Poor STUDENT SHAMED For OLD CLOTHES, What Happens Next Is Shocking | Dhar Mann

2021年05月 3日
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00:00 Poor STUDENT SHAMED For Old Clothes
08:40 Recommended Video To Watch Next

Written by: Dhar Mann, Kayla Skipper, Ruben Ortiz
Idea by: Dhar Mann and Kayla Skipper
Director: Mario Rodriguez
Editor: Joel Ray
Casting Associate: Daniel Carrera, Lauren Parsons
Project Managers: Nix Villarubin, Hope Mueller, Jacq Balmeo, Sherri Salazar
Production Assistant: Carlos Orellana, Elisandro Gonzalez
Sound: Noel Palacios
Joey - Hayden Michael Williams-Moran
Gordon - Xander J. Simmons
Joey’s Mom - Rebecca Ritz
Friend 1 - Shaun Dixon
Friend 2 - Anthony Ruggieri
Teacher - Emilie Soghomonian
Student 1 - Bubba Ali
Student 2 - Bijan Ali
Student 3 - Zariyah Gibson
Student 4 - Grace Loggins
Student 5 - Rayna Lopez
Student 6 - Julian Vidaurrazaga
Student 7 - Andrew Rodriguez
Student 8 - Elijah Lopez

#LiveYourBestLife #Inspirational

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    Dhar MannDhar Mann11 天 前
    • I hate you

      Matenneh SidebiMatenneh Sidebi18 小时 前
    • aaay my roblox ain't working tho but im glad u put roblox in there bro cool

      Vithora VengVithora Veng2 天 前
    • Dhar man your shows are the best, you are really teaching people I love your videos most of all of my school love your videos too your the best😁😄😆😀😃😊😉🙂🙃😇😋🤗😇

      Zaria WhiteZaria White3 天 前
    • This is my favourite video

      Gravier FernandesGravier Fernandes4 天 前
    • A

      Tamarra Rodriguez-CasteelTamarra Rodriguez-Casteel9 天 前
  • Isnt this the guy from minecraft who said “Dedotated wam”?

    Ahmed shuraimAhmed shuraim2 分钟 前
  • Jesus loves you!

    Makenzie AdamsMakenzie Adams3 分钟 前

    Depressed EddDepressed Edd8 分钟 前
  • 5:37 how his face changed so fast

    Leticia EnriquezLeticia Enriquez8 分钟 前
  • What is my favorite song

    Grace BaityGrace Baity14 分钟 前
  • Joey LOOKS like he smells like mayonnaise and hot dog water

    kuofu_kuofu_17 分钟 前
  • What are you talking about animal crossing is fun

    clay1560 clay1560clay1560 clay156017 分钟 前
  • Considering he has the i pad pro i would have called his i pad pro a peace of rubber and bend it 180 degrees

    Southwest001Southwest00122 分钟 前
  • Considering he has the i pad pro i would have called his i pad pro a peace of rubber and bend it 180 degrees

    Southwest001Southwest00123 分钟 前

    Elijah OrendainElijah Orendain36 分钟 前
  • !

    Amina PhilbertAmina Philbert49 分钟 前
  • This is weird but I was focused more on girls playing rock paper sicors

    Ryan TrombleyRyan Trombley57 分钟 前
  • the first thirty seconds is a fornite kid shaming me for liking minecraft but they cant even shoot properly and i can destroy people in pvp

    Hazel the Depresso EspressoHazel the Depresso Espresso58 分钟 前
  • When you play animal crossing 24/7 and not alot of minecraft. LOL

    EmMmMEmMmM小时 前
  • I feel bad saying this, but whenever I get bullied, the bully leaves school early without his spine attached.

    you.you.小时 前
  • Joey the bolene

    Chad SchreiberChad Schreiber小时 前
  • Bro I'm literally 12 years old I can beat the bullies up bro but I will literally woke them

    SML HendrixSML Hendrix小时 前
  • I really wanna meet Gordon irl he seems so cool and chill

    DimezCanIsoDimezCanIso小时 前
  • The kid looks like kenekokitten

    Roblox StoriesRoblox Stories小时 前
  • You know they're good actors when you don't like them

    Emily LindquistEmily Lindquist小时 前
  • The kids you bully garden or just kids like they actually do this purposely because they got very cakes but like why and then like he regrets it so why would you do it should think before you do stuff

    Nikki EganNikki Egan小时 前
  • Cool video bro

    Super Newguy32Super Newguy32小时 前
  • Don't be a bully kids its bad for you

    Xavier DiazXavier Diaz小时 前
  • "Check out the new ipad pro my mom got me" Yea Im pretty sure it's gonna break in like 2 days and then be so cracked

    DepressedGreatDepressedGreat小时 前
  • Wow! Thats Really Mean, If He Smacks My Tablet On The Floor, I Would Start a Whole People Watching, And Start Fighting Him With Punchs!

