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The Philippines has been my home for over five years, now.
So when I went back to my other home, my childhood home, in the UK at the beginning of the year, I knew I wouldn't be there forever.
Unfortunately last year I got into a serious medical crisis and had no choice but to go back to the UK for treatment. That treatment is underway, going well, and I am now ready to come back to the Philippines.
I'm in hotel quarantine in Cebu for now, and will be back in my actual home, IE my house, after a week - hopefully!
This video should also provide something of a guide to those wanting to come back to the Philippines at the moment, if you're allowed! The main points that I missed from this video:
- NUMBER ONE: You HAVE TO HAVE THE RIGHT VISA! So for now, foreigners must be married (entering with their spouse, or if not entering together, with a visa from the Embassy) or on certain visa classes that changes often and is listed on the Immigration website. YOU CANNOT COME IN AS A TOURIST!
- You need a confirmed hotel booking for 7 nights, and it needs to be on the quarantine hotel list
- You have to fill out a form online before you arrive, in Cebu it generates a barcode, not sure about Manila
- A lot of the airline check-in staff won't have a huge amount of information about entry requirements, so take extra paperwork and proof of eligibility just in case! I saw the guidelines for Philippines entry and it was about 4 lines on a sheet. That is obviously not going to cover everything in detail!
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00:00 Intro
00:55 Breakfast in Newport
01:56 Swabbing in Cardiff
05:16 Panic and Confusion
07:05 Last Dinner in the UK
07:52 Leaving the UK
10:42 My Doha Surprise (Business Class on Qatar Airways)
12:50 Cebu Airport Arrivals Procedures
14:49 Quarantine Hotel
17:53 Why I'm Back, What Next, and other serious things

  • *SURPRISE!* My treatment is going well so far, and I can now continue it online in the Philippines. I've put this vlog together in my jetlagged state (you can see from my eyes at the end, haha) so hopefully I haven't mucked anything up, because I wanted to get the news out! Thank you guys always for your support! Amping kanunay!

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    • welcome back

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    • Wow welcome back sir .

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  • hi kumander daot!! i love your channel. may i ask what hotel you stayed at for your quarantine in cebu

    loopineloopine2 天 前
    • @Kumander Daot Thnkssss KD

      loopineloopine2 天 前
    • Dulcinea Hotel on Mactan :)

      Kumander DaotKumander Daot2 天 前
  • Glad you're doing better and that you're still fighting. My younger brother is going through something similar. Most days he is alright and some days he's fighting too. The only thing I can do is be there for him and try to make things better. He watches your videos with me to remind him that he isn't alone. No one has to be. Keep on keeping. The Philippines is glad to have you back.

    The Justice ClubhouseThe Justice Clubhouse7 天 前
  • I am glad that you see life as a cup half-full, and not a cup half-empty. You see the good in a bad situation, positivity is a great character that you share with us. Thank you and have a blessed time in my Mother country. I miss it so much. Looking forward to go home soon....

    Mae LadaMae Lada10 天 前
  • Well lucky for those fortunate people who looks down on squatters. And I appreciate you so much KUMANDER DAOT for being down to earth and who care about the less fortunate. God bless you of your next endeavors

    OFWstrongmom VLOGOFWstrongmom VLOG15 天 前
  • Looks like you came back about the same time I came to make Davao home. Originally I was going through Clark in January. That fell through so I planned on February 15, but snow in Dallas (coming from the U.S.). I ended up going Dallas to Doha to Cebu, arriving in Davao the first week of March. Ah memories, the giant bear in Doha, passport control the pay area in Cebu... TBH I felt the same watching you return to Davao which brought me here. I really want to try that Jalapeno burger!

    Southwest to South EastSouthwest to South East16 天 前
  • Welcome back! People supports you because you’re one of the most genuine and honest people out there. You came back because you love the philippines, Im praying for your healing and in time you will! Keep doing what you’re doing, filipinos will support you! I think vlogging can also help you express your feelings, because even though you don’t talk to people directly, you are able to express everything without hesitation because you don’t have someone in front of you making you anxious, which is great.

    Mr Pan D. ManMr Pan D. Man17 天 前
    • Thanks so much! Absolutely, it's so much easier to talk to a camera than a person. Easier to talk to 300,000 strangers, haha!

      Kumander DaotKumander Daot17 天 前
  • Kumander. Isang hay pab sayo!

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  • Thank you so much KD for choosing philippinea as your haven. Do visit our place KD northern part of the philippines region one. I hope you can do some documention in our place and watch them in your vlog. God bless KD and stay safe bro.

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  • Welcome back Mr. Daot.Im from Q.C.

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  • Rooting for you! Wishing you all the very best!

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  • Your airline ticket must be very good expensive sir Anselm.

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  • Welcome home BUDDY!!!

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  • Kumander daot kumsta na?

  • Hey Kumander I just stumbled across your channel. Im from the UK and gonna be leaving hong kong in a couple of months to move permanently to the Philippines (north luzon) with my Philippine wife. I really appreciate seeing you make a go of it in the Philippines. You look quite young so that is also encouraging for me. I plan to switch my channel back to what i love (Scuba Diving). Hoping that tourism will pick up soon once Covid goes . What part of the Philippines do you live in would be nice to meet one day.

