Re:Zero All Openings & Endings Collection (S1 & S2) 2020 Edition

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➥ Tracklist:
4:45 MYTH & ROID - Paradisus-Paradoxum [S1 OP2]
8:35 Rie Takahashi (Emilia) - Stay Alive [S1 ED2]
13:00 Konomi Suzuki - Redo [S1 OP1]
17:15 Konomi Suzuki - Realize [S2 OP]
21:17 nonoc - Memento [S2 ED]
26:19 Inori Minase (Rem) - Wishing [S1 Insert Song]
32:16 MYTH & ROID - STRAIGHT BET [S1 Insert Song]
36:23 MYTH & ROID - theater D [S1 Insert Song]
40:01 Rie Takahashi (Emilia) - ぼうやの夢よ [S1 Insert Song]

➥ Anime: Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Season 1 & 2)
➥ Illustration by kannie:
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  • ★ Tracklist ★ 0:00 MYTH & ROID - STYX HELIX [S1 ED1] 4:45 MYTH & ROID - Paradisus-Paradoxum [S1 OP2] 8:35 Rie Takahashi (Emilia) - Stay Alive [S1 ED2] 13:00 Konomi Suzuki - Redo [S1 OP1] 17:15 Konomi Suzuki - Realize [S2 OP] 21:17 nonoc - Memento [S2 ED] 26:19 Inori Minase (Rem) - Wishing [S1 Insert Song] 32:16 MYTH & ROID - STRAIGHT BET [S1 Insert Song] 36:23 MYTH & ROID - theater D [S1 Insert Song] 40:01 Rie Takahashi (Emilia) - ぼうやの夢よ [S1 Insert Song]

    KiraKira2 个月 前
    • @loco ludwin I can and I use Mobile

      Ichigo RoseIchigo Rose2 天 前
    • P

      MaximilianoMaximiliano4 天 前
    • For those who haven't watch the show and heard the entire song list they will repeat the Death Parade again😆 thats what I said to my friend after watching both series she's so mad to me because that broke her heart as I laugh behind the scene just like what I said before these ones watching Your Lie In April in one sitting to experience true happiness I said🤣 I guess I lied as well😂

      Anime DaisukiAnime Daisuki6 天 前
    • a primeira é a melhor

      thiagxcrvg.thiagxcrvg.21 天 前
    • 21:17 best

  • I'm glad that there are many good songs.

    midoridrivemidoridrive13 小时 前
  • who's reading the comments while listening??😀😀

    ML ManiacML Maniac15 小时 前
  • Straight bet sounds like a sao ost am i wrong?

    cookie redondocookie redondo21 小时 前
  • 瞬きしてる...

    セミチャーハンセミチャーハン22 小时 前
  • that blink at the start was pretty cool

    samuel Yoosamuel Yoo天 前
  • Ah yes tea

    nazigor furhernazigor furher天 前
  • A la verga.

    Girl IndianGirl Indian天 前
  • i have now realised that the butterfly is changing colours

    owwerlord 69owwerlord 69天 前
  • Styx helix and paradise paradoxum The melody and lyrics are very deep, I love it too !!

    Arthur CaféArthur Café天 前
  • im here trying to figure out who the fuck is rem

    HazomoHazomo天 前
  • People: Woah she's blinking! Me who's blinking at the same time she is: Real funny guys, nice try.

    The HeroThe Hero2 天 前
  • Stay alive makes me remember the times Subaru would lay on Emilias lap and we both think “it’s been hard it’s been so hard”

    FuryVtolFuryVtol2 天 前
    • this anime hit me hard isnt¿

      •BiWi••BiWi•2 天 前
  • Calidad

  • Watashi wa pureirisuto ga daisukideshita

    ꨄAylin-Chanꨄ :3ꨄAylin-Chanꨄ :32 天 前
  • ya llego el mexicano

    Cesar Damian Rios NavaCesar Damian Rios Nava2 天 前
  • wait...wait.... her eyes is blinking !!!!!!

    Iqbal HakimIqbal Hakim3 天 前
  • stive alive Rie takahashi

    luis manzanoluis manzano3 天 前
  • echidna es la mejor bruja de todas

    Ismail Ben Hssain KhayatIsmail Ben Hssain Khayat3 天 前
  • S2 ed is so good

    uwu owouwu owo4 天 前
  • i want to like again, again....

