Jeremy Lin Lead 20 Points Comeback From Bench | FORT WAYNE VS SANTA CRUZ | 林书豪G-League 27+7+6主导20分逆转

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  • I hope Lin can join GSW later on ... NBA doesn't give much attention to asians or asian-american players like JLin in the big league... I just hope the other asians (Yuta Watanabe & Rui Hachimura) can continue to play on their respective team for more season to come.

    R VR V10 小时 前
  • Hey guys, genuine question! So I'm trying to learn basketball because my boyfriend likes it and I want to be able to relate and talk about it with him. What's the Gleauge and what's difference between G league and the NBA? Like how did he go from the NBA to here. Please let me know y'all I would be so thankful

    Procastination_is_my_passionProcastination_is_my_passion11 小时 前
  • why is he in the G- League and not in the NBA?

    Ed555Ed55516 小时 前
  • He literally dont belong here. He looks like bullying little kids lmfaoo

    Gravity GamerGravity Gamer天 前
  • 能看出 林没有了原来的速度和爆发力。 但总比cba强 cba是拳击篮球。。。

    张谦虚张谦虚天 前
  • 魯蛇瞎迷們自慰回放專區

    劍神劍神天 前
  • I hope this guy comes back to NBA. Too talented to not be playing there. Come on NBA or whoever lol

    Roshan ThomasRoshan Thomas天 前
  • ¥¥¥ 点 点《 》>>>

    漂漂亮漂漂亮天 前
  • This guy needs to get back to where he belongs, the NBA. What's the damn holdup?

    PhoenixspinPhoenixspin2 天 前

    vic torvic tor2 天 前
  • He does not belong in the G league!!!!

    Landscape LukeLandscape Luke2 天 前
  • He works hard with no complains I don’t know why NBA don’t see that aspect he deserves all the best in basketball

    Junior DezunigaJunior Dezuniga2 天 前
    • he is not good enough for NBA players

      Myst3TalksMyst3Talks16 小时 前
  • Wait, he's in G League and still coming off the bench? How little respect does he get? At least make this dude start in G League.

    ZhengZheng2 天 前
    • true that man

      Tony ReyesTony Reyes3 小时 前
    • Nah bro he’s suffering the lower back injury that’s why he from the bench

      Horny XanaxHorny Xanax天 前
    • Ever think about to accept the reality that he’s never that good in the 1st place 🤣.

      天滅共匪Destroyed the CCP天滅共匪Destroyed the CCP天 前
  • Jeremy Lin still on fire. the only Asian player that has the NBA Championship ring.👍👍

    Budy Chris TarunaBudy Chris Taruna2 天 前
    • @Hongliang Liu thanks for the information, bro 🙏🙏👍👍

      Budy Chris TarunaBudy Chris Taruna15 小时 前
    • Mengke Bateer (Spurs) and Sun Yue (Lakers) also have NBA Championship rings

      Hongliang LiuHongliang Liu16 小时 前
  • J Lin is too passive to be a star player in the NBA

    S. KimS. Kim2 天 前
  • Lin deserves a spot in the NBA. No doubr there. JLIN, however, is a four letter word in the NBA as, if he does well, it may create a tension in the locker room, and, if he plays bad, the person responsible for bringing him onboard will be heavily criticized.

    Behappyman1Behappyman12 天 前
  • 他看起来很开心

    Roy LeeRoy Lee2 天 前
  • 3:31 帥爆

    Ela._.Ela._.2 天 前
  • GSW really should have brought Lin back on the team. They need a consistent and reliable ball handler who can shoot 3s when Curry rests and Lin is just perfect

    Jonathan TongJonathan Tong2 天 前
  • Look at how much views Lin pull for a g league game imagine how much more he would pull for NBA games

    XxSin _XxSin _2 天 前
  • What weird rule is 1FT = 2 points? Why don't they use the same rules like everyone else and just shoot 2 of them?

    SlykTechSlykTech2 天 前
  • Linsanity, NBA champion, Asian, G League

    DayvideoDayvideo2 天 前
  • you know lin is srs when d hair iz back

    giznow TVgiznow TV2 天 前
  • I know I should root for J. Lin but I shouldn't. He's got a ring.

    Gseric47Gseric472 天 前
  • Hope Jeremy Lin can go back to the NBA ASAP ! 🏀🇺🇸 🏆

    Teacher David- -Eat, Play, LearnTeacher David- -Eat, Play, Learn3 天 前
  • Jeremy needs a haircut.

