Stephen Curry 41 Pts, 8 Asts, 8 Threes vs Pelicans | FULL Highlights

2021年05月 3日
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Golden State Warriors' Steph Curry Highlights vs New Orleans Pelicans - 41 Pts, 8 Asts, 4 Rebs, 1 Stl, 14-26 FGs in 35 Minutes

  • Curry with a buzz cut and crispy fade is unstoppable 💯🥶

    Iced TræsIced Træs9 天 前
  • Nice to see him dishing out a few more assists.

    Ray GsbrelcikRay Gsbrelcik9 天 前
  • 3:04 he can do nothing about it

    Tenzin GyaltshenTenzin Gyaltshen9 天 前
  • This kid is fucking unreal - 3 ball 🐐

    Ryan SparfvenRyan Sparfven10 天 前
  • Steph curry 4 MVP why not? Stats don't lie💪

    Kokoy KolokoyKokoy Kolokoy10 天 前
  • Curry is MVP

    Ancel SanjoseAncel Sanjose10 天 前
  • The best player in the league 🐐

    ShemzinhoShemzinho10 天 前
    • Cap kd and lebron are better

      Elias HaterElias Hater10 天 前
  • basketball Terminator... Steph C.

    Marlon DomincilMarlon Domincil10 天 前
  • when return to human from GOD?

    -Yoizuki- 宵月Saber-Yoizuki- 宵月Saber10 天 前
  • Man even if steph had 41 if Wiggins does that consistently warriors look the hell out

    Kirky BabyKirky Baby10 天 前
  • He is clearly an MVP there shouldn't even be any debate here

    Joti JotJoti Jot10 天 前
    • @eddie b i think its too late for them to get 5-6th seed but they can definitely go through in the play in tournament. Steph will go god mode in the play in tournament for sure

      Joti JotJoti Jot9 天 前
    • Bro if he sneaks into that 5-6 seed he will win mvp all the voters go off seeding then stats

      eddie beddie b9 天 前
  • I've been away from Pelicans game, but damn Zion has such talent He's gonna be a superstar

    満塁ホームランスリー満塁ホームランスリー10 天 前
  • The trained assassin 1:18😀

    TopaZ TVTopaZ TV10 天 前

    bHaVyA aCoUsTiCabHaVyA aCoUsTiCa10 天 前
  • Just happy this was a regular espn coverage vid the other yt vid had super hero cramp 😭

    Alvin GomezAlvin Gomez10 天 前
  • your so young zion..

    aries vlogaries vlog10 天 前
  • si curry parang ml..sya ang core...tga buhat...

    aries vlogaries vlog10 天 前
  • Unreal

    Carlo BañasCarlo Bañas10 天 前
  • Look at MVP Curry man

    最終兵器彼氏最終兵器彼氏10 天 前
  • All the categories that Steph Curry is GOAT at: - Greatest 3 points shooter of all time - Greatest free throw shooter of all time - Greatest offball player of all time - Most efficient player of all time - Greatest offensive player of all time - (Arguably) Greatest Point Guard of all time And he’s still arguably being talked about the GOAT in many other categories when it’s all said and done

    JJSJr SJJSJr S10 天 前
    • @JJSJr S bruh

      Elias HaterElias Hater9 天 前
    • @Elias Hater sorry buddy, I don’t think you even know what you’re talking about

      JJSJr SJJSJr S9 天 前
    • And really steve nash is leading in free throws percentage

      Elias HaterElias Hater9 天 前
    • @JJSJr S just because he leads in free throws dosent mean he is the best and i mean look at harden stats team triple team him at half

      Elias HaterElias Hater9 天 前
    • @Elias Hater I mean no other player runs the offence as well as curry does in all of NBA but those players that you’ve listed, Kobe, Mj and KD are better scorers than Curry, but not better offensive player. I wouldn’t say Harden is a better scorer than Curry because if you look at the stats, Curry’s far more efficient than Harden and also, Curry is the greatest free throw shooter, his career free throw average is 1st in NBA history, not Steve Nash

