SHINee 샤이니 '데리러 가 (Good Evening)' Live @The Ringtone: SHINee is Back

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SHINee's 7th album "Don't Call Me" will be released on February 22nd.
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  • Onew 🔥

    Denni SakuraiDenni Sakurai12 小时 前
  • They're so handsome

    Nguyễn Huy HảiNguyễn Huy Hải19 小时 前
  • Background VCR is the astronomical motion of our World... Symbolism is a constant feature of SHINee's art

    Jo NyuJo Nyu20 小时 前
  • 요즘 온유 오빠 머리스타일 너무좋아

    티거티거天 前
  • 항상 다양한 컨셉으로 컴백해둬서 고맙고 존경해💙💚💎 하나의 노래가 뜨면 그 컨셉으로 밀고가는 그룹이 많은데 샤이니는 매번 느낌이 달라서 듣는 즐거움, 보는 즐거움이 엄청 큰 느낌이랄까ㅎㅎ 장르가 샤이니다💎

    하이하이天 前
  • 이 노래는 몇백번을 들었는데 들을때마다 새로워 질리지가 않아

    호잇호잇호잇호잇天 前
  • Shinee’s back and they’re unstoppable!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    winnibee09winnibee09天 前
  • My husbands are baaaaackkkkk ❤️

    Lyka BarejaLyka Bareja天 前
  • SHINee has such an easy chemistry with each other that can be hard to find even amongst other well-established groups, and so much comfort on stage, and it’s especially clear with a song like this. Good Evening will always have a heavy sense of melancholy to it, I always saw it as form of grieving for them as their first song without Jonghyun, and now it’s the first song they’re performing together after Minho and Key’s service. It all adds up to this really beautiful performance, I keep getting close to tears watching it

    Muthu JayatissaMuthu Jayatissa天 前
  • 5HINee 4ever 💎❤️❣️😽

    y0n1y2k0y0n1y2k0天 前
  • I freaking love this song, the performance, just everything about it

    May TinúvielMay Tinúviel天 前
  • good evening somehow will always make me somewhat emotional in a way

    audrey keikoaudrey keiko天 前

    Wark LeeWark Lee天 前
  • 1:45 just hits different 😳 key’s going real hard maaaan

    Angela PerezAngela Perez天 前
  • 공백기 2년 넘은거 맞음? 더 안정적인데???

    카카진카카진天 前
  • 1:46 Shinee is back and our ship MinKey is back 😭💙💙💙💙💎

    Evie dazzlerEvie dazzler2 天 前
  • They’re so good! I’m not a shawol but as fan of their music since they debuted in 2008, they have aged like wine. This SHINee era is making change my mind about becoming a fan. Their biggest weakness has always been Minho but my freaking goodness he is so good. The dancing is natural now and he’s so confident about his singing abilities. He’s so hot now . . . Am I becoming a shawol. . .

    13moonlover13moonlover2 天 前
  • This song real hits hard, and each time I hear it, it seems even more beautiful, i think I can say after years listening to shinee and not understanding it, I'M A SHAWOL

    not herenot here2 天 前
  • Shinee😘😘😘

    hasini hasinihasini hasini2 天 前
  • This was so emotional and perfect

    2xcrzkxk2xcrzkxk2 天 前
  • 1:14 온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...온유야...

    령령령령2 天 前
  • Kim Kibum will you stop now?!?!?! 😍😍😍

    MarianaBuhl3MarianaBuhl32 天 前
  • 1:41

    o hollollo holloll2 天 前
  • The most song and the most album that I feel so graceful and doesn''t need extra editing the choreography by ut self is so graceful limited movement but so touching and they are more closer and connected in this choreography than any other dance , this album shine among other album becasue it heighlight another side of shinee

    Noha MNoha M2 天 前
  • 샤이니는 각자 음색이 독특해서 너무 좋음

    dndpflsdndpfls2 天 前
  • 샤이니 수많은 띵곡 중에서도 세련됨 최고치잖아 안무도 취저고 앨범 전곡이 다 좋기도 하지만 데리러가는 특히 뭔가 벅차는게 있음

    FARxxGAxxFARxxGAxx2 天 前
  • A 13 year old group teaching jr groups to Sing live during performances.

    Charles Jake BannawaganCharles Jake Bannawagan2 天 前
  • Watching this just makes me feel sad and happy . I just don't know how to explain this feeling. Maybe I just miss them and waited for their comeback after so long . And now SHINee is back and I'm so proud of what they had achieved ☺️✨

    sheila simpsonsheila simpson2 天 前
  • 맑고 몽환적인 거 진짜 사랑해 샤이니가 내기준 전무후무한 가장 최고의 케이팝 아이돌이야.. 이런 컨셉 진짜 일전에 없었고 앞으로도 없을 것 같애. 너무 너무 너무 좋아

    Fiat LuxFiat Lux2 天 前
  • 하늘에 대고 말하는거같네 눈빛들이.. 울컥울컥

    팽뚱이날아라팽뚱이날아라2 天 前
  • powerful vocals babes💗

    agatha canapeagatha canape2 天 前
  • so hansome 💓

    agatha canapeagatha canape2 天 前
  • Is Minho really on with Sandara Park? Wow!!!

