Why Don't People Buy Sony Smartphones?

2020年10月 5日
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The Sony Xperia series is way cooler than any sales numbers indicate!
Xperia 5 ii: amzn.to/2SHTcsR
Xperia 5 ii with headphones: geni.us/mfM164
The Sony sales numbers: sonyreconsidered.com/sony-mobile-earns-practically-0-of-smartphone-markets-profits-in-2019-7053153c4d49
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  • Why? Smaller battery than competitors, less cases on market than main competitors, weak service in Europe, Sony software is not that good as competitors🤷🏼‍♂️

    Paweł LODZPaweł LODZ小时 前
  • I would, IF SPRINT would carry it. But now they are T-Mobile. You think they would carry it now? I doubt it... Not an Apple or Samsung fan...

    alakai66alakai66小时 前
  • Wow...that was a great presentation...I always loved Sony but was never compelled to purchase there phone...

    Edison DemmingEdison Demming小时 前
  • 2:56 cant seem to find the offer your talking about🤔

    Jannis DJannis D3 小时 前
  • you know why nobody buy. i bought xperia 1 and xperia 5II. both of them have compatibility issue with Bluetooth controller. call customer server worst experience ever so now not bother to buy sony. give already 2 chance.

    Rajpal singh DeolRajpal singh Deol4 小时 前
  • i had sony apple motorolla & mainly samsung smartphones honestly sony has the best cameras especially macro photos ...

    ZiadBeirutZiadBeirut5 小时 前
  • Advertising is zero

    Axef JamalAxef Jamal6 小时 前
  • my teacher has a Sony

    inconnueinconnue7 小时 前
  • Damn, it's not sold in Canada. Sony is missing out bigtime. Unless they just don't mind not having market share and would rather collect royalties bcuz their camera lenses are in most major smartphones anyway.

    Gspec 5Gspec 510 小时 前
  • Problem is people lost alot of credibility from sony phones and no one want to risk plus iphone resale value last better than any other phone out there

    Royal BloodRoyal Blood10 小时 前
  • You can't even get Sony phones from your mobile carrier with a contract, which is how most people buy phones.

    Michael LMichael L10 小时 前
  • Sony messed up with after purchase services and also it was way too expensive to get your repaired from Sony centre. That's were OnePlus came in to the picture and took over sonys complete market

    Warlocks GamingWarlocks Gaming11 小时 前
  • I wish I could afford that Sony phone

    Damian PlayzDamian Playz11 小时 前
  • An IT guy told me years ago that Sony make the best phones but the sheep gotta have iPhone and Samsung.

    Yes 90125Yes 9012511 小时 前
  • Through all these years Sony was leading in a heap of tech stuff and cosmetic. The problem is people are sheep and have to have what the other sheep 🐑 have or your not cool. Conform or be cast out. I've been doing the opposite. I was using Huawei a long time ago and never had problems. Now I have a Moto and it kicks ass.

    Yes 90125Yes 9012511 小时 前
  • Imo, sony is here but not there yet, if you know what I mean

    How DepressingHow Depressing12 小时 前
  • If they keep a headphone jack by the time I'm getting an upgrade, I'm getting one of their phones.

    Lasky LabsLasky Labs12 小时 前
  • I used to really love Sony phones, but after getting screen cracked in the winter 3 times, I just gotta give up, but I still love that xperia z1 ultra... But really scared to buy another Sony phone

    Junhai YangJunhai Yang13 小时 前
  • Sony has been cooking with the PlayStation. A Sony phone could burn the food.

    Quentin Sands IVQuentin Sands IV13 小时 前
  • And sony still making phones not a cheaper but an expensive phones and other brands buy their camera sensors. What do you think sir will sony stop making phones?

    Joseph NamudJoseph Namud14 小时 前
  • I just wonder why in the world today smartphone gone tall and taller either than make it wide and taller.. it will make the phone more balance...

    M. ShafiqM. Shafiq15 小时 前
  • Watching on my xperia xz3

    Frank SalazarFrank Salazar15 小时 前
  • my mini experia still perfectly working

    Juan dela cruzJuan dela cruz16 小时 前
  • he just did a great advertisement that sony failed

    #THATCHERMATT 970315#THATCHERMATT 97031516 小时 前
  • Man, leaving facts out ... people stopped buying sony because the sony camera department had a fall out with the sony phone department so their suport pretty much failed

    TAA ChangTAA Chang17 小时 前
  • Why? Because once a phone manufacturer reaches trusted by the market status phones are a numbers game, Sony and Samsung both good big tech companies so it's a no brainer that the market will go with the bigger better numbers.