      JJSJr SJJSJr S9 天 前
  • Curry real mvp

    felipe buenofelipe bueno10 天 前
  • 3:50 What can 1 defender do in that situation 😂😂. That off-ball movement 👌👌

    Kyle GarciaKyle Garcia10 天 前

    Chris Breezy -Ryan BarbosaChris Breezy -Ryan Barbosa10 天 前

    chi chochi cho10 天 前
  • Mvp

    Joshua LimJoshua Lim10 天 前
  • 2021 mvp

  • 3:51 look that footwork men! 🤣😂

    Larie BajaresLarie Bajares10 天 前
  • Yay we won and we now 8th seed! we make to the playoffs!

    Aireane AltayoAireane Altayo10 天 前
  • The best offensive player with no doubt

    4518henry4518henry10 天 前
    • @Elias Hater I mean atm. kd harden isn't that powerful now

      4518henry4518henry9 天 前
    • Nah kd harden kobe and mj are more offensive

      Elias HaterElias Hater10 天 前
  • They clinch top 8 seed. Curry #GSOAT

    jeck dfjeck df10 天 前
  • Nothing but net.” They can't stop him outside nor inside.😄

    Love JesusLove Jesus10 天 前
  • Mvp

    Eagles16Eagles1610 天 前
  • 2:41 Bledsoe (CP3 part 2)

    Benjamin PedrosaBenjamin Pedrosa10 天 前
  • 9th game 40+pts 😂

    sakura kakkisakura kakki10 天 前
  • 😎😎😎😎

    sakura kakkisakura kakki10 天 前
  • Amazing curry nice game

    Jeami LopezJeami Lopez10 天 前
  • The shots he takes and makes look easy at that are literally stupid as fuck to anyone else in the league, in history. Even his pick n roll game + layup package have improved. When he put on lbs of muscle this year he gained a new confidence, that he didnt even fuckin need cause he was already stupid good 😂. Just fuckin unbelievable.

    Philip VladimirPhilip Vladimir10 天 前
  • curry mvp now

    Virgilio ElagoVirgilio Elago10 天 前
  • Quick upload

    Falko VonFalko Von10 天 前
  • Poor defense from Pelicans

    Midoria DekuMidoria Deku10 天 前
  • Steph Curry.....thats my mans in them

    A CA C10 天 前
  • Wat a mvp mode men... Steph So inspiration his a beast men 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😱

    amado Catalanamado Catalan10 天 前
  • Curry VS Curry with a 40 inch vertical

    rosihantu1rosihantu110 天 前
  • A bulked up heavier Steph is a beast… he doesn't even lose a step in moving without the ball and creating his own shot. No one plays this good and as entertaining as this man. Looking back no major college wants to sign him back then because he is too small and not built for NBA basketball. Look at him now not so many players can do what he can do and his performance in every game is always a spectacle to behold. This is how determination and perseverance can do to anyone who has the will to do anything possible. SC30 is truly one of a kind.

    jackryanjackryan10 天 前

    DeDustin3DeDustin310 天 前
  • Got Beasted by Curry

    Add To ArtAdd To Art10 天 前
  • @1:13 curry does that: needed to be farther for a logo three Dame does that even without the step back, everyone: o my goodness what a shot by Lillard from the logo wow

    Titus BooneTitus Boone10 天 前
  • Most active and best player I ever watched. Works for every layup and 3 and never stops. Cant beat this man.