    C. BragaC. Braga2 天 前
  • 노래 좋네요 ㅎㅎ 컴백 축하드립니다.!

    요리도: 쥬아요리도: 쥬아2 天 前
  • 0:12

    YUNYUN3 天 前
  • 걍 완벽!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!💐❣

    아름다울아,차고넘칠름아름다울아,차고넘칠름3 天 前
  • 내가 진짜 좋아하고 언제 들어도 눈물버튼인 곡

    정혜수정혜수3 天 前
  • 샤이니 노래는 춤이 진짜 간지. .

    정문채정문채3 天 前
  • 이거 노래는 신나는데 약간 눈물이고이는 느낌...

    송열리오:송열리오:3 天 前

    Erica BrownErica Brown3 天 前
  • every time I hear this song I always feel touched,

    Ni Nyoman Triyani DamayantiNi Nyoman Triyani Damayanti3 天 前
  • with Onew's little smiles through out the stage u can really tell he's happy to be back

    Ken Maverick GasidKen Maverick Gasid3 天 前

    SHINee 5 & TXT 5SHINee 5 & TXT 53 天 前
  • Onew's vocal is so powerful Just wow

    Arinze EmmanuellaArinze Emmanuella4 天 前
  • Anybody know how long they've been wearing the same ear piece? I just noticed... Onew's is pretty constant...white and green and Key's red

    Mi DukMi Duk4 天 前
  • We loveee them

    lool lilool li4 天 前
  • هاي لوراهم شمس مو هههههههاي

    فايروس كورونا fairs koronaفايروس كورونا fairs korona4 天 前
  • بشرفكم هاي هم ركصه هههههههخههههاي

    فايروس كورونا fairs koronaفايروس كورونا fairs korona4 天 前
  • 샤이니 월드화이팅

    라란라란4 天 前
  • 진짜 아이돌중에 몽환적인거 표현잘하는 그룹은 fx랑 샤이니인듯

  • 수7

    포도나무포도나무5 天 前
  • 2:27 쯤 온유 정말 존 것 같아..

    신군신군5 天 前
  • Jonghy see them and he is proud🙏

    Nicol UniverseNicol Universe5 天 前
  • 키 스타일 똑 부러진 도련님 같아 ㅠㅠㅠ 온유야 진짜 사랑해 ヾ(*'∀`*)ノ♡

    2162165 天 前
  • Onew, your voice is eargasm! ❤

    Sam PhillySam Philly5 天 前
  • 오늘 코미디빅리그보다가 우와~ 샤이니가 이렇게 멋졌나? 사실 이전엔 나이가 나인지라 별로 신경 안써서 잘몰랐는디 근데 지금 완전 물올란듯요~ 늙은 40대 아줌마가 멋지단 생각이 드네요 노래,춤~~~역쉬♡♡

    써니써니5 天 前
  • I'm an army also I like SHINEE ❤️❤️❤️ THEY ARE BACK but missing JONGHYUN 😥😓😰😭

    Radha naikRadha naik5 天 前
  • 그냥 아티스트네요~그들만의 색이 있어요~

    은희경은희경6 天 前
  • 라이브 실화냐...

    이수만한정지갑이수만한정지갑6 天 前
  • This is it, live performance with clear live vocal. I miss old music show with clear live vocal, that's why I don't really watch music shoe nowadays. Although I'm not really a fans of Shinee, but you can't deny quality right? 😉

    wieke aulia putriwieke aulia putri6 天 前
  • 샤이니하면 약간 이런 몽환 청량 이미진데 이번컴백 컨셉 디게 새롭고 잘잡은거같음 ㅜㅜㅜ 씨 2008년 초딩때부터 듣던 샤이니형들 아직도 노래들을수있어서 너무좋다💙

    촉촉한궁뎅이촉촉한궁뎅이6 天 前
  • my first favorite group of kpop and now the only one, they are from the old school and i love them, so proud of them ❤

    Ni Hao XineseNi Hao Xinese6 天 前
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    sakurasakura6 天 前
  • Miss u love u

    meylin nitameylin nita6 天 前
  • Kesini gara2 kimbab family

  • 2:20 DAMNN!! The moves tho😭🔥

    Quartevois _Quartevois _6 天 前
  • 개인파트 때 허공을 보고 노래하는 것두 글코 무표정한 얼굴인 것도 글코 먹먹한 건지 묵묵한 건지 아무튼 그런 느낌... 의자 위에 올라가서 천천히 내려올 때 그 느낌이 진짜 대박인듯 ㅠㅠ 컨셉 몰입도 잘 하고 잘 살리고 그냥 이게 샤이니다 싶음 ㅠㅠ 샤이니팝💕

