Blackpink performs 'Lovesick Girls' l GMA

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The K-pop sensation talks about the meaning behind the name of the group's new album and where they’re most looking forward to performing live when the pandemic is over.
5 things you should know about female K-Pop group BLACKPINK:
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  • 6.179.960 419k 6.5k? 15k 12.44

    Rizki NewRizki New小时 前
  • no one is talking abt jennie i mean, dis girl still slays with his dance moves, vocals, and her simple outfit.

    Haley Rezia SerranoHaley Rezia Serrano3 小时 前
  • BLACKPINK deserves to be a legendary girl group

    Vote LisaVote Lisa4 小时 前
  • 6,174,226

    loonaticarianatorloonaticarianator4 小时 前
    • +5k

      Rizki NewRizki New小时 前
  • 노래 개빠르네 ㅎㄷㄷ 왤케빠르게해놨어 방송국놈들..

    메타몽메타몽5 小时 前
  • 그들은 아름답다, 마스터 블랙 핑크.

    Sandro Tello CortezSandro Tello Cortez7 小时 前

    Umar ZiaUmar Zia7 小时 前

    Umar ZiaUmar Zia7 小时 前
  • They even freakin know how to sing. Helllll they are doing lip-sync then why the hell they call themselves a singer. I think they should call themselves a fucking talentless lip syncer who doesn't know how to sing at the live shows and call themselves a singer 👎👎

    Neelam SinghNeelam Singh8 小时 前
    • I’m so confused, r u saying black pink lip syncs

      Chrystal YongChrystal Yong7 小时 前
  • Rosé is shining in this performance and comeback. I’m so proud and happy that for once she is getting the attention and recognition she deserves 😭

    m mm m8 小时 前
  • lisa is so stunning WHAT

    andudidthisforwhatandudidthisforwhat8 小时 前
  • Song itself is great but, Look at their clothes♡

    GANADA schoolGANADA school8 小时 前
  • I don't like this girls

    Usman JanUsman Jan9 小时 前
    • Get out dog🖕

      Rizki NewRizki New小时 前
    • Successful and talented, ofc you’d hate them

      Chrystal YongChrystal Yong7 小时 前
    • did we ask?

      andudidthisforwhatandudidthisforwhat8 小时 前
  • Blackpink in your area 🖤💗

    wolfy Annewolfy Anne10 小时 前
  • Whats this shit when its time for jisoo line the camera suck

    Jellybaba ChuchuJellybaba Chuchu10 小时 前
  • Has anyone else noticed with blackpink, other girl groups included, they push one certain member giving them cuter outfits or more screen time from time to time to boost their popularity? It’s always the one that turns blonde too. First it was Lisa now Rosé is the it girl.

    Shamalama DingShamalama Ding11 小时 前
  • BUT daddy let me use his phone

    Zhan qin JiangZhan qin Jiang11 小时 前
  • I love blackpink!!🤗🥰😍But I am using my dad’s phone😶

    Zhan qin JiangZhan qin Jiang11 小时 前
  • 0:45 why did they take it away just when Jisoo was singing? T-T

    Tania MendietaTania Mendieta12 小时 前
  • Idk if i have no fashion or jisoo's outfit is just.. errr

  • idk why but i feel something is off now i know the dress that rose is wearing is too short i mean if its comfortable for rose than ok but for me i think its a little short for her ..;-; it just my opinion. idk what you guys thinks ??

    new hoomannew hooman13 小时 前
  • Lisa, can you give my heart back?😌🇹🇷🎊💕🎈

    Xx zero xXXx zero xX15 小时 前
  • Lisa, I couldn't take my eyes from you. You're so beautiful🤩

    Xx zero xXXx zero xX15 小时 前
  • lisaaaaaaa

    anagha kanagha k16 小时 前
  • Rosé Duality is so inexplicable and the same is so addictive.

    gordon fpresgordon fpres16 小时 前
  • OMG...rosie looks perfect in that dress

    Dewi Amalia03Dewi Amalia0317 小时 前
  • Rosé so pretty♡

    Salmayunicha Listie putri 31Salmayunicha Listie putri 3118 小时 前
  • 90% comment about Rosé

    Salmayunicha Listie putri 31Salmayunicha Listie putri 3118 小时 前
  • 와 제니옷입은거 미쳤네..