    SimulatorROBLOX_YTSimulatorROBLOX_YT小时 前
  • Why are you bullying people? Everytime you talk you voice crack-

    Isabella CollettIsabella Collett小时 前
  • Why does the kid wearing a red bag looks like Stanley from IT

  • im saddddddddddd

    Carsyn O'DellCarsyn O'Dell小时 前
  • Is this just a dis on animal crossing

    TTrollkooTTrollkoo2 小时 前
  • I love animal crossing!

    William’s WorldWilliam’s World2 小时 前
  • Ya right that's how it ended in my school they would had beat up that bullies

    Anthony GuerreroAnthony Guerrero2 小时 前
  • who hates animal crossing😡😡😡

    Shadow Omega_XyzShadow Omega_Xyz2 小时 前
  • The fact these kids are over 13 probably wearing Minecraft and animal crossing t shirts is embarrassing.

    Hayden PilgrimHayden Pilgrim2 小时 前
  • Is it weird that I don’t know what animal crossing is?

    Snowberry BloxSnowberry Blox2 小时 前
  • 0:28 Minecraft’s old ok it’s a 12 years old game no one plays Minecraft anymore

    KARLA MendozaKARLA Mendoza2 小时 前
  • ok i am 17

    renjirenji2 小时 前
  • He’s the one thats wearing the old aquatic update Minecraft shirt. Wear a new one (1.16) Btw animal crossing new horizons is 2 years newer than that update aquatic on his shirt.

    Muffin ManMuffin Man2 小时 前
  • Boiiii when they said goodwill gordan i was like Boiii i say that shirt at goodwill also ipad does not cost 1000 dollers kid it gose to 100 to 300 dollors and also i ganna take that tablet from you 😌

    Haycint BuitrágoHaycint Buitrágo3 小时 前
  • On the part that he broke his I pad I would have gotten the broken I pad and then throw it at him and push him idc if I get suspended

    FabRumbosFabRumbos3 小时 前
  • You are embarrassing yourself by making a tiktok.

    ItsNateYTItsNateYT3 小时 前
  • Haha joey take the Lllll

    Hiren PatelHiren Patel3 小时 前
  • Robloxxxxx yaaaaaaaaa arsenal yaaaa

    Hiren PatelHiren Patel3 小时 前
  • This happened to me in school. I had to wear used clothing because we were a family of six and my dad's job wasn't the best. I only had a few pair of pants and one pair had a hole in them and I got a lot of mean comments from the cool kids. It hurt so bad but it made me a person who looks at others with compassion and tries to help anyone when I am able.

    Jade's Review GemsJade's Review Gems3 小时 前
  • 3:20 - 0:30 That is why I do not like the west.. I know its a fictive story but probably happens in real.

    J. RU91J. RU913 小时 前
  • Moral of the story; *don’t bully people by how they look. You may never know what they face at home.*

    Shook ElmoShook Elmo3 小时 前
  • Animal crossing is better then Minecraft

    Maura AldredgeMaura Aldredge3 小时 前
  • Joey looks like Timothee Chalamet mixed with Stanley from I Am Not Okay With This-

    soria?soria?3 小时 前
  • Can I tell you one of the Minecraft people I need to tell you one thing no one has come probably even piggy in Minecraft probably going to be a skeleton

    Tommy BellTommy Bell3 小时 前
  • The g

    Tommy BellTommy Bell3 小时 前
  • Shut up Boy noob

    Valentina QuispeValentina Quispe3 小时 前
  • Why not choose the principle... the parent already knows and kind of alternative is that?

    Jeremy VaraJeremy Vara3 小时 前
  • lets be real fire tablets are strong

    Germ5563Germ55633 小时 前
  • aQAq£A1£aaqQaaqq@aaqqQQA1@11

    Zachery LovedayZachery Loveday4 小时 前
  • It make me so happy when I see other people happy

    Lidia DiazLidia Diaz4 小时 前
  • 3:46 you might have to read it twice : my mom picks me up in her brand new Porsche everyday

    Nick LaBanskyNick LaBansky4 小时 前
  • no joke those bois dancing was horendesssssssss😭😂my tummy was hurting

    Jillisa BernardJillisa Bernard4 小时 前
  • Who’d make fun of aminal crossin ;-;

    Theglitchyvirus GalTheglitchyvirus Gal4 小时 前
  • The pale interviewer promisingly wash because umbrella interestingly memorise apropos a conscious gliding. splendid, zonked helicopter

    Elizabeth CookElizabeth Cook4 小时 前
  • 5:34

    Call of duty episodes ProCall of duty episodes Pro4 小时 前
    • 3:00

      Call of duty episodes ProCall of duty episodes Pro4 小时 前
  • who notice the part joey apoligized to gordon he had tommyinnits tshirt on XD