    Monhoo GanzorigMonhoo Ganzorig4 天 前
  • *everyone chill until the uchida blinks*

    PenguinoPenguino4 天 前
  • I swear to God, when Echidna started blinking, I had to do the rewind thing to confirm if I'm finally going crazy, or just hallucinating

    PunMaster 101PunMaster 1014 天 前
  • 91/100 people after watching this video have there ears bleeding reason: REALIZE ALREADY IF YOU WATCH THIS SONGS YOUR EARS WILL BLEED STOP WATCHING ON FULL VOLUME *says the one who has their ears bleeding*

  • Imagine when echidna blinks, the OoOuuU thing starts playing, i would be so scared lol

    VucVuc5 天 前

    just some guyjust some guy5 天 前
  • Oh my god! I can’t stress enough, I feel like im going off when listening to this music

    Hubble WorksHubble Works5 天 前
  • this is one of my favorite openings :3

    Maria TeresaMaria Teresa6 天 前
  • (๑⃙⃘ •⌄• ๑⃙⃘)ᵗᑋᵃᐢᵏ ᵞᵒᵘ ¨̮

    ばこばこ6 天 前
  • OH MY GOSH THAT STARTLED ME. I was really surprised when I saw Echidna blink.

    ColorXColorX6 天 前
  • Ctrl+U, Ctrl+F then type "og:image". You're welcome ig

    ExeConExeCon7 天 前
    • mobile users be like: Bruh

      kurt yapkurt yap3 天 前
    • thanks I guess I'll take it

      Tachanka _loverTachanka _lover4 天 前
    • @Karmander Dimdung Yes.

      ExeConExeCon6 天 前
    • I thought I was gonna get the pic with the blinking thing too but thanks anyways!

      SUPER BornilSUPER Bornil6 天 前
    • what is og:image? is it the thumbnail used for the vid? also thank you.

      Karmander DimdungKarmander Dimdung6 天 前
  • A A A I- love it! Nonoc -Memento has me Just -*chefs kiss* All the songs are just *chef kisses*

    We _StanWe _Stan7 天 前
  • I've never heard it until now, but Straight Bet is straight fire. I can't believe I overlooked it; it's in the scene where Ram wants to kill Subaru at the cliff.

    Lxagamer 3Lxagamer 37 天 前
    • Wait they created that entire masterpiece for that one scene? Fuck

      Adam BakerAdam Baker6 天 前
  • Can we just agree that Straight Bet is incredible!!!!

    Lord CatingtonLord Catington7 天 前
  • The description is the reason why i subcribed

    :0 :0:0 :07 天 前
  • That's wack, there's actually intros and extros that are 40+ minutes making so much of something that's practically non-existant

    Mogan YeeMogan Yee7 天 前
  • ★ Tracklist ★ 0:00 MYTH & ROID - STYX HELIX [S1 ED1] 4:45 MYTH & ROID - Paradisus-Paradoxum [S1 OP2] 8:35 Rie Takahashi (Emilia) - Stay Alive [S1 ED2] 13:00 Konomi Suzuki - Redo [S1 OP1] 17:15 Konomi Suzuki - Realize [S2 OP] 21:17 nonoc - Memento [S2 ED] 26:19 Inori Minase (Rem) - Wishing [S1 Insert Song] 32:16 MYTH & ROID - STRAIGHT BET [S1 Insert Song] 36:23 MYTH & ROID - theater D [S1 Insert Song] 40:01 Rie Takahashi (Emilia) - ぼうやの夢よ [S1 Insert Song]

    Mogan YeeMogan Yee7 天 前
  • Man, I love the video and all but the picture blinking caught me off guard and I screamed.

    Eryth CrestfallEryth Crestfall7 天 前
  • 10/10

    miguel machorromiguel machorro8 天 前
    • 1000000000/10

      beako subarubeako subaru7 天 前
  • man, i'm vibin hard

    Diego SobarzoDiego Sobarzo8 天 前
  • whenever i'm seeing echidna's poster, i'm always thinking of her "pee tea" and it really haunts my mind, mental scar for a very long time

    eryson rodriguezeryson rodriguez8 天 前
    • @eryson rodriguez as soon as I heard her say bodily fluid I immediately thought pee but it could be anything. Maybe it is some premium level gamer grill pee, or maybe it’s sweat, or saliva, or who knows maybe it’s just normal tea and she wants to jape with people.

      Jeffrey AguilarJeffrey Aguilar7 天 前
    • it's body fluid. but idk

      ツRem-samaツツRem-samaツ7 天 前
    • @jeffrey auguilar i think its mixed: since its tea, shouldnt be tasty, it can be any mucuous but one thing for sure it has pee/sweat to balance

      eryson rodriguezeryson rodriguez7 天 前
    • Ew so it is pee.

      Jeffrey AguilarJeffrey Aguilar7 天 前
    • Dayummmm 😂😁🤣 :v

      Alejandro GAlejandro G7 天 前
  • They really nailed the first Ending

    枯れた桜枯れた桜8 天 前
  • Русские есть?

