Stephen Curry Looked Frustrated After Victor Oladipo Locked Him Up

2021年04月 1日
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Stephen Curry had nothing to say after Victor Oladipo put the clamps on him.
Oladipo made his Miami Heat debut tonight.
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  • Strait gave up in indiana injury prone ass bum way overrated

    Josh ThurstonJosh Thurston18 小时 前
  • Bro just cause he got one stop dont mean u post a clip while curry is still drops 35 points on their whole team

    Certified CarriezCertified Carriez6 天 前
  • Holding

    Mario GarciaMario Garcia8 天 前
  • Vics D has always been his staple...hope he stays healthy

    Areoin StylzAreoin Stylz8 天 前
  • foul

    KobraColaKobraCola9 天 前
  • Hey stephen curry just go to the lakers 🔥💪😁

    Geronce HacheroGeronce Hachero11 天 前
  • Curry sucks

    Annette RiveraAnnette Rivera11 天 前
  • Look at all the Steph fans getting sensitive 😅 y'all in your feelings???..Well good you should be your team stinks you ain't making the playoffs and Steph is irrelevant without Klay

    Catcher FreemanCatcher Freeman11 天 前
  • If it was Irving.. I don't think victor could do that without having to break his ankles. Lol

    Strange whirlpoolStrange whirlpool11 天 前
  • Like I told everyone I encountered Before the season started... CURRY IS DONNNE this season , That 3 shit is DEAD lol 😆 he was brought back to reality

    Grizzly_Velli90Grizzly_Velli9011 天 前
  • but draymondsays hes d best defender

    William BalacangWilliam Balacang11 天 前
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    Christian GallagherChristian Gallagher11 天 前
  • 🐾 wakanda mode👊🏼

    M LCM LC11 天 前
  • Victor has the potential to be one of the best defensive players bc of his speed and athleticism

    Edward LeeEdward Lee12 天 前
  • It’s because All Curry does is set up like he’s at a bbq behind the 3 point line. Guarding isn’t as difficult as you might think when you already know he won’t take any shot inside of the 3 point line. To a degree It simplifies things when you know where to find the man you’re supposed to guard.

    jonathan williamsjonathan williams12 天 前
  • Act like I said something VERY controversial

    YaBoi_ Suubster17YaBoi_ Suubster1712 天 前
  • Curry said good defense how is he frustrated

    HolidaySZNHolidaySZN12 天 前
  • That was for Rodney McGruder. Respect the grind. Ball don't lie.

    Barron HallBarron Hall12 天 前
  • I am 5'4 so I love small gaurds, but at the end of the day as small gaurd I control the game by dictating tempo, Steph on the other likes to score as quick as possible, which obviously works for him(2MVP) but in terms of being compared to Lebron/KD/ or even chris paul, it's fair because as you can see he is not on that level yet. Chris paul to me is an example of a small gaurd who dictates the game like lebron and KD.

    Dawit NebeyouDawit Nebeyou12 天 前
  • he can laugh to a champion.. but he can't be a champion..

    Gideon RaquepoGideon Raquepo12 天 前
  • When your star player starts to get frustrated after carrying your G-League team you know you messed up

    House Grumpy Boys UniverseHouse Grumpy Boys Universe12 天 前
  • This is me clamping on play shots this year so I don’t get an ankle breaker animation

    silversmithsilversmith12 天 前
  • Keep moving those feet ..great defense

    franco perrottafranco perrotta12 天 前
  • 36 points and 5 threes

    Elysian TealElysian Teal13 天 前
  • Lol. It doesn’t seem like he got locked up. It looks like he misdribbled. I mean it was good defense, but I wouldn’t say he got locked up.

    EJ Dela CruzEJ Dela Cruz13 天 前
  • And hes active with the hands! 👊🏽

    ewilloewillo13 天 前
  • He's starting to loose the glow and he knows it

    SpaceDaddy CerealSpaceDaddy Cereal13 天 前
  • Uh, what he was mad he didn't get off cause he knows he can't guard him

    Musein MohammedMusein Mohammed13 天 前
  • Looks like college level defense. You don’t usually see that in the nba.

    CJ ZandersCJ Zanders13 天 前
  • Liol

    Will MooneyWill Mooney13 天 前
  • Posture is key 🔑

    La Tonya LauryRogersLa Tonya LauryRogers13 天 前
  • I miss him on my Pacers. Hope the Heat keep thriving! I do enjoy watching them play. I have always liked Jimmy also.

