Lil Nas X - MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) (But Lil Nas X Makes All The Sounds With His Mouth)

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Official video for “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) But Lil Nas X Makes All The Sounds With His Mouth” by Lil Nas X
Listen + Download: “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” out now​
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Director: Adrian Per
Production Company: Lumpia Watermelon, VFX: IQ Pictures
Producer: John Vincent Salcedo
Creative director/ Stylist: Hodo Musa
Stylist Assistants: Breanne Bañuelos
Make Up: Anthony H. Nguyen
Hair: Stacey Kutz
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    LilNasXVEVOLilNasXVEVO17 天 前
    • Hi

      Summer ManigroveSummer Manigrove5 小时 前
    • Hello I'm a young fan hi I'm nine nice to meet you😁😁😁😁

      Summer ManigroveSummer Manigrove5 小时 前
    • ooo yuh

      릴리스Lɪʟɪᴛʜ릴리스Lɪʟɪᴛʜ6 小时 前
    • Fu

      Bh switchBh switch7 小时 前
    • is it weird that im attracted to this video

      Marco HernandezMarco Hernandez7 小时 前
  • *punk twerking*

    Patricia ChavezPatricia Chavez27 分钟 前
  • He's serving up some Jordi LeForge vibes with those shades.

    TheSinfultictacTheSinfultictac39 分钟 前
  • *Obey Me fan twerking*

    dreamelfdreamelf小时 前
  • It's my idea or every tik tok/twitter kid is now some kind of bi?

    pawnshoppawnshop小时 前
  • Pentatonix mouth twerking 👄

    Diana MontoyaDiana Montoya小时 前
  • So its a accapella

    palerider 1324palerider 13242 小时 前
  • *vocal twerking*

    GoodBoiGoodBoi2 小时 前
  • He's the real life JOJO character

    MJ's Art Show!MJ's Art Show!2 小时 前
  • I like you boy💖

    Sa LliSa Lli2 小时 前
  • Mmm this need something, pool dance maybe

    jaciel alainjaciel alain2 小时 前
  • It’s awesome but in 00:32 it’s was like I hear it like he was doing the sounds but apart because Hear his voice,good job lil nas

    ITz unicorn playsITz unicorn plays2 小时 前
  • Hello my dude I subscribed to yo channel💕💕😁😁

    Andrea AramburoAndrea Aramburo2 小时 前
  • parece que no le agarro tanta la plata para comprar los telefonos

    Santino NievasSantino Nievas2 小时 前
  • lil nas deserves to be rolling in it bro this is still stuck in my head

    TeutonicRuby FoxTeutonicRuby Fox3 小时 前
  • You need no auto tune honestly

    roblox and lokicraft Dejha playsroblox and lokicraft Dejha plays3 小时 前
  • Hella sus gay gay gay gay: Just with the song

    cool coolcool cool3 小时 前
  • Gay

    cool coolcool cool3 小时 前
  • Talent level 100 💯🔥

    Breezy_#XDBreezy_#XD3 小时 前
  • Yes. ❤

    Abigail MossAbigail Moss3 小时 前
  • Tbh he really is beautiful

    SimoneSimone3 小时 前
  • Bro how the help u make a disabled person stand up and twerk to this 😀🤨

    AOP _TeeAOP _Tee3 小时 前
    • Hell

      AOP _TeeAOP _Tee3 小时 前
  • He's mastered the art of duplication. His power is over 9000!

    SimoneSimone3 小时 前
  • why is everyone tweking

    junbeijunbei3 小时 前
  • Trust me this can make you confused on your sexuality

    H O E VH O E V3 小时 前
  • Ave Maria que voz cara😍💜 estoy apaixonada💖

    Ary SalesAry Sales3 小时 前
  • wow...

    Thalita ClayranThalita Clayran3 小时 前
  • Why are so similar like women disgusting😶

  • ᴵᶠ ᵃⁿʸᵒⁿᵉ ˢᵉᵉ ᵐʸ ˢᵐᵃˡˡ ᵗᵉˣᵗ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ ᵗʰᵉⁿ ʰᵉˡᵖ ᵐᵉ ᵗᵒ ʳᵉᵃᶜʰ 100 ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉʳˢ ᶦⁿ ¹ ᵈᵃʸ.🥺

    Aesthetic EditsAesthetic Edits3 小时 前
  • Everyone commenting about twerking but nobody talking about how talented he is ):

    M BM B4 小时 前
  • gay

    Kami BeatzKami Beatz4 小时 前
    • Ele e gay sim se não sabia?

      joaozin._FF_YTBjoaozin._FF_YTB4 小时 前

      joaozin._FF_YTBjoaozin._FF_YTB4 小时 前
  • tremendous collaboration lil nas x, lil nas x and lil nas x

    heli pachecoheli pacheco4 小时 前
  • Omg i have the same necklace as Lil Nas X

    Zach MankZach Mank4 小时 前
  • *I ain't twerking I just like bold font*

    Hailey HarveyHailey Harvey5 小时 前
  • this mans makeup artist

    AidanAidan5 小时 前
  • This boy is gay

    Liam SmithLiam Smith5 小时 前
  • Lil nas X:turns into Satan Me:ITS MY TURN TO BE SATAN Also me:goes to heaven GODDD IM SORRY THAT I HUGGED YOU LET ME BACK IN INTO HEAVEN

    Skzhs SnskansSkzhs Snskans5 小时 前
  • He look like a woman ew 😖 but I still like his video

    Summer ManigroveSummer Manigrove5 小时 前
  • What hapen right now i m very don know but song good w- WHAT?!

  • Why is this version so perfect? Update: duh, it's because Lil Nas X is brilliant.

