NETO WITH THE SAINTS VALENTINE'S WINNER | Southampton 1-2 Wolves | Highlights

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Wolves bounced back from FA Cup disappointment against Southampton to take the Premier League spoils on the south coast, thanks to Pedro Neto’s brilliant winner.

  • This Portuguese players are on fire,Neto,nerves,podence.

    MK.TayloringMK.Tayloring7 天 前
  • Superb saves from rui patricio...

    Nurul AjaNurul Aja8 天 前
  • 1:16 that moment when the commentator catches a fly.

    Naftii- hureNaftii- hure8 天 前
  • Neto is a black and gold god!!!

    Ben PhillipsBen Phillips8 天 前
  • Pedro neto to United 🔥

    Markhovin HaokipMarkhovin Haokip8 天 前
  • Quality goal from Neto tbf

    Yea Nice oneYea Nice one8 天 前
  • How come nobodys talking about that cheeky title damn ahahahahah

    Rick RossoRick Rosso8 天 前
  • Tbh has anyone not seen this Pedro Neto is a world class player i believe he will play for a big big club someday

    Shadel LordShadel Lord8 天 前
  • What a goal by Danny Ings

    Fábio FussballFábio Fussball9 天 前
  • That should not have been a penalty but great individual goal by Neto and a great volley by Danny Ings.

    Ali BabarAli Babar9 天 前
  • Wolves always gets the most controversial calls bruh 😂😂 this team just isnt good

    trey sweeneytrey sweeney9 天 前
  • Nuno if you read this message don’t sell Neto, cheers

    chris baggottchris baggott9 天 前
  • excelente jugada de NETO... mis respect

    Helio TovalinHelio Tovalin9 天 前
  • Amazing goal by Pedro neto, the football Thanks👏👏👏👏👏

    Inzaghy MonstersInzaghy Monsters9 天 前
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    King KermmyKing Kermmy9 天 前
    • Atheism rules 😂

      Lee HopleyLee Hopley9 天 前
  • Where are all the plastic fans saying “Nuno out” now ey

    LUKALUKA9 天 前
  • Beautiful move to find the net by Neto. Bonus points for the caption by admin. Admin deserves a raise. 👏🏾👍🏾

    lekan animashaunlekan animashaun9 天 前
  • Neto would b a asset to Arsenal fc

    Madge HamiltonMadge Hamilton9 天 前
    • You mean banter FC? Go away child

      j0nathanztocj0nathanztoc9 天 前
  • Still only 4 points behind last season points total at this stage last season. Despite not playing great, the injuries and all the other stuff going on this season. Up the Wolves!

    ColinColin9 天 前
  • neto is just astronomical

    survivor turnoversurvivor turnover9 天 前
  • راروتلالتلتاترارتلار

    Amr ZakiAmr Zaki9 天 前
  • Redmond was outstanding really

    Sanjak PitakratSanjak Pitakrat9 天 前
  • Clear pen deserved to beat that dirty team

    David MardlinDavid Mardlin9 天 前

    John VennellJohn Vennell9 天 前
  • Well I'm single on Valentine's Day.Pedro Neto,you have stole my heart lol

    Wolfpack TVWolfpack TV9 天 前
  • Neto❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

    mubashir sideequemubashir sideeque9 天 前
  • How was that Keeper beaten from that angle

    Ashley Tanaka ChifeyaAshley Tanaka Chifeya9 天 前
  • Both Ings and Neto's goals are outstanding.. voting for them is very tight in my mind 🤔

    Ishmail NgangaIshmail Nganga9 天 前
    • Danny Ings is in the Elite Panel as he's supreme

      LiLiana MessiLiLiana Messi9 天 前
  • Well done lads!!

    Susp£ktSusp£kt9 天 前
  • The referee to the rescue as always!