    Scuba GuyScuba Guy个月 前
    • @Kumander Daot Yeah I bought the land with my wife a few years back and each year we get two harvests. The farmers look after it and they get a cut of the harvest We don't have to worry, quite easy really. Yep Im really gonna have a good crack at the language. I know some of the basics already so it's a start. Oh wow Diving is something that will open your world to new possibilities and Philippines is one of the best countries for Diving.

      Scuba GuyScuba Guy个月 前
    • @Scuba Guy The fish farming was super tough! You rent out the rice land? I think that's the best way to stay in the black, honestly! Yeah Kulas is great too! We had a good time! Tagalog isn't too difficult to pick up, at least the basics! Let's see when I make it up north again and I've never dived in my life so that would be a new experience! Thanks mate and have a good one

      Kumander DaotKumander Daot个月 前
    • @Kumander Daot Hi Buddy Thats so great you got back ok. I also just watched another one of your episodes on how you become to be in the Philippines and the fish farming. Must have been hard for you. You know though as the saying goes "what doesn't kill you make you stronger" I personally bought rice land its less worry and the tenants take care of it. I saw you also friends with the Becoming Philipino channel. He's a good guy too and looks like you guys have a blast. Both of you make me feel really dumb as your Tagalog is great. ( i need to learn). If you ever need an extra UK friend your more than welcome to visit me near Cauyuan. Anyways I will keep watching your channel. Id love to take you guys Diving one day. Till then take care and stay safe. Scuba Guy

      Scuba GuyScuba Guy个月 前
    • Hello mate thanks for the comment! Yeah I'm 28 so not of the usual demographic! I'm down in Davao right at the south, so other end of the country, but let's see where I end up!

      Kumander DaotKumander Daot个月 前
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  • First vid of your I have watched, mainly out of jealousy! My Filipina wife and I are still stuck in Adelaide, South Australia, waiting to get to Manila to retire. Already have house and lot in Cavite. They say patience is a virtue...

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  • Welcome come back Bro! Enjoy what you’re doing in life our savior Jesus Christ loves you!

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  • Dont give up dude! Again i admire your spirit, hope to see sa pinas. Stay fit and fight another day!!

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  • Salute to you Kumander. You proved me wrong. I never thought you will go back that soon.

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  • Safe trip and god bless...try to visit also general santos city

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  • Will be nice to connect with your wife also! All the best

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  • Kumander Daot talks with a lot of sense...he can be a very good teacher✍...and funny as well.

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  • Im so glad you have a positive thinking your healing will be fulfilled here just keep vlogging

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  • You look great!! I wish you nice peaceful healing! You really are so insightful.

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  • I dont blame.u I'd rather be there than in the UK its getting dangerous in the UK

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  • the Philippines sunshine will do wonders for your healing kid. most depressed people live in countries where sun is only available part of the year.

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  • i wish that you'll have a video with your filipina wife. same theme as kulas in CDO. its filled with happiness.

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  • happy happy happiness to the max! more power to this channel kumander DAOT!

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  • happy to see you back in the philippines. base on this content you had a wonderful, meaningful and the best adventure in your life here in the philippines. You may have a comfortable life in UK but clearly you have a happier life in the philippines. life here in the philippines maybe tough and simple but you are most happy here with the filipinos. Philippine life is simply AWESOME!

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  • this awesome!

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  • what Visa did you have? my BF is from England and were so desperate to see each other. Can you tell what he has to do to be able to get here? his planning to stay here for good too.

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  • Pray for your healing in Jesus name.🙏

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  • Great but a long and grueling trip, stay safe and more power Dear Kumander.

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  • Keep doing what u do. U r very good with ur short story and vlog.

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  • Change your name Kumander. Daut has a bad meaning ( destroyed, bad , bad luck, negative,). It will stick in your life too. Take a positive name. My grandmas babe was Dolores she was always sick. Because that name root was Dolor and that dolor in Spanish is sick or pain. So change your name. Maybe thats why you have bad luck. Take that Daut to a positive name! Maybe the word opposite Daut in Bisaya and gage a prosperity life. You can not with that name. Just saying because I want you to prosper! You are too good of a person.

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  • I don't know what it is, but when I knew that you're back here to the Philippines, it somehow made me happy. That means you are on the road to sort of recovery. I understand how it is, as I also battling with the same issue - have to toughen up my own crazy brain! Good luck Kumander!

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    • You can make it too!

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  • *''Fight another day.''*

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  • It brakes my heart seeing your dad crying . 💔😢❤️❤️ Oh man so you have to quarantine in Cebu ? Then another quarantine in Davao ?

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  • Mum was waving as you left saying bye bye precious son🙂

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  • Right on, Kumander! You have the right perspective. Moving on is the right choice. Hopefully, the sunshine, air, people and the beautiful land will help you heal in the Philippines. More power to you! 👏🙏🏼💖🌞🌴

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