Moving Out of Manila (BUHAY PROBINSYA)

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Alodia likes the province and so do I! Today we join the Gosiengfiao family for the search of a lot or house, somewhere in the province away from the city. Goodbye Metro Manila, adulting time na! vlog 97
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  • Sana yumaman ang TAONG nakabasa nito at makatulong sa maraming tao. Claim it! Pa subscribe na rin po mga lodz🥰.'

    Vinze TalkVinze Talk天 前
  • Yes it's right !😊 Living in the province is simple, relaxing ,cozy place with a fresh air ,nature.🥰 Me and my fiance Croatian planning to build house in the province area .. Appreciated this video WIL ! Thank you 😊👍God bless and Good luck . Love your vlogs it's fun to watch

    BiaMar VlogsBiaMar Vlogs2 天 前
  • Oh sht just watched this and you lost the hooousseee?!?!....damn we were rooting for you and was so happy when you put your offer in!! Daaamn hope you and Alodia find a better one ! Positive energies !!

    Gabriela BagongSilangGabriela BagongSilang2 天 前
  • kuya Wil sana po mabasa nyo po ito kuya Wil!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maraming salamat po kuya Wil!!!!!! Sama nyo po ako sa team nyo kht ako na mag walis ng bahay araw araw 😂

    LloydP tvLloydP tv2 天 前
  • ..Yey!!!

    RB SohRB Soh4 天 前
  • Is that Tali residential beach resort in Nasugbu? Or pico de loro?

    Bisoy1986Bisoy19865 天 前
  • Ok happy lot&house hunting!😍🤩🥰

    Boyet SorianoBoyet Soriano5 天 前
  • Whew long taym ko di nakasama sa mg vlog nyo happy to see you guys again. Hope to see you guys more.. keep safe fambam..

    gleric custodiogleric custodio5 天 前
  • Hi mga tsong mga tseng😆

    Kirby DecanoKirby Decano6 天 前
  • Why the agent didn't nform you before somebody paid in cash. Parang mali un.

    Thea TanThea Tan6 天 前
  • Buy a lot ang get Arch. Austria 😆❣️

    M h a yM h a y6 天 前
  • Opo. Walang forever.. Pambasag trip.hahaha..

    Joshua LagoJoshua Lago7 天 前
  • PERMISSION TO POST KABAYAN Hello po sa inyo mga kabayan makiisturbo sana ako sainyo kunti..Wala na naman po kase akong trabaho at pamilyado po ako mga kabayan gawa ng di na naman kami pinapasok sa restaurant na pinagtrabahuan namin dahil sa ecq bawal ang dine in..Kaya ngayon pinagka abalahan ko pinagpatuloy ko nalang muna ang pagba vlog ko..Baka sakali mo na ako sa yt..Kaya mga kabayan kung okay lang po sa inyo makiusap sana ako na suportahan ang vlog ko ipa panuod ko po sana kahit isang video ko lang po kahit 30 seconds lang po..kayo na po bahala kung i subscribe niyo po ako..Salamat po sa inyo kabayan.

  • happy to see Daniel with you guys parang old days lang👍, be safe out there 👍

    Neal SazonNeal Sazon7 天 前
  • 885-886 sqm, correct? :)

    Aldous BalingcosAldous Balingcos7 天 前
  • 😃

    PilipinaGal VanLifePilipinaGal VanLife7 天 前
  • I’m actually wondering how you wear a beanie in this humid Philippines heat?

    Valverdeno1Valverdeno18 天 前
  • We may have the money to buy expensive things. But for the sake of Jesus, don't be stupid.

    knight of the sunknight of the sun8 天 前
  • Ang GG nman ng bumili ng bet mong house #gahaman chaurrrrrr

    Me hanMe han8 天 前
  • Bummer about the house being sold from under you. But, what's for you won't miss you. That provincial lot looks beautiful and has a lot of potential. Best of luck in your guys' house hunting!

