Re:Zero All Openings & Endings Collection (S1 & S2) 2020 Edition

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➥ Tracklist:
4:45 MYTH & ROID - Paradisus-Paradoxum [S1 OP2]
8:35 Rie Takahashi (Emilia) - Stay Alive [S1 ED2]
13:00 Konomi Suzuki - Redo [S1 OP1]
17:15 Konomi Suzuki - Realize [S2 OP]
21:17 nonoc - Memento [S2 ED]
26:19 Inori Minase (Rem) - Wishing [S1 Insert Song]
32:16 MYTH & ROID - STRAIGHT BET [S1 Insert Song]
36:23 MYTH & ROID - theater D [S1 Insert Song]
40:01 Rie Takahashi (Emilia) - ぼうやの夢よ [S1 Insert Song]

➥ Anime: Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Season 1 & 2)
➥ Illustration by kannie:
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  • ★ Tracklist ★ 0:00 MYTH & ROID - STYX HELIX [S1 ED1] 4:45 MYTH & ROID - Paradisus-Paradoxum [S1 OP2] 8:35 Rie Takahashi (Emilia) - Stay Alive [S1 ED2] 13:00 Konomi Suzuki - Redo [S1 OP1] 17:15 Konomi Suzuki - Realize [S2 OP] 21:17 nonoc - Memento [S2 ED] 26:19 Inori Minase (Rem) - Wishing [S1 Insert Song] 32:16 MYTH & ROID - STRAIGHT BET [S1 Insert Song] 36:23 MYTH & ROID - theater D [S1 Insert Song] 40:01 Rie Takahashi (Emilia) - ぼうやの夢よ [S1 Insert Song]

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    • Oj

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    • Oj

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    • Ô

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    • Ô

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  • 언제 들어도 소름 돋는다

    잉따잉따3 小时 前
  • 새삼스러운데 일러가 너무 예쁨 ㅋㅋㅋ

    엔라엔라4 小时 前
  • Fun Fact: S1 OP 1 Starts with RE: Redo S1 OP 2 Doesn't: Paradisus-Paradoxum: *Who's Rem?* S2 OP 1 Starts with RE: Realize S2 OP 2 Doesn't: Long Shot: Maybe because this is Subaru's last loop in the sanctuary. Thoughts?

    ZaphkyelZaphkyel天 前
  • everytime she blinks my heart skips a beat

    Bernie SandersBernie Sanders5 天 前
  • I saw Echidna blink and thought I was trippin on crack

    PsykicSlycer162PsykicSlycer1625 天 前
  • After watching this a few times I just now relived she blinks

    Robin LRobin L5 天 前
  • bro can I have the picutre of the background/thumbnail please

    CledonCledon6 天 前
  • Trying to find all these on Osu

    Justin bianJustin bian7 天 前
  • 43:33

    白いご飯。!白いご飯。!7 天 前
  • Brooooooo is it just me or does echidna blink, im not sure i got very scared

    Joshua HongJoshua Hong7 天 前
  • 👍🏻 Konomi Suzuki - Redo [S1 OP1]

    cotes42cotes4210 天 前
  • The worst part about RBD is that he can’t tell anyone about it

    S77 NubS77 Nub11 天 前
  • after the 20th time listening to it i was like damn i should suscribe

    Omen le tout puissant Car je suis tout puissantOmen le tout puissant Car je suis tout puissant11 天 前
  • ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Es de los mejores animes que e visto lo recomiendo muchisimo¡¡¡¡¡

    Orlando LaraOrlando Lara12 天 前
  • You know what would of been creepy, if she would just quickly glance at the screen for just a second.

    IronWolf 369IronWolf 36913 天 前
  • it's legit the 50th time i listen it for this week help me

    NAOJINAOJI13 天 前
    • update 100th

      NAOJINAOJI9 天 前
  • 60% comments = praising how good the anime is. 40% = Echida Blinking

    Anuj AhirwarAnuj Ahirwar13 天 前
  • Dude I just started watching this anime I love it so much and all the character can’t wait for season 2

    George FairchildGeorge Fairchild13 天 前
    • Sorry meant season 3

      George FairchildGeorge Fairchild13 天 前
  • The feeling the beggining gives me is so crazy!!! AGHH

    WarsinWarsin13 天 前
  • 最初からこりゃサイコーだわ

    JpopMUSICJpopMUSIC14 天 前
  • (Best anime in my life) Re zero X Demon slayer

  • Best anime ever

  • The only MC where he has badass god tier cheat but pitiful to watch. One of the smartass MC anime i ever watch. I hope the next seasons will be a lot more interesting.

    sorey matiassorey matias14 天 前
  • The dislikes are from the poeple who watched this at 3 am and freaked out when Echidna blinks back

