Ronnie O'Sullivan's Controversial Break

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Made at the 2016 Welsh Open.
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  • If any of you watch you tube you will know he asked the ref after he potted the first black

    James BattJames Batt16 小时 前
  • what a wanker lol

  • Let's be honest, that is pure self indulgence and completely disrespectful to the paying audience. He has literally deliberately pied them off!

    BuckblacketBuckblacket7 天 前
  • He couldn’t make it look any easier if he tried. Absolutely love this. Massive f u to everyone really. Brilliant.

    Darren CowieDarren Cowie8 天 前
  • I don't care who you are or how high you're ranked, can you imagine how disheartening it is to draw O'Sullivan on the first day of the tournament?

    PatrolOfficer161PatrolOfficer1618 天 前
  • The best bit is where Bambi is on the ice and thumper says he's kind of wobbly isn't he.

    Neil LaycockNeil Laycock8 天 前
  • Bet the crowd were fuming at not seeing a 147 but now they look back and think I’ve seen something more special a 146 and a middle finger to Barry Hearn

    David ThomasDavid Thomas8 天 前
  • It impressive to get a 146 on purpose. You have to love his humor.

    phroneyphroney9 天 前
  • A nazi at a bar mitzvah is controversial, this is a game of snooker!

    Amazing UsernameAmazing Username10 天 前
  • Thanks to Mr Hearns for putting an impossible task for prize of maximum. This is the biggest joy of the game but we see no more from the best. He is no longer interested at making a maximum break at this point. He goes for blue or pink directly, doesn't even try to go for a difficult black. He could easily make 5-6 more maximum at last three years if he was interested. What a shame!

    Saint JaerrSaint Jaerr10 天 前
  • That commentator "not now" my god shut up you fool 🙈

    won ton super noodleswon ton super noodles10 天 前
  • One remark though on the break the commentators mention when Ronnie asked the referee about the prize for a max: It's not true (as one of the commentators claims), that at this point he hadn't potted a ball. As a matter of fact he stopped playing and asked the referee after having potted one red and one black.

    tubemeup19tubemeup1910 天 前
    • @namnack „before you‘ve potted ‚a‘ ball“ at around 03:20 min

      tubemeup19tubemeup1910 天 前
    • 'The' ball, not 'a' ball..

      namnacknamnack10 天 前
  • Another attractive character of Rocket, he can even control to score 145,144, 143.......whenever he is happy.

    Danny DaoDanny Dao10 天 前
  • Vintage

    Mister Manic Mind MechanicMister Manic Mind Mechanic10 天 前
  • Trump can't do this. He's a good Potter, in fact maybe the greatest Potter, but he can't do this type of snooker and just fly around and make it look piss like this. Laughing and joking like hes down in the pub asking what the prize. This confident Ronnie is dangerous and would wipe the Floor with any Trump and joke about it at the same time. He's the best at snooker and it's as simple as that.

    Draken LockheartDraken Lockheart11 天 前
  • Nobody else can do that. I was watching the first time he asked what the prize was before potting a ball and though 'what a twat' - he then went on to do it easily. This time he asked again early in the frame and could of made it easily, he chose the pink as a kind of protest at the low maximum break prize. Nobody else can do that or has ever done that.

    Chris NichollsChris Nicholls11 天 前
    • if you look at the red before the pink he didn't have the best angle to get on the black

      healthiswealthhealthiswealth9 天 前
  • Eurosport commentary, sigh

    im Incim Inc12 天 前
  • This made him more memorable than you would think at that point. Who remembers his 15 18 oder 22 Career maximums. You will remember the Maximum he refused to do even tough he couldve. And the grin afterward

    SimSSimS12 天 前
  • The pocket looks like coffee saucers to him when he is in that zone.