    Jenny couponJenny coupon3 天 前
  • very simple point guard moves but very effective no massive crossover just straight to assist team of if free a triple

    Rhean DucutRhean Ducut3 天 前
  • 第一个球队友空位也不投,林自己也得保护好身体啊,可以中投的

    jeremy zhangjeremy zhang3 天 前
  • man lin needs to be on gs

    marquise carrmarquise carr3 天 前
  • 感覺佢不太協調,要繼續加強技術

    _Vincent Mr.C_Vincent Mr.C3 天 前
  • he really can do NBA stuff

    ThreeWorkingDaysThreeWorkingDays3 天 前
  • 林書豪在林來瘋期間真的傳球精準快速反應超快,怎麼會越打越退步餒,只要回復那時候的水準,應該還是能回NBA而且能打得很好

    ZERO F91ZERO F913 天 前
    • 不年輕了,而且受過傷

      chi billchi bill2 天 前
  • It's good to see Lin play again.

    Ambrose Wong Siu ShiiAmbrose Wong Siu Shii4 天 前
  • he doesn't belong here,he deserves to play in the NBA

    Joe KingJoe King4 天 前
  • back to the2011?😄

    hong xinhong xin4 天 前
  • Lin is on the right track. Keep rocking!👍

    Harry ZhangHarry Zhang4 天 前
  • Jordan Poole wow

    Julian ChuJulian Chu4 天 前
  • 不用打少林籃球...

    Asbert HsuAsbert Hsu4 天 前
  • my guy a vet with box office he better be back on the NBA floor next season

    Jiahang SuJiahang Su4 天 前
  • Lin to portland melo out

    Rene AdvinculaRene Advincula4 天 前
  • Get him back asap

    Empty Dark SoulEmpty Dark Soul4 天 前
  • Please bring Lin back.

    Random Dude98Random Dude984 天 前
  • So funny to me that after all those years of immense different hair styles that now he actually has standard chinese man's hairdo. Now looks like he enjoys cigarettes & casinos... 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

    Steve VisaSteve Visa4 天 前
  • 这是nba吗

    ivi-hopeivi-hope4 天 前
  • He should back to cba, he can be a super star right there, and have much higher paid

    ferdinand heferdinand he4 天 前
  • 减重啦?

    陳子昂George Chen陳子昂George Chen4 天 前
  • 不折腾发型了

    jingmeng caojingmeng cao4 天 前
  • 說白點就算身手恢復 最終還是膚色問題 因為對外國球員而言怎麼能接受被東方人碾壓 看kobe對林不屑的態度就知道了 沒辦法nba是他們自己在玩的,要不要本來就是他們說了算,無解

    J. C S.J. C S.4 天 前
  • 林書豪真的打的很棒啊

    劉乂愷劉乂愷4 天 前
  • Lakers should sign him

    Yan Yang HongYan Yang Hong4 天 前
  • Lin-Derella/ Lin-SAnity how can i forgot raptors vs Knicks, Raptors Home Court but they Shout Out For Lin Final Shot 90/87 Lin Shot Final 3points Knicks Win

    A.J. VhinesA.J. Vhines4 天 前
  • G league? Who cares?

    Steven ChaoSteven Chao4 天 前
  • 請問這是什麼時候的

    xu shangxu shang4 天 前
  • Big good!

    Steven LienSteven Lien4 天 前
  • 加油吧 重现linsanity

    lawlaw4 天 前
  • where is Lebron? i don't see him

    crazykooncrazykoon4 天 前
  • FOB haircut but balling right now

    John DoeJohn Doe4 天 前
  • Wow he looked so enjoy here compare to cba

    Cho ChoCho Cho4 天 前
  • wow g league so rough man... hope Lin gets back to NBA asap...

    Adam HuangAdam Huang4 天 前
  • 看到書豪有好表現特別欣慰,他年紀大了而且一堆人不看好他,但最重要的是他沒有看輕自己,不管他能不能回NBA都讓人尊敬

    流年似水流年似水4 天 前
  • 发型也不弄了。低调起来了,重新开始,真爷们儿,加油,华人骄傲

    Jacky LeeJacky Lee4 天 前
  • 早日打回NBA,头发重新支棱起来✌️

    Uncle SoulUncle Soul4 天 前
  • I like Lin's old school hairstyle. Never liked the super saiyan the Chinese saying goes, 从头再来

    shangoat2008shangoat20084 天 前
  • Free throw worth two? Get that shiet outta here

    Johnny ChenJohnny Chen4 天 前
  • 最后一节那个封盖和抢断很关键,三分也越来越准了

    Rain ZangRain Zang4 天 前
  • Useless shit

    Gold KingGold King4 天 前
  • 可惜依然沒有NBA要他

    傑帥傑帥5 天 前
  • lin or bum? I mean Lin or Brad? that's not a tough decision.