    발랄한벼리발랄한벼리18 小时 前
  • Lisa and Jisoo are on firee wooo 🔥🔥🔥

    Fiza ShahidFiza Shahid20 小时 前
  • Jennie is looking so hot 🔥🔥🔥

    Fiza ShahidFiza Shahid20 小时 前
  • Rose Omg 😍❤️❤️

    Fiza ShahidFiza Shahid20 小时 前
  • Lisa 😻😻

    hx aylhx ayl21 小时 前
  • Gooaszzaxxx👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪👌💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💓💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    Denay NaylaDenay Nayla21 小时 前
  • ROSE 🌹 performance beauty all

    Dina DinaDina Dina22 小时 前
  • I wish YG take out the backing vocal. I want to hear their vocal clearly

    Mrpooh BobbyMrpooh Bobby22 小时 前
  • They're such great performers

    bunny girlbunny girl22 小时 前
  • Galing mo balacpink

    jaila Leijaila Lei23 小时 前
  • Galing mo balacpink

    jaila Leijaila Lei23 小时 前
  • Galing mo balcping

    jaila Leijaila Lei23 小时 前
  • I love Jisoo 😍

    Aqliza !Aqliza !天 前
  • Camera work gives me a seizure

    thisisCHOPZZthisisCHOPZZ天 前
  • 블랙핑크 인 유얼 에리아

    김모죠김모죠天 前
  • Lisa rap is killing it❤️

    Cheryl JuliantineCheryl Juliantine天 前
  • We are the Lovesick Girls!!!

    Marcial SedigoMarcial Sedigo天 前
  • Rosé slay me everytime

    Sila MiddyaBhakatSila MiddyaBhakat天 前
  • Rosé is goddess of Blackpink,!!

    Sila MiddyaBhakatSila MiddyaBhakat天 前
  • Waw Yas Blackplnk Yu Amak

    nabila fitri ramadhaninabila fitri ramadhani天 前
    • Koys Omelonglajhdby Hysbysnyenxgtrxv

      nabila fitri ramadhaninabila fitri ramadhani天 前
    • 😊

      nabila fitri ramadhaninabila fitri ramadhani天 前
  • Evryone is like those is so preety and your right .

    dragan ball funny videosdragan ball funny videos天 前
  • Queens of kpop proud blink

    youya Rayouya Ra天 前
  • Blackpink was performing in GMA too? I only know bts did but I didn't know about them. Sorry don't hate me blinks I'm a anti. No tea no shade no hate

    Galaxy_RoseGalaxy_Rose天 前
  • it makes me really happy, seeing all the comments here complimenting rosé

    Melanie's Sippy CupMelanie's Sippy Cup天 前
  • Las amos atadas

    alexa moralexa mor天 前
  • My baby jisoo im so proud of her i love her voice great job jisoo

    MogurimomoMogurimomo天 前
  • lip sync girls

    Sun RainSun Rain天 前
  • Jisoo’s voice is always incredible but her high note hit different

    Party Of 2Party Of 2天 前
  • Lisa is so preety like always😍😍😍😍

    kim Asmakim Asma天 前
  • Lisa you sexy 🥰

    Nam NamNam Nam天 前
  • Is rosé wearing a dress for kids???

    AntomminoAntommino天 前
  • Omg rose so beautiful

    Alma TiaraAlma Tiara天 前
  • Don't take offense, but who invents the dances of these girls, every time the same and very simple.

    koko kokopkoko kokop天 前
  • Hi, blinks! Let's support our girls by voting for them on MAMA 2020 website. You may vote with 10 different gmail accounts, each day before the voting closes. So please make sure to start earlier! Let's bring them #1 Artist of the year and #1 Song of the year, please!

