How Mercedes-Benz Is Losing Its Prestige Image

2021年04月 6日
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Mercedes-Benz is perhaps the biggest name in luxury cars globally, and for countless buyers around the world, it is a car brand to aspire to own. The German automaker has a reputation for superb build quality, excellent engineering, and the bragging rights that its founder Carl Benz invented the first production automobile.
Today, Mercedes-Benz faces a new class of challenges as Tesla has become the aspirational brand for younger consumers. There is a slew of other EV hopefuls vying for the next generation’s aspirational vehicle’s mantle. Automakers have had to sink billions into new technologies and contend with a new crop of competitors in the critical Chinese market and around the world.
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How Mercedes-Benz Is Losing Its Prestige Image

  • The days when Mercedes make elegant , ever green design , with star logo on bonnet top is not seen anymore. All the new design coming out is just trying to look sporty and such ugly profile for anyone taste . Other luxury brands are chasing up and some of their features and engineering are way ahead of Mercedes. Example , Genesis, Volvo, However, Lexus engineering are old school not much wow factors to shout about. Mercedes engineering and design from the 1960s till before 1990 are the best iconic Mercedes. Which I like very much till today . Modern Mercedes looks more like buying a Toyota or Honda and does not stand out much from the crowd

    Kon SenKon Sen小时 前
  • Who sponsered this video? China? I mean this is pure opinion and slander

    luca hoetluca hoet小时 前
  • CNBC, who are you to understand what the world thinks about Mercedes? Why this bias? Why ?

    Seb worldSeb world小时 前
  • I got CXNTS 🤣🤣

    RapidFire Muzik™RapidFire Muzik™小时 前
  • Future is Electric

    Nandhukrishna TMNandhukrishna TM2 小时 前
  • Mercedes are known to always break down and have endless expensive sensors to replace. Total crap.

    Mystery BuyerMystery Buyer3 小时 前
  • How CNBC lost it's audience

    Daniel ElfassyDaniel Elfassy4 小时 前
  • To many blacks

    J HunterJ Hunter5 小时 前
  • Mercedes lost it's prestige image years ago when they released the CLA junk, and subsequent GLA and GLC which are the most hideous vehicles ever made.

    Samuel ArnoldSamuel Arnold6 小时 前
  • Almost anyone can have a Merc now, due to PCP. And particularly in the lawless adjacent town next to me, that means a 90% chance it's being driven by a foreign-descent drug dealer. The association is repellent. I wouldn't touch one with a barge pole, unless it was a 30 year old classic.

    Hunc HancHocHunc HancHoc7 小时 前
  • Buy Tesla

    kameel28kameel287 小时 前
  • U sure about you this ? My slk is a monster just like the first day I got it

    ParsCASTParsCAST8 小时 前
  • Tesla is pathetic car. They just have batteries.... Nothing else. Pathetic material quality.

    yousaf khanyousaf khan8 小时 前
  • مساء الخير

    Mohamed EssaidiMohamed Essaidi9 小时 前
  • Van's are rust buckets... German engineering has gone downhill .... it's all about breaking parts and making money ... full stop

    Jonner O'neillJonner O'neill9 小时 前
  • Very fair (?) review. You didn't mention NIO which sell in the same luxury level. But you remembered Li Auto.. Which is part electric. NIO should be kept a secret from public.? 😱 👎

  • That new shape they are shifting their SUV’s to make them look like Toyota rav-4’s. They need to return to what made Mercedes stand out as a Mercedes.

    Juan Figueroa-ServilleJuan Figueroa-Serville10 小时 前
  • My name is Alex and I do not agree wirh this opinion piece.

    Alex Carpe DiemAlex Carpe Diem11 小时 前
  • Stupid content. cnbc has lost its prestige.

    Abhi AbhiAbhi Abhi11 小时 前
  • Has a Mercedes ever been top of the reliability surveys? Often with BMW down near the bottom. Two year old cars now cost more to maintain than their value.

    Colin OsborneColin Osborne12 小时 前
  • bmw isnt competition anymore they’re doing worse

    IncanismIncanism14 小时 前
  • LoL do you even know how many Constructor championships Mercedes AMG has won?

