LaMarcus Aldridge Highlights From his Brooklyn Nets Debut

2021年04月 1日
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Forward LaMarcus Aldridge drops in 11 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists in his Brooklyn Nets debut.

  • Thank you LA ☝️

    Dan Laurence30Dan Laurence307 小时 前
  • Who's there because of his retirement?

    Dayl Erwell TolentinoDayl Erwell Tolentino17 小时 前
  • Retirement

    Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein22 小时 前
  • Well he retired

    mimicduzitmimicduzit天 前
  • Who’s here after he has to retire

    Jimmy ButlerJimmy Butler天 前
  • whos watching this after aldridge sadly retired ;-;

    Delicate_RobustDelicate_Robust天 前
  • Can,t believe he retired...

    Tamiko YusukeTamiko Yusuke天 前
  • Im here bcoz i hear the news was lamarcus aldrige is retiring in nba

    Meynard AbalaMeynard Abala天 前
  • I’m here bcoz L.A will sadly retire.. NOW 😢

    Johnrafael SalipandeJohnrafael Salipande天 前
  • Enjoy retirement L.A

    Zero NatsuZero Natsu天 前
  • Whos here cause of his retirement?

    Charles VillanuevaCharles Villanueva天 前
  • Who's here after he announced his retirement??

    Henny GodHenny God天 前
  • Thank you LaMarcus Aldridge for bringing us a great performance on the court! He's retiring and has an irregular heartbeat, so let's wish for his recovery! #ThankYouLaMarcusAldridge

    Gokuruz4ki TVGokuruz4ki TV天 前
  • Good Bye lamac 😭😢

    킹관희킹관희天 前
  • Let’s go Team USA 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 oh I mean BKN 😂😂😂

    Vincent One PieceVincent One Piece9 天 前
  • 0:28 Flashes of timmy

    Fuzion VelezFuzion Velez9 天 前
  • The damp chick ethnically enter because rotate intrinsically bubble excluding a faint fair time. perfect, merciful carbon

    Bob StoneBob Stone11 天 前
  • That's what you get playing with the spurs

    Michael AaronMichael Aaron11 天 前
  • 49 dislikes come from Pop and his trolls.

    NJTDoverNJTDover12 天 前
  • They still won't win it all.

    Gavin BottcherGavin Bottcher12 天 前
  • Wearing 21 to reminisce Tim Duncan.

    angeldust7777angeldust777712 天 前
  • Lakas nila sarap ganyan na team

    Oswald InopiquezOswald Inopiquez12 天 前
  • Wow. 2 big men that can shot outside.,? The ring is waving. And injury is the real enemy.. Kudos

    ako si Jonskeyako si Jonskey13 天 前
  • They got the fucking all star team

    raymond dalisayraymond dalisay13 天 前
  • I'm glad that loser is gone from san Antonio cuz he can't lead a team. He'd rather just Cruz in the leadership department!!!

    Juan DoeJuan Doe13 天 前
    • L

      Goku ChichiGoku Chichi8 天 前
  • The lakers aren’t going to be able to beat the Nets. They may go 7, but by game 7 they are going to be exhausted. It’s obvious what teams are going to the finals.

    Bayron DiazBayron Diaz13 天 前
  • One man show

    tang davidtang david13 天 前
  • Its all fun and games until they meet a good defensive team in the playoffs.. then they'll be another kings or trailblazer early 2000's memory once they face the Lakers 😅🤣

    STARMAN 2029STARMAN 202913 天 前
  • hope brklyn has still a spot for the birdman.

  • Nets 100point every games. They have irving, harden, durant, aldrige, blake

    Stephanus PrasetiaStephanus Prasetia13 天 前
  • as a Spurs fan, go get that ring LA

    Kabayag PHKabayag PH13 天 前
  • He didnt sweat at all😂

    Grant WoodGrant Wood13 天 前
  • Nets fans, just wait til playoffs then you will see his value. If you know what I mean... 🤣 🤣 🤣

    Boris AbilanaBoris Abilana13 天 前
  • the nets benchwarmers everynight be like: donttradeusnextforanotherallstardonttradeusnextforanotherallstardonttradeusnextforanotherallstardonttradeusnextforanotherallstardonttradeusnextforanotherallstardonttradeusnextforanotherallstardonttradeusnextforanotherallstardonttradeusnextforanotherallstardonttradeusnextforanotherallstar

    jallo hamjallo ham13 天 前
  • Man.

