Minecraft, But Every Enchant Is Level 1,000,000...

2021年04月 4日
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Minecraft, But Every Enchant Is Level 1,000,000... (Challenge)
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This is a Minecraft (1.16) challenge in which I am trying to speedrun Minecraft and beat the enderdragon, however, every time you enchant an item, it becomes LEVEL ONE MILLION! This is not a Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter, but a 'Minecraft but' challenge... This is a super weird one.
#MinecraftBut​​ #MinecraftChallenge​ #Minecraft

  • Bionic did this with level 100,000! I got inspiration from him :D Check his video out: cnworld.info/free/ZmmK1oCXmplu2Jo/sh-p-n

    WispWisp6 天 前
    • You should make a grindstone more often in these. It could save a lot of resources.

      jack odonejack odone6 小时 前
    • @Agent Gamer keep

      ASC CASC C8 小时 前
    • Will I get a wub

      nicemi999 got deletenicemi999 got delete8 小时 前
    • Really

      Noah Team Godzilla HammondNoah Team Godzilla Hammond9 小时 前
    • Why my head is saying me hate Darwin

      Shandghshs DhussnjdjsjShandghshs Dhussnjdjsj10 小时 前
  • I’m getting boy

    Alyssa BrownAlyssa Brown3 小时 前
  • Own like wath

    SP - 01LA 915255 Fairlawn PSSP - 01LA 915255 Fairlawn PS3 小时 前
  • simple man if i see wisp video i click

    Mr BlobmanMr Blobman3 小时 前
  • Him runs on 115 FPS wileloking at that me normally runs on 40

    Brennan SageBrennan Sage4 小时 前
  • me with 60 fps: :c

    James BerryJames Berry4 小时 前
  • What is your mode

    Shanna ShermanShanna Sherman4 小时 前
  • Nasıl indircez

    Sevim ÖzyalçınSevim Özyalçın4 小时 前
  • Do he play on 1.17

    Emil FlygareEmil Flygare4 小时 前
  • 17:23 *nice*

    Fᴀʟʟᴇɴ_qtFᴀʟʟᴇɴ_qt4 小时 前
  • 56

    Elsadig AhmedElsadig Ahmed4 小时 前
  • how do u do this?

    Landon LuceroLandon Lucero4 小时 前
  • fire aspect level 1,000,000 is op

    DontPleazeDontPleaze4 小时 前
  • Hi

    lalaoceguedalalaocegueda4 小时 前
  • I did this one time I got looting 100000000 on my sword and sharpness 1000000000 oh my pick up I got Fortune 1000 and efficiency 1000 and on my bow I got fire infinity Punch and power and all on my arm where I got thorns

    Ultima PlayzUltima Playz4 小时 前
  • Mine

    VILOVILO4 小时 前
  • Intro is just like TapL's

    Eustaquio RuelasEustaquio Ruelas5 小时 前
  • Imagine breaking your like goal by 20 000 000% when its about a 1 000 000 challenge

    RaremuanRaremuan5 小时 前
  • The cringe that he didn’t use a grindstone

    EthanDude 329EthanDude 3295 小时 前
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    Tyler BellTyler Bell5 小时 前
  • No one knew about the thumbnail is cursed. *I LOVE THE CURSED COMEDY*

    Iguana Studios and GamerIguana Studios and Gamer5 小时 前
  • How come in caves it’s not datk

    Hectic HoydsHectic Hoyds5 小时 前
  • So MANY 0!

    Christie PohChristie Poh5 小时 前
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  • How can there be silk touch and Fortune?

    Dave MelonDave Melon5 小时 前
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    Joseph PhillipsJoseph Phillips5 小时 前
  • 6 steak and 9 iron noice

    Gold_ DarkYTGold_ DarkYT5 小时 前
  • Only one like? Stupid

    Ross FamilyRoss Family5 小时 前
  • Hi wisp. Please reply back.

    DominusDominus6 小时 前
  • I'm so confused if this is 1.17 or not...

    Cadence GauleyCadence Gauley6 小时 前
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    john andersonjohn anderson6 小时 前
  • At this point he is basically hacking

    Jo TaJo Ta6 小时 前
  • Wtf

    ian kaleth mazón valdezian kaleth mazón valdez6 小时 前
  • I love your videos

    Elizabeth GalleryElizabeth Gallery6 小时 前
  • Lapis when you don’t need it: bonjour Lapis when you need it: adios

    kris4040 kris4040kris4040 kris40406 小时 前
  • 12:29 casually goes by a monument

    Christopher VintonChristopher Vinton6 小时 前
  • 15:25 amog us drip

    Galvin VuGalvin Vu6 小时 前
  • My first view

    Mousami DebbarmaMousami Debbarma6 小时 前
  • The only thing that does nothing is silk touch 1,000,000

    Mobile GamerMobile Gamer7 小时 前

    Super KittySuper Kitty7 小时 前
  • Wisp keep up the great content

    FaZe HuggyFaZe Huggy7 小时 前
  • Mod?

    yusmer 06yusmer 067 小时 前
  • Wait is that dream seed *manhunt seed*

    DumbDumDumbDum7 小时 前
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    Juan HernandezJuan Hernandez7 小时 前
  • Ooo plesae hear me outt can u dooo every time u mine it givesss u something 1x better!

    nurulamin587nurulamin5877 小时 前
  • 𝕙𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕠❤︎

    Roblox girlʕ•ᴥ•ʔRoblox girlʕ•ᴥ•ʔ7 小时 前
  • To much views a lot of likes much subs BUT LEVEL 1,000,000 ENCHA-