    아파트를 뒤집어아파트 뒤집어아파트를 뒤집어아파트 뒤집어6 天 前
  • SHINEE is made of great vocals and dancers.❤️

    Zilla HintayZilla Hintay6 天 前
  • I really love this song of them huhu❤️

    Zilla HintayZilla Hintay6 天 前
  • ^Onew, minho, key, taemin^ My Angel jounghyun..♡^

    Siti NurhasanahSiti Nurhasanah7 天 前
  • 완전 현대예술이다 샤이니가 미래라고

    KK7 天 前
  • 聽著這首歌,總是會想起天使

    李翌如李翌如7 天 前
  • I miss this stage. This era. But i know for them the different is so big. When it release in 2k18 their dance and sing with fanchant by shawol. But in 2k21 the different is, their dance and sing without us. But we know SHINee knows that we are always there inside their hearts. And always waiting with patient for SHINee cb. I really really miss 5HINee 🥺💔

    Ahgase DeobiAhgase Deobi7 天 前
  • now I fell in love with SHINee just like when I fell in love with them a decade (+2yrs) ago

    Azalea J.Azalea J.7 天 前
  • The Legends is back!!! ❤️

    ARCHY MagnificentARCHY Magnificent7 天 前
  • 원래 엔딩할때 정면보는데 이것만 위로 본게 뭔가 종현이한테 하는 데리러간다고 하는것 같아ㅠㅠ

    말랑깜찍고양이진심녀말랑깜찍고양이진심녀8 天 前
  • ku senang shanee udah kembali lg

    Irwan SantosoIrwan Santoso8 天 前
  • New shawol here! Onew biased. I regret not stanning them earlieeer. I gotta catch up to many things, wish me luck!!

    Amira EstradaAmira Estrada8 天 前
    • Welcome to SHINee world

      Sara hSara h6 天 前
  • Taemin has been doing work simultaneously since last year, but i can see how he is enjoying what he is doing, all these are not just a mere work for him. Also, his genuineness with his member, i love it.

    Amira EstradaAmira Estrada8 天 前
  • is it just me or Key came back looking thick from the military. look at his thighs damn

    지오지오8 天 前
  • 민호 슈트 안에 저 하늘색 체크 무늬 셔츠를 소화하네 졸라 잘 어울린다

    대휘사랑대휘사랑8 天 前
  • 안무가 진짜 짱이다..... 샤이니 춤선 몸선을 그대로 살려서 이렇게 추게 하네......

    캥썸머캥썸머8 天 前
  • Why this group so perfect??

    Brooklyn BabyBrooklyn Baby8 天 前
  • 1:03 you know lip sync doesn't exist with SHINee, when you can hear them land on the chairs

    selfdeprication dOtexeselfdeprication dOtexe8 天 前
  • 가사자막 띄어쓰기 좀 어떻게 하자

    김kim김kim8 天 前
  • 찐 명곡 데리러 와주세요

    백과_현백과_현9 天 前
  • Choi Minho

    Wangkheimayum Shayam SinghWangkheimayum Shayam Singh9 天 前
  • 레전드..

    안녕하세요안녕하세요9 天 前

    abigail espirituabigail espiritu9 天 前
  • SHINee is the best ever

    abigail espirituabigail espiritu9 天 前
  • A eso se le llama arte

  • Que hermosa presentación muy guapos están Onew, Minho, Key y Taemin regresaron con todo a dominar en los escenarios SHINEE me alegro mucho que estén de vuelta los extrañaba un montón ahora estoy super feliz 😭😍💚👑

    Camila Cutti ArévaloCamila Cutti Arévalo9 天 前
  • Key, kamu cosplay jadi eren?

    tyas seftietyas seftie9 天 前
  • 샤이니 미모 미쳐...😍

    그래놀라그래놀라9 天 前
  • 이제야 샤이니 노래 무대 볼 수 있어서 너무 행복하다 ㅜㅜ 영원하자 샤이니 💚💙💓💕❤💖💚💙

    LEELEE9 天 前
  • 이노래 노래도좋은데 안무진짜 사람돌아버리게함개잘만듬

    Hmh MhHmh Mh9 天 前
  • They have definitely evolved into a legend group without comparison.🙌🏻 I love them all, They are so talented. SM really turned them into diamonds all. In every performance they give their 100%. And I feel like Key’s improvement have been massive. He is glowing more than in the past era’s (just in case, I’m comparing him with himself, not other members).❤️

    Cyd GonzalezCyd Gonzalez10 天 前
  • Sooo many shawols have been here for nearly a decade or longer, and I can see why. These guys are so special. I'm a new shawol and am looking forward to getting to know more about 5hinee, the members, and their music

    Cindo XoCindo Xo10 天 前
  • I get nostalgia with these guys :)))

    NephilimfieldNephilimfield10 天 前
  • 1:07 how does Key even exist? dear God...

    Cesar TorresCesar Torres10 天 前