    RonRon13 天 前
  • I used to sell bbq ribs to Aldridge in Portland. I wish he never left. We’ve had a big void at PF ever since.

    Angry FishAngry Fish14 天 前
  • "THREEE!"

    Mi MeMi Me14 天 前
  • The Nets will be hard to beat!

    Kyle Lovett Warfare & Worship MusicKyle Lovett Warfare & Worship Music14 天 前
  • Rooting for nets , gonna need some one to shut these sorry ass laker fans

  • The nets are unbeatable

    OzzeeOzzee14 天 前
  • LarMacus Aldridge synced with the nets like a magnet in that Game... he's been putting work on the playbook!💥💥🤯

    Mnaya TVMnaya TV14 天 前
  • Can the Bulls just forfeit their game lmao

    Kyle MosesKyle Moses14 天 前
  • You can see a little tim duncan in him

    B GB G14 天 前
  • As. A. Chicago. Bulls 🐂 fan since. Summer. Of. 1990. I. Am. So. Happy ☺️. For. Nets. Fans get. Those. Championships. . watch. Out. For. All. The. Lakers. Agents. In. The. Media. Trashing. Your. Players. Make. Videos. On. These. Payed. Agents. Working. For. The. Lakers. In. The. Media.

    Leonard ThomasLeonard Thomas14 天 前
  • Nah this a scary scoring line up Pg.Kyrie Sg. Harden Sf. Harris Pf.Kd C. Aldridge

    WavyJay_NYCWavyJay_NYC14 天 前
    • It is but I wonder about the defense

      mar jasemar jase13 天 前
  • This team is unbeteable

    Josh HighlightsJosh Highlights14 天 前
  • Nets best 5 on the court? A. KD, Harden, Kyrie, Joe Harris, LA B. KD, Harden, Kyrie, Blake, LA C. Both A and B

    m4Rkm4Rk14 天 前
    • A for me

      m4Rkm4Rk14 天 前
  • Is a kind of Tim Duncan. What a Team!👀

    Xavcol2eXavcol2e14 天 前
  • If they got the chemistry it is GAME OVER 1. Kd 2. Harden 3. Kyrie Erving 4. Joe Harris the 3pt sniper 5. Aldridge 6. Blake 7. De Andre 8. Jeff Green 8 guys who can contribute...

    m4Rkm4Rk14 天 前
  • If you miss watching Duncan in prime that can stop a Shaq. That is basically Aldridge.

    DiocreDiocre14 天 前
  • If heat, bucks, and celtics combine they could bet this nets team.

    Louie SevillaLouie Sevilla14 天 前
  • LA 🖤🌍🏴‍☠️🗽😅🤷🏾‍♂️

    Guillermo McLeanGuillermo McLean14 天 前
  • nets going for gold.. . only golden state can beat this team if Klay comes.back in time....they will outshoot the nets with ball movement and open the defense making the rebound and center's irrelevant

    chengs group25chengs group2514 天 前

    yuyuzfool yuyuzfoolyuyuzfool yuyuzfool14 天 前
  • Scary hours😈

    Malik RayMalik Ray14 天 前
  • I Hope Y’all Designing Y’all Ring 💍

    HumbraHongryHumbraHongry14 天 前
  • Deandre might fall out the rotation

    ReemoReemo14 天 前
  • The spurs will regret this move

    vin victorinevin victorine14 天 前
  • HAHA easy busog na busog sa 3s ang tropa 🏀 im excited when KD back is gonna be realyrealy PROBLEM 💯✔🏆🏆

    Peejay AnduyoPeejay Anduyo14 天 前
  • Is Nets able to beat Lakers ??? 🙄🙄🙄

    Ninja LaiNinja Lai14 天 前
    • yes the Lakers wont even make the finals the Suns are

      The OmenThe Omen14 天 前
    • @The Omen really ?

