Kevin Durant Tribute Video by Golden State Warriors | February 13, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season

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  • at the end of the video kd fake Curry

    Master AshMaster Ash5 天 前
  • best scorer no question

    Infinity Prod.Infinity Prod.6 天 前
  • This man is thirsty for Lebron!! All i see in him!! Im just saying..

    Luis CepedaLuis Cepeda8 天 前
  • He gets more respect from a team that he was on for 3 years than the team he was on for triple the time with less help

    Aaron VirdeeAaron Virdee8 天 前
  • They tryna finesse and make him reminisce and go back he should tho🤧

    Love SosaLove Sosa9 天 前
  • If i hear anyone boo KD when we at Chase next yr ima come over and slap the hell outta you.

    Chris Breezy -Ryan BarbosaChris Breezy -Ryan Barbosa9 天 前
  • A tribute for???? Nowadays everyone gets a tribute

    If it's in the Word Then it's in the wordIf it's in the Word Then it's in the word9 天 前
  • Draymond Green fucked it up

    Patrick CharlesPatrick Charles9 天 前
  • they cut it when steph bout to beat him up for leaving

    Michael SardarMichael Sardar10 天 前
  • Horrible video

    GunkanjimaGunkanjima10 天 前
  • The OKC return was very different

    Mike KillagreenMike Killagreen10 天 前
  • Next year he joins the Lakers after losing in The Finals. KD's motto, If you can't beat em join em.

    Mike KillagreenMike Killagreen10 天 前
  • If the arena was empty, what did this mean?

    Drew BrownDrew Brown10 天 前
  • Wow he spent a second there and HE gets. a. Tribute??? Favoritism smh. Imagine players who played for 5+years, oh my bad I forgot they just shuffle their players every year.

    Mr. Boom GnosticMr. Boom Gnostic10 天 前
  • I bet kd misses playing for gsw.

    Jon LJon L10 天 前
  • The adopted king of the bay Welcome back KD

    KiD CasaTVKiD CasaTV10 天 前
  • The Warriors were the best team he played with.

    Sivan YaldaSivan Yalda10 天 前
  • The video should be renamed a snake who got carried by Steph just for rings and doesn’t know the definition of loyalty

    Ram ProductionsRam Productions11 天 前
    • He was the reason they won against the Cavs you clown 😂😂😂😂😂

      Donnie CornwellDonnie Cornwell9 天 前

    John 3:16John 3:1611 天 前
  • Welcome back to the bay🙂:-)

    Hadassah VillanuevaHadassah Villanueva11 天 前
  • I’m surprised I didn’t hear a slither🐍

    Mistic 111Mistic 11111 天 前
  • I think everyone is glad KD left, it's fun to watch Stephanie get destroyed

    Arden GarantozaArden Garantoza11 天 前
  • He is the greatest scorer ever!!

    Shevon BowenShevon Bowen11 天 前
  • what happen to the volume

    Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH'Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH'11 天 前
  • Classy treat

    MOD BeatMOD Beat11 天 前
  • The highfalutin substance cytomorphologically stroke because book successively mug without a large land. stupendous, fine rat

    louis rodriguezlouis rodriguez11 天 前
  • At least they didn't boo him like Porzingis coming back to New York

    God_GamerGod_Gamer11 天 前
  • Mama there goes that Snake

    Jerome HodgesJerome Hodges11 天 前
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    FUzzy JayFUzzy Jay11 天 前
  • KD: like I care. (Points at Draymond Green)

    LA VictaLA Victa11 天 前
  • From one super team to another 🤣

    Jacob TaylorJacob Taylor11 天 前
  • The weakest tribute video ever. Who forced them to do it?

    bosstler21bosstler2111 天 前
  • He probably told harden man this is awkward and weird and gay.

    Ryan MarvelRyan Marvel11 天 前
  • ... imagine if those words weren't said... u know what words I'm talking about :)

    Matthew DaveMatthew Dave11 天 前
  • Possibly 3 time finals MVP

    RJP 008RJP 00811 天 前
  • I thought it was a joke when I heard KD joining the warriors.

    Thu PhatThu Phat11 天 前
  • Former warriors fan 😢 watching this

    Michael LamattinaMichael Lamattina11 天 前
  • Having little to no fans fucking sucks really takes away from the beauty of sports

    Jimb00Jimb0011 天 前
  • then proceed on destroying the team lol

    marc kialmarc kial11 天 前
  • I'll take "Championship KD against "Championship Jordan in 1 on1 any day tell me I'm crazy?????