    Eymen SütlüEymen Sütlü4 小时 前
  • Hey 😊

    all around leila smithall around leila smith5 小时 前
  • "When his friends see him, they all laugh at him." Literally only 2 kids laughing at the cameraman xD

    BigPlays RBLXBigPlays RBLX5 小时 前
  • if I Was His Friend I Woulf Stand Up For Him I Teach Him A Lesson Abd Destroy His Tablet Because Give People Respect The Same To You Before You Walk In There Shoes

    TheMan BehindTheSlaughterTheMan BehindTheSlaughter5 小时 前
  • I agree and I can’t thank everyone enough whoever is reading them god bless them (unless their a killer)

    ユーザーユーザー5 小时 前
  • I would be so happy to have an animal crossing shirt I have one but I want another one lol maybe I will go look at goodwill

    Harmony UnicornHarmony Unicorn5 小时 前
  • I'm a fan

    Kaelynn MascittiKaelynn Mascitti5 小时 前
  • Boys: We all play minecraft. Other boy: I like you guys' cut g

    Myrna Reaport-YaoMyrna Reaport-Yao5 小时 前
  • That’s sad

    Hagen7 PlaysHagen7 Plays5 小时 前
  • I just realized the bully wears a Tommyinnit shirt at the near end, like always. Great content

    Heather HackenbergHeather Hackenberg5 小时 前
  • moral of the story Get bullied to become ricj

    crappy soucrappy sou5 小时 前
  • Boy: asks if he can be in the tiktok Other boy: *laughs hard*

    phyllis Wellingtonphyllis Wellington5 小时 前
  • Anyone who thinks biking to skl and back is more entertaining than going and coming in car?

    BlueDaysBlueDays5 小时 前
  • I have a iPad to and I play roblox

    Albert ChonAlbert Chon6 小时 前
  • I still have a amazon tablet-

    Aesthetic.girlieAesthetic.girlie6 小时 前
  • Hi

    Saba RadiyaSaba Radiya6 小时 前

    Milkshake cookieMilkshake cookie6 小时 前
  • I think me and Gordon have the same tablet mine is the Amazon fire and its the same color too lol

    Madd 422Madd 4226 小时 前
  • Lol I have roblox

    Daisy SanchezDaisy Sanchez6 小时 前
  • Hey you trucks don't be mean to that boy

    christina richardsonchristina richardson6 小时 前
  • omg roblox and minecraft yay!

    ayesha munawarayesha munawar6 小时 前
  • omg the bully is a loser himself!!

    ayesha munawarayesha munawar7 小时 前
  • He literally is using the tablet I'm watching this on And there pretty expensive to well not for a tablet but like 150 bucks

    Unga BungaUnga Bunga7 小时 前
  • Umm you gays said that pokeymon was more popular then minecraft

    Rajbir Singh llarRajbir Singh llar7 小时 前
  • That black kid is funny

    manoj urademanoj urade7 小时 前
  • The short skinny kid plays the role of the annoying bully’s sidekick perfectly

    NotGoldNotGold7 小时 前
  • 6:54 that laugh was very dramatic-

    Ayaat RahmanAyaat Rahman7 小时 前
  • Me and the dude have the same one but now I got a new tablet I never asked for it my dad just surprised me with it I was so grateful 🙏and no one should bully and everyone should be grateful for what they have right everyone?

    Emma CamposEmma Campos7 小时 前
  • First your iPad isn’t set up Bragging Joey😒

    Shantrecia ParkerShantrecia Parker7 小时 前
  • 7:15 JoeyInnit

    ShrykeShryke7 小时 前
  • Why does every main character but the mom and teacher wear game merch to school

    Anil D.NairAnil D.Nair7 小时 前
  • Yo

    Lucky PannaLucky Panna7 小时 前
  • done (i really hope i win because i really need a laptop for school 😔😔 not lying but gongrats whoever wins)

    miss_ lovecookiesmiss_ lovecookies8 小时 前
  • Is anyone watching this right now ? :)

    Tamond PaceTamond Pace8 小时 前
  • When you realize Gordon's tablet that the boys made fun of is the tablet your using to watch the video 👁👄👁 and I took that personally

    da doom hunterda doom hunter8 小时 前
  • Why do these kids where shirts of the trending video games- I've never ever seen anyone where an Among Us shirt and then go "oH lOoK yOu'Re WeArInG a FaLl GuYs ShIrT yOu CaN't bE iN mY TiK ToK!"

    Diya NairDiya Nair8 小时 前
  • 2:34 oH, He WaNTs iT bACk

    Halit KurtHalit Kurt8 小时 前
  • i love your videos their so encouraging

    Robin Kahookele-BautisitaRobin Kahookele-Bautisita8 小时 前
  • who plays minecraft? these kids are capping

    TheDiamondPacman //and CupcakeTheDiamondPacman //and Cupcake8 小时 前
  • I subsrayb to your video

    Elena OrtizElena Ortiz9 小时 前