      Ninja LaiNinja Lai14 天 前
    • easily

      The OmenThe Omen14 天 前
  • 0:40 is that harden and KD on the back enjoying watching LA's assist to wide open 3?

    Mike L.Mike L.14 天 前
  • Aldridge game is suited for the playoff where games slows down and more of halfcourt set

    Elizal ZallahElizal Zallah14 天 前
  • Nice win Go nets

    Exciel Agoy-AgoyExciel Agoy-Agoy14 天 前
  • With kd going back in the line up, this team is like an enhanced version of the golden 2017-2018 golden state warriors...

    Etah on ElimsEtah on Elims14 天 前
  • Welcome to Brooklyn. Home of the "Plug n Play players" 🏀👍🏾💯

    Batz130Batz13014 天 前
  • Nets losing first round in 7

    Julian LoudenJulian Louden14 天 前
  • Ok I'm going to be the bearer of bad news for the rest of the NBA. I don't think the Nets can be beaten in a 7 game series by NO ONE. I don't care if LeBron gets Steph on the Lakers for the playoffs this season that still won't be enough. The Nets are loaded at EVERY position.

    Raquel CareyRaquel Carey14 天 前
  • 1 star vs allstar team....

    Light AboveLight Above14 天 前
  • Lamarcus turning scary hours into final moments.

    theskyline231theskyline23114 天 前
  • these toxic nets fans really think they can look down on other teams just because they have 5 stars on their team lol, i hope they got beaten up in playoff and see them cry

    Steve DadSteve Dad14 天 前
    • @Carl De Leon win a ring then talk to me all right? 🤣

      Steve DadSteve Dad14 天 前
    • If you count Griffin and Aldridge as all stars then the Lakers had 4 all stars last season including Rondo and Howard.

      Carl De LeonCarl De Leon14 天 前
    • @26 ᴅɪɴᴡɪᴅᴅɪᴇ yea glad u mention lakers, cuz it only takes 2 stars to win a champ, and nets needs 5, and haven't had a champ yet, pathetic loser 🤪

      Steve DadSteve Dad14 天 前
    • @Steve Dad Laker fans are cocky when they beat an injured 5 seed in the finals with 0 superstar. they didnt have any competition to expose them. imagine if this year nets were in the finals last year instead of the medical bill miami heat missing 2 of its 3 best players to injury? the lakers took 6 games to beat them. if thats the nets instead of the heat they beat the lakers.

      26 ᴅɪɴᴡɪᴅᴅɪᴇ26 ᴅɪɴᴡɪᴅᴅɪᴇ14 天 前
    • @26 ᴅɪɴᴡɪᴅᴅɪᴇ it's all cockness and brag until your superteam get beaten up in playoff lol

      Steve DadSteve Dad14 天 前
  • Kyrie-harden-harris-durant-aldridge Best offensive team of nba history. End of story

    Fadeaway TheFadeaway The14 天 前
  • what a post play!!

    이동성이동성14 天 前
  • He's playing great cause he got the most toutches, it's exciting to see how he's going to play when the trio plays knowing that the ball would not be focused on him.

    Matthew PonceMatthew Ponce14 天 前
  • Better debut than Kareem Abdullah No Toe Nail Drummond. Welcome to NY Lamarcus 💯

    Versatile WolfVersatile Wolf14 天 前
  • Omg this is a major steal for the nets.

    Yoshiki GYoshiki G14 天 前
  • Exactly what we needed a bigman, now it’s scary hours fr...

    tayyab khantayyab khan14 天 前
  • LaMarcus Aldridge can play. I don't know why people thinking he cant. They sound dumb. And Blake Griffin need more minutes as well. Stick to your game. Post up. Spread the floor. Take the open shot. They will be fine. injuries can change your game. It's not dumb to have them too. Smart move.