    WoahtherebuddyWoahtherebuddy10 天 前
  • 0:41 triple teamed when curry not even near 3 pt line. 1:00 another triple team

    GilxSullingerGilxSullinger10 天 前
  • 0:43 Three people on 1 man. Some NBA stars are begging for double teams, this man commands triple teams and still drops 40 plus

    David TVDavid TV10 天 前
    • @Only Facts he's scoring at 40-45% clip at 3 pt line at 10+ attempts on a normal day constantly double teamed. That's freakin efficient. He's true shooting is above 60% when uncontested. Screening for him and getting him free to shoot is far more efficient than the other guys on the team. Obviously you are a curry hater so that doesn't process in your mind lol

      boompewpewboomboompewpewboom10 天 前
    • @Manny Irving fighting to get in the play.offs he cant even be considered a TOP20 player... Shooting a lot to make stupid fans think he is playing well...its always easier to score a lot when you are in a bad team that allows you to shoot all the time... When GSW loses its his fault because he is missing the shoots and keeps shooting those bricks...

      Only FactsOnly Facts10 天 前
    • he is shooting 14 times a game from 3 point line off course he is scoring a lot... TRIPLE TEAMMED??? so when GSW loses its is fault..because he doesnt pass the ball... DO YOU GOT IT??? of course not you are a CURRY fan, you dont know shit about basketball..

      Only FactsOnly Facts10 天 前
    • I was surprised when I saw that

      TopaZ TVTopaZ TV10 天 前
    • And they say he ain't the mvp

      Manny IrvingManny Irving10 天 前
  • Why does it have to be always Steph starting silly and reckless and later getting into the rhythm? He misses easy shots and makes so hard and contested ones. I can't wrap my head around that. Anyone???

    CetinsadikCetinsadik10 天 前
    • @Miss Sanabria For this game. Yes. But normally he misses a bunch before he gets his laser focus on the following ones. I guess he needs some calibration. I guess it is not easy to put muscle memory into action right off the bat.

      CetinsadikCetinsadik10 天 前
    • He had 17 in the first quarter so he started off just right, he immediately set the tone for the game🙌🏽💪🏽🔥🔥🔥

      Miss SanabriaMiss Sanabria10 天 前
  • 2:42 Ankle breaker. Ouch !

    Cyber De JesusCyber De Jesus10 天 前
  • Ridiculous

    Vern JVern J10 天 前
  • Curry gave both those kids the business.

    tellthetruthgtellthetruthg10 天 前
  • Steph is an alien

    Tim WTim W10 天 前
  • Didn’t Ball in a interview say he could stop Curry ? In this game he schooled Zion and Ball

    tellthetruthgtellthetruthg10 天 前
  • Look at curry man💪. So special. God bless you step🙏😇

    Kaushin QuezadaKaushin Quezada10 天 前
  • i wanna see this desperation in the playoffs.

    II10 天 前
    • playoffs it even harder. many teams is gonna leave draymond open and cover steph it's really up to green to lift the burden off curry shoulder by being an offensive threat. seen that many times in playoffs when green literally has no one guarding.

      GilxSullingerGilxSullinger10 天 前
  • He had different energy today

    草3草310 天 前
  • Steph the mvp king

    carole pasion-capancarole pasion-capan10 天 前
  • If MVP voting was done solely by NBA fans... Stephen Curry.

    Fran BriggsFran Briggs10 天 前
    • @Jobless Doctor Wow, when people hate on Curry, they find reasons to tell people that he's bad but ur different

      micah elijah pulidomicah elijah pulido9 天 前
    • Even tho I hate this guy... he deserves to be the MVP ..!!

      Jobless DoctorJobless Doctor10 天 前
    • You got that right 👏🏾😊

      SharelleSharelle10 天 前
  • STEPH.....HOF.....EZ

    Str8up LegitStr8up Legit10 天 前
  • 0:57 this is a nice adjustment off the double team/trap in pick n roll with dray, that instead of passing to dray and play the 4 on 3, steph dribbles the ball for an extra second, wait for the help to come to dray and the free man iggins cut to the basket.

    Tepong KyuriTepong Kyuri10 天 前
    • He is a smart GOAT.