    OmniXenOOmniXenO9 天 前
    • A handball inside the box is a penalty according to the (new) rules, regardless by misfortune or not

      SalzburgerstieglSalzburgerstiegl9 天 前
    • 😂😂😂😂😂

      Lee HopleyLee Hopley9 天 前
  • United are coming for Neto next season. It's a big story. Watch this space

    Yaw Osei TutuYaw Osei Tutu10 天 前
    • I really doubt it, if he goes it will be to a team challenging for a title somewhere

      Lee HopleyLee Hopley9 天 前
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Utd can't afford him.

      VanterloperVanterloper9 天 前
  • Good win for Wolves, but I did think the penalty was a bit harsh on Southampton

    epic djyoshiepic djyoshi10 天 前
  • Neto and patricio was hero of this game but, I really happy because of struggle of all players..

    ᄐᄐᄐᄐ10 天 前
  • Portugal Vs Southampton

    fahri nurfahri nur10 天 前
    • @MadeOnEarth u didnt get the jokes dude

      fahri nurfahri nur9 天 前
    • What??? Portugal? This are just a bunch of kids nobody know... We have millions like this in Portugal ready to get their chances in a big club!

      MadeOnEarthMadeOnEarth9 天 前
    • Because nuno

      Fabrício CostaFabrício Costa9 天 前
  • The first half performance was absolutely dreadful. What is wrong with the team? Why can’t they start at tempo? Second half they were magnificent. Full marks to Nuno for his half time pep talk and tactical change. Traore and Semedo are on completely different wavelengths. Cannot we teach Semedo to link up better?

    Brook KitesurfBrook Kitesurf10 天 前
  • You just got lucky

    Ayush JainAyush Jain10 天 前
    • @j0nathanztoc why? What wrong with the profile picture?

      Ayush JainAyush Jain9 天 前
    • @LiLiana Messi why?

      Ayush JainAyush Jain9 天 前
    • @Ayush Jain change the profile picture

      LiLiana MessiLiLiana Messi9 天 前
    • @Ayush Jain no, they had a clear handball so a pen, then one of the goals of the season, didn’t see the ref kicking it in the net did you?

      Lee HopleyLee Hopley9 天 前
    • Lol at least we don’t lose 9-0, we deserved to win, get a new profile picture

      j0nathanztocj0nathanztoc9 天 前
  • Why is nobody talking about how adama coming to the middle changed the game

    Collin HowardCollin Howard10 天 前
    • I have said since his two goals against Man City when we beat them 2-0, that he should play more through the middle, and Neto should be allowed a free role to go and play any wing he wants. Credit to Nuno for the change at half time 🐺

      Allan TaylorAllan Taylor9 天 前
    • He did well and then switch the play

      Winston BeckfordWinston Beckford9 天 前
  • Nothing more romantic on Vday

    DPER4DPER410 天 前
  • Nice pun in the video title 🤣🤣

    Iambiguo usIambiguo us10 天 前
  • Neto is one of the best players i have seen in football in my life he is the reason why Wolves wins hard games without a proven striker the amount of hard work he puts on the field comes back with results you should hold on to him as strong as you can i don't think he will stay for much longer he deserves a world class team that fights for all the titles

    Daniel IlibmanDaniel Ilibman10 天 前
  • Pedro Neto - Cool name, cool skills.

    Promex PeterPromex Peter10 天 前
  • things id do to see perdo neto at arsenal

    SomeshSomesh10 天 前
  • Neto's goal is eye catching

    Nanang PrasetyoNanang Prasetyo10 天 前

    Gaming KhorGaming Khor10 天 前
  • I lost my job during the PANDEMIC 🦠 I created this channel in FAITH 🙏🏾 that things will get BETTER for myself and the WORLD 🌎⚽️

    Life Is My Opportunity - ChannelLife Is My Opportunity - Channel10 天 前
  • Neto here reminds me of Prime Ronaldo

    Pavan Raj SinghPavan Raj Singh10 天 前
    • hahah i guess you've been playing some fifa

      Emmanuel Appah BamfoEmmanuel Appah Bamfo10 天 前
    • He definitely has it

      Black HammerBlack Hammer10 天 前
  • Danny Ings deserved to be with big clubs His finishing is too good.

    bavithiran hardybavithiran hardy10 天 前
    • Had his chance at Liverpool, although blighted by injuries, if he was at a top 4 team he wouldn’t be playing week in week out

      Lee HopleyLee Hopley9 天 前
  • He knows where the net-o is.. ha

    Cal97gCal97g10 天 前
  • Pedro Neto is truly a baller.