    Frenn LeeFrenn Lee17 小时 前
  • Part of the problem is that SP's are trying to gauge Sony and other brands while favoring Apple. That may be the main reason Apple keeps selling more phones. They are in cahoots with the SPs that sell the most phones.

    in terin ter17 小时 前
  • I had one back in the days I think around 2015 or 2014 The Sony phone is distinctive

    AlAwlaki Alqahtani1998AlAwlaki Alqahtani199818 小时 前
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    павел белинскийпавел белинский19 小时 前
  • The best. Sony Xperia come back to TURKEY 🇹🇷. Please 🙏.

    M SNRM SNR21 小时 前
  • Pls pls send for me any android phone pls pls pls plsssssss my phone Is broken plsssssss Am poor

    biruk getiebiruk getie21 小时 前
  • Expensive stay expensive

    Helaman GileHelaman Gile22 小时 前
  • Sony is like we don't need people to buy this

    Ashik M SAshik M S22 小时 前
  • sony prices same as those with super premium phones yet some phones with same specs cost less then marketing lacks alot

    austin perlasaustin perlas22 小时 前
  • Sony doesn't have a good ecosystem. They have the products but they're not "better suited" to their own branded products in the same way Samsung products work well wiv everything but work best with other Samsung products, same as apple products.

    ZeaphaZeapha23 小时 前
  • I had my Sony ericson flagship and been running for 6years before starting to bog down but still functional , no problem and has given me everything my satisfaction has wished for, Moneys worth(Except the night mode, got so frustrated most of the time due to manual mode which most dont have the skills to do it) . 👉 Oh Hire this Guy for your reviews and advertisements! He explained it well. 👌 👌

  • I was a die hard Sony Ericsson fan, loved them. Bought one of the first Xperia's, the side slide one and it was AWFUL. Crashed constantly and had so little support, which is pretty much the reason I moved away. That being said, I loved Sony for their uniqueness. My phone was yellow for god sake. Bring that back and I'm there.

    Hannah TudorHannah Tudor天 前
  • LG boomsound is similar .... for the loudspeaker

    STST天 前
  • Really good vid

    Daniel Baltieri FavorettoDaniel Baltieri Favoretto天 前
  • Xperia phones are getting smaller and thinner and photos quality are low That is not good

    Romy GimeRomy Gime天 前
  • I'm on my second Sony phone and I'll probably never buy anything else. Absolutely fabulous. So hard to get in the USA.

    Mel WMel W天 前
  • I would have buyed a Sony Xperia 1 II But this smartphone came to early!

    Silent_GhostSilent_Ghost天 前
  • Sony for life. Set new standards. Never follow the crowd. (never Apple, Samsung is okay but overrated. In general most consumers are simple and don't know what they want or need) Best and longest lasting smartphones. Best battery life. Still have 1) z3v, using as tablet. 2) xz2 compact = still no problems, long battery life, no Overheating. Best truly compact smartphone made. Hi-res audio. 3) just bought xperia 5 ii, alpha camera, great audio and screen, headphones jack. Only complaint is no brand name cases or screen protectors

    LL天 前
  • Used to own a Sony phone, it crashed constantly for no apparent reason. Apparently it was a software bug, so I reverted to factory settings and all that and everything was cool, right? WRONG. A few months later the screen spasmed out and the phone just sorta died. I got it to a shop for someone to check it out, and they had no idea what it was. They say they cant fix it. Nice, nice.

    Annurissimo 10Annurissimo 10天 前
  • $1,100 is why. No thx

    SaZooCaballeroSaZooCaballero天 前
  • Too expensive. That's it.

    Windows7Windows7天 前
  • Bring Sony tablets back . Want Xperia z5

    Jason WrightJason Wright天 前
  • I move to Samsung because sony pull there service center from around the city to their downtown center. It is eazier for samsung phone to be fix in a day with just 2 bus stop from my home while I have to go to down town to get my sony fix in a week.

    ymirymir天 前
  • Idk about you but sometimes I love when companies low key drop one of the best flagship phones and give no effort to marketing it, the less of the demand the more deals you'll find lol I got it brand new for 800 on ebay

    Devan VieiraDevan Vieira天 前
  • I have the xz3 sony from 2018 with hdr, ads a good touch to the picture so im keeping it for another 2 years, instead i got my girlfriend the 10.II and honestly its a disopointment even for the price range so i got her the 5II instead and its brilliant. The good phones with sony i think are great but for cheap phones i think other manufacturers do a better job. At least thats my impression.