      Hana ChingHana Ching10 天 前
  • 2:39 sheeeeeeeiiit

    Bennett BrauerBennett Brauer10 天 前
    • Lmao rite, blesdoe trippin

      Philip VladimirPhilip Vladimir10 天 前
  • If they don't give curry the MVP award then the NBA is rigged

    Levi PayneLevi Payne10 天 前
    • FACTS ASF!💯

      Eli HummelEli Hummel10 天 前
    • Yeah, Stephen definitely deserve an MVP award. No doubt about that. 🏆🏀

      Love JesusLove Jesus10 天 前
    • Steph deserve mvp

  • my boy can barely jump still dropping 40+

    Tepong KyuriTepong Kyuri10 天 前
    • @rpaulkb24/8 atwal 32 inch vertical

      bwl2015bwl201510 天 前
    • Lol curry has above avg vertical compared to other nba players. There was a poll.

      rpaulkb24/8 atwalrpaulkb24/8 atwal10 天 前
  • Mvp

    isaac thruppisaac thrupp10 天 前
  • As steph goes on another record, lonzo is also making his own, worst fg on 2 and 3 pts

    Dan OrtegaDan Ortega10 天 前
  • Is this his 3rd or 4th staight game over 30. Is he going to break his 11th consecutive 30 pts game?

    DenniszenDenniszen10 天 前
    • Probably more than 4.😄

      Love JesusLove Jesus10 天 前
  • Lonzo better than Steph?

    MJ PerkinsMJ Perkins10 天 前
  • Curry is the real MVP. Congratulations warriors

    Evap VlogEvap Vlog10 天 前
  • 3:52 is why defending curry is a nightmare

    ZydareZydare10 天 前
    • They looking lost out there

      J HuJ Hu10 天 前
    • that's why almost all teams double or triple team him coz 1v1 he is almost unstoppable. Pelicans even sent Zion to guard him but Steph just shoot 3 in Zion's face 🤣

      KungPow's Chosen OneKungPow's Chosen One10 天 前
    • He was running from the top of the 3 around to baseline before that lol his stamina is different

      Rookie ProductionsRookie Productions10 天 前
  • Anthony Mackie was right. The pelicans should of sent 4 guys on Steph😄

    NBA Sensitive RefsNBA Sensitive Refs10 天 前
  • Genio o 2 melhor de todos o tempos revolucionou com suas bolas de 3 sinistras 👏👏👏

    Maria CeciliaMaria Cecilia10 天 前
  • Mvp

    TSMx4AM TenzingTSMx4AM Tenzing10 天 前
  • imma say it again. steph is the one who rivals king james

    SilverSauceSilverSauce10 天 前
    • @Kyle Elpel casual kd is better then curry

      Elias HaterElias Hater10 天 前
    • @Kyle Elpel ur stucc in 2017 kid

      YgmGoonYgmGoon10 天 前
    • 1. Lebron 2. Steph 3/4. Kd and Harden 5. Kawhi

      Kyle ElpelKyle Elpel10 天 前
    • Facts

      Jailin RobersonJailin Roberson10 天 前
    • @jay em facts

      YgmGoonYgmGoon10 天 前
  • This gotta be illegal to be this GREAT. HE FROM ANOTHER PLACE 🐐

    David ReedDavid Reed10 天 前
  • Difffferent!!!!!

