepted sour candy but it is bow one of my fav song

    Abdul AzeemAbdul Azeem3 天 前
  • And it is just disappointing AF you didn’t add in Superm or NCT or EXO like ok sure... 🤦🏻‍♀️

    CherryCherry ZoeCherryCherry Zoe3 天 前
    • Did you read the pinned comment????

      SwimmingBirdsSwimmingBirds天 前
  • Seriously the audacity of you not to add in Taemin’s MAMA performance when the KING literally did the opening of the entire show

    CherryCherry ZoeCherryCherry Zoe3 天 前
  • Who else is super proud txt for doing that performance

    Catie HastingsCatie Hastings4 天 前
  • *Jason Decancelled*🤣🤣🤣

    Han Solo's Ex WifeHan Solo's Ex Wife4 天 前
  • Jason decancelled

    Fluffy Chez ハッピーFluffy Chez ハッピー4 天 前
  • ok so the 'bts x jason decancelled' had me dying 💀

    Felicia CelineFelicia Celine4 天 前
  • Wait till kth1 and jjk1 are released in 2021✨

    Rose HoranRose Horan4 天 前

    Narmetha RegunathanNarmetha Regunathan4 天 前
  • Everglow forever let's go is i c o n i c

    Elianna SantosElianna Santos4 天 前
  • 5:23 how come it says Jason Decancelled?

    Joon PakJoon Pak4 天 前
  • What is a selca and how is it different from a selfie?

    Joon PakJoon Pak4 天 前
    • It's the Korean word for selfie

      cray-cray crayoncray-cray crayon23 小时 前
  • 17:55 sounds like Lisa’s rap in how you like that

    Angel BagelAngel Bagel4 天 前
  • The fact that the cardi and BLACKPINK collab wasn’t in the “Collab no one expected “

    Angel BagelAngel Bagel4 天 前
    • @Ariyxl 🤣🤣 girl same

      Angel BagelAngel Bagel10 小时 前
    • @Angel Bagel Why am i so dumb wtf

      AriyxlAriyxl天 前
    • @Ariyxl I’m so confused they released that song in October 2020

      Angel BagelAngel Bagel天 前
    • @Ariyxl Cardi B and Blackpink collab was 2020...

      Reverse That Video!Reverse That Video!2 天 前
    • This was *2020* iconic moments

      AriyxlAriyxl3 天 前
  • que falta de respeto que nct no aparezca en el video en fin nct supremacy

    Claudia VázquezClaudia Vázquez4 天 前
  • She's not my bias but oh my god Jisoo is so cute * cries *

    spock'n'rollspock'n'roll4 天 前
  • *Agust D was entered the chat*

    Emxly_ xoxoEmxly_ xoxo4 天 前
  • Why did I think the whole crackhead energy section would be bts doing our dump crap for us.

    Emxly_ xoxoEmxly_ xoxo4 天 前
  • 5:28 💀

    JunshookJunshook4 天 前
  • 23:51 from this minute, i know something will gonna happen, and yeah (•‿•)

    Aryo WicaksonoAryo Wicaksono4 天 前
  • Why do I feel like the group Sf9 will be a big group in future? I'm not telling that their sure gonna be a big group but I just feel it.

    Muriel D'souza VII A 7Muriel D'souza VII A 75 天 前
  • k but wheres loona

    Live for TaeTae warm voiceLive for TaeTae warm voice5 天 前
  • isnt the crab dance is actually popular in thai even before lisa dances it?? im not thai, but i read a comment saying so

    yummy yam yummy yamyummy yam yummy yam5 天 前
  • SOMEHOW this video made miss 2020. how is that possible

    Nareswari ProductionNareswari Production5 天 前

  • In Twice's I can't stop me in that rap part my alcoholic ass at first heard: "Whisky, whisky" x'D

    siniestra __siniestra __5 天 前
  • I swear this is better than the youtube rewind

    Aimen UwUAimen UwU5 天 前
  • 21:58 im so proud of my girls ")

    areesa sofynaareesa sofyna5 天 前
  • that's right Jason DECANCELLED 5:31

    Lora TeamaLora Teama5 天 前
  • nice video but where is WONHO!!!???

    Fungyi HFungyi H5 天 前
  • lol the Jason Decancelled got me

    Rebecca BarrettRebecca Barrett5 天 前

    Sardines and pyjamasSardines and pyjamas5 天 前
  • You missed out on Wonho, he made a successful comeback after leaving a group and that's big because people usually just retire after they officially leave a a group

    Sardines and pyjamasSardines and pyjamas5 天 前
  • Where's the thumbnail from?

    MelyprotasMelyprotas5 天 前
    • Here you go

      Sardines and pyjamasSardines and pyjamas5 天 前
  • this video is gold.

    Noor Al-SagerNoor Al-Sager5 天 前
  • 2020 was Blackpink's year PERIOD!!!!

    Raneem BaghdadiRaneem Baghdadi6 天 前
  • My favorite part of the video is when it says "BTS x jason decancled" like wow

    LachimolalaLachimolala6 天 前
  • 5:58 This is not straykids.

    Natalynee SayonNatalynee Sayon6 天 前
  • ateez's mama 2020 performance was epic but the sad thing is mingi wasnt there :(

    Ahnaf Tahmid AriqAhnaf Tahmid Ariq6 天 前
  • very very well made!! your are incredible !! claps for the editor plz !!

    anjali pendemanjali pendem6 天 前
  • Alll of them were iconic but for me it's JISOO saying DAaANnnNCCee Jackson x Jessi BLACKPINK x lady gaga/ Selena Bts x Grammy KTL by Pentagon Dynamite by TXT JISOO :- Not bad but not good / just like sorry not sorry ...lamo JK saying F word Kai mmmh Lisa's crab dance. Hawasa saying corona f*** u. Rose:- am I suppose to twerk. JISOO saying BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREAAHH.....💜👑🐇🐢 How can I forget V on burj khalifa.....💜👑 BLACKPINK ALBUM....❤️👑 Again, I'll say tha all the moment of this video were iconic.....❤️

    Khushi TiwariKhushi Tiwari6 天 前
  • Soobin cult attendance pls :> 👇

    Kitty CornKitty Corn6 天 前
  • This is soooo good Great job withthat compilation 👏👏😭🔥 U won my heart love uuu💕💕

    LeezaLeeza6 天 前
    • @Thirstaeomg thnx for the heart..lvya

      LeezaLeeza6 天 前
    • ly moreeee🥺💖

      ThirstaeThirstae6 天 前
  • Irene's sixth sense was freaking me out.

    JLH xsJLH xs6 天 前
  • changkyun did not "i want you to eat me like a main dish" just for monsta x to get left out like this

    emma burnsemma burns6 天 前
  • “Jason decancelled” 😭🤚🏻

    Amyaa FetkoAmyaa Fetko6 天 前
  • I feel as if BlackPink pretty savage should have been here in performance

    Jordan's GangJordan's Gang6 天 前
  • 6:08 it was the 00 liners

    oh _oh _6 天 前
  • haven't watched it yet but i need this cause literally did not keep up with kpop at all during 2020

    natalienatalie6 天 前
  • 5:27 i like his new name

    Predrag KnezevicPredrag Knezevic6 天 前
  • I quote "corona f*ck you" on a daily basis😗

    Naru's WifuNaru's Wifu6 天 前
  • I buried myself waiting for an NCT

    makku leemakku lee6 天 前
  • Where's monsta x?:(

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