    Eric Mosley JrEric Mosley Jr14 天 前
    • @26 ᴅɪɴᴡɪᴅᴅɪᴇ Right!

      Eric Mosley JrEric Mosley Jr14 天 前
  • Kyrie so happy knowing he don't gotta work each night to win now!

    kanishk kashyapkanishk kashyap14 天 前
  • Lamarcus!!!

    book blockobook blocko14 天 前
  • so OP nets..

    Raymond FelixRaymond Felix14 天 前
  • This makes me so happy as a Spurs fan! Glad to see LA doing well, really hope he gets a ring! Post-up beast

    XenoMracXenoMrac14 天 前
  • Wow, I felt a bit uneasy when I found out that Harden wasn't playing today, but Lamarcus Aldrige filled the void so damn well. A good debut for us too. I feel that we have a lot to look forward to in the playoffs - finals.

    Vocal HwarangVocal Hwarang14 天 前
  • .

    Lord HisashiLord Hisashi14 天 前

    Akbar TaufikAkbar Taufik14 天 前
  • Drummond and AD double team on Aldridge which means KD, or kyrie or harden or joe are wide open 🤣🤣 Nets in 1

    Indra AdhyaksaIndra Adhyaksa14 天 前
  • I think it's time to give the 🏆to NETS.....

    Charliemagne CaballeroCharliemagne Caballero14 天 前

    SON OF THE MOST HIGH YAH Thru Yahshua MinistriesSON OF THE MOST HIGH YAH Thru Yahshua Ministries14 天 前
  • Kryie was joking how Marcus runs

    Dark 8 PrinceDark 8 Prince14 天 前
  • Aldridge's midrange is science

    ANDAANDA14 天 前
  • Improve the team more than i expected. I think is time to DJ not start the games...

    Marcelo SilvaMarcelo Silva14 天 前
  • The Nets are now unstoppable

    Οι Κότες μας Της παραγωγής μαςΟι Κότες μας Της παραγωγής μας14 天 前
  • I watched the game.. LA's presence kept them from making easy shots like last game. "Scary times".. 😂 **Scarier*

    jashane stonejashane stone14 天 前
  • if this 2014 LA it is unfair

    Red And ReadRed And Read14 天 前
  • Excellent. Aldridge is a center who can PASS!

    Qi CuiQi Cui14 天 前
  • If brooklyn did not win this year championship its gonna be biggest bust in nba history worst than the 73-9 goldenstate of 2016

    chaelly08chaelly0814 天 前
  • Imagine the time Brooklyn Nets finally starting five are; Power Forward- Blake Griffin Small Forward - Kevin Durant Center - Lamarcus Aldridge Shooting Guard - James Harden Point Guard - Kyrie Irving Its over ! 😱🙀🙈😆

    yew langyew lang14 天 前
  • It's over man nets is the nba 2021 champion

    rohdz TVrohdz TV14 天 前
  • I heard Brooklyn Nets gonna team up with Clippers....🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Nestor GorgonioNestor Gorgonio14 天 前
  • When everyone is healthy Nets will have a very tall front court with Aldrige at Center at 6:11, DeAndre Jordan at 6:11 and Kevin Durant at 6:10

    Dan LivniDan Livni14 天 前
    • think of him as Randy Orton, just slithering and, then, *boom, bomb, bing* you got fucking dunked on.

      Matthew BarrMatthew Barr12 天 前
    • @Matthew Barr ???

      Nets WorldNets World12 天 前
    • @Nets World haha. "why is he snake? I do not understand this." well its not a bad thing.

      Matthew BarrMatthew Barr12 天 前
    • @Matthew Barr how he become snake? I don't understand

      Nets WorldNets World13 天 前
    • blake the ssssnake.

      Matthew BarrMatthew Barr14 天 前
  • he got the i.q. from the smartest team on nba, spurs

    francis añana`francis añana`14 天 前