    Jeff BelcherJeff Belcher12 天 前
  • I've been watching the snooker since 1980; indeed my earliest memories are watching Alex Higgins, Davis and the old classic players. The game alone is beautiful, but the players add the magic. For me, noone has added more than Ronnie. One of my major goals is to watch Ronnie at the Crucible. The game is lucky to have him.

    gordon shawgordon shaw12 天 前
    • What a memory! I think I need to go down to Sheffield during the Crucible and see what happens.

      gordon shawgordon shaw8 天 前
    • I went to Sheffield for the worlds a couple of years ago and stood in the queue to see what tickets they had left, I got one for Ronnies match for a bargain price of £27. He never missed a ball for the entire match.

      healthiswealthhealthiswealth9 天 前
  • Mister bin the king

    Marcello Andrei BernardoMarcello Andrei Bernardo12 天 前
  • I've played for thirty years and steadfastly refuse to get a 147 just like Ronnie lol

    pulltpullt13 天 前
    • LOL! Good one!

      AJsVIEWAJsVIEW4 天 前
  • Which one? There are so many that he acted like a prat.

    kosmicmankosmicman13 天 前
  • The 146 was more impressive than the maximum

    Carpark CampersCarpark Campers13 天 前
  • In all the years of watching snooker have you ever seen a player choose not to make a 147 break. I love Ronnie O... pure genius 👏

    knight 2000knight 200013 天 前
  • i wonder if Ronnie keeps a diary on what he eats and how he sleeps, so he can find the best formula for being in such great condition, as he is here?

    s baxters baxter13 天 前
  • So many professional sportsmen say it’s not about the money. Ronnie ploughs straight through that bullshit.

    Christopher ChadwickChristopher Chadwick13 天 前
  • He has this huge impish smile on his face the whole time. He knew he was going to go for a 146 and relished subverting expectations.

    James ConantJames Conant13 天 前
    • Exactly!! Thankfully someone understands! 👍 .... Just imagine - being so good at the game that you have already made so many 147's that they have become almost commonplace to you; so much so that you can turn them down! Yeah - there are plenty of players that are so prolific that they can turn down a 147!!! 😊 Snooker will sooo regret the day he retires

      Peter JDPeter JD天 前
  • Ronnie taught the tournament sponsor a lesson

    Sampson ChanSampson Chan13 天 前
  • Pretty referee

    性感七彩小熊貓性感七彩小熊貓13 天 前
  • Such a genius

    zahid latifzahid latif14 天 前

    zahid latifzahid latif14 天 前
  • There never was and there will never be anyone better. There might be players that eventually will win more titles than Ron but there will never be a better all around snooker player ever. He is just about perfect at the table and honestly he is such a pleasant player to watch even when he plays badly and loses. He has the best brain on shot selection perfect cue action perfect touch on little canons with other balls even the stance is so natural walking into the shots. I rather watch Ron losing than watch bald ass Judd winning with his crooked ass cue action. Judd has some special shots and cue power but I rather watch Ron hit half the power and see white travel just about as much as Judd’s that to me is more elegant and spectacular. Also the countless moments of greatness in the sport like maximums and best clearances from impossible positions left handed right handed. Some spectacular left handed shots most will miss with their right hand under pressure. Way to many moments will make this comment 10 page long to list. Bottom line nobody like Ronnie ever.

    alex paicalex paic14 天 前
  • Serves the Snooker generals right!…£10,000 for a 147 is get what you pay for!

    James CarpenterJames Carpenter14 天 前
  • There's only one genius in this beautiful game. The Rocket!!!

    Al MadlickaAl Madlicka14 天 前
  • Ronnie didn't ask how much the highest prize is before pocketing the first ball vs Mark King.. He had made 8 points..

    shallowlordshallowlord14 天 前
  • Was the price for 147 too low ? Why did he not even bother playing for the black

    Aman ChhetriAman Chhetri14 天 前
  • The commentators are wrong about Ronnie asking Jan Verhaas what the prize was before potting a ball. He'd potted one red and one black.

    Jivan ScaranoJivan Scarano14 天 前
  • 好任性啊,打个147,把这微薄的奖金捐给有需要的人不香吗???