    Paulo GonzalesPaulo Gonzales14 天 前
    • lmao

      ArkerrArkerr13 天 前
  • new wallpaper lookin real good

    wagne !wagne !15 天 前
  • Que linda es echinia verla en el vídeo ayuda a disfrutar más estás consiones

    ingnaciovideosingnaciovideos15 天 前
  • im glad you included the insert songs

    Harmoniche VarenyaHarmoniche Varenya15 天 前
  • 13:00 BEST

    YoungBirdYoungBird15 天 前
  • Best part 18:10 :)) my opinion

    Sidney AndrinSidney Andrin16 天 前
  • 한국인 손

    노래모음노래모음17 天 前
  • Echidna's blinking is the best part of this whole video

    SiptomSiptom17 天 前
  • When you realize she blinks O.O

    DapimpBDSDDapimpBDSD18 天 前
  • ngl iam pretty hyped for the animated IF-Story in 2040 B)

    Alf_samaAlf_sama18 天 前
  • I am the only one who noticed the Realiaze song has the same structure and intro like the Darling in Franxxx Song?

    Luca LazarLuca Lazar19 天 前
  • The best song is nonoc memento

    prodby.youngnoiaprodby.youngnoia20 天 前
  • spoil: subaru die in the novel

    Shinji ReverseShinji Reverse20 天 前
  • Nice akidna thumbnail.just wish for season 3 release anytime soon. EDIT:idk if I wrote her name right as I watched the dub.

    Chunky MonkeyChunky Monkey20 天 前
  • test rekt by mr test la

    mav verickmav verick20 天 前
  • thank to echidna finally job done

    mav verickmav verick20 天 前
  • i love this

    0 HinDSight 00 HinDSight 020 天 前
  • The only anime which at some point filled me with despair

    TheBlueTrapTheBlueTrap21 天 前
  • let's start with a clean slate, no... from zero! 29:53

    _NERTIN sO2ツ__NERTIN sO2ツ_21 天 前
  • This wasn't in your recommended, you searched for it

    kurtyxkurtyx21 天 前
  • came for epic songs and echidna, got epic songs and echidna, i now peacefully bury myself alive.

    JeebusJeebus22 天 前
  • This artwork is subarashi.

    Yumiyum :DYumiyum :D22 天 前
  • I like Re: Zero because no one can spoil who is gonna die

    svmiresvmire22 天 前
  • StayAliveの「今はここで何をしてるの」ってアニメと合っててめっちゃいいって当時思ってた

    山城百花山城百花24 天 前
  • Gonna be about 3 years till season 3. Eternal pain

    Gemini intuitionGemini intuition24 天 前
  • Fun fact if you think about it, almost all of Subaru's friends killed him at least once ;)

    Tanguy RoyerTanguy Royer24 天 前
    • @Logic Generation to be fair that was more a mercy kill then out of malice

      Faco11Faco1120 天 前
    • @the campers oh really I remember now

      Logic GenerationLogic Generation22 天 前
    • @Logic Generation remember the episode where Subaru was a house guest... Yeah let's just say it wasn't rem that slit his throat

      the campersthe campers22 天 前
    • Except Ram

      Logic GenerationLogic Generation22 天 前
  • Это прекрасно! Есть тут кто с СНГ?

    Андрій ЗвірАндрій Звір25 天 前
    • угу

      ryandavizzryandavizz18 天 前
  • I ..sTAyYyy yiey yeay yeay yeah

    Richie fookRichie fook25 天 前
  • the character i felt bad the most is probably beatrice

    sombath phannusombath phannu25 天 前
  • The blinking caught me off guard wtf....

    Ali IkramAli Ikram25 天 前
  • Can you give me the link of this photo? It is so beautiful. I want to save it!!!! Thank you so much.

    Mai TrầnMai Trần26 天 前
  • I felt this anime has been stretched bit longer , however it touched me deeply

    kalyan Chakravatykalyan Chakravaty26 天 前
  • No body skip the OP and ED of Re- Zero and Overlord.

    Purple BoxPurple Box26 天 前
    • Re:Zero doesn't have openings every episode.

      NenNen24 天 前
    • @V S I swear this legit made my day🤣

      VenkatVenkat24 天 前
    • Other than the actual show

      V SV S25 天 前
  • 36:22

    chingu eggaochingu eggao26 天 前
  • I T B L I N K S

  • Simplesmente o melhor anime :-)

    Lucas CostaLucas Costa27 天 前
  • Awe, how cute.

    Qux KinchiQux Kinchi27 天 前
  • I like anime like evangalion,Re Zero and Hunter x Hunter where the Main charrater has real human reaction and respondes instead of Never give up and other magic coming out of nowhere and helping the mc. Re Zero deals with the reaction of failure and not having enough strength to protect and achiving their goals and a good point of justification is stated when Subaru was practicing with Wilhelm to show atleast he was trying but he could not change but atleast try while other anime mc find new technique to defeat their enemies. And it also has very well written charraters like Julius: became a enemy to make subaru walk the path of light. Rem: From a overprotective sister to a self blaming sister to a person who wants to protect the ppl who are presious to her. Wilhelm: A cold hearted man to a family man to a Avenger. Etc Over all the stats and rating of his anime is high in my prespective.