    Manny DonaireManny Donaire5 天 前
  • All dislikes are from Lowmelo

    Peaklistik LimPeaklistik Lim5 天 前
  • 他是美国人!no chinese baller

    爱国卿爱国卿5 天 前
  • 我比較想知道 書豪穿什麼鞋

    潘彥廷潘彥廷5 天 前
  • y tf lin not in the nba team 😏😏😏

    yoomi leeyoomi lee5 天 前
  • 1:55 那個好扯XD LIN也傳導的不錯 常用假動作去騙對手

    看尛啊?看尛啊?5 天 前
  • Where is your muscle lin

    CH LewCH Lew5 天 前
  • 在cba訓練過的身手不是蓋的 身体素質已被提高不少

    Chan ChanChan Chan5 天 前
  • 林书豪从CBA之后就完全换了一个打法。可能是从CBA人清楚了自己之前那一套考身体强吃,冲击内线造犯规的手段已经不吃香了。直接进步到3D➕组织的后卫风格,非常适合NBA打转换。期待林书豪在赛季能重回NBA。这不比博人传燃?不比wannamaker香?

    Eric LiuEric Liu5 天 前
  • 1 free throw + 2 points??????Different rules? Or they just count it after 2 shots?

    Dante FengDante Feng5 天 前
  • JLIN put up a good show in this game. Please be this aggressive every game. 🙏

    Wilson MokWilson Mok5 天 前
  • A gem would always stand out ... Lin is a baller.. always has been

    Ifebunandu NicholasIfebunandu Nicholas5 天 前
    • Facts.

      Gseric47Gseric472 天 前
  • Give this man another shot

    DA DADA DA5 天 前
  • 林从没让人失望 希望快点回归勇士大队

    欧克拉雪普欧克拉雪普5 天 前
  • Linsanity Go

    Neil ChenNeil Chen5 天 前
  • Too bad he is an Asian and NBA doesn’t want ...

    U SuxU Sux5 天 前
  • How does Lin look so young and so old at the same time ???

    Fans 2 pêcheFans 2 pêche5 天 前
  • get this guy back in the NBA!!

    wuandy1wuandy15 天 前
  • I could see his confidence from his 3pts. Never imagine he could pick up that move and shoot again

    Yu YanYu Yan5 天 前

    James DeanJames Dean5 天 前

    Samuel CWHSamuel CWH5 天 前
  • Lin is looking solid coming off the bench.

    Sam Intharaphithak OFFICIALSam Intharaphithak OFFICIAL5 天 前
  • where can i get tickets to watch those Minor Leagues?

    Zhehan LiZhehan Li5 天 前
  • 感覺在大陸一直在暴力下打球,真的很累,在NBA感覺林書豪笑容多了,就感覺的出環境水準差很多

    尊爵尊爵5 天 前
  • 勇士在看看他到底够不够稳定。多几场酱子的打法,被签的机会很高

    Steven PoonSteven Poon5 天 前
  • 有人可以解釋書豪罰球為啥是兩分嗎?

    Andrew TsengAndrew Tseng5 天 前
    • G League 规則~上篮被犯-罰可得两分(因为上篮-射得两分),最后两分鈡則需两罰以使比赛更紧密

      Dan DanDan Dan4 天 前
  • 其实我觉得是手受伤后遗症导致他手臂投篮不稳定,但是现在投篮真的是变好了,出手最后力会到指尖,不像当初还存在多余的力不在一条直线上,大约等到现在,终于看到了。也许就是好事多磨吧

    彭炜竣彭炜竣5 天 前
  • 建议微笑的时刻配上字幕,手感终于回来了,不过身体适应不能一蹴而就,背部酸痛就是说明问题了,不要急

    彭炜竣彭炜竣5 天 前
  • lin is the goat

    Seth AmmonSeth Ammon5 天 前
  • lin already come back who prove him NBA ability.

    chioupeterchioupeter5 天 前
  • Lin and Poole should be on gsw tho

    Andrew LeeAndrew Lee5 天 前
  • wow

    nawlim lamnawlim lam5 天 前
  • 沉穩流暢 對比賽的解讀和掌握度真的也比發展聯盟球員成熟的多 不管豪酸怎麼笑 實力就是在那裡 另外這場表現真的讓我很懷念 那種自信 掌握局勢的感覺又回來了

    劉名船劉名船5 天 前