    Alpha WeiAlpha Wei14 天 前
  • Ill never understand, how is this the "perverse" side of Ronnie? So he's perverse because he owes you a 147? What kind of bullshit is that entitled crap? That's arrogance, not what ever Ronnie is doing. He can do whatever he wants, he doesn't even need to pot any damn balls if he doesn't want to, this commentary always makes me so angry, but I still come back to watch this break every once in a while.

    dzarrendzarren14 天 前
  • even if he made a 147.. then think about this video reason being here

  • Hilarious

    Christopher VanChristopher Van15 天 前
  • Genius. Boat² Goat³

    JumbojtJumbojt15 天 前
  • Mad bastard. Love it

    i4mRy4n 2020i4mRy4n 202015 天 前
  • It wasnt arrogance or show boating, it was a statement to the governing body of snooker, a 147 always carried a substantial bonus, juat because more are made shouldn't mean the bonus is £10,000 instead of £147,000 , I remember Stephen Henry winning the world championship one year, he won £250,000 first prize, £147,000 for the maximum and he also got the high break ..... juatshyof £450,000 he picked up, more players should protest the greed of the WPBSA !! Without the stars there is no Snooker, Ronnie has made several statements over the years regarding ridiculous prize money on offer for the hardest score in the game in the form of slightly less entertainment.

    Steven HarwoodSteven Harwood15 天 前
    • @healthiswealth That's why I said not allowing for a free ball.

      slayedslayed9 天 前
    • @slayed 155 is the highest

      healthiswealthhealthiswealth9 天 前
    • Highest(not allowing for a free ball), not the hardest.

      slayedslayed15 天 前
  • Could of been 10 grand for charity

    Rikki EgglesdenRikki Egglesden15 天 前
  • I struggle to see what's controversial about that at all.

    stevey moonstevey moon15 天 前
  • Truly controversial

    Muatahsan Ali ShahMuatahsan Ali Shah15 天 前
  • That last black to red on the cushion wasn’t a ‘sitter’, he loves a challenge but perhaps he was just a bit fed up with his early game

    Paul TaylorPaul Taylor15 天 前
    • @c0rse exactly, some people don't realise he was in the wrong position to play for the black from the second to last red

      healthiswealthhealthiswealth8 天 前
    • I agree, he had the wrong angle on the red and it would have been tough to get on the black from there.

      c0rsec0rse15 天 前
  • He could have taken the 147 and gave the few quid to a charity the dick

    David JoyceDavid Joyce15 天 前
  • I was at the match. Brilliant

    Benjamin SmithBenjamin Smith15 天 前
  • Buzz around like the king bee you are

    g mang man15 天 前
  • Sublime.

    Bruce CummingBruce Cumming15 天 前
  • Great player. Shitty person

    Gandhi MahatmaGandhi Mahatma15 天 前
  • I don't blame him. There is no money anymore for 147 these days. Barry hearn is very shrewd and cunning man. He know Ronnie can make living out of doing 147 on regular basis

    MisbahMisbah15 天 前
  • There actually have been far fewer 146 breaks than 147: as of now, 25 146s and 269 147s according to cuetracker. The record number made by a player is 3, a record jointly held by Mark Allen and, of course, Ronnie...!

    balludukuballuduku15 天 前
  • Does everyone think"looks so easy!, I can do that"?!!!

    David BrownDavid Brown15 天 前
  • Look at him grinning...must be imagining smoke coming out of Barry's ears!!

    rehan shahidrehan shahid15 天 前
    • 🤣🤣🤣

      Peter JDPeter JD天 前
    • Yeah, ha! ha!

      Myles LawlerMyles Lawler13 天 前
  • I don't see why it's controversial. He is allowed to play any shot he likes within the rules of the game. It's your problem if you don't like his shot selection.

    Matt MiddletonMatt Middleton15 天 前
    • Exactly

      Christopher VanChristopher Van15 天 前
  • This 146 brought more attention than a 147 so everyone won

    roSIN 90roSIN 9015 天 前
  • James May being a gent as ever...