    The WebheadGT.The WebheadGT.14 小时 前
  • This feature has no impact! Merely click bait. Mercedes: "The Best or Nothing"

    mbugua gakumbugua gaku15 小时 前
  • Loosing? They lost in in the 90s. When they started making cheap plastic overly computerized cars. I need a reliable car not a 32 inch TV on my dash!

    Richard P vancouverRichard P vancouver15 小时 前
  • I am pretty sure there is CNBC reporter from Würzburg whenever Germany is discussed shot from Würzburg emerges

    Fowad AhmedFowad Ahmed21 小时 前
  • No it is not

    Rujo OnyeRujo Onye21 小时 前
  • What a click bait title.

    Francesca PowellFrancesca Powell21 小时 前
  • Super click bait title..

    Abhishek VermaAbhishek Verma22 小时 前
  • One thing is sure:If Tesla and some chinese did it,Germans will make it twice better

    Abil MukajAbil Mukaj22 小时 前
  • Mercedes along with all traditional automakers are losing there prestige- Once it was Cadillac, then Lincoln, then Mercedes and BMW. Now it’s the era of Tesla and others who are still relatively unknown but one day will be. Companies have life spans and companies also have eras in which they are more dominant than others. Mercedes, Cadillac, Lincoln - they will all live on into the future but yes, the days of the S500 being the “best it nothing” - those days are definitely numbered.

    Griffin GrabowGriffin Grabow23 小时 前
  • In the Sino-British joint statement in Hong Kong, the CCP said that it was an outdated contract that wastes paper. Hong Kong has become an ordinary city in China, so Hong Kong dollar foreign exchange has also been completely controlled. The Sino-US Joint Communiqué must also become waste paper. If the United States does not wake up and thinks about interests, it will cause the entire United States to collapse because of interests. See what happened to Jack Ma? Can American businessmen escape? Can the American media businessmen who make money with the CCP finally escape?

    La HoLa Ho天 前
  • I own one...... they used to be a 20yr car but now it is a car to get rid of after the warranty is done.

    James DrummondJames Drummond天 前
  • 3:32 that's it

    Sirish GiSirish Gi天 前
  • How is Mercedes-Benz loosing their prestigious image? They are over priced and unreliable, that's it. I'm in the "younger buyer" category they speak of and I found a couple of the "lower priced" models they were offering very interesting at one point and I'd have bought a Mercedes if I though they were worth the money but in my opinion they're not anymore.

    Hunts By ChainsawHunts By Chainsaw天 前
  • This dude doesn't know the models correctly and he does incorrect comparisons

    John H.John H.天 前
  • Will never buy Benz/BMWs even though I can afford them. It’s good for showing off that’s why so many lease them in America.

    P DieP Die天 前
  • Misleading title

    Samer MSamer M天 前
  • My motor car is a very expensive Asking Martin. I like to drive it around town and watch men drool down the front of their pants.

    quartytypoquartytypo天 前
  • They’re just fleet cars now

    James PoppletonJames Poppleton天 前
  • German cars🔥

    imamoodyboiimamoodyboi天 前
  • Cheap plastic and bmws are more powerful

    BM VABM VA天 前
  • I think all prestige cars will struggle in the transition to electric. I’ve gone half way with a BMW hybrid and can only get 12 miles on one charge on the cold (batteries struggle in cold weather) can’t wait to get rid of it and get a Tesla. If I get a diesel car, the re-sale value will fall through the floor after the corrupt UK government of all new cars in the UK after 2030

    TrigTrig天 前
  • “C Class, S Class and the full sized E Class”?? did I hear correctly?

    Omer ImtiazOmer Imtiaz天 前
    • Yep, C Class = C class citizen and the S = Super C Class Citizen!

      jeffery Yoderjeffery Yoder天 前
  • I call BS, Mercedes' image is intact.