    Casey KaayoCasey Kaayo9 天 前
  • For those who are asking how big is the lot, they said its ₱35,000 per square meter and its total price is ₱31,000,000 divide it by 35k = 885 square meters.

    Emmanuel FloresEmmanuel Flores9 天 前
  • This is much better than condo.

    Man TikaMan Tika9 天 前
  • It's good to see Daniel with you! I thought he is in Cebu with his father.

    Olivia DimagibaOlivia Dimagiba9 天 前
  • It’s better talaga sa probinsya

    Dolly ReyesDolly Reyes10 天 前
  • Yes, building from scratch is definitely better. Not only is it more cost effective, but it is also more fit to you and Alodz! It's the difference between buying a suit at the store vs having a suit custom made for you! Good luck on your property hunting!

    AntsCanadaAntsCanada10 天 前
  • Mas okay, although, maganda sobra yung nasa Mandaluyong. Iba pa Rin ung IKAW nag build ng house mo, na naka customize talaga for you

    VoodoomaryVoodoomary10 天 前
  • Ang ganda dyan parang nasa Punta Fuego club ito.

    The Ledesma FamilyThe Ledesma Family10 天 前
  • Nice one,get a ❤️ from Wil😊👍

    GioBeth ChannelGioBeth Channel10 天 前
  • kuya will just buy the lot and let's start building the structural :)

    inhinyerong sibilinhinyerong sibil10 天 前
  • Cute ni alodia

    nortsa norastnortsa norast10 天 前
  • "it's like a drug dealer's house" "it's like a drug dealer car" AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Bobby SalapantanBobby Salapantan10 天 前
  • 31 million / 35k per sqm = 885sqm

    GrowCruzGrowCruz10 天 前
  • hello i enjoyed watching this vlog. hope to meet u in person

    Angelita AlonzoAngelita Alonzo11 天 前
  • Take your time, this will be a lifetime investment, Ang mamahal ng manga house hunting mo lately. For sure you will be able to find the best place with the right price. Take care.

    A. VærA. Vær11 天 前
  • Simoy ay Magana! Ang sarap at ligaya! Sobra!

    Toktok AppToktok App11 天 前
  • Being in the city is nice, but moving into province is different.

    Baltar Gilbert L.Baltar Gilbert L.11 天 前
  • 31,000,000 pesos divided by 35,000pesos/sqm = 885.71SQM Tago mo pa yung lot size ah. 😆 Go Wil for the lot! Subscriber here panahon pa ng Tsong and Tsonggo. 😁❤

    Keanu Miguel NinoblaKeanu Miguel Ninobla11 天 前
  • I liked this guy Wil, your content is very awesome.. Sure i will watch your vogs, very inspiring👍

    JP toys collectionJP toys collection12 天 前
  • 💪💪💪👌👌👌🔥🔥🔥

    Kevin John MarianoKevin John Mariano12 天 前
  • i lol'd on that beavis and butthead comment...hahahaha

    Headz ManHeadz Man12 天 前
  • A lot of what? 😝

    Jack McEnpoyJack McEnpoy12 天 前
  • Alodia the most beautiful virginal filipina face I've seen.

    joaquin villacerajoaquin villacera12 天 前
  • Wil check Ayala Greenfield Estates in Calamba, Laguna. It will definitely be on your top choices.

    VibeatVibeat12 天 前
  • nice wil

    Fitness & Workout MusicFitness & Workout Music12 天 前
  • More vlogs with Daniel, Kuya Wil pls......