    NaheemNaheem15 天 前
  • Absolute w--r

    Scott FisherScott Fisher15 天 前
  • He's a knob.

    Neil JenkinsNeil Jenkins15 天 前
    • The best of all time, AND a knob. They are not mutually exclusive.

      Gweilo SpurGweilo Spur14 天 前
    • @Neil Jenkins Maybe....depends how you look at it, if you take ranking tournament wins then it's Ronnie, World Titles, then Hendry...if you add in longevity then it's Ronnie again but sure, I get your point.

      slayedslayed15 天 前
    • @slayed you thinking the best of all time is a subjective opinion.

      Neil JenkinsNeil Jenkins15 天 前
    • Yet still the best of all time, you thinking he's a knob is a subjective opinion.

      slayedslayed15 天 前
  • Clickbait

    Himanshu MittalHimanshu Mittal15 天 前
  • i dnt know why i love this words

    Nabeel BukhariNabeel Bukhari15 天 前
  • @ WST If you're going to post this video, post it with the post game interview where he explains 10000 pound is a joke.

    Ese HolmesEse Holmes15 天 前
    • It’s certainly worth watching without that

      John PJohn P15 天 前
  • Those people that say the bags are too big are tje people that have not played snooker.

    Stephen LeeStephen Lee15 天 前
  • I think I'm in love with the referee.

    Mikey GeeMikey Gee15 天 前
    • @Chris Haynes Yes, indeed. A 0.01% chance is technically a chance! There's still hope...

      Mikey GeeMikey Gee8 天 前
    • still theres a chance tho lad XD

      Chris HaynesChris Haynes8 天 前
    • @Feegles Noo!! Because you're Bulgarian and you love her too, my chances of getting a date with Desislava have now been reduced from a 0.02% possibility to 0.01%!!

      Mikey GeeMikey Gee15 天 前
    • Join the queue ... at least I'm Bulgarian :P

      FeeglesFeegles15 天 前
  • He's the greatest and he's ready for his 7th World title 🙏 genius at work enjoy him while you can folks 🔥

    James GoingJames Going15 天 前
    • Your obsessed i told ya I'm part of the eurosport team I'm in the know big time and your known to be Wayne Holmes so we had to get your attention to have a laugh as your about as relevant as Stephen Hendry 🔥 ron won't be winning the Wales tournament in Milton keys or the players or tour championship all his energy is going on the world's i promise ya can quote me on this🔥it's time for 7th heaven 👌

      James GoingJames Going14 天 前
    • @Coward Storm Woods Shakespeare road London The day before he won 12 frames out of 13 and made plenty of centuries in the process, though..

      ChristoffelChristoffel15 天 前
    • True. He sure is ready for a 7th World title. He lost 3 times yesterday to Barry Hawkins. Kyren Wilson and Mark Williams and even miscued. You're so far in the know with ROS you believe he has 38 ranking titles to his name!

      Coward Storm Woods Shakespeare road LondonCoward Storm Woods Shakespeare road London15 天 前
  • hmm so what was the controversy about? i am new to snooker so be easy.

    Om EnterprisesOm Enterprises15 天 前
    • The 147 Maximum Break is the "perfect" score....15 reds (15x1) + 15 blacks (15 x 7) + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 Ronnie chose to substitute a pink for 6 making the break 146. In years past, major tourney sponsors would pay a significant sum like 147,000 pounds for a, in large part from Ronnie claiming so many, many have knocked down the size of the 147 prize. This was Ronnie's critique of that....

      pulltpullt13 天 前
    • The controversy is that he made 146 when he could have made a maximum 147. He deliberately did that as, apparently, the prize for making a 147 wasn't enough.

      kosigankosigan14 天 前
  • Was he protesting that the prize wasn't high enough?