    1980MDOLLARS1980MDOLLARS10 天 前
  • The Beast + The Legend = Stephen Curry From Way Downtown ❤️⛹️👑

    Jenielyn Margarette GoldeJenielyn Margarette Golde10 天 前
  • Curry taking back the scoring title 😪

    DezronDezron10 天 前
  • MVP🔥🔥🔥

    Jaja BacatanJaja Bacatan10 天 前
  • So sick! 3:52

    Team RaKKXTeam RaKKX10 天 前
  • Look at curry man, so inspirational

    cheese assassincheese assassin10 天 前
  • 🤧.._ it's impossible drops 41 points and no Top 10 play of the Night and Day 🔥🏀🎯🐐

    Laila0421 HorvinaLaila0421 Horvina10 天 前
  • Zion laughed after one of them threes in his face 😭 theres really nothing to do on that quick release

    Elijah TeputepuElijah Teputepu10 天 前
    • @Horde Shrive its not like steph is the only one taking advantage of being able to to shoot anywhere with less defense. Everyone in nba is. Just appreciate greatness man

      Gillan Dale ArtsGillan Dale Arts10 天 前
    • He thought he is a video game as Kenny Smith puts it. He is real!..

      CetinsadikCetinsadik10 天 前
    • @arjcr1 He knew he was the next and that happened. No one is immune to that.

      CetinsadikCetinsadik10 天 前
    • Zion just fanboying like damn, this is rrally steph curry draining a three in ma face. 🤣🤣🤣

      arjcr1arjcr110 天 前
    • @Horde Shrive hahaha. u mad bro? 🤣🤣🤣 i can see the pain.. 😄

      arjcr1arjcr110 天 前
  • How y’all finna double someone and let them drop 40...

    Adarsha ShahAdarsha Shah10 天 前
    • Because it's Steph whom they're doubling...

      R CR C10 天 前
    • they should triple team Curry...wait...they do. >_

      redeh2redeh210 天 前
  • Look at Inspirational man... so curry.

    WorryWorry10 天 前
  • okey so here the thing get that 6 or 7 seed and get your mvp

    CG AlchemistCG Alchemist10 天 前
    • @MJ Perkins wolves? You mean Grizzlies?

      CSFTWCSFTW10 天 前
    • @MJ Perkins I mean knicks

      Stormboy l21Stormboy l2110 天 前
    • @MJ Perkins yea but if the wolves lose today that puts the warriors in 8th and the they’re losing to the nuggets rn.

      Stormboy l21Stormboy l2110 天 前
    • @Stormboy l21 but they behind the wolves tho

      MJ PerkinsMJ Perkins10 天 前
    • @Kyle Elpel they’re 8th now my guy

      Stormboy l21Stormboy l2110 天 前

    io urquiza channelio urquiza channel10 天 前
  • 2:01 lolwtf

    DruMeisterDruMeister10 天 前
    • It was Marvel night or some new bullshit. They make super hero’s out of the best players

      Ethan CrandallEthan Crandall10 天 前
    • Like what the heck is that lol

      Landon AppleLandon Apple10 天 前

      Landon AppleLandon Apple10 天 前
  • Teh best player in the world atm

    E NE N10 天 前
  • Absolutely ridiculous man

    Antonio Thomas_3240417Antonio Thomas_324041710 天 前
  • Look at steph chef curry

    YgmGoonYgmGoon10 天 前
  • The goat, the best shooter of all time will win 2021 championship before doubting rethink your decision and come back to this comment in June

    Christian ZeijjaChristian Zeijja10 天 前
    • @DaReal DamienPrince I'm a warriors fan. Have been since 2014. Im just a realist I don't see them winning a championship this year

      Tech PubsTech Pubs9 天 前
    • Chace simpson they are 8th seed.... barley is 10th 😑

      DaReal DamienPrinceDaReal DamienPrince10 天 前
    • Curry finals mvp too no cap

      Gabriel MartinezGabriel Martinez10 天 前
    • bruh stop it lol

      Future HendrixFuture Hendrix10 天 前
    • Lmao

      terrell leisterterrell leister10 天 前
  • MVP

    Niddez99Niddez9910 天 前
  • Steph!!!!🐐

    Ultra 1sUltra 1s10 天 前
  • Dude is just insane

    zTypezType10 天 前
  • Dude your so early

    micah elijah pulidomicah elijah pulido10 天 前
  • 1st comment

    Elijah youngElijah young10 天 前