Preston Crashed our Prom inside our HOUSE!

2021年05月 1日
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First Rebecca Zamolo created "I got proposed to on a unicorn for prom!" Next Matt and Rebecca uploaded "Rebecca said yes!" Finally the Game Master Network made "Saying yes to evil Daniel for 24 hours challenge." Now it is finally the big day. Prom is here. We get to celebrate winning this moment and challenge with J15 magazine. Maddie will reveal her secret prom date. Maybe this is her new crush? Matt's best friend brings a surprise crush to prom and might get his first kiss. Rebecca has two dates, her amazing husband and her ex boyfriend who mysteriously found her. Whichever couple wins the most challenges will be King and Queen. First is a fashion show. Next is couples dancing and Matt and Rebecca recreate their viral flash mob. Who do you think will win? This might have been a bad idea. At the end Preston and Brianna crashed the prom. Why is he here? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!
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  • This won't be the last time we crash your prom 😉💃✨

    BriannaBrianna13 天 前
    • Unlike the price you see that ice I want that too short to get it it’s OK if you’re buying bring me any color oh I like to give me a blue

      DemonxxicPlayzDemonxxicPlayz13 天 前
    • Jöä6jj

      Merida KurtishMerida Kurtish13 天 前
    • Bree

      Alex and Kaylee NorfleetAlex and Kaylee Norfleet13 天 前
    • Omg

      Maudo JaloMaudo Jalo13 天 前
    • Wow

      mignolia perezmignolia perez13 天 前
  • e

    《Pxstel Sunflxwers》《Pxstel Sunflxwers》小时 前
  • I came from this vidio

    Allen BarryAllen Barry小时 前
  • Rick noah's date was eveilyn, she was talking about her new body was less man her soul was in an RHS member, she was saying "RIP brothers, ill get revenge", her brothers were from ghost busters and were destroyed in the pool, she is using eve as her name, she is the ghost!

    Lauren SmithLauren Smith2 小时 前
  • No the game Master said ever boody is the king and queen

    KryptonicMaplerKryptonicMapler2 小时 前
  • Prom squad!

    Hannah RiethmannHannah Riethmann2 小时 前
  • I love briana and Preston i watch them all the time and i have Preston hoodie

    Gracie Maher (STUDENT)Gracie Maher (STUDENT)3 小时 前
  • Hi 🙋‍♂️ jf4uwh

    George GomezGeorge Gomez3 小时 前
  • BRI?!!!

    Coco_Bunnyplays -Coco_Bunnyplays -4 小时 前
  • Hi

    Derek YipDerek Yip4 小时 前
  • Rz not everyone cannot be trusted is Rick Noah cannot be trusted and I feel so bad for Daniel

    Adriana MartinezAdriana Martinez4 小时 前
  • Eve and rick

    Natasha LoweNatasha Lowe5 小时 前
  • I saw red hood

    Lyla WintersLyla Winters5 小时 前
  • I'm a big fan

    Hope RobertsonHope Robertson6 小时 前
  • a rhs walk by

  • Wow your pretty❤️

    Rehab AlosaimiRehab Alosaimi7 小时 前
  • i like it i love you too much you guys your the best

    perksluvperksluv7 小时 前
  • Your amazing

    JG WJG W7 小时 前
  • We love. You

    Sarah LambSarah Lamb8 小时 前
  • I think

    Davynique LeachDavynique Leach8 小时 前
  • I think John is sly gold if u guys know in the gold vs silver challenge the judge is sly gold like this comment if u agree with me

    Muthu KMuthu K9 小时 前
  • Yes

    Toni BausleyToni Bausley13 小时 前
  • I see a rad man

    Nurse SwiftieNurse Swiftie15 小时 前
  • hahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahah0

    The Hlahla’sThe Hlahla’s16 小时 前
  • hahahahahah the guys where like oh the girls are coming

    The Hlahla’sThe Hlahla’s16 小时 前
  • Yah Rebecca he’s a chicken hand and leg

    koroush chabokkoroush chabok19 小时 前
  • I have seen it

    Abby 1234Abby 123420 小时 前
  • Ayeeee Preston and Brianna!!!!!!!!

    Abigail YuAbigail Yu20 小时 前
  • Cdccc

    Maribel VillarrealMaribel Villarreal22 小时 前

    Carissa RivasCarissa Rivas23 小时 前
  • Ummm... how was Rick Noah breathing on Eve's neck when he has a mask

    Maddox McDanielMaddox McDaniel天 前
    • On

      Maddox McDanielMaddox McDaniel天 前
  • Can you tell Preston and Bre that I subscribed to them and there gaming channels

    Lizzy SwearingenLizzy Swearingen天 前
  • Daisy and charlig are going on the floor

    Charleigh and lilah :DCharleigh and lilah :D天 前
  • Eve is evilen the ghost

    The Coco Sisters -Gacha lifeThe Coco Sisters -Gacha life天 前
  • 🚿🕷🕸🛴😭🌡🤮🥵🟩🟪🔴🚭🚷❤️✏️📍✂️🖍📠📠

    Kim TortalitaKim Tortalita天 前
  • Thank you dance move ☺️☺️

    Daisy MartinezDaisy Martinez天 前
  • I saw red hood out the window when you were starting the video

    Sophia TurnerSophia Turner天 前

    Callie EnlowCallie Enlow天 前
  • I did

    Deena LeeDeena Lee天 前
  • Brianna 😡 😡 😡

    Jennifer FischerJennifer Fischer天 前
  • Hi

    My-asha ZapataMy-asha Zapata天 前
  • The red guy was by the window

    Wendi AWendi A天 前
  • That may be a bad guy

    Wendi AWendi A天 前
  • Eve is Evelyn the ghost

    Cean LlamasCean Llamas天 前
  • 😱

    Gilbert EncinasGilbert Encinas天 前
  