    Рамис ИсмаковРамис Исмаков9 天 前
    • салам

      Dvane PopeDvane Pope6 天 前
  • It's all happens cuz his birthday date lmao. the 4th month of the year. Japanese unlucky number is 4 also Mista's B)

    Ascended CatAscended Cat9 天 前
  • Sleep... along with my daughter. Still the best moment of the series.

    meskiszmeskisz9 天 前
  • I love this anime

    kacpibro plkacpibro pl9 天 前
    • @EmmericH. Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well.

      Asănache AndreiAsănache Andrei3 天 前
    • Will you believe me if i told you that you're not ready ? And that what i'm guessing from where i am in the LN : it just represents probably only a half of part 2

      EmmericH.EmmericH.9 天 前
  • 瞬きするのすご

    まさぴょんぴょんまさぴょんぴょん9 天 前
  • RE ZERO already updated SEASON 2 right ? If ALREADY updated can I know when NETFLIX update season 2 PLEASE ?

    Tai Hao BingTai Hao Bing9 天 前
  • oh

    Hakuna MatataHakuna Matata9 天 前
  • si fuera menor pensaria como puede estar tanto tiempo inmovil pero si pestaneando :U

    cielo turutucielo turutu9 天 前
  • forgot how good the soundtrack is

    Reyes zenpaiReyes zenpai10 天 前
  • love how in the first season both opening and ending theme become more cold if i could say,like the first op had like more of a punch but then op2 was like "Subaru its dread time"

    Vladimir ŽivanovicVladimir Živanovic10 天 前

    Jorge Manuel Sauri CantónJorge Manuel Sauri Cantón10 天 前
  • Cruel Satella's Thesis

    meskiszmeskisz10 天 前
  • can you create this music on spotify? i love re:zero

    Raimbow DogRaimbow Dog10 天 前
  • That's wack, there's actually intros and extros that are 40+ minutes making so much of something that's practically non-existant

    Alejandro GomezAlejandro Gomez10 天 前
  • I can just hear subaru screaming.

    ShNXShNX10 天 前
  • 14:33 did anyone think that their computer/phone broke no one? just me? ok

    OG mellowOG mellow10 天 前
  • I fear no man.... But those greedy eyes...... It scares me..

    Breidgette5Breidgette510 天 前
  • Me gustan todas las musicas de re zero son muy hermosas

    daniel jhamil aquinodaniel jhamil aquino11 天 前
  • Need this as a soundcloud Playlist tho

    Julian S.Julian S.11 天 前
  • The doll in my room 11:44

    Bruho MomentoBruho Momento11 天 前
  • when she blinked i was like " wat da fuq"

    fαωαz вιlαlfαωαz вιlαl11 天 前
  • Re zero the best anime 😖😖💕.

    Israel dlsIsrael dls11 天 前
  • Me: Enjoying the song Echidana: Blinks

    Ang KMAng KM11 天 前
  • リゼロめっちゃおもろいよな~

  • The meaning of the song always have a connection to subaru suffering

    FlamingGorillaFlamingGorilla11 天 前
  • EMT

    GarenXDDGarenXDD11 天 前
  • She seems to be trying to gesture tribadism.

    Wongue HanWongue Han11 天 前
  • Me seeing Echidna blink: That's neat Me seeing Echidna still blink after pausing the video: 0_0

    Juanito PaulitoJuanito Paulito12 天 前
    • wait what

      Katzethic _Katzethic _8 天 前
  • サムネに釣られて来ちゃったZE☆

    務常田和大務常田和大12 天 前
  • エキドナたん。パチパチまたたき生々しいw

  • 01:36

    Bayu RiskiawanBayu Riskiawan12 天 前
  • ¿soy solo yo que se deprime con la Rem y Emilia?

    xavier cifuentesxavier cifuentes13 天 前
  • Emilia: Stays Alive Also Emilia: Not so alive if there wouldn't be Subaru.

    meskiszmeskisz13 天 前
    • @meskisz X,D that was good

      Obito UchihaObito Uchiha10 天 前
    • @Obito Uchiha Satella - My love is your pain.

      meskiszmeskisz11 天 前
    • Also Subaru: I try but it's dificult

      Obito UchihaObito Uchiha13 天 前
  • Echidnas, sometimes known as spiny anteaters, belong to the family Tachyglossidae in the monotreme order of egg-laying mammals.

    meskiszmeskisz13 天 前
    • Wiat a minute did u just talk to my ear the word "egg laying"? 😐

      cookie redondocookie redondo9 天 前
  • aww these songs make me cry, hey I'm crying a lot !!!!

    021Kai'sa021021Kai'sa02113 天 前
  • 40:01 to last | It makes me sleepy lol

    Beyblade BreakersBeyblade Breakers13 天 前
  • People : Nice Song Subaru : Suffering

    Mogan YeeMogan Yee14 天 前
    • Emilia: Stay Alive Subaru: I try but it's hard

      Obito UchihaObito Uchiha13 天 前
    • Suicide-sensei.

      meskiszmeskisz13 天 前

    YokuutsuYokuutsu14 天 前
  • god damn she is blinking

    Привет ПриветПривет Привет14 天 前
  • 40:01 I can hear some Konosuba ED here ...