    Fredy AdisuryaFredy Adisurya10 天 前
    • 🐶

      RazeltzyRazeltzy9 天 前
  • Neto and Neves are fantastic players

    Ousmane IbrahimOusmane Ibrahim10 天 前
  • 🐺🇲🇽🤘🏽👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    Ulises carmonaUlises carmona10 天 前
  • Gol maruk

    Religia G.Religia G.10 天 前
  • Portugal 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

    Sohel MondalSohel Mondal10 天 前
    • Cristiano Ronaldo

      LiLiana MessiLiLiana Messi9 天 前
  • Cristiano Ronaldo 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

    Sohel MondalSohel Mondal10 天 前
    • Portugal

      LiLiana MessiLiLiana Messi9 天 前
  • Muy bien equipo puro para delante y se lo transmiten a Raul esa buena vibra

    Antonio GaxiolaAntonio Gaxiola10 天 前
  • seen that neto celebration in the PL. cant recall who it was

    JiggsJiggs10 天 前
  • Neto is the best

    what's my name?what's my name?10 天 前
  • Saludos desde México exelente juego

    Alberto GalanAlberto Galan10 天 前
  • It is kinda hard to believe Semedo was actually a regular first-team starter for Barcelona

    The Original MeatbeaterThe Original Meatbeater10 天 前
    • @LiLiana Messi nah we need to keep araujo mans is a beast

      The Original MeatbeaterThe Original Meatbeater9 天 前
    • @The Original Meatbeater get Arauho from Barca, he's the greatest defender

      LiLiana MessiLiLiana Messi9 天 前
    • @Madmax Gamer ahhh i see i see

      The Original MeatbeaterThe Original Meatbeater9 天 前
    • @The Original Meatbeater no semedo is not a lazy defender he works hard but he is not a clever defender sometimes doesnt uses his brains thats why barca sold him barca needed someone like dani alves who is clever defender who reads the opponents mind

      Madmax GamerMadmax Gamer9 天 前
    • @dedi juliawan they got past him so easily bro.....i feel like he is a lazy defender

      The Original MeatbeaterThe Original Meatbeater9 天 前
  • 🐺🐺🐺👿💘

    LiLiana MessiLiLiana Messi10 天 前
  • Commentary cough scared me of corona

    smurfxvismurfxvi10 天 前
  • Neto for ballondor

    smurfxvismurfxvi10 天 前
  • Excellent second half, and a great result, but the game is played over 90 minutes, boys.

    Turrican60Turrican6010 天 前
  • Neto is absolutely beast💥💥🔥

    Axmed MemmedovAxmed Memmedov10 天 前
  • Lottery.

    Marcelo M64costaMarcelo M64costa10 天 前
  • He should start on the right wing!

    Diego SalazarDiego Salazar10 天 前
  • Let's hope Neto still here next season

    skidders 22skidders 2210 天 前
    • @Daus Zulkifli this isnt fifa... 50 mil for the most

      trey sweeneytrey sweeney9 天 前
    • His contract is till 2024 so if he goes it won’t be cheap

      Lee HopleyLee Hopley9 天 前
    • Nah if he go we should at least get 120m

      Daus ZulkifliDaus Zulkifli10 天 前
  • That’s my Birthday rescued

    Ford CortinaFord Cortina10 天 前
    • Happy birthday!

      GrievousGrievous9 天 前
    • Happy birthday

      anki_poweranki_power10 天 前
  • Liverpool's academy

    Ishak BarakatIshak Barakat10 天 前
    • @Turrican60 are you the best ever among millions of 🐺 ?

