Draymond Green Gets Ejected In Wild Ending To Warriors-Hornets

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Hornets won the tip late in the fourth and Dray was ejected after getting double techs after fighting for a loose ball

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  • Interview these damn refs after the game. Media do this

    gtoss chddygtoss chddy7 小时 前
  • Hornets announcers goated.

    Sunny DarkoSunny Darko9 小时 前
  • Lets face it, the refs are the Karens of sports.

    I Hate IntroductionsI Hate Introductions10 小时 前
  • What a piece of shit. His teammates work their asses off trying to win, and he goes all diva and throws a pity party costing his team the W.

    Clayton BigsbyClayton Bigsby12 小时 前
  • I think Draymond is such a flog. Literally lost the Warriors this game unnecessarily

    bssni touirbssni touir16 小时 前
  • No timeout called in the play. Draymond was right.

    Rodrigo SoaresRodrigo Soares16 小时 前
  • Cooking ref.

    Klay Thompson PH GirlKlay Thompson PH Girl18 小时 前
  • This sounds like WWE commentary.. "Oh watch out.. watch out !! " 😂😭

    yaliso gioouyyaliso gioouy天 前
  • That’s not fair for him at all hello do you speak out this since we got a job Biden as a president then yes then he allowed to speak out

    Brig SpearmanBrig Spearman天 前
    • I've worked with people like this and you are better off without them.

      bssni touirbssni touir16 小时 前
  • Green, is GARBAGE!!!!

    J BallerJ Baller天 前
  • Interview these damn refs after the game. Media do this

    seeriu ciihyseeriu ciihy天 前
  • This is how a bad EQ member can destroy a team. Most talented one leaves. Losing a game isn’t a big deal, but thinking how it affects juniors’ mentality this time ?

    Vincent LinVincent Lin天 前
  • Draymond is trash

    Taylor HinesTaylor Hines天 前
  • Trade Draymond for Blake Griffin

    SB JSB J天 前
  • 0:42 gordon hayward is gordon SWAYward goddamn he is swole

    _Romulus[_V_]_Romulus[_V_]天 前
  • Hes overrated if im the GM ill trade him for a bag of chips

    Herlino RoseHerlino Rose天 前
  • Draymutt and his baby boy EMOTIONS

    Soinas DoyiSoinas Doyi天 前
  • Thats why i hate newbie/woman commentator they are exaggerated 🤦‍♂️ overacting asf. Put kevin harlan and mike breens all the time please

    somebodysomebody天 前
  • Draymond green should be banned from playing in the NBA for life. He's been doing this for years and need psychological help. A dirty player

    J MJ M天 前
    • Your a clown

      Jordan OmoghanJordan Omoghan天 前
  • Better aggresive than never

    Lisuicen LisuicenLisuicen Lisuicen天 前
    • @Soinas Doyi green was cursing about ref calls.. He got tech than cursed ref, got 2nd tech ejected

      Lisuicen LisuicenLisuicen Lisuicen天 前
    • What Just Happened? A Timeout Call Against The Charlotte Hornets and Draymond Green Was Irated and He Was Ejected For 2 Technical Fouls. That's Ashamed!

      Soinas DoyiSoinas Doyi天 前
  • Draymond with the passion 🤣

    Farai MazhanduFarai Mazhandu天 前
  • 😂😂 Announcers

    Jj HicksJj Hicks天 前
  • I've worked with people like this and you are better off without them.

    hayward022hayward022天 前
  • Dray needs to stop drinking

    drdizzlydrdizzly2 天 前
  • Umm think some1 need a evlautation

    str8ruthlessstr8ruthless2 天 前
  • Shouldve aimed for the balls, dray...

    Z.BjornZ.Bjorn2 天 前
  • Travel before anything.

    FabianFabian2 天 前
  • What a d-bag.

    Nimfa McDonaldNimfa McDonald2 天 前
  • What a dipshit.

    Nimfa McDonaldNimfa McDonald2 天 前
  • What a doofus.

    Nimfa McDonaldNimfa McDonald2 天 前
  • draymond dived on the ball late then gets tight

    10Xplan10Xplan2 天 前
  • nice play

    專打臉專打臉2 天 前
  • they should all learn from those announcers specially without an Live audience LOL

    WordWar IiiWordWar Iii2 天 前
  • 720P?? SERIOUISLY? Is it not the year 2021?

    Danny DiazDanny Diaz2 天 前
  • What Just Happened? A Timeout Call Against The Charlotte Hornets and Draymond Green Was Irated and He Was Ejected For 2 Technical Fouls. That's Ashamed!

    Felicia SherrellFelicia Sherrell2 天 前
  • What Just Happened? A Timeout Call Against The Charlotte Hornets and Draymond Green was Irritated. And He Was Ejected For 2 Technical Fouls. That's Ashamed!