    FarmCraft101FarmCraft10115 天 前
    • @healthiswealth I think you're forgetting that the cue ball was where it was, precisely because Ronnie put it there ie he'd already decided to decline the 147.

      surfclimbcyclesurfclimbcycle天 前
    • @healthiswealth you got that perfectly - Ronnie couldn't have made the 147, no matter - he was snooked

    • @healthiswealth he just refused to go for 147 as the price was to low. He said it in postmatch interview.

      iRi SViRi SV7 天 前
    • if you look at the red before the pink he didn't have the angle to get on the black

      healthiswealthhealthiswealth9 天 前
    • I think they said it does not provide special reward for 147 just €4,000 for the highest break nowadays.

      Stanley ChaiStanley Chai9 天 前
  • He could've got the 147 and donated the money to charity.

    K AK A15 天 前
    • He could have prayed too Zeus too afterwards, bet he never

      peter shukerpeter shuker15 天 前
  • Make a compilation of successful and unsuccessful maximum attempts together in random order to save an intrigue of every potted ball! It would be great

    LevLev15 天 前
  • When you are good at something, never do it for free

    KelvinKelvin15 天 前
    • I disagree - there's more to it sometimes, than money. But hat's off still to Ronnie, without doubt always entertaining.

      surfclimbcyclesurfclimbcycle天 前
  • Sponsors stopped paying out £147.000 for 147 because of him. His 147 in 5 minutes is what sent them running.

    Jan De RijkJan De Rijk15 天 前
  • Please... Just lift the lockdown man, I'm in need of a game lol 😂

    topwelda147topwelda14715 天 前
  • He lacks that type of confidence now.

    Daniela DanielDaniela Daniel15 天 前
    • He has matured. Remember that he is actually the current world champion

      Christopher VanChristopher Van15 天 前
  • He knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s creating controversy which shines a big light on him and snooker. Things like this keep him interested in the game. Snooker needs Ronnie more than Ronnie needs snooker. When he retires the game will miss him desperately. Pure genius and one of the greatest sportsman in the world.

    Guvna07Guvna0715 天 前
  • 👍

    dan 8 pooldan 8 pool15 天 前
  • Great player but never a thought for spectators who would have been delighted to be part of a maxi

    Adrian FisherAdrian Fisher15 天 前
  • 5 times ronnie trolled the 147, his official numbers would have already been at 20 ahead of every one else by miles

    Natsu dragnirNatsu dragnir15 天 前
  • I just love this referee

    Shahrukh AliShahrukh Ali15 天 前
    • yeah, cute but the dark-haired Irish was asking for it

    • shes a cutie

      po4RP20361po4RP2036110 天 前
  • Thats why we love him 😅

    Dennis TysonDennis Tyson15 天 前
  • Blue to pink was exceptional 6:54

    Mark CarterMark Carter15 天 前
  • He was showing off to the cute judge the whole time. Flirting. That's all he was doing. Bet he would have nailed her that night, too, if he could fry that cold fish.

    daviejones1000daviejones100015 天 前
  • Maybe Ronnie will be trying to shoot 145 in the next tournament, then 144, 143, ... What's the lowest possible clearance ? That would be interesting.

    John DebestJohn Debest15 天 前
    • @healthiswealth You give your opponent 155 points in fouls before a ball is potted. You make a break of 155, the black is re- spotted and you pot the black with the first shot so it counts as part of your break. Happens all the time!

      Gweilo SpurGweilo Spur9 天 前
    • @Gweilo Spur explain? how do you get more than 155?

      healthiswealthhealthiswealth9 天 前
    • @Gweilo Spur agreed. but that would be lucky or unlucky depending on how you look at it lol

      healthiswealthhealthiswealth9 天 前
    • How about reversing the value of the coloured balls. Yellow = 7 , Green = 6 right to the Black = 2 . Heads would explode ! It would really shake things up and players would no longer be on Auto pilot as they try to run the table. ?

      John DebestJohn Debest11 天 前
    • @Chris Nicholls And the highest theoretical break is 162.

      Gweilo SpurGweilo Spur11 天 前
  • 0:00 2:26 2:44 3:14 3:46 Ronnie being Mr. Bean

    Games recordGames record15 天 前
  • When Ronnie is playing like that, it doesn't look like it's possible for him to miss. That blue was ridiculous, he dropped so perfect on the pink. On form, there's just no one like him.