    Joy De Las AlasJoy De Las Alas12 天 前
  • baka manuno si Alodia, nasa punso na, turo pa ng turo 🤣🤣🤣

    Kuya TitanKuya Titan12 天 前
  • Katinko is life sir

    Ann Mary RosarioAnn Mary Rosario12 天 前
  • That lot is 885 or 886 sqm

    Jion DominikuJion Dominiku13 天 前
  • Wil did you use a wheelchair when you are at the hospital? I am recovering fron stroke, can I have your wheel chair? It will be a great help for me, what I'm using is already beaten up

    Neil BondadNeil Bondad13 天 前
  • Beach is realllllyyyy sooo calming to your soul❣️❣️❣️

    Hazel ChristineHazel Christine13 天 前
  • I am very on your full recovery. Family support and good hospital respons vital to

    Neil BondadNeil Bondad13 天 前
  • What is Daniel's youtube channel? He's kinda cool and an inspiration.

    James CubeloJames Cubelo13 天 前
  • The rare band ontogenetically poke because sphere biochemically appreciate on a truthful russia. crabby, imminent child

    Ma BMa B13 天 前
  • Wow ang ganda ng sasakyan nyo po sir grabe! Ganda nman ng view at ang lawak ng lupain...hahaha

    Filipina Country Life in AmericaFilipina Country Life in America13 天 前
  • Lodi Wil! Sa Nueva Ecija po mura lang ang bahay at lupa!🙂☝️💪🏻

    Raymond RamirezRaymond Ramirez13 天 前
  • Nice video ...from ❤️👍🇮🇳♥️india

    Ashim Nandi VlogsAshim Nandi Vlogs13 天 前
  • That's why we moved to Surigao del sur😊 I follow your advocacy idol😊👍

    Jay Cimafranca TVJay Cimafranca TV13 天 前
  • pwd ba akong magtrabaho sa inyo? 😁

    Dong JiDong Ji13 天 前
  • Will sabihin mo kay Alodia mag "tabi tabi po" Ingat sa nuno sa punso! Yung mga burol na tinatapakan niyo lalo pag probinsya haha old myth but still pay respect to unknown places.

    kenneth de mattakenneth de matta13 天 前
  • Sana all

    Yamato one pieceYamato one piece13 天 前
  • Grabe marami na talagang nangyayari ngayon na hindi maipaliwanag. Sa Japan wala nang umaga, wala naring gabi puro nalang hapon. Pati na rin sa Pilipinas, wala ng balut puro nalang pinoy.

    Yamato one pieceYamato one piece13 天 前
  • Daniel; Opo walang forever😂😂😂

    darius johndarius john13 天 前
  • Told you wil, you gotta get that house real quick or you would lose it 😉

    Percy BandPercy Band13 天 前
  • Oh really?!!! I have been using katinko since Sharon cuneta mentioned it during her Interview and I find it so good for tired muscles , tummy aches and cough ( massage the back with it) helps as decongestant.I use this too to burn tummy fats 😆

    Percy BandPercy Band13 天 前
  • Alodia is so cute with no make up make up. She looks very young

    Percy BandPercy Band13 天 前
    • May makeup po sya

      GrowCruzGrowCruz10 天 前
  • Ginaya sila Angie King pa nga

    See Tech NowSee Tech Now13 天 前
  • Try our lot for sale Sta.Lucia Developer. :) We have in Cavite, Pampanga, Laguna, Batangas, Tagaytay and Baras Rizal. A lot cheaper. :)

    Ericka AbergasEricka Abergas13 天 前
  • I love that place 💞💞💞

    Michelle Michael-MagbagMichelle Michael-Magbag13 天 前
  • Sana mkadecide na bahay wil para kasal na kasunod... 🙊 oh sorry

    Lyndon SadieLyndon Sadie13 天 前
  • The lot is around 899 square meters. 899 sq.m x 35,000 per sq. m = 31,465,000 in 6:26. You're welcome.

    Allan Jerome YuAllan Jerome Yu13 天 前
  • it is nice to live in the provice.there is fresh air and so much trees and plantas and there is beach

    adm Paguilaadm Paguila13 天 前
  • San yang place na yan?