    Felicia SherrellFelicia Sherrell2 天 前
  • What Just Happened?

    Felicia SherrellFelicia Sherrell2 天 前
  • Draymond is hot fucking garbage anyone who thinks he is a good nba player doesn’t know basketball. Working hard doesn’t make you a good player. If you can’t handle, shoot, finish, create, pass to ppl that aren’t 3 of the best 4 shooters in the world in steph klay or KD where they shoot 50-40-90, you’re not a good player. You can be effective, you can play hard, you’re not good though. He needs elite players around him for him to have any positive impact on the game. Otherwise he’s 7 points-4 assist-8 rebounds on 41/29/73 shooting.

    Commander ShepardCommander Shepard2 天 前
  • Nba nowadays is 💩💩💩💩

    Jeffrey PathayJeffrey Pathay2 天 前
  • 0:40 get your weight up draymond

    ntb havintb havi2 天 前
  • Gordon Hayward tryna get big on em 💪🏾

    Ethan AlexanderEthan Alexander2 天 前
  • Green been in the league to long to still be doing the same things that cost his team wins.

    house 34house 342 天 前
  • Hornets commentary keeping that NFL Commentary energy.

    Austin BonnerAustin Bonner2 天 前
  • draymond’s gonna be the reason the warriors don’t make the playoffs lmao

    zFlash_24zFlash_242 天 前
  • All I heard was " ehhhhhhhhhh hawwwwwwwwwww" donkey

    JJ TwuatJJ Twuat2 天 前
  • Hornet commentary is the best in the NBA, his voice reminds me of WWE

    TravisTravis2 天 前
  • He should ejected every game! Mr coat 🧥 tails can't control himself 🤣

    Jacob McCrayJacob McCray2 天 前
  • You were part of KD league g, you screw your team with emotional bs one time it cost you the chip, I blame curry for not putting this reject in his place.

    Far The greatFar The great2 天 前
  • If anyone wanted an example of how to be useless....this was it

    Rashi KhokharRashi Khokhar2 天 前
  • That's a "wild ending"???

    jp3813jp38132 天 前
  • Sports are non essential. Just saying. Zzzzzz

    Jordan HamerJordan Hamer2 天 前
  • That was so uncalled for. He’s wild n out like a child.

    Carl LeeCarl Lee2 天 前
  • Ayo hornets fans yall commentators ALWAYS been this fire??? WHY AINT YALL SAY SO

    L SolomonL Solomon2 天 前
  • We can only imagine what it would've been like if Draymond and Dennis Rodman faced each other in the playoffs. Off the charts drama/comedy.

    jimvojimvo2 天 前
  • Hornets announcers, Gang Sign John Wall, Smiling Kawhi, Quiet Lebron. reasons why I watch the NBA :D

    AseeFAseeF2 天 前
  • Cash Nasty always mad and getting ejected

    Michael BruceMichael Bruce2 天 前
  • Draymond is a disgrace to the league.

    Classic TycoonClassic Tycoon2 天 前
  • That was a pretty quick "timeout" whistle though....

    Marcus WilliamsMarcus Williams2 天 前
  • Draymond knows he aint got no talent so he gotta do shit like this to stay relevant My man

    SavageSavage2 天 前
  • I feel draymond, wasn’t no damn timeout if neither one of em never had possession I would have flipped to

    Pharaoh LazePharaoh Laze2 天 前
  • Refs absolutely botched the end of this game

    SkittlesInDaDum 1SkittlesInDaDum 12 天 前
  • Green is getting out of hand here. He did this to kd and he left. He thinks he owns the team.

    Aldrin MercadoAldrin Mercado2 天 前
  • Oh how the mighty have fallen. BTW, this also shows u that Kerr isn't a upgrade over Marc.

    Arthur AshyArthur Ashy2 天 前
  • 0:32 the way he yelled BULLSHIT got me dead 💀💀💀😂😂😂😂

    The Average GamerThe Average Gamer2 天 前
  • This is like getting a hug from Jesus, Draemund Green is this Generations Rodman..waste

    Devin SeamonsDevin Seamons2 天 前
    • @MrSmitii T sorry just trying to relate better with his fan base

      Devin SeamonsDevin Seamons2 天 前
    • learn how to spell before criticizing someone bud

      MrSmitii TMrSmitii T2 天 前
  • 0:38 #25 called a time-out. Refs made the right call. Draymond was wrong and deserved to be thrown out. And I like Draymond.

    Bobby McGeeBobby McGee2 天 前
  • That could have easily been a jump ball.

    Anthony HarrisAnthony Harris2 天 前
  • Is Green even worth it anymore?

    G PmaG Pma2 天 前
  • This sport has gone from one of the best to one of the worst.