    Jack BowersJack Bowers天 前
  • Negative advertising sells

    maher channel قناة ماهرmaher channel قناة ماهر天 前
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    charlene aguirrecharlene aguirre天 前
  • Because Sony smartphone aren't available in India

    Swaroop HegdeSwaroop Hegde天 前
  • I just bought the xperia 1 because I was a Sony fanboy, but now switching to the Motorola Razr 5G.

    eloy EspacioXeloy EspacioX天 前
  • The thing is I just like iPhones because I really like the user interface. I just like how it looks and it’s features.

    ZunawZunaw天 前
  • Sony🤜🤛LG *underrated*

    Adam SmithAdam Smith天 前
    • and marketing noobs

      Adam SmithAdam Smith天 前
  • To expensive

    FliermanFlierman天 前
  • my ex gf got me a sonny Xperia z3 back in 2015. i thought it was the coolest phone, and first i knew of that was 4k capable. unfortunately it was very fragile

    tucker12435tucker12435天 前
  • what wallpaper is he using

    Felix MarrarFelix Marrar天 前
  • Sony's camera technology is really Minolta which they bought the optics division.

    hero herohero hero天 前
  • 2:42 😂

    Omkar ShindeOmkar Shinde天 前
  • MB, Apple and Samsung phone sales are higher than other brands because essentially their phones are sponsored in giveaways from mobile carriers. You don't find deals on Sony phones. Sony manufacturers the best electronics in the world and will continue to do so. BTW this post was done with a Sony XZ1

    Mrmike MrmikeMrmike Mrmike天 前
  • I've always wanted one but the price always put me off

    RBDET25RBDET25天 前
  • I had the same question and it was a mystery for me until today. Thanks a lot for sharing. I wanna checkout more about this definitely. 🙂

    Dilan Thimira DTDilan Thimira DT天 前
  • Cause people waste their money with outdated Apple products

    JemarcusJemarcus天 前

    DeanRobert RobertDeanRobert Robert天 前
  • The problem is SONY don't listen to the customer and also not let the customers to know about them. Sony is a big name, but they failed to utilize it.

    Mominul Haque RubelMominul Haque Rubel天 前
  • BECAUSE they break too easily. Take it from someone who has owned...10?

    James HarkandJames Harkand天 前
  • Sony barely advertise their phone. You intentionally have to google "Sony Smartphone" to find out if they sell a phone or not.

    Andrew BurgosAndrew Burgos天 前
  • Sony smartphones VS LG smartphones

  • Goddamit i bought the Sony WH-1000XM3 just yesterday. Should have bought the bundle instead. :(

    Nightbot tNightbot t天 前
  • As a fan of the xperia compact series, was always disappointed they never featured in your small phone "picks of the year" glad you're giving them some coverage!

    mikeyjnzmikeyjnz天 前
  • This guy has a so professional talking 0.0

    IgorhimIgorhim天 前
  • Because Sony Phones aren't worth it

    mrCh3p3mrCh3p32 天 前
  • I have 2 sony Xperia and I dump them because they don't work anymore I just used them for 1 year it gets low battery so fast, the charger easily doesn't perform well, I like the Sony Tech, but the durability of the cellphone is not good. It easily doesn't work anymore.

    Dana ConnerDana Conner2 天 前
  • Price Point does not help either at $1,200

    Peter DisburyPeter Disbury2 天 前
  • Maybe people are used to Sony products that have factory errors other than their PlayStation brand? Other brands are more reliable imo.

    Leonard AttahLeonard Attah2 天 前
  • Sony make awsome phones

    Dynamo duckDynamo duck2 天 前
  • Short answer : because at some point the Sony stop working, black screen it won't open again all of that on random day without a reason. QQ

    enkelitoenkelito2 天 前
  • for me its too big even if it has these awesome features.. but maybe sometime i will change back from my iphone