    Mohit SinghMohit Singh天 前
    • Just google, "German taxi cab drivers refuse to drive MB"

      jeffery Yoderjeffery Yoder天 前
  • Is it tho? Lol

    klo schuesselklo schuessel天 前
  • If their Nazis roots and war crimes didn’t tarnish them as a company, I doubt EV will. It is probably best known from its use by high-ranking Reich officials before and during World War II, including Adolf Hitler, Hermann Göring, Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich, as captured in archival footage.

    Jose RamireZJose RamireZ天 前
  • this video was reuploaded everyone just wanna waste your time

    greg gregorichgreg gregorich天 前
  • Volvo as a luxury vehicle?

    Johan SJohan S天 前
  • Bentley, rolls royce, lambo, Aston martin, all GERMAN BRANDS!!!

    Carpf4n4ticCarpf4n4tic天 前
    • @jeffery Yoder all owned by germans now. Its origin is english.

      Carpf4n4ticCarpf4n4tic天 前
    • Rolls Royce??? I beg your grey poupon bit isn't that English?

      jeffery Yoderjeffery Yoder天 前
  • The elephant 🐘 in the room is very obvious in the US Market. This sigma was on Cadillac heavy, and BMW ( the 7 series in particular) , now it rests firmly with Benz.....not going to spell it out, but y’all already know ◼️

    illinoisphilillinoisphil天 前
  • Cant u see eq variants.... plz mislead ok.... really bad

  • Unsubscribe cnbc

    Es KayEs Kay天 前
  • Perhaps if they could learn how to reliably wire connections 8:10, instead of the 2:10...

    DC Various VidsDC Various Vids天 前
  • Man look I had a 2018 c300 loved it then I went from that to 2020 c43 still love it..only problem I really have with Mercedes is they make all the cars have the same interior design then a less cheaper car would beat me in a race the cla amg is cheaper then my c43 but the cla is faster..Mercedes is trying to get younger buyers that’s why they made the A class.but I feel like if you don’t have a V8 in your car like the c63 you kinda in the same boat as the cheaper cars..but one thing for sure anyone who knows or have a Mercedes knows who the car boss when you see another Mercedes and your is the one that’s more money..but that’s really all it for just to show how much money you have..the younger generation want cheap car payments but still want a nice Mercedes..they just gonna look at it like a regular car. Then at the point younger people won’t buy anything Expensive which will devalue Mercedes high end cars..Mercedes needs to make things look different..every car that’s 60plus need a new look that stands out from all the others just saying as a Mercedes owner

    Not411Not411天 前
  • Where I live ironically Mercedes is the car of the Gypsy. It lost it's image many many many years ago.

    Ashes 2 AshesAshes 2 Ashes天 前
  • This is such an obvious smear campaign... They know the power of words and many people won't watch for context. Either way, to single out Mercedes when this could apply to ANY other luxury brand that has been around is ridiculous.

    Kevin servHisKevin servHis天 前
  • Mercedes has never had a prestige image to anyone who has to work on them. Junk. Absolute junk. Lol

    WaferzWaferz天 前
  • When CNBC can't even get their facts right by calling the E-class the full-sized sedan, they might as well not make the video at all.

    Christopher DovbanChristopher Dovban天 前
  • #BOYCOTTandDONTbuyNorPurchasedLOWqualityAndCOPIEDFakeREPLICATEDknockOffChinesePRODUCTS. 🙏🌎🌍🌏✌

    never Tvnever Tv天 前
  • now get that CNBC dumps

    Nils CoburnNils Coburn天 前
  • Nothing says I’m rich AND boring quite like a Mercedes

    ZePopTartZePopTart2 天 前
  • Mercedes is no longer reliable as in the 60s. Buy at your own risk.

    Sun shineSun shine2 天 前
    • they don't have to be reliable because most people lease them anyway

      Kristiāns OzoliņšKristiāns Ozoliņš天 前
  • C’mon CNBC.... MB not losing its prestige... its losing to innovation from competitive automakers (as stated by annalist in this commentary) 🤦🏽‍♂️

    dexburwelldexburwell2 天 前
  • Also, as a previous Mercedes owner all I did was spend time at the dealer. I took my Lexus to 200,000 miles with minor issues. I took my S class to 61,000 and made numerous visits to the dealer in a span of three years for all kinds of issues from suspension to electrical. The price for these vehicles keep going up and the quality keeps going down.

