African Girl vs Dai Pai Dong | 黑人女生全程興奮 初試香港大排檔

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  • I would like to be friend with African

    keigorjaikeigorjai2 小时 前
  • She is soooooooo cute!!!!!! And love the way she dance and grooove 💃🏾 Confession- I’m one of those who can’t help but stare at African women hair coz I am so fascinated by their hair.

    KKKK14 小时 前
  • A great video and a lovely gal

    Sam ToSam To天 前
  • Where's the restaurant at the end? Would like to try some African cuisine

    MM天 前
  • What a nice positive story coming from HK. I enjoyed this!

    superchan7superchan73 天 前
  • I don’t know what to say but...... This video is amazing !! Love it thanks 托哥

    HIOHIO3 天 前
  • 黑人小姐姐每天都这么开心的吗

    晓森周晓森周4 天 前
  • Sad but also true 🥺

    King CheukKing Cheuk4 天 前
  • 黑人小姐姐很有趣

    jack jackjack jack4 天 前
  • 真心代表熱情

    不想成為神之子的男人不想成為神之子的男人5 天 前
  • 黑人條腰好勁🤣🤣真心

    不想成為神之子的男人不想成為神之子的男人5 天 前
  • 我好像知道黑人女生说亚洲男生驾驭不了非洲女生被剪掉的部分是什么了

    CasdadafCasdadaf5 天 前
  • 個女仔跳舞好正

    YinaBossYinaBoss5 天 前
  • Harmony 开朗得来又真的好漂亮啊

    Griffin PeterGriffin Peter7 天 前
  • Go gal... You are amazing Harmony

    丹8 天 前
  • 好鍾意托哥介紹各國人的個性及文化

    游逆逆游逆逆8 天 前
  • She just looks like Dany in 2077!

    Andrew JonesAndrew Jones9 天 前
  • 7:48 两个pretty girl 好飒,左边那个好好看啊

  • Yes! I can’t agree with you anymore! Friends are made by heart, not the skin color!

    xw jxw j10 天 前
  • I just adore her energy so much!

    EsTher LinEsTher Lin10 天 前
  • She is sooooooooooo beautiful

    Clara PanClara Pan10 天 前
  • 扥哥,可唔可以識下印度、伊朗既女仔,有啲都好靚㗎😁

    Larry NganLarry Ngan11 天 前
  • 哩个topic好有意义!希望大家可以真正认识同接受多元文化!

    ChloeChloe11 天 前
  • 她好美

    Annabell LAnnabell L11 天 前
  • Bro I’m Asian and born raised in Venezuela 😂 Ppl just have to learn from heart of others ppl culture and that’s it be more comprehensive and companionate. #Sympathy

    LenysZLenysZ12 天 前
  • 因為手板心和腳板是沒有色素細胞,所以膚色多深,手板也淺色

    Popeye SoPopeye So12 天 前
  • Shes so nice

    Dig MusicDig Music12 天 前
  • 🇭🇰🔥

    Dig MusicDig Music12 天 前
  • 好想再👀你地一齊拍片,佢好可爱,着3又好睇

    ching bb loching bb lo12 天 前
  • selling lingoda credites if anyone intrested in it plz contact me. I have bought way too much credits and I wanna sell them.

    rooneymar 11rooneymar 1112 天 前
  • she is cute😍

    ching bb loching bb lo12 天 前
  • Positivity! We need more of these type of videos these days! 😆😆💃🕺

    The Hang OnThe Hang On12 天 前
  • 居然住咗10年

    掂works掂works12 天 前
  • 開朗陽光懂禮貌的人就是讓人覺得很舒服,這無關於膚色種族

    Mr ZhangMr Zhang12 天 前
  • Any african food or resturant to recommend xd

    KarTFavouriteChartKarTFavouriteChart12 天 前
  • 好鍾意你d片,好正能量,不分國籍

    Katherine ChungKatherine Chung12 天 前
  • I love this so much! Harmony is so sweet and kind. The world needs more people like her

    Samson WaiSamson Wai12 天 前
  • we are Hong Kong.