    Jo OdonovanJo Odonovan8 小时 前
    • WHYYyYyYYy HOWWwWWwwWw

      Jo OdonovanJo Odonovan8 小时 前
  • when you notice almost all of his video's have at least 1 mill views: :0

    sokin jonsokin jon8 小时 前
  • what's the mod?

    hamburberhamburber8 小时 前
    • one like

      sokin jonsokin jon8 小时 前
  • Wisp this is for armor pickaxe and weapons Me waht about books and cross bow and bows

    Olly ChamberlainOlly Chamberlain8 小时 前
  • Which mod are you using for super enchantment table

    Jaseera ShakirJaseera Shakir8 小时 前
  • Wisp doesn't know grind stone give you back xp

    cod gamer scod gamer s8 小时 前
  • his fps was at 100 and he said it's low and my laptop give me 50 fps max

    J ConsgoJ Consgo8 小时 前
  • Wisp is really asking "Can I do it."

    ValrhysValrhys8 小时 前
  • hey bionic and wisp

    Juan VazquezJuan Vazquez8 小时 前
  • Let’s get 1 like on the video Us: 200k take it or leave it

    Wes HWes H8 小时 前
  • *lost half the health bar* “It doesn’t even hurt me”

    abbii_abbii_8 小时 前
  • i diffeated dragon in like 15 min not cheating i get to nether to in 10 min 10 5 min to get diamond

    ZeroLive XTZeroLive XT8 小时 前
  • why does wisp expect to get diamonds every millesecond

    Mohamad Al-OtoomMohamad Al-Otoom9 小时 前
  • 50% of this video: *LOOTING 1,000,000* The rest: 9:55 11:11 1:40 1:55

    Alpha VENOMAlpha VENOM9 小时 前
  • What's the seed??

    B0T0001B0T00019 小时 前
  • After killing the ender dragon you literally got 69 exp

    Rupa SharmaRupa Sharma9 小时 前
  • wisp:hits zom pigment with looting 100000 and thorns the zom piglens son:oo free gold dont mind if I do

    Melody SoMelody So9 小时 前
  • Make a mod that compiles mass item intities into one, and you can choose from a list of what youre picking up.. helps eith fps and helps with organization... make it for main modloaders :D

    InfamousFormofossInfamousFormofoss9 小时 前
  • one like

    playing gamesplaying games9 小时 前
  • Looking At This Video With 0 Likes: :(

    Pink Cat GamingPink Cat Gaming9 小时 前
  • Sharp dont work on the ender dragon

    OneDiamond4783 #OneDiamond4783 #9 小时 前
  • 3:10 he said full iron but he did not had the helmet

    Hijab ZahraHijab Zahra9 小时 前
  • M

    Lenka NechvatalovaLenka Nechvatalova9 小时 前
  • There’s a problem with your videos they end

    Cassie BenzCassie Benz9 小时 前
  • this guy when he doesn't have 3902573745257243054270 fps: *angry*

    BrommerBrommer9 小时 前
  • Pls link I beg u

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    Im ArkhamIm Arkham10 小时 前
  • Fortune 1,000,000 VS Silk Touch 1

    Tai SukTai Suk10 小时 前
  • Can you tell the mod name and how to download please please please

    Joseph TañedoJoseph Tañedo10 小时 前
  • Insane

    ItsUnpugItsUnpug10 小时 前
  • Gucci gen gucci

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  • I like when you say of we Can win Minecraft like you know you have 1.000.000 en so its like you can die😂😂😂

    NilsthegamerNilsthegamer10 小时 前
  • So, who wants to put this in the base game?

    Happykid31Happykid3110 小时 前
  • Why don't you do Minecraft but every kill gives you an extra hearth

    Mebalari SkhemlonMebalari Skhemlon10 小时 前
  • 1:38 time of massive terror

    MrWiśniaMrWiśnia10 小时 前
  • My man got the perfect seed

    Lilac JuviaLilac Juvia10 小时 前
  • Wisp: 1 like pls? CNworld: 201K likes so yeah take that

    Olivia CromOlivia Crom10 小时 前
  • Wisp: enters end ender man and dragon are like oh no pls don't don't kill me Wisp: kills ender dragon and dragon says not again

    NickyNicky10 小时 前
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  • cnworld.info/free/fZ6a3aHKyKh928U/sh-p-n

    Perfectly ChrisPerfectly Chris10 小时 前
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  • Lure would have been OP

    Marshall McconnellMarshall Mcconnell10 小时 前
  • The Video would be 5 min shorter if he just killed him with the power bow

    Das_Buch_ 12Das_Buch_ 1210 小时 前
  • 4:30 Big Brain wisp

    JonahJonah10 小时 前
  • Him passes iron: Me: omfg

    Arianna EtheredgeArianna Etheredge11 小时 前
  • Yo at the end he got 69 levels

    Skelly KingSkelly King11 小时 前
  • Hey if we get 1000trillon

    Nashat. Arham&,kittycat ‐ God 2020 King pro catNashat. Arham&,kittycat ‐ God 2020 King pro cat11 小时 前
  • where did he get this mod?

    Glenn ZhangGlenn Zhang11 小时 前
  • Hi

    viper legendviper legend11 小时 前
  • He ended with 69 leves

    R842kgold RobloxR842kgold Roblox11 小时 前
  • This is really insane

    Halide MEMETHalide MEMET11 小时 前
  • Every luck in one video

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