    Md sarfaraz AliMd sarfaraz Ali27 天 前
  • 40:01 Pls anyone which is this?I dont remember it at all

    Nomad GamingNomad Gaming27 天 前
  • Also me when I get a 94: 5:04

    Asuna YukiAsuna Yuki27 天 前
  • 瞬きしてるw

    ゆいゆい28 天 前
  • Betelgeuse: I love you Satella Satella: I love Subaru Betalgeuse: Ah, my heart trembles

    Rage 2000Rage 200028 天 前
  • Say what you want, but myth & roid absolutely bangs and definitely pulled their weight in the OPs and EDs

    LunarStrike okLunarStrike ok28 天 前
  • Really love this.

    Aji SenpaiAji Senpai29 天 前

    Sheko-ASheko-A29 天 前

      Mubassir RahmanMubassir Rahman3 天 前

      PufflePupPufflePup8 天 前
    • too bad you have to ruin it with your cringe af comments

      StamefoxStamefox9 天 前
    • @netmonsterjr bruh what? Please correct your fucking grammar

      Gustav ParkGustav Park10 天 前
    • I wholeheartedly agree!

      NAKAMURA AkiraNAKAMURA Akira11 天 前
  • she blink

    Sargon64Sargon64个月 前
  • This anime gives me PTSD from YBA.

    ProbeBotProbeBot个月 前
  • The People who licensed the songs for Re:Zero have such godlike taste

    TheAryxx VTheAryxx V个月 前
  • Its so beautiful, that I don't dare singing😭

    Nezuko KamadoNezuko Kamado个月 前
  • Echidna best Waifu Hahaha.

    sorey matiassorey matias个月 前
  • Where is the Re Zero 2 ending 2 ?

    NadeshkoNadeshko个月 前
  • This anime is amazing of all the time 😍. do you agree? 👇

    RakshaRaksha个月 前
  • Re zero is just one of the best isekai animes for me... no, its the best.

    haas fx ••••haas fx ••••个月 前
  • 😢 😢 😢

    RemRem个月 前
  • Stai alive が好き

    青柳瞳青柳瞳个月 前

    Wicked ØneWicked Øne个月 前
  • D-did I just beat an anime character in a staring contest?

    FireBlazztFireBlazzt个月 前
  • 21:17 The song that comes to my mind when I make a big brain move in games and the plan works

    Abhinav DubeyAbhinav Dubey个月 前
  • My favorite is... All of them lol

    EkinexYTEkinexYT个月 前
  • I swear MYTH & ROID is very underrated. Their work is so good.

    V_indicatorV_indicator个月 前
  • subaru: I can return by dea- satella: ZA WARUDO!!!

    Vansh Singh 12DVansh Singh 12D个月 前
  • Rem :c

    Alberto DPMAlberto DPM个月 前
  • Hey creator! Tjank you for this vid, it's great lol i've watvhed it too many times, losing myself in echidna's playful gaze.

    Luke NgyankwongLuke Ngyankwong个月 前
  • POV: yba

    SpeedeadlinYTSpeedeadlinYT个月 前
    • Lol

      IWonZ GamingIWonZ Gaming个月 前
  • im here for the thubnail

    Efe KacanikEfe Kacanik个月 前
  • Because I listened to this 1 time now my playlist and recommendation is filled with anime songs XD

    Brilliantly NOtPerfectBrilliantly NOtPerfect个月 前
  • I got so scared when she blinked lmao

    Tristen JohnsonTristen Johnson个月 前
  • ''It's easy to give up, but that doesn't go with you'' --Rem

    TuanonnaGigi :vTuanonnaGigi :v个月 前
  • the 526 people that disliked have parkinson

    Χρήστος DATTEBAYOΧρήστος DATTEBAYO个月 前
  • I`m in love with Rie Takahashi`s voice. After she voiced Emilia this season and Hu Tao, i became a fan of her work.

    Leandro M.Leandro M.个月 前
  • Rem's song hits me every time, wow

    StormBladeStormBlade个月 前
  • I just realized that echidna is bliking

    Monkī LofīMonkī Lofī个月 前
  • Everyone agrees that re:zero music is the best

    SoulSoul个月 前
    • No Debate

      Ariyan MAriyan M个月 前
  • i think re zero is unique because i feel like there is no plot armor like when the mc dies and changes everything but then the side characters also die. idk but this anime doesnt give off the same vibe from a shounen anime

    Looking for Justin Y.Looking for Justin Y.个月 前
  • Wait why did u put best girl as screen cover?oh

    PreCalculatePreCalculate个月 前
  • зачем вы заставляете меня плакать?

    Never MindNever Mind个月 前