    DabnautaDabnauta14 天 前
  • I love those songs even if they trigger my ptsd

    weafonweafon14 天 前
  • is it just me or does redo sound like a pokemon opening i-

    Katzethic _Katzethic _14 天 前
  • where is white white snow ?!

    마듀마듀14 天 前
  • Dude it was first time in 2020 i genuinely got scared

    Bijoy Chandra RoyBijoy Chandra Roy14 天 前
  • Ya salió la segunda temporada de Re zero?!

    El.negro BlackEl.negro Black14 天 前
    • @El.negro Black animeflv

      Cristian GuerreroCristian Guerrero13 天 前
    • @Cristian Guerrero Gracias bro, alguna página que me recomiendes para poder verla?

      El.negro BlackEl.negro Black13 天 前
    • Solo la primera parte La segunda parte saldrá en 2021

      Cristian GuerreroCristian Guerrero13 天 前
  • Memento has been stuck in my head for DAYS.

    • @DARK_NAL Bruhhhh the song was released back in sept (full) and late July (ep 3)

      KuromakiKuromaki12 天 前
    • @Kuromaki Rookie numbers

      DARK_NALDARK_NAL12 天 前
    • Jokes on you its months for me

      KuromakiKuromaki12 天 前
    • Same

      Big WeebBig Weeb13 天 前
  • No ads on this? COUNT ME IN!!

    You have been HackedYou have been Hacked15 天 前
    • Me (the Super-User): Ads on CNworld? Hmpf.

      meskiszmeskisz13 天 前
  • These are some fuckin bangers

    fearfear15 天 前
  • Re-zeros soundtrack is pretty amazing. I adore pretty much all of these songs, S2 doesn't have quite as hard of a hit, but nostalgia I immagine, and skipping more openings, and not watching the season 3 times.

    Geoffrey VonbargenGeoffrey Vonbargen15 天 前
  • I don't listen to music. I watch music.

    Sub FaceSub Face15 天 前
  • 32:59 He hold my balls

    LukevvvLukevvv15 天 前
    • XD im dying

      The Gaming AceThe Gaming Ace14 天 前
  • We all wait for s2 part 2 like sao part 2 now I gotta wait for another part 2😂

    Mechamorph TYMechamorph TY15 天 前
  • 7:13 It would be great if they added a similar line to the "Solo Leveling" Opening.

    Дмитрий ДемиденкоДмитрий Демиденко16 天 前
  • I still to this Day hate episode 13

    Renaldy AzhariRenaldy Azhari16 天 前
    • @Renaldy Azhari I would not act like that but is easier said then done no humans can just keep growing constantly they grow and regressing at the same time sometime people just keep regressing none stop but there’s no one that can keep growing and growing subaru is the same after the mabeast incident he became arrogant he thought he is special so he throw himself out and brag about himself sure it is not fun to watch but that is just great character writing cause subaru is not your usual Jesus protagonist he can grow but he also can make mistake which is so much better then subaru just become a hero in season 1

      Step on MeStep on Me9 天 前
    • @Step on Me if you are on subaru position, are you going still behave Like he did? You would learn from your mistake right? You understand that not Everyone experience Like he did, so you must be careful for what you act next. And dont be naive and egoistic thinking Everyone understand you and thinking what you do is the best

      Renaldy AzhariRenaldy Azhari10 天 前
    • @Renaldy Azhari frustration does not equal bad in fact the series is trying to make you feel that way cause what did you expect ? For subaru to become the king of Luginica and Mary the other 5 candidates ? No the series is not like that re:zero was never about having “fun” you should know it if you watched the series the entirety of episode 13 don’t have a single “fun” aspect to it but have plenty of “greatness” element to it cause that episode have it all writing , world building , character build up , tension between characters , huge plot points to the overall story and of course the one thing that anime strays away from “realism” so yeah frustration is not a bad thing and that episode was amazing on its own not for the “fun” department but for the “greatness” department

      Step on MeStep on Me10 天 前
    • @Step on Me have you ever watch eps 13? Im so frustated seeing subaru behaviour on it

      Renaldy AzhariRenaldy Azhari10 天 前
    • @Renaldy Azhari just curious

      Step on MeStep on Me10 天 前
  • wow

    Gian Piero VillenaGian Piero Villena17 天 前
  • Conclusion : Myth & Roid are *THE TRUE FINAL BOSS*

    Hassy HassyHassy Hassy17 天 前
  • Wtf Echidna nos esta observando cuidense el trasero

    The RulerThe Ruler17 天 前
  • these are all so epic

    the green balloonthe green balloon18 天 前