    Mark RichardsMark Richards12 天 前
  • Most boring years of my life when he joined

    Jordan2niceJordan2nice12 天 前
  • 0:23 saucey

    Brian PattersonBrian Patterson12 天 前
  • after MJ , KD Is the only player the I see to make look so easy to scored. and PG Next.

    MrDangelo7777MrDangelo777712 天 前
  • To appreciate how special Stephen Curry is, let's see how long it'll take KD to win a ring elsewhere. Leaving the GSW will be his biggest mistake.

    Daniel DavidDaniel David12 天 前
    • not long,nets is a competitive team.

      child woodsonchild woodson10 天 前
  • Lebron against 4 All star

    Daniel SalinasDaniel Salinas12 天 前
  • Y’all should’ve gotten rid of Draymond Green before Kd choose his location

    Jon MelendezJon Melendez12 天 前
  • Man damn! Show some emotion. I hate when players try to act ice cold while getting a warm ovation from fans that love them.

    Kenney DennardKenney Dennard12 天 前
  • this is how warriors try to recruit him back

    Rocket BunnyRocket Bunny12 天 前
  • Lol i can't believe this guy gonna have Jersey retired in 3 teams 😂😂😂😂🐍

    El Mago8El Mago812 天 前
  • Kd ain't give a damn bout dat video

    Richard WardRichard Ward12 天 前
  • Let's be honest, Oakland was a pit stop for KD

    Carter HuffCarter Huff12 天 前
  • Why Draymond calling him a B**** wasn't included in the tribute?

    Imeverywhere YourneverthereImeverywhere Yourneverthere12 天 前
    • 😂😂😂

      Mike KillagreenMike Killagreen10 天 前
  • Tribute for cheating fr?

    Cain SBDreamChaserCain SBDreamChaser12 天 前
  • amazing 👏🏼

    Lazar MandicLazar Mandic12 天 前
  • 😅😅😅

    jon jon tojon jon to12 天 前
  • they really trying to bring this man back

    NamibiaNamibia12 天 前
  • KD looking a little bit chumby for the golden state in the thumbnail

    richard ihemerichard iheme12 天 前
  • 🐍

    Diego TorresDiego Torres12 天 前
  • lucky nigga

    Goko SGoko S12 天 前
  • Friend forever curry and durant

    draw for kidsdraw for kids12 天 前
  • now i know..confirmed KD is gay..

    ace jokerace joker12 天 前
  • now i know..confirmed KD is gay..

    ace jokerace joker12 天 前
  • Tbh, KD play much happier and fun when he’s joined the Warriors

    Abi ChauAbi Chau12 天 前
  • 😔

    Waldorf side western pkwyWaldorf side western pkwy12 天 前
  • 😳

    Waldorf side western pkwyWaldorf side western pkwy12 天 前
  • GSW Announcer: Welcome back KD KD: I Dont Care

    JarVis TVJarVis TV12 天 前
  • This is a legendary tribute right here 🖤👑

    Romain TvRomain Tv12 天 前
  • Thank you, Kevin Durant! I love you! 💟

    Nosy RosieNosy Rosie12 天 前
  • 🐍

    Joel MoralesJoel Morales12 天 前
  • MICHAEL JORDAN is the god of 🏀...

    U n o GamingU n o Gaming12 天 前
  • Durant out for at least 2 games for hamstring injury!

    Jump Ball CentralJump Ball Central13 天 前
  • His eyes are welling up.

    Scott SeeScott See13 天 前
  • draymong green won’t survive the way the league evolved. he could’ve been part of the badboy pistons making rasheed his uncle and ben wallace his dad. lol

    Casey JonesCasey Jones13 天 前
  • I only remember okc Durant. Not sure who is this

    J. FongJ. Fong13 天 前
  • I’m training for the NBA/NBA G League and I just started vlogging it would mean a lot if y’all check my channel out!!