    DictateTempoDictateTempo15 天 前
    • Is Stephen Hendry not in this conversation

      Ant DukeAnt Duke11 天 前
    • @DictateTempo tbh, I take back my comment. Ronnie is the GOAT

      peter shukerpeter shuker14 天 前
    • @peter shuker I agree Judd is currently the best in the world and is playing fantastic snooker. He’s also playing shots that only he can play and is incredibly consistent. There is a difference though, Ronnie rarely needs to play insane positional shots because he’s so good at keeping the cue ball on a string. He does that whilst playing with one of the lowest average shot times on the tour.. in his 40s. It speaks volumes how fellow Pros on the tour talk about Ronnie too, they recognise his ability as second to none. Judd is up there with Ronnie but both on their day playing their best snooker, Ronnie wins imo.

      DictateTempoDictateTempo14 天 前
    • @Pedron ANton I think both are unbeatable on God mode unless they match each other at peak level. Maybe Ronnies world championship when he was coached by Ray Reardon is the best snooker I have seen. Judd's final against Higgins was up there too.

      peter shukerpeter shuker15 天 前
    • @peter shuker i dont think so^^ on max form ronnie is unbeatable but i think judd is right now really close to him^^ btw i would love to see such a match in finals of WM, most probably the best game in history^^

      Pedron ANtonPedron ANton15 天 前
  • A naughty snooker genius making fun..

  • How many players would refuse a 147? Only Ronnie :)

    Jojo RabbitJojo Rabbit15 天 前
    • He thought that £10 000 not was enough for a maximum...

      shallowlordshallowlord14 天 前
  • That blue

    Brendan MaloneBrendan Malone15 天 前
  • He's his own person. He can do whatever he wants (as evidenced) but I really feel for the kids in the crowd who wanted to see something special - not necessarily unique.

    Alexander VlkAlexander Vlk15 天 前
    • There's been kids in the crowd for lots of 147s over the years from the greats as well as the also-rsns. Only the kids there that day got to witness that memorable 146....

      pulltpullt13 天 前
    • I don't know. 147 is just a number. What is special is watching the genius at the table, making every shot he wants to make -- which they still got to see. He didn't accidentally get 146.

      Chris VanderwielenChris Vanderwielen13 天 前
    • But they witnessed something more special than a 147. Most people don't realise that. Who else would chose to make a 146 instead of a 147?

      Phanis PalPhanis Pal15 天 前
  • Love the comment by the commentator - “a once in a generation player, he may even be rarer than that”

    JJ MitchellJJ Mitchell15 天 前
    • @Gweilo Spur but he's different, I'd say he's more than a snooker player, his personality and flow will never me matched

      Ádám AranyÁdám Arany8 天 前
    • @Ádám Arany Thats what people said about Davis then Hendry.

      Gweilo SpurGweilo Spur8 天 前
    • You are correct

      Mark SmithMark Smith15 天 前
    • much rarer c’mon...we’ll never see anyone like him

      Ádám AranyÁdám Arany15 天 前
  • I remember all the haters saying how disrespectful he was being to his opponent and how he was making a mockery of the game. I think it’s great! I think a lot of the players and the fans sometime forget they are in the entertainment business. Love him or hate him, he certainly entertains! I’m pretty sure nobody else ever could play to that standard - beautiful

    DaveDave15 天 前
    • @Boutros Boutros Boutros Ghali Ronnie now has 15 Maximus, that would be awesome to witness, no doubt. In hindsight though I think it would be much cooler to say I was there when he shot a 146 for spite alone. Everyone knew if he wanted the 147 it would have been his. Now with that being said, the reduced prize money for 147 is much less now cause odds of getting one are much higher with the level of play today. Either player would need to take less prize money for placing or, and what I think to be the case is the organization takes out insurance on a player getting a maxi. Ins companies aren’t giving the same rates anymore. For instance, I bought a snow blower last fall, if it snowed 6” or more on Jan1 I’d get all the money I paid for it back. That’s not the retailer taking that bet, that is either investors or ins policy put in place to help sell more snow blowers in the month of October before people actually need them. Use that same logic with maxi’s, if it’s much more likely a player will get one than it’s much bigger gamble for the organization. And as much as the few players that can shoot a 147 and complain about it, they also don’t want less prize money at the end of the day.