      LiLiana MessiLiLiana Messi9 天 前
    • At least we don’t lose to Leicester

      j0nathanztocj0nathanztoc9 天 前
    • We sold one player to them, and that makes us pools academy 😂😂😂😂what a donut

      Lee HopleyLee Hopley9 天 前
    • Is that why your possibly gonna slip out the top 4 tomorrow then? Taking our deadwood? 😂

      Lyndon EdwardsLyndon Edwards10 天 前
    • In your dreams.

      Turrican60Turrican6010 天 前

    Temmy ScottTemmy Scott10 天 前
  • TBF wolves were lucky with handball decisions today. If it had been the other way around we would have been well pissed off.

    karpetcabinkarpetcabin10 天 前
    • @LiLiana Messi yes it was obvious.

      Roger CRoger C10 天 前
    • @Roger C that was a clear penalty

      LiLiana MessiLiLiana Messi10 天 前
    • Just had to find a negative, go support some other team, we don't need you.

      Roger CRoger C10 天 前
  • Neto is the new jota

    AJ pixelAJ pixel10 天 前
    • @Turrican60 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟

      AJ pixelAJ pixel9 天 前
    • Different type and style of player all together.

      Lyndon EdwardsLyndon Edwards10 天 前
    • @LiLiana Messi ❤️🔴

      Kevin VollandKevin Volland10 天 前
    • @Kevin Volland whom do you support, 👿or🐺

      LiLiana MessiLiLiana Messi10 天 前
    • Neto is neto Jota is jota Everyone is different

      Kevin VollandKevin Volland10 天 前
  • neto is class- Chelsea fan, one to watch that's for sure

    • @NetoSZN cheers mate, I appreciate that🙏🏻

    • @NSK GAMES Don't listen to them. The only thing I'd say is to just not compare players, but yh as u said u didn't do that. Feel free to watch our videos and highlights tho 🙂

      NetoSZNNetoSZN9 天 前
    • @NSK GAMES no because our fanbase doesn’t want to be like other fanbases where we have other club fans coming over and creating toxicity for us and the players

      Pavan Raj SinghPavan Raj Singh9 天 前
    • @Pavan Raj Singh no hate bro, Neto is class, can’t someone who loves the game show support for another team?

    • @Pavan Raj Singh I praised him then this bot went on about ziyech😂😂

  • Another smashing victory for Wolves 🤩🤩🤩🤩😎😎😎😎😎😭😭😭✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽😇😇😇😇😇🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

    Ephraim LehaniEphraim Lehani10 天 前
    • one when the ref helped yu

      Ire MakindeIre Makinde9 天 前
  • Support from israel!!!🇮🇱❤🐺

    ivan kickerivan kicker10 天 前
  • Pedro neto 🔥🔥🔥💪🏼

    Ren ZeinRen Zein10 天 前
  • 🐺

    Napoleón_valencianoNapoleón_valenciano10 天 前
  • A very important win for wolves👍👍

    kang gatot channelkang gatot channel10 天 前
  • Much needed win.

    JimxSteeleJimxSteele10 天 前
  • No disrespect but Soton players are trying hard to raise up after Old Trafford’s massacre, but Wolves are clever enough

    Septian AzharSeptian Azhar10 天 前
  • well soton bad luck, nice wolves

    DeBuDDiDeBuDDi10 天 前
  • Waiting on extended highlights for those two further saves from Rui 👍

    SAVEDSAVED10 天 前
    • He saved us a few times

      Roger CRoger C10 天 前
    • Agree

      Rui alberto CostaRui alberto Costa10 天 前
  • Neto

    yasmoo Aljlyasmoo Aljl10 天 前
  • The commentators said today that Wolves had nothing on the bench really that said 'game changer' I can't help but agree to some perspective. Nuno's small squad policy has caused issues this season because of the amount of injuries we have had. The small squad policy needs to change over the summer and we need a good amount of players so that we can cope should this amount of injuries come around again. I think we need two new defenders and two new midfielders. I love Moutinho but the guy has only scored two or three goals since he's been with us. I wouldn't mind seeing an attacking minded midfielder who can get at least 10 goals in the Premier League per season. This was a must win for us today and the lads responded very well in the second half and it goes without saying, young Pedro Neto is a fantastic player and he deserves all the credit he gets! Well done Pedro! 👍 🐺

    Joe JarmanJoe Jarman10 天 前
    • Agree 100%.