    Aigerim KushenovaAigerim Kushenova天 前
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    Nurten GülmezNurten Gülmez天 前
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    Nurten GülmezNurten Gülmez天 前
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    Nurten GülmezNurten Gülmez天 前
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    Nurten GülmezNurten Gülmez天 前
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    Nurten GülmezNurten Gülmez天 前
  • Every on I talking about rose, and YES omg her face just gets prettier and prettier, but no one is talking about my chu, her vocals and visuals are out of this world! Lisa's outfit is so pretty and cooler then winter. Jennies hair and makeup is so cute! Stan BLACKPINK FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!! 💜💕💜

    Maymouna AktherMaymouna Akther天 前

    j éj é天 前
  • Bts still the most exciting kpop

    G CG C天 前
    • You mean the overrated group. Lmao

      Ken Michael PerezKen Michael Perez9 小时 前

      j éj é天 前
    • Who cares?

      Mikmik VerboMikmik Verbo天 前
  • I am so glad that Rosé finally gets the respect as a main vocalist, everyone can state that's she's stable etc. Also with her voice is so unique~

    Leo SolorLeo Solor天 前

      j éj é天 前
  • Lisa breaths and she's hot 🤤

    Guadalupe TabaresGuadalupe Tabares天 前

      j éj é天 前
  • Jisoo ❤️ Jennie 💙 Rosé 💜 Lisa 💛 (🖤❤️)BLACKPINK (🖤❤️)♥️💘💛💚💙💜❤️🖤


      j éj é天 前
  • Blackpink sarangee❤️🌹

    Rayyanatu MuntakaRayyanatu Muntaka天 前
  • Rosé looked extra beautiful and charming in this performance 🥺💖 she’s so gorgeous and her vocals are out of this world ❤️ i love my queen

    Marielle GuevarraMarielle Guevarra天 前

      j éj é天 前
  • LISA is on fire omfg🔥🔥🔥 her outfit reallyy hot, her stage presence is not joke bruh. Uri royal maknae

    VV天 前

      j éj é天 前
  • Lisa is my girl crush forever💓

    Jungkook's HimeJungkook's Hime天 前

      j éj é天 前
  • If I was there on the street where the performance was going on in the big screen I would stop oh man this is blackpink

    Nepal DebbarmaNepal Debbarma天 前

      j éj é天 前
  • Blackpink and BTS are the most famous kpop groups international I guess because they have extraordinary moves and music and these two groups Rock all over the world

    Nepal DebbarmaNepal Debbarma天 前

    Adeena D.Adeena D.天 前
  • Wowwwww....... Queens of lipsync

    CiaraCiara天 前
  • hey guys I’m back subscribe my channel ✅

    BTS New updateBTS New update天 前
  • They are the biggest group in YG but cant give good budget for their stage???50% are lipsync

    Mikay lovelyMikay lovely天 前
  • LISA

    hamisah suparmanhamisah suparman天 前

      j éj é天 前
  • Blackpink area😍😘

    Wati HanifahWati Hanifah天 前
  • I don't like this song idon't know why

    don't do drugs do kokobopdon't do drugs do kokobop天 前

      j éj é天 前
  • Paren de decir lo hermosa que se mira Rosé Es que la amo❤ y me cansé de dar like a todos los comentarios 😅

    Estrella PonceEstrella Ponce天 前
  • Next up...TWICE!!!!

    Caelen ChanCaelen Chan天 前
  • revisting this on thanksgiving. bless

    Portia DominiquePortia Dominique天 前
  • Why is everyone talking about ROSÉ(sry if I spelled that wrong) Lisa’s outfit is giving my life!

    Crocks OstandsCrocks Ostands天 前
    • Cuz Rosé is so hot

      j éj é天 前

      j éj é天 前
  • Lisaaaaaaa

    Yunda DewyYunda Dewy2 天 前

      j éj é天 前
  • This song is depression with a dope beat 😂

    Pearle JPearle J2 天 前

      j éj é天 前
  • They need a dance lessons from aspa

    Paper HeartsPaper Hearts2 天 前

      j éj é天 前
  • Excelent performs Blackpink

    Maibe MaibeMaibe Maibe2 天 前

    Maibe MaibeMaibe Maibe2 天 前

      j éj é天 前

    Maibe MaibeMaibe Maibe2 天 前
  • Good morning América Blackpink in your área Blackpink around the World

    Maibe MaibeMaibe Maibe2 天 前