    Fresh Culture ApparelFresh Culture Apparel2 天 前
    • I mean if you're buying an s class you're kinda asking for it😂 maintenance on nice things that's just how it is just like a private jet is almost 1 million a year just to keep up on maintenance

      jaws dakillerjaws dakiller天 前
  • They’ve been stealing designs and technology from other manufacturers over the years and incorporating it into their own vehicles. It was Audi that introduced the LED lights on the bumper and Mercedes started putting it on the S class. It was Tesla that had the beautiful large size LCD screen the size of an iPad and now Mercedes is going to use the same technology and screen in the new S class.

    Fresh Culture ApparelFresh Culture Apparel2 天 前
  • This looks like a good example of how CNworld is fudging the numbers to help out the lamestreet media. Pretty much all the comments are negative, some of the negative comments having about 2 and a half thousand likes and then I'm supposed to believe that the video only got 3100 dislikes? That makes no sense. Those numbers must be manipulated, like the ones on the official White House CNworld channel are since the Biden administration took over. It is so ridiculous. CNworld was destined and supposed to smash the old system and usher in a new age of user created media and what are they doing instead? They prop up and keep the dinosaurs alive, their own competition, the people who start lying smear campaigns against successful, independent CNworld creators and peddle unscientific nonsense about how CNworld radicalizes people. It always brings that Obiwan Kenobi quote to mind: "You were the chosen one! You were supposed to destroy the Sith, not join them!" Let the smear merchants go under and die out! Nobody wants their corporate garbage anymore!

    TrangleCTrangleC2 天 前
  • Look at Honda cars today all junk, easy to break pieces anywhere.... Ha junk, junk

    Jose SibrioJose Sibrio2 天 前
  • Voiture

    Jose SibrioJose Sibrio2 天 前
  • Ou une gwagen

    Jose SibrioJose Sibrio2 天 前
  • Who can give me a cls 550

    Jose SibrioJose Sibrio2 天 前
  • Junk engines like BMW, Audi n lambo junk catch fire

    Jose SibrioJose Sibrio2 天 前
    • junk? Mercedes and BMW make the best luxury cars in the world

      Kristiāns OzoliņšKristiāns Ozoliņš天 前
  • Whos here after Mercedes revealed the EQS. Rip tesla

    HunterHunter2 天 前
    • They have the design but software wise it’s still gimmicky compared to Tesla so I wouldn’t get too excited. No lags here though. We’re about to fly with star link in case you don’t know what that is. 😎

      Anomize23Anomize232 天 前
  • Gas head for life, not giving up best gas cars for junk Teslas

    Chris MChris M2 天 前
  • Why every CNBC such kind of reports show dooms situation... end of every company they report about lols probably for rating they put end to every company in the world...

    Tariq wahabTariq wahab2 天 前
  • You are always throwing crap at foreign enterprises while promoting American ones. This is so bs and not independent at all.

    Concilia PlebisConcilia Plebis2 天 前
  • Mercedes is actually *the* most luxury car brand, also because of Maybach.

    TobiTobi2 天 前
  • Simple the Best! No other brand comes close to the prestige of Mercedes !!!

    PedroPedro2 天 前
  • thanks you so much

    Aran SingkumAran Singkum2 天 前
  • Mercedes is always going to be a top car brand, want more “prestige” get a Maybach, god forbid Mercedes makes its cars more affordable. Americans hate on anything that isn’t American, I don’t see any videos like this about Cadillac and thats supposed to be the “luxury” American brand lol gtfo.

    UAUA2 天 前

    LizeFXLizeFX2 天 前
  • They'll be fine. Tesla is just sweeping the market at the moment with their electric cars, patented batteries and technology. Mercedes will just been kicking themselves that they didn't take that market earlier and patent a lot of the technology. But then again... Elon is a multi billionaire genius who takes risks. Maybe Mercedes didn't have the revenue or the courage.