    Jim KrauseJim Krause13 天 前
  • Curry don’t want to be here nomore 😢

    Golden StateGolden State13 天 前

    Upk PakoUpk Pako13 天 前
  • I said this before. And imma say it again , the heat beating the nets in the playoffs. No Kizzy come back to dis comment just so I can shit on the nets fans.

  • Overheated Overrated!!!

    Ron RoseRon Rose13 天 前
  • Steph a minus 5 to minus 25 in like all categories with a broke butt. That’s definitely a contributing factor.

    JSanchez ElOnceJSanchez ElOnce13 天 前
  • Still dropped 30+ with this bum ass warriors team

    ItzzJm YkItzzJm Yk13 天 前
  • Watch out for Miami though

    Matt WayneMatt Wayne13 天 前
  • Did Green sink that ?

    sixtyFive WattssixtyFive Watts13 天 前
  • Wtf? Seriously. 😑 this is what we call lockdown now?

    javan Walcottjavan Walcott13 天 前
  • HAHAHAHA! Steph and the Warriors glory days are over! End of an era.

    Jayb MinistrosJayb Ministros13 天 前
  • I let go and it still kicks me . Damn. Somebody wants me to suffer it seems .

    Revitalize URevitalize U13 天 前
  • Maybe I'm tripping .

    Revitalize URevitalize U13 天 前
  • I can't win.

    Revitalize URevitalize U13 天 前
  • Not taking anything away from Victor but Curry wasn’t 100%, he’s been playing hobbled.

    D CD C13 天 前
  • Yea im sure. Frustrated all the way to 36 points rme

    corelperfectcorelperfect13 天 前
  • Curry to lakers na❤️

    Bayot Nga Bugoy VlogBayot Nga Bugoy Vlog13 天 前
  • 36 points and 11 rebounds while being doubled teamed like the whole game I was there when I was on vacation at Miami

    YoTeyyYoTeyy13 天 前
  • Heat dreaming bout to make finals again .

    angelo bagbagayangelo bagbagay13 天 前
  • Curry is alone

    Dejan DjukicDejan Djukic13 天 前
  • Great job, Victor! 👍

    Zora DelaneyZora Delaney13 天 前
  • if curry doesnt get that switch where a big man would be guarding him, he's ineffective in a iso situation

    soldier 2009soldier 200913 天 前
    • @soldier 2009 not even watching his games huh?, you curry haters are something else 😂

      captain pilotcaptain pilot13 天 前
    • @captain pilot off of switches

      soldier 2009soldier 200913 天 前
    • @soldier 2009 imagine getting "clamped" but still scored 36 😌

      captain pilotcaptain pilot13 天 前
    • @captain pilot Clamped

      soldier 2009soldier 200913 天 前
    • @soldier 2009 ah yes, that's why they are triple teaming him

      captain pilotcaptain pilot13 天 前
  • An injured Curry drops 36pts, if that’s being locked down on D, there is no hope and guarding him is a waste of effort.

    W CW C13 天 前
  • Did he not get a 36 point double double though?

    Chaitanya ManralChaitanya Manral13 天 前
  • Nets vs heat in eastern finals

    Josh BenedictJosh Benedict13 天 前
  • Damn the title insinuates he had a bad game. Didn't know he dropped 30+😂😂😂

    Lyric XLyric X13 天 前
  • ain't he drop 36? LOL

    Raven SicaRaven Sica13 天 前
  • Steph's dribbling out of balance, i think he's trying to bump Victor Oladipo so that he can stepback and shot a three. But props to the defender from stopping one of the best in 1 on 1 match up. 🤞

    Norlan LastimosaNorlan Lastimosa13 天 前
  • I mean we saw Kevin Love lock down Curry for one play so I’m pretty sure Oladipo can too then

    Dont JFowl MEDont JFowl ME13 天 前
  • THIS IS how the game should be played. Not stars ducking other stars. Go head up

    JahanKhanJahanKhan13 天 前
  • I wouldn't say he locked Curry up as Curry scored 36 with 5 3-pointers and Dipo finished with 6 points

    Ricky MossRicky Moss13 天 前
  • Didnt dellavedova shutdown steph

    lets talklets talk13 天 前
  • Curry is not on the level of a Lebron

    Nguni PeoplesNguni Peoples13 天 前
  • But how Steph stumbled and lost the ball is when you over dribble in 2k and losses all them stamina 🤣

    Digital GravityDigital Gravity13 天 前
  • 🔒🔒

    Ben HendersonBen Henderson13 天 前
  • C'mon, this is basic defense, I think the only reason this is on here is because defending pretty much is being driven out of the game. I think because people don't play Curry like this is the reason he can go off for 35 in games. If Andre Roberson never had the knee injury, he could easily have bodied Curry all night on the defensive end, that class of defensive player is not in the game anymore. Analytics and NBA narratives are pushing defense out of the game, unfortunately NBA purely thinking profit over the purity of the game.

    bumfluff McGuvinbumfluff McGuvin13 天 前
  • Steph to the Lakers confirmed.