    BorgelBorgel2 天 前
  • The Mk II phones by Sony are what the Red Hydrogen One shouldve been. Ive been rocking a few sony phones in my life and I always loved AND hated them at the same time. It's just bitter that 200$ phones take "better" photos easier than a 1000$ phone with the same camera lenses. There's just no need for people to buy a sony. If you want a good screen it's apple, samsung or huawei (if you can live without google services). If you want good photos and/or a well built phone, well just pick any phone 250$+. If you want the best value for money and dont care for bloatware and ads, get any Xiaomi or realme (not in the US(?)). If you like it more niche and want an overall good phone - go pick a oneplus or pixel. Sony does only just now stand out with camera quality, but misses out on practical everyday usability. I personally tend to pixel phones till the pixel 3, mainly because of the size (I sadly don't got as huge hands as Marques). It takes me 5 seconds to activate the camera and take an outstanding photo of any situation - no matter the time of day. And that camera tech is 3 years old! If sony wants to appeal to more people they need to hit another massive niche. Why not give another gaming-phone a try? We all know the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY wasn't a great phone, yet it was appealing being able to play games which were not yet playable on the go. Sony delivering something like stadia, bringing all ps4/5 games to a handheld, maybe cross-saved to your ps5, delivering a dual-shock like clip-on Gamepad - what a nice thing it would be! Or another high-def audio walkman-phone with exclusive "free" access to sony-owned music and videos in high def? Sony owns just so many music and movies - they could easily justiy releasing an audio-based niche phone. Anything but another "camera-king" that all other competitors do excel on.

    OneMadOneMad2 天 前
  • I have XZ2 Premium. Love it. I can tell the better quality on the screen. The sound system is amazing. I have no complain. Only the loud speaker goes out and not sure who can fix it for me.

    Quy TranQuy Tran2 天 前
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    robert flemingrobert fleming2 天 前
  • If they had a stylus phone I would consider it. I dont think too many carriers have them.

    Michael ZedalisMichael Zedalis2 天 前
  • If this phone would have a night mode I would probably go for it

    INFiniTie_ BeazINFiniTie_ Beaz2 天 前
  • Ive been looking forward to this phone, unfortunately they dont sell sony phones in my country so i gotta get it imported

    Dim SimoDim Simo2 天 前
    • Same, they pulled out in Philippines too.

      Adrian Jose SobremonteAdrian Jose Sobremonte天 前
  • I will buy one after s21 release. Thanks sony for giving us a charger, headphone jack, headphones, micro sd slot, dedicated camera shutter button

    A DA D2 天 前
  • Sony makes very durable products. but aside from what you said regarding the promoting the phone in an effective manner, I think they are a bit old fashion, I mean by looking at the front side the bezels are like galaxy S8, when people look at it they think it is an old-generation phone. Chinese brands are creating really good looking phones these days and it makes you choose those good looking ones over this out-dated looking phone even though you know that sony's products are way better in terms of quality and durability. today companies are working hard to release foldable and rollable phones so Sony must hire better designers, and they better be quick.

    letmego11letmego112 天 前
  • sony was good...but if anyone has to buy that it should be considering a lesser price phone.

    Toher AlonzoToher Alonzo2 天 前
  • once owned z5 compact some years back its was okay

    Prince ChinjekurePrince Chinjekure2 天 前
  • Im still using xperia xz2

    Hafiz ZainuddinHafiz Zainuddin2 天 前
  • Um. If they would allow carriers to actually SELL the phones when we go to the store.....duh

    Crazy Horse FoxCrazy Horse Fox2 天 前
  • It's sad because I'm Sony Xperia fan

    Hero 96Hero 962 天 前
  • Well first, those are not thin bezels at all, these are a double chin and a jacksfilms looking ass forehead

    StarStar2 天 前
  • Alig várom, hogy leejtse valaki. Majd egy buta mobil áráért nekem is lesz ilyenem. :)

    Nánási ZoltánNánási Zoltán2 天 前
  • The issue in America is there is no out of the box financing and trade in. Like Samsung would take my old phone and give me 200 bucks, plus I would pay down just 30 bucks a month. Sony, pay everything upfront..

    E ME M2 天 前
  • Not necessary that good products should sell. It's more of a marketing than sales . sony, Lg , Motorola , suffered and we're literally licked out of competition . Samet phone is very moving market . Big companies should stock there new launches in market firs and then release the product.

    Vikas ShelkeVikas Shelke2 天 前
  • Sony makes smartphones

    Audrey StrouseAudrey Strouse2 天 前
  • I don’t buy it because it’s expensive as hell, and although I would love to own that masterpiece, I don’t think I could ever justify it to myself.

    Flix El GatoFlix El Gato2 天 前
  • People won't buy Sony if the adverts are always for Samsung during a Sony video. I'm awaiting delivery tomorrow of my Sony 5mk2

    George HendersonGeorge Henderson2 天 前