    Mako BernardoMako Bernardo13 天 前
  • wil pang skin lang

    charlon porolcharlon porol13 天 前
  • Maganda ang bahay sa probinsya peaceful. Pero grabe OA presyo 😂

    I Am JabbyI Am Jabby13 天 前
  • Aww. That’s why Daniel is not maarte 🥺 Loved your Raw Vlogs Wil. Walang halong eklavu talaga🥺

    May Ann SeñgaMay Ann Señga13 天 前
  • This is not even a "province life". This is a posh subdivision located in the province. Province life means going farming and letting your feet get dirty. Haha golf course? Province? Anyways, the view is awesome.

    RA RiveraRA Rivera13 天 前
  • I love alodias mom , she’s very cool and stylish ! And very pretty too 😍

    RockySunriseRockySunrise13 天 前
  • Mas maganda pang bumili ka nang lupa wil makakapag design kapa nang gusto mo sa dreamhouse mo

    Vanessa BolivarVanessa Bolivar14 天 前
  • Good decision

    Jedrich SeromaJedrich Seroma14 天 前
  • Sir wil sana kami din mahelp nio makabili ng lupa kahit maliit lang 😢

    AMCD PHAMCD PH14 天 前
  • A future house for wilodia 😍😍😍,ayeeehhh Momijing and with his dad were so kind...lurrrvveee to see Daniel marsh back in your raw blaggg😗😍😍

    Shiela mae ConsingShiela mae Consing14 天 前
  • Dito na ba idedesign ni Arkitek Oliver yung house nyo? 😊 hehe

    Erzalyn GuetaErzalyn Gueta14 天 前
  • I think if you really like the house and have the means to buy it, do not post it here until you already bought it coz somebody else could see it on your vlog and buy it with cold cash.😅😅😅

    D DD D14 天 前
  • I’ve been having frequent anxiety attack and depression coz I felt like I’ve reached rock bottom but what you and daniel talked about being broke at 20s made me realize that it is not too late . Thank you! Watching this early morning because I couldn’t sleep and I keep on crying .

    Gyummy Food VlogGyummy Food Vlog14 天 前
  • Don't buy a lot. Buy lahat!

    padvinculapadvincula14 天 前
  • What phone are you using po va?

    Life & KhinLife & Khin14 天 前
  • Beautiful area I love it and Convieniant to Manila airport good luck finding what you want 👍 nice vlog

    Dennis BDennis B14 天 前
  • What kinda van is that in the beginning of the video?

  • korek yung dad ni Alodia, mas okay bumili ng lupa kaysa bahay 😋

    Bluekiss25Bluekiss2514 天 前
  • Will,your future mother in law is so maganda

    Clar AlaliClar Alali14 天 前
  • parapapapa gahahah

    Mark Angelo V. BaluyotMark Angelo V. Baluyot14 天 前
  • But if youre planning to live in batangas and youre planning to drive back and forth to manila almost everyday, traffic is terrible in slex and edsa. I live near brentville in Laguna and i spend 2-3hrs (public bus) or 1-2hrs (private car) on the road to get to my condo in ortigas on mondays. How much more if you live in batangas

    07mig07mig14 天 前
  • "Drug dealers" HAHAHAHAHAHHAK

    Genelyn ZorilleGenelyn Zorille14 天 前
  • Wow .... Smartwatch idol pls

    Ivan Rey VallenteIvan Rey Vallente14 天 前
  • I will buy a Lot soon!

    RaymondMedinaTVRaymondMedinaTV14 天 前
  • Wow so inspiring thanks will., since 2017

    juliet chajuliet cha14 天 前
  • Kay Austira Mo Ipagaw Yung Design ng House Mo Wil

    Master Jeremiah TVMaster Jeremiah TV14 天 前
  • They're defiantly right, as you grow older and make those huge purchases it's humbling. Remembering where you came from and what you have now is a huge. Those life experiences!

    Tube ReviewTube Review14 天 前
  • Pustahan kaya di mo nabili yong house kase may pagkakuripot ka.

    Armando ReyesArmando Reyes14 天 前
  • Quality content as always💪

    Jhyrell SacilJhyrell Sacil14 天 前