      Graham JGraham J9 天 前
    • I have to agree with you on the attacking midfielder idea, but that all depends on what Nuno does next season with shape etc. It could be totally the wrong player to go for, but Dele Ali on loan maybe? Jose Mourinho clearly has some kind of personal issue with him, so maybe a loan to us and see how it goes? On form he's great imo, and a new lease of life could do him good. It may sound crazy, but look at Jesse Lingaard at West Ham. Sometimes things are mad like that, plus we don't really have an attack minded midfielder.

      Lyndon EdwardsLyndon Edwards10 天 前
    • Pedro goncalves from sporting would be a great replacement but I think man United are on the radar

      Francisco LealFrancisco Leal10 天 前
    • Small squad policy in premiership is self defeating

      karpetcabinkarpetcabin10 天 前
  • Neto ❤️❤️

    Med Aziz LandoulsiMed Aziz Landoulsi10 天 前
  • Ooh all of the plastics calling for nunos head seem the have disappeared...

    Wanderers ‘till I dieWanderers ‘till I die10 天 前
    • @Marius Grigorescu the damage already done? you mean bringing wolves to the premier and europa league in the first place?

      Gunão de GaiaGunão de Gaia8 天 前
    • Yeah idiots

      Martin PenwrightMartin Penwright9 天 前
    • Been a Wolves supporter since the mid 50s. Last three seasons were some of the best. But we've been rumbled, others have moved on and we haven't. Goals, Goals, goals....but where are they going to come from. And as for the so called defence.....lazy I'm afraid.

      leon doddleon dodd9 天 前
    • I was ripping them apart on the Game Day live chat.

      Roger CRoger C10 天 前
    • Was there a need to rest all the best players for the FA cup game? They're not going to get relegated and they're not going to qualify for Europe so why not go for the FA cup? So disappointing

      Kieran HanleyKieran Hanley10 天 前
  • Big win. Neto and neves were great but rui patricio was MOTM for me cause he kept us in it multiple times.

    sylas Malonesylas Malone10 天 前
    • @CMatt06 👍 Cheers

      Roger CRoger C9 天 前
    • @Roger C Neves Vs Pyunik, he got a pen saved

      CMatt06CMatt069 天 前
    • @C Macd Not sure how it showed. I’ve never seen Neves miss a penalty in 4 years and Neto’s goal was sublime. McCathy didn’t have a chance on either.

      Roger CRoger C10 天 前
    • And in contrast, Southampton have never had a Patricio quality keeper... McCarthy is average at best. And it showed today.

      C MacdC Macd10 天 前
    • Very true!

      Roger CRoger C10 天 前
  • Neto you can share my missus as long as you stay at wolves

    Liam EganLiam Egan10 天 前
    • Shag

      Liam EganLiam Egan10 天 前
  • Nathan Redmond is just a younger Nuno

    dotcom137dotcom13710 天 前

      Temmy ScottTemmy Scott10 天 前
  • Neto More than Silva and José together

    Fergie SevillaFergie Sevilla10 天 前
    • @Rocky #55 ye that tackle on ward prows sums him up- trying a bit too hard

      Wanderers ‘till I dieWanderers ‘till I die8 天 前
    • @Wanderers ‘till I die more energy for sure. But he's still young and you can tell how easy he loses possession or his calm.

      Rocky #55Rocky #559 天 前
    • @Rocky #55 yes, especially considering the improvements that Neto made last year to now. Tbf though I think that he brings more to the team than jose

      Wanderers ‘till I dieWanderers ‘till I die9 天 前
    • @Wanderers ‘till I die one day but not yet. In three years Silva be be a baller like Neto is today.

      Rocky #55Rocky #5510 天 前
    • That's unfair to say as Silva only recently just turned 18 and Jose has only played a few games

      an eggan egg10 天 前
  • What a strike from Neto!! Well deserved win!