      Jeff WattsJeff Watts9 天 前
    • Mark Williams earlier played some spectacular shots but Rocket Ronnie is a slick stick

      Mister Manic Mind MechanicMister Manic Mind Mechanic10 天 前
    • @Boutros Boutros Boutros Ghali yeah that’s probably right, most people would have preferred a147 at the time. But playing perfect snooker isn’t the only thing that makes Ronnie so attractive. Fans love his imperfections too . Ronnie has done many bad things, he is a flawed human. He isn’t the typical super hero character, he’s more complex than that. He’s a bad boy, he’s rude, he’s sometimes nasty, crude, etc. But that is his draw and fans love it

      DaveDave12 天 前
    • @Dave And a maximum break is actually the very opposite of how a robot would play (easiest pots to secure the frame).

      Boutros Boutros Boutros GhaliBoutros Boutros Boutros Ghali12 天 前
    • @Dave No one is saying snooker doesn't need strong personalities, but we're talking about a specific break here - if you would have polled the audience after that game, I'm pretty a vast majory would have preferred to see a 147. Like most snooker fans, I think Ronnie is the GOAT, but that doesn't make him immune from criticism. Another thing that bothers me is how he frequently scolds less experienced referees for taking too long and other minor things.

      Boutros Boutros Boutros GhaliBoutros Boutros Boutros Ghali12 天 前
  • What a coincidence. I just made a 145 clearance and turned on YT to see this. Amazing...

    Saad KhanSaad Khan15 天 前
  • Once in a generation is a huge understatement .. he is the one and only there will never be anyone like him again .. GOAT!

    Derek VenturiDerek Venturi15 天 前
    • @maxone son there already Ronnie never dominated the game the way Judd is now, but that doesn't take away from Ronnie's legacy mate if not for Ronnie the game might've been dead already ..and btw I am not a huge fan of Ronnie me favorite player is Selby but I can not take away anything from Ronnie ..

      Derek VenturiDerek Venturi11 天 前
    • It's just a matter of time before another genie out the bottle just like O'Sullivan. and it will be from China because they are coached day in day out just like Ronnie was from the age of 9 to 11 nearly every day

      maxone sonmaxone son11 天 前
    • @Perry Wheeler yes there probably will be. But I don’t think there will be a character like this ever again. And whoever comes a long next won’t be a genius and an enigma

      John GormanJohn Gorman11 天 前
    • They said that about Davis, then Hendry...theres always gonna be someone better, just a question of when..

      Perry WheelerPerry Wheeler11 天 前
    • There will be another like him but better but not as cocky and arrogant

      maxone sonmaxone son13 天 前
  • A wonderful break, I remember it did kick up a storm. In fact even the clapping stopped after potting the pink with the penultimate red. But at the end, I think everyone appreciated it.

    Samuel JSamuel J15 天 前
    • @c0rse I like Ronnie's reply to that: if they knew they'll be seeing him making 146 live they'd buy a ticket (or something to that meaning).

      Samuel JSamuel J14 天 前
    • I think a lot of audience members were just a bit upset that they didn't get to see a 147. Being able to witness one live is almost as rare as a snooker player actually making one.

      c0rsec0rse15 天 前
  • The last blue and black were ridiculous. It's almost like the balls dont dare wiggle out. They would jump off the table if I hit it in at that pace

    Josh SJosh S15 天 前
  • The goat, a game changer and one of a kind, pure genius, will never be another like him

    Jake ButterfieldJake Butterfield15 天 前
    • yes, there will be another, just like Bata Reyes - gods in the clouds

  • Perverse indeed

    zakzak15 天 前