    新香港人new hongkongers新香港人new hongkongers12 天 前
  • my mom beat me with a mop and the pole broke. I'm of course Asian.

    新香港人new hongkongers新香港人new hongkongers12 天 前
  • Really like this video! ❤️The perception of African people in HK are generally negative. We need more videos like this to show the public a different side of the story! P.S. Harmony is such a wonderful lady with big heart!

    Doris ChingDoris Ching12 天 前
  • Ohh 竟然係係我樓下

    LL ZhouLL Zhou12 天 前
  • Nice girl and, I am impressed by her chopstick skill.

    Phatty BoomBoomPhatty BoomBoom12 天 前
  • My bag will sit hahahhaha

    Viola YangViola Yang13 天 前
  • It's true that Hong Kong people are doesnt know other people culture.

    richcity89richcity8913 天 前
  • she is lovely

    YILE WUYILE WU13 天 前
  • Mash Allah she is beyond beautiful and gorgeous, Love from Somaliland

    Mohammed AdenMohammed Aden13 天 前
  • She’s sooooo pretty 😍😍🤩

    Hilary ChoiHilary Choi13 天 前
  • 真心唔明點解香港仲有咁多人對少數族裔人士有負面標籤 明明香港已經係咁開放咁文明既社會已經係多元文化唔係單一文化 仲有好多人會對佢地有另類眼光 我身邊都有唔少少數族裔既朋友,大家都了解對方文化而尊重翻對方 但總有人會叫佢地啊X,雖然佢地聽得明但完全唔理會 反而我會覺得好難聽,唔明點解已經21世紀仲存在尼種情況

    Marco MakMarco Mak13 天 前
  • such a warm and nice girl!

  • I would love to have some African friends

    Stephen HkerStephen Hker13 天 前
  • I’m so honoured to watch this video since I have a Congolese bf ❤️ it’s has put a smile on my face! African cultural is vibrant, people are passionate and fun. Everyone should be treated with respect regardless of their race. P.S not all African families use physical punishment to their kids. It’s solely down to the individual-familial situations. Love x

    Venus Alexandra SoVenus Alexandra So13 天 前
  • Omg i like this girl, should invite her to your vlog often

    DL 12DL 1213 天 前
  • you don't need to emphasise the colour ''black lady'' in the title, this is already racist, you can change to ''an African lady'' instead

    King ChanKing Chan13 天 前
  • Racism towards black people in Hk should be concerned while racism towards Asian in the uk should rly be concerned as well

    Jesse LingardinhoJesse Lingardinho13 天 前
  • Please take her to more Chinese restaurant, wanna seee her moreee in your videos!!!!!!!

    Charnjeet kaurCharnjeet kaur13 天 前
  • aww i love this Tori keep it up spreading positivity and expanding knowledge

    Yichen CaoYichen Cao13 天 前
  • i like the way they are being so optimistic . its like sun shine

    夜無常夜無常13 天 前
  • love her old style, more rebel kind of vibe

    Douglas JulianDouglas Julian13 天 前
  • If you take MTR everyday you see colored people everyday. I can't believe the stupid pricks talking shit and touching her hair are that many.

    Alan TseAlan Tse13 天 前
  • haromny so nice

    HHT CHHT C13 天 前
  • 托哥人缘不错

    阿谀奉承阿谀奉承13 天 前
  • 黑人女子難駕馭...性格方面.....哈哈哈

    Hong Kong Public TransportHong Kong Public Transport14 天 前
  • I have tried FuFu some years ago, my African friend cook it for me, the taste like corn cake

    Steven YamSteven Yam14 天 前
  • 好喜欢这个小姐姐,笑声很有感染力! I really like her positive mind set.

    One Slide Une Diapositive 语言学习 北美生活分享One Slide Une Diapositive 语言学习 北美生活分享14 天 前
  • She is cute I like her

    MimiMimi14 天 前
  • I like this lady, she is positive and got a sense of humor

    Ling ZhangLing Zhang14 天 前
  • love this

    someone specisomeone speci14 天 前
  • Nice to meet you

    路人悅路人悅14 天 前
  • i love her sooo much! going to Africa is my dream!