    Andrea SamardzijaAndrea Samardzija5 小时 前
  • Lil nas x is my favorite person to listen music from but I change my mind. 😳

    SarimPlayzSarimPlayz6 小时 前
  • This so hard you to change your clothes Every times recording

  • It's good but why in hell could it just Be in heaven plz I'm a man of god

    Mediummitten360Mediummitten3606 小时 前
  • Nooooooooooooooooo you a 👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹

    Trebreha CarringtonTrebreha Carrington6 小时 前
  • Why do you have to be so cute and adorable!!

    Miska19Miska196 小时 前
  • Bisexual white girl twerking (yeah I can't twerk and yes it is terrible 🤣🤣)

    JenniferJennifer7 小时 前

    Steve Palafox TextaSteve Palafox Texta7 小时 前
  • *not doing my homework twerking*

    Sapphire WilliamsSapphire Williams7 小时 前
  • Cold twerking

    Samantha SalomonSamantha Salomon7 小时 前
  • Bruh you need to add this version to streaming services

    Tyler BajulaTyler Bajula7 小时 前
  • Twerking new trend *Sinful twerking

    plz plz Catplz plz Cat7 小时 前
  • perfect for the killer of the devil

    yasstag gameryasstag gamer7 小时 前
  • my this song is booming on tik tok

    lolo doidalolo doida8 小时 前
  • Wooowww😍😍

    yuriko gachayuriko gacha8 小时 前
  • Nas is legit an irl jojo character

    NeonblackbeastNeonblackbeast8 小时 前

    Ariana DiazAriana Diaz8 小时 前
  • Are you gay if you are I'm happy n for u :) if you not it ok but keep the great work up!!

    Carrie FolkCarrie Folk8 小时 前
  • My favorites are cute Nas with the pink makeup and the naughty one in the harness.

    CoryanderCoryander8 小时 前
  • I did not know you were gay sorry but you just lost a fan but please tell me you not and make me feel better

    Oyesha BarriffeOyesha Barriffe9 小时 前
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Kenzie NesmithKenzie Nesmith9 小时 前
  • This better

  • wear headphones and feel great

    Jesús Alejandro Gamboa GuardadoJesús Alejandro Gamboa Guardado9 小时 前
  • I love how he doesn't just have one expression he has tons of different ones and their all unique

    Lily AgresteLily Agreste9 小时 前
  • Keşfetten duyup gelenler??🇹🇷

    TuğbaaaTuğbaaa9 小时 前
  • my guy why do you look like a girl in video

    Cool Justin YEETCool Justin YEET9 小时 前
  • Those fucking contacts

    Iris 191Iris 1919 小时 前
  • Poaaaaaah 💙💜♥️💛💚

    mélo diemélo die9 小时 前
  • Он как тот чел из "Пятого Элемента" Я базарю) 😆

    Dragon KnightDragon Knight10 小时 前
  • I'm asexual and all Until I see Lil Nas X

  • Lil nasx asmr

    Yasmine gamingYasmine gaming10 小时 前

    isabel nunez remineisabel nunez remine10 小时 前
  • I thought you were making the among us thing at first 😭

    Gianna GrantGianna Grant10 小时 前
  • Мужик, ты чего?

  • Nas looks kinda *gay*

    InstinctzInstinctz10 小时 前
  • Bro yo estaba suscrito ati desde old town road el originalsiempre me encanto tu música

    fetuchini 294fetuchini 29410 小时 前
  • DJ guess what that means DEZZZZZZ NUTSSS

    Piper BBYPiper BBY10 小时 前
  • Brazilian twerking

    Brazilian SongsBrazilian Songs10 小时 前
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    Бегимай АкуноваБегимай Акунова10 小时 前
  • **i’d rather not say twerking**

    MikeTheBeanMikeTheBean10 小时 前
  • Il aura plus chaud que nous en ete

    Minato du 13Minato du 1311 小时 前
  • Dope

    Aylar ErkeshliyevaAylar Erkeshliyeva11 小时 前
  • He is so talented 😲

    Rasmita BaruahRasmita Baruah11 小时 前
  • The outfits are what's getting me heated!!! like geeez you cute or whatever- don't need keep reminding me

    Moffee's coffeeMoffee's coffee11 小时 前
  • Is it just me or that Lil nas x is on fleek rn

    Elvisa-Elvisa-11 小时 前
  • The makeup is flawless

    Juli SantillanJuli Santillan11 小时 前
  • True

    Tumelo JabariTumelo Jabari11 小时 前
  • we don't deserve this glamour.

    dietcakedietcake11 小时 前
  • trop bien

    Mimille DouriauxMimille Douriaux11 小时 前
  • We thought when Carl whether did it we thought it couldn't get better... But it did

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  • Lol The Gay Costumes

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  • Are you a beat boxer or something cause that was cool

    Gian203 GamingGian203 Gaming12 小时 前
  • Acoustic Twerking

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  • yesss

    Jerónimo Estévez PeñaJerónimo Estévez Peña12 小时 前
  • why do people without parental attention place "twerking" at the end of your comments *twerking*

    Mauu.Mauu.12 小时 前
  • Lil Nas x in 2018:🥶🐎 lil Nas x now:I I'm gay now

    ᴊᴇʀʟᴀɪɴᴇ Jᴇʀᴇᴍᴀɪʜᴊᴇʀʟᴀɪɴᴇ Jᴇʀᴇᴍᴀɪʜ12 小时 前
  • *transmasc enby bisexual twerking*

    pinkypinky12 小时 前
  • * Bisexual twerking*

    NaomiNaomi13 小时 前
  • Real effort behind this video.. Way to go man 🔥🔥

    Nathan SexyNathan Sexy13 小时 前
  • Favorite song:)

    NazNaz13 小时 前
  • his outfits are turning more and more into cyberpunk 2077