    Shauntay BShauntay B13 天 前
  • Steph Growing Accustom to that Iverson/Bron Experience Carrying Bums all Night On a Constant Basis Hes Been More Frustrated so Far This Season Than Ever Before.

    Stephon MarburyStephon Marbury13 天 前
  • Y'all understand hurricane do nothing if he has a body on them shooting guard point guard small forward whoever guards them if they defend him correctly and he really can't do nothing he could shoot but he has to be quick he has no post game because he's small he has to rely on his dribble on his Craigslist but once that's gone that's it baby

    Nestor dollar LopezNestor dollar Lopez13 天 前
  • That's called Defense 🤘🏾

    SupahMarioStyleSupahMarioStyle14 天 前
  • They're going to be a DEFENSIVE monster!!!!

    No Lies AllowedNo Lies Allowed14 天 前
  • 1) It's 1 possession. 2) He has an injured back. 3) Remember the 2-3 days that people thought Matthew Dellavedova could lock up Steph?

    rabbijoe316rabbijoe31614 天 前
  • Soo what its steph Victor aint even his universe yall big cap

    lj jlj j14 天 前
  • Aint nobody gonna talk bout Draymond's shot tho? Dude lookin like he had a backpack on 😂 0:32

    GeT_ RiGhTGeT_ RiGhT14 天 前
  • A great offensive player shouldn't be frustrated towards the defender and makes excuses about it. Don't get use to the NBA playing toddler-like defense.

    Life HappensLife Happens14 天 前
  • Curry weak

    -b-hc --b-hc -14 天 前
  • Great fit for the team culture. Defense

    Izz YurboyIzz Yurboy14 天 前
  • Heat defense is going to be formidable even more so now

    aman arguelloaman arguello14 天 前
  • Curry should start changing his game, it's readable nowadays

  • Steph lost some steps

    Philip March AlquizarPhilip March Alquizar14 天 前
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    tae ohtae oh14 天 前
  • That's a silly headline. Curry looked like a professional that's fatigued after playing his ass off...and I don't even like Curry.

    QuikkQuikk14 天 前
  • oladipo is garbage lol he shud thank steph for making an highlight lol

    SavageSavage14 天 前
  • I got Miami 3 to 1 in the FINALS this year!!!

    hazardousone79hazardousone7914 天 前
  • Curry getting old

    Terrence CoccoliTerrence Coccoli14 天 前
  • He shot 5/11 45% from three which matches his average from his MVP season, which is the highest ever recorded at that volume. Oladipo might as well have not been there. He shot as well as humanly possible.

    Kibwe McIntyreKibwe McIntyre14 天 前
  • Steph still gave the Heat 36 11 and 3 last night they didn’t lock shit up

    Cameron McDowellCameron McDowell14 天 前
  • Wow people are making a big deal at the fact oladipo "locked curry up" when curry dropped 36 points lol

    Ganael Plays Minecraft and talks NBAGanael Plays Minecraft and talks NBA14 天 前
  • Payola

    World Hayes-VRWorld Hayes-VR14 天 前
  • He actually fouled him you cant push like that

    Kanny boyKanny boy14 天 前
  • Man oladipo is good but let’s face it, curry still gon drop 30 on his ass

    jose ronny espinoza alvaradojose ronny espinoza alvarado14 天 前
  • Mane that is not defense this game was rigged y’all just can’t see it curry had him on the first to crossover stop it

    GMF GMFGMF GMF14 天 前
  • Let’s goooo Vic ! Put in tha work

    David LopezDavid Lopez14 天 前
  • Curry is playing with a bad back and put up a quiet 36 🤫

    KstukessKstukess14 天 前
  • Thats a highlight? lol

    Sayed AliSayed Ali14 天 前
  • :)))

    Basketball ChallengeBasketball Challenge14 天 前
  • Curry outta there

    SOND3RSOND3R14 天 前
  • losing your dribble vs getting locked up. two different things

    Coral ReedCoral Reed14 天 前
  • What was he doing when steph was splashing the rest of the 36 points... 36 vs 8...huh

    umarmuftiumarmufti14 天 前