    Red FoxRed Fox10 天 前
  • Jiménez Will back coming soon!

    UCL oficialUCL oficial10 天 前
    • @Raul Jimenez so cringe pretending to be Jimenez

      Jonah CranJonah Cran10 天 前
    • @manna levels yeah, he's already doing light training

      an eggan egg10 天 前
    • not soon

      manna levelsmanna levels10 天 前
    • I will one day

      Raul JimenezRaul Jimenez10 天 前
  • My team win

    kennedy Gangtekennedy Gangte10 天 前
    • Fwaw

      Wanderers ‘till I dieWanderers ‘till I die10 天 前
  • since de retour of Romain Saiss wolves are doing very well

    elmahfoud afganeelmahfoud afgane10 天 前
    • @CMatt06 it’s his playing style.

      Roger CRoger C9 天 前
    • @Roger C that's his first this season

      CMatt06CMatt069 天 前
    • @Ivan Klemtovich The problem with Saiss is he is uncontrolled. He has these moments of brilliance and then stupidity.

      Roger CRoger C9 天 前
    • Y

      Mohommed Ameen AhmedMohommed Ameen Ahmed9 天 前
    • Kilman is better

      Ivan KlemtovichIvan Klemtovich9 天 前
  • Bien jugado Wolves asi se juega sigan mejorando

    Yahir JYahir J10 天 前
  • Yesss i love it

    JäzüJäzü10 天 前
  • Wolves also have Dutch fans

    Chiel van BeekChiel van Beek10 天 前
    • Wolves fan from Canada checking in

      Joe SousaJoe Sousa9 天 前
    • @Wanderers ‘till I die so what your saying is if you’ve never been to the ground you can’t support the team? Well that’s United,city,Liverpool, Real Madrid and juventus losing about 95% of their fans then

      Lee HopleyLee Hopley9 天 前
    • @Lee Hopley not what I said but ok

      Wanderers ‘till I dieWanderers ‘till I die9 天 前
    • @Chiel van Beek what a game that was... our first one back in the prem :)

      Wanderers ‘till I dieWanderers ‘till I die9 天 前
    • @NetoSZN fair point

      Wanderers ‘till I dieWanderers ‘till I die9 天 前
  • You can't not love Neto. He's defo our player of the season 100%

    NetoSZNNetoSZN10 天 前
    • You would have said you can't hate Neto 😂

      Chelsea COYBChelsea COYB5 天 前
    • @Kevin Moreno I don’t have an issue with jota going to Liverpool, glad he got his move, what I’m saying I the people on here saying we shouldn’t of sold him, we didn’t really have a choice as he asked to leave.

      Lee HopleyLee Hopley8 天 前
    • @Lee Hopley you are Wolves, you are a small club, why would Jota would've want to stay having offers from a big club like Liverpool

      Kevin MorenoKevin Moreno8 天 前
    • Yes definitely

      Archie Staniscia-MasonArchie Staniscia-Mason9 天 前
    • @CMatt06 yes after jota told him he no longer wanted to play for the club, keep up

      Lee HopleyLee Hopley9 天 前
  • 🐺💛

    WillySerdanWillySerdan10 天 前
    • 🐺💘

      LiLiana MessiLiLiana Messi10 天 前
  • Neto>any other prem u 21 talent

    Ollie BarronOllie Barron10 天 前
    • greenwood. now before u attack me maybe not this season but its unwise to sleep on mason

      lowlifejohnnylowlifejohnny7 天 前
    • @Rocky #55 If Neto played for City, he would have the triple of Foden's stats imo

      DesportoDesporto8 天 前
    • Honestly , Phoden is just too good , though both have different styles , I appreciate both! Kinda reminds me a lot of how Cristiano playes but yea just sayin.

      Agrover112Agrover1129 天 前
    • @Rocky #55 Has a bigger role doesn’t mean he’s better, Foden miles ahead of any U21 player in the league

      A4A49 天 前
    • @KING DarXide for sure

      Ire MakindeIre Makinde9 天 前