    Liam RLiam R2 天 前
  • "C-class, S-class, and full size E-class sedans" 🤨

    MegatronMegatron2 天 前
  • Schmarrn

    Ulf MüllerUlf Müller2 天 前

    GLRGLR2 天 前
  • /// The best or nothing 🎯💯

    Killa SavageKilla Savage2 天 前
  • yeah lets pay $40,000 for an 2.0l inline 4🤡

    Mikael SwickMikael Swick2 天 前
    • the A45s has the most powerful 2.0l inline 4 and it costs almost $80,000

      Kristiāns OzoliņšKristiāns Ozoliņš天 前
  • Literally not true. The gimmicks are not reliable this is true. But their engines and transmissions bullet proof. Mercedes-Benz is the second best at self driving. They are now developing some insane hybrid sports cars. Literally anyone who gets in my CLA 250 one of their cheapest are shocked at how nice it is everytime. Their status is only going to go up from here

    Smokescreen SkatersSmokescreen Skaters2 天 前
  • 2nd hand car buyers in the market. When everyone has one. It's not prestigious anymore especially the the newer A & C classes.

    FireBatRedFireBatRed2 天 前
  • hello.

    Aran SingkumAran Singkum2 天 前
  • basically, Mercedes is going to be the blackberry of smartphone industry

    aniruddha rawaleaniruddha rawale2 天 前
  • Let's dislike this dumb video in drones.

    Farai MusengiFarai Musengi2 天 前
  • Loool. Tesla bigger than Mercedes? Lol u need help.

    Farai MusengiFarai Musengi2 天 前
  • Mercedes tre a t customers extremely badly in an arrogant fashion. And the faults are extremely unnecessarily expensive.

    Brian BlighBrian Bligh2 天 前
  • Mercedes Benz almost reclaimed their top spot with the new W205 and W213, probably the best C Class and E Class design ever... but their new Design Language which they debuted with the new W206, W214 and W223 looks really lame, mainly due to their Headlight design language... I personally think those Headlights will be the death of Mercedes Benz... Let's talk about some of their designs in the past shall we, we know Mercedes Benz likes to make really ugly looking cars from time to time, like the W203 with the Ugly looking Peanut Shaped Headlights and the W210 with the extremely Ugly looking Grasshopper Headlights, but then something cool happened and they gave us some of the sexiest cars ever, like the: W216 - the CL Class, the hottest looking Mercedes Benz ever made W205 - the hottest C Class ever made W213 - the hottest E Class ever made W221 - the coolest looking S Class ever made, compared to the rest ...but now, they seem to be at it again... Mercedes, if you are listening, please redesign those new headlights or suffer the consequences....

    Muthulingam RamiahMuthulingam Ramiah2 天 前
  • if yall buyin a car for a status symbol, yall deserve to be ripped off

    djkasdjkasdjdjdjdjkasdjkasdjdjdj3 天 前
    • People don’t even look at a Mercedes anymore let alone kids that are more interested in a Tesla when they see one in the parking lot. They call Mercedes a boomer mobile now🤣 people don’t understand King’s Fall and another one rises and right now we know who set the EV benchmark

      Anomize23Anomize232 天 前
  • mercedes has always been overrated. my dad had 3 of them and all of them had major issues after just 2 years. Mean while our honda and toyota had NONE. I decided to never buy a german car.

    AnonAnon3 天 前
  • Scotty Kilmer says Mercedes quality gone down 👎👎

    doug bydoug by3 天 前
    • Scotty Kilmer only likes cheap, boring Toyotas and Hondas. He thinks that Porsche makes bad sports cars and that Acura is better than Mercedes.

      Kristiāns OzoliņšKristiāns Ozoliņš2 天 前
  • As a bmw guy, I saw this entire video as propaganda.

    Spookyz32Spookyz323 天 前
  • ohh i know, ditching the v8 for the new c63? 😂 *im just joking bro

    Drian MahaaDrian Mahaa3 天 前
  • Love Aston Martin. Best car I ever owned. When I had cars.

    ShadowFilmShadowFilm3 天 前