    Carleen WongCarleen Wong14 天 前
  • Have to say African people are very nice to talk to, they are mostly friendly. Harmony, if you are reading the comments, don't let those negativity kills you, you are one of a kind!

    YucoYuco14 天 前
  • Harmony真係好有感染力,短短幾分鐘嘅片已經好鐘意佢了

    短视频精选Good Short Video短视频精选Good Short Video14 天 前
  • confident and nice

    W SW S14 天 前
  • i like her ..she is cute

    siu mo chensiu mo chen14 天 前
  • 看视频这女孩挺开朗,也很有自己的立场,我挺喜欢这种性格的。

    老王批评老王批评14 天 前
  • OMG I love Harmony's energy

    Charnjeet KaurCharnjeet Kaur14 天 前
  • 2020th like here

    H ekoH eko14 天 前
  • 我住啟業邨附近,試過同爹地去呢家買嘢食,因為好方便

    Kinson Tsz Wai CheungKinson Tsz Wai Cheung14 天 前
  • 希望这个黑人姐姐还能跟你录节目,你们一起的节目效果很好呀

    chen luluchen lulu14 天 前
  • Love the POLARISED glasses!!!!! It's on the way to my home~

    Son LoSon Lo14 天 前
  • 買眼鏡了各位!

    Add Red 嘉鴻的攝影紀錄Add Red 嘉鴻的攝影紀錄14 天 前
  • Some of my best friends are from the Caribbean and I’ve noticed when going Hong Kong with them, people always touch their hair too lol harmony seems like such a bubbly friendly girl!

    3dwillcy3dwillcy14 天 前
  • Love Harmony!!

    KiraraKirara14 天 前
  • proud of you harmony ❤

    Blandine NgoyiBlandine Ngoyi14 天 前
  • Nice content👍

    K XuanK Xuan14 天 前
  • She is so bubbly and i love her

    Giselle YuiGiselle Yui14 天 前
  • 鍾意呢個黑妹

    王訊逸王訊逸14 天 前
  • I love her ..

    Hoi Leong YoongHoi Leong Yoong14 天 前
  • what is fufu?

    Patrick LamPatrick Lam14 天 前
  • 生活带来您时柠檬做柠檬水 ---Riley Reid

    Elias在南美 Elias en LatinoaméricaElias在南美 Elias en Latinoamérica14 天 前
  • First of all, I like her name already without seeing her in person! She’s so pretty! And black ppl are so annoyed with ppl asking them why their palm and teeth are white. I’ver heard same thing from other YT vids and TV programme. Black ppl are asked same question! OMG It’s like ppl staring at your eyes and asking you if you can see things? Hopr HK ppl don’t do that

    Margie WMargie W15 天 前
  • She is sooo beautiful inside and out!

    Jennifer ZhuJennifer Zhu15 天 前
  • it’s fun watching torres interacting with Harmony. but sadly didn’t see lingoda ad popping up in the middle of the vdo

    Haydn TangHaydn Tang15 天 前
  • 夠Positive. Like 一個。

    Shing YipShing Yip15 天 前
  • 好#好食 lol who teach her?

    Howard OOFHoward OOF15 天 前
  • 2:23 Torres: "Actually I have never seen an African hand this up close" Also Torres: dates GG, an African woman

    skylinrgskylinrg15 天 前
    • you hit the point

      Woo Chung WeiWoo Chung Wei11 天 前
  • 托哥又搭讪人家小姑娘了

    Dickson xxDickson xx15 天 前
  • Bon courage Harmony !

    jiaxin chenjiaxin chen15 天 前
  • 台灣人也想認識這位剛果女孩👧

    科爾文Kerwin科爾文Kerwin15 天 前
  • i like harmony!so nice !

    Auntie LiAuntie Li15 天 前
  • 可能係由於飲食問題,不少非裔或黑人身上都帶有點奇怪的氣味。這未必係歧視,只係唔習慣嗰種氣味,所以搭地鐵就儘量唔揀坐埋一齊。

    Owen2 OwenOwen2 Owen15 天 前