    QuaVTVQuaVTV13 天 前
  • i wonder what green was thinking

    ninjedininjedi13 天 前
  • KD is just cringe

  • Pretty sure there would be boos instead of cheers

    lo clo c13 天 前
  • Draymond had to ruin something special

    Kofi AfriyieKofi Afriyie13 天 前
  • Curry was sittin down lookin like me the first time I seen my ex walkin with her new bae

    YSN ColeYSN Cole13 天 前
  • Hopefully one day people will have more respect for that back to back run! We were witnessing greatness.

    Cameron McClainCameron McClain13 天 前
    • All them butthurt fanboys will forever remain butthurt

      Land StriderLand Strider12 天 前
  • It still blows my mind how skinny his legs are. It looks like he has prosthetics or something.

    Edward SchulteEdward Schulte13 天 前
  • 0:23 💀 Achilles was hanging by a thread 🧵

    Ben HendersonBen Henderson13 天 前
  • Both sides won in this deal. KD and the warriors are a team to remember. Can you imagine a world where these guys finish their careers together? How many rings? " I..2..3..4..5..6.. 1000"

    Sean FlanaganSean Flanagan13 天 前
    • @Lady G They could've been something never seen before that's fasho

      Sean FlanaganSean Flanagan13 天 前
    • At least 10

      Lady GLady G13 天 前
  • After the two rings he should of signed a one year no trade clause contract I think they could of gotten 3/4 together

    Lionel Ortiz VazquezLionel Ortiz Vazquez13 天 前
  • Imagine getting used for a ring. Lmfao KD doesnt deserve a tribute. Literally got a ring then dipped.

    crusty waffles1crusty waffles113 天 前
    • @Jeff J ok and we were not talking about lebron lmfao

      crusty waffles1crusty waffles111 天 前
    • Lmao Lebron does the same sht. The only difference is kd joined a 73-9 team

      Jeff JJeff J11 天 前
    • @Goobersteen Gallop he used them for rings lmfao

      crusty waffles1crusty waffles112 天 前
    • @Goobersteen Gallop he literally even told them “I came here for a championship”

      crusty waffles1crusty waffles112 天 前
    • 2 rings and wouldve been 3 if it hadnt been for draymond called kd after losing to lebron and begged him to come so what you talkn about???

      Goobersteen GallopGoobersteen Gallop12 天 前
  • Man has to have the most solo championship highlight reels to be played on stadium big screens

    Differential EducationDifferential Education13 天 前
  • Without KD the Warriors would have ONE lucky championship in 2015 while they played only teams that were severely injured.

    The Dark KnightThe Dark Knight13 天 前
    • And how many would Kevin have?? Last time I checked he lost a 3-1 lead to the same warriors.

      JudahMournethJudahMourneth13 天 前
  • We miss you KD!! Thanks for the memories! Hope you come back and end ya career here, Goat!

    Ivan TorresIvan Torres13 天 前
  • Must have been quite a challenge

    Trap GandhiTrap Gandhi13 天 前
  • Imagine 2018 GSW healthy players could win 3 peat championships and could change KD's decisions.. It was hard break up for them obviously to Steph Curry which had been very good terms with KD even he felt he was a star next to KD its ok for him.. He was obviously down hearted when KD got 2 consecutive finals MVP's but it doesn't made him to unlike KD to be his teamates and he still insist to be with KD and pleased him to re-sign with GS.. Curry cried when KD leaves its because they have good relationships.

    Adriano AdrianoAdriano Adriano13 天 前
  • Lmao KD was prolly like wtf was I doing in that thumbnail

    sniperaaronsniperaaron13 天 前
  • Kevin dont even remember playing there its all a blur to him

    Erik WilsonErik Wilson13 天 前
  • This needed fans.Wtf?

    Elie BECHARAElie BECHARA13 天 前
  • Draymond ruined this simply because of ego

    Wh!te pe0Pлə smhWh!te pe0Pлə smh13 天 前
  • Fake ass crowd noise is annoying

    St. Louis KingSt. Louis King13 天 前
  • All-Time Warriors Team: Stephen Curry Klay Thompson Rick Barry Kevin Durant Wilt Chamberlain

    DC DenizenDC Denizen13 天 前
  • This guy is great, he has sat at the same table with Lebron for like a decade

    kaiserHD BooikaiserHD Booi13 天 前
  • So overhyped cause ain't a damn fan there🤣

    Andrew ToddAndrew Todd13 天 前
  • His not going to win another ring no matter where he goes 😂😂

    DedseckOSDedseckOS13 天 前