    Mikebrickcity1 1Mikebrickcity1 12 天 前
  • Unsubscribed for censoring my freedom of speech

    Dick SheckletonDick Sheckleton2 天 前
  • League getting him back for his comments

    Baron SackeyBaron Sackey2 天 前
  • Big ups to Scary Terry

    Ben HendersonBen Henderson2 天 前
  • Str8 bullshyt.

    lil Odawg Ozone 305lil Odawg Ozone 3052 天 前
  • the announcers think they're hosting WWE

    carlosmagno petzcarlosmagno petz2 天 前
  • Thats fuck draymond!!

    David BMGODavid BMGO2 天 前
  • definitely a bullshit call tho

    soosoo2 天 前
  • IQ 95

    Yuce YilmazYuce Yilmaz3 天 前
  • Yea it’s Draymonds fault that Rozier hit a game Winning 3. Yo get tf outta here with these BS calls.

    Michael MarquezMichael Marquez3 天 前
  • hornets announcers hype af

    Blake WardBlake Ward3 天 前
  • NBA refs are fucking atrocious, can’t watch the product when it’s this terrible

    ZachZach3 天 前
  • Very poor officiating. How is that time out?

    joemarie villadelgadojoemarie villadelgado3 天 前
  • Draymond Green, never learn the previous lesson~ LOW EQ~

    Shane siowShane siow3 天 前
  • you got to question how much he wants his team to win when he gets kicked out at critical times.

    ZelB84ZelB843 天 前
  • Acting like a European soccer player

    stkfcstkfc3 天 前
  • Ray Charles can see that was a jump ball lol

    Chill WillChill Will3 天 前
  • Probably should of been a foul on warriors. Or a travel on Haywood.. It a safe call the time out the coach was yelling in the ref hear time out. Haywood had the ball long enough

    Ken LiKen Li3 天 前
  • trade graymond dreen.

    Akosi iDoLAkosi iDoL3 天 前
  • hornets got a gift from refs!! how can you award a timeout to hornet s, green was also holding the ball!!

    Jay Ar LimJay Ar Lim3 天 前
  • I don’t get why people scream and berate the refs like they’re just gonna be like “oH yOuRe RiGhT, cALL oVeRtUrNeD” I understand getting upset with a bad call, but to keep harping the ref about it is only gonna hurt you and ultimately your team. And Draymond doesn’t that shit allll the time, dude needs to smarten up and do what’s best for the team.

    DEEP dirtDEEP dirt3 天 前
  • 1:25 schwer

    Rebecca - lass uns einander kennenlernenRebecca - lass uns einander kennenlernen3 天 前
  • I half expected the lights to go out at some point and the undertaker music to kick in...

    Udi MUdi M3 天 前
    • Lol

      Bryan SinBryan Sin2 天 前
  • I love how paschal reacted to this call... Winning really matters for him

    To KanrinTo Kanrin3 天 前
  • Draymond crossed the line....what's Kerr doing about it??? He is a repeat offender....a liability!

    5bLucky5bLucky3 天 前
  • Trade him!

    Michael RojoMichael Rojo3 天 前
  • Yo

    Jeremiah WarrenJeremiah Warren3 天 前
  • I swear them GSW jerseys looking like they from Cleveland

    virusyetevirusyete3 天 前
  • Steve Kerr should be ashamed of himself. Why does Draymond ALWAYS have to be the one "defending the Warriors against the refs". Steve Kerr NEVER does ANYTHING. EVER. It's Dray who is ALWAYS the one showing outrage at the refs shabby treatment of the Warriors. Steve Kerr just leaves Stay out on his own. The refs literally missed/ ignored 2 fouls committed by the Hornets against the Warriors. And Steve Kerr did NOTHING. Didn't challenge the refs or anything. But why should I expect the refs to treat the Warriors somewhat fair, when their own coach, Steve Kerr, don't seem to care. Dray seems to be the ONLY one that cares. Let's face it, Kerr has NEVER in 10 years had Steph Curry's back against the nasty refs. The refs allow Steph Curry to be mauled, pulled, grabbed, knocked down and ALL, and Steve Kerr does NOTHING. EVER. EVER to show he is outraged at the "JR Smith" treatment the refs gives Steph. Steph is arguably the face and energy of the NBA for the past 10 years, and Steve Kerr allow the refs to treat Steph like he is a nobody

    Sandra ContrerasSandra Contreras3 天 前
  • Draymond high key a bitch. Mans has never been able to contain his emotions on the court and play like that dude without doing some dumb shit like going crazy or nut tapping other guys.

    Justin RakerJustin Raker3 天 前
  • It's all Draymond he's an idiot. He puts himself into thoes positions bc he can't shut up lol. Also the coach called Time and one of the players on halfway call it too have a look.

    Carn JohnsonCarn Johnson3 天 前
  • Trade him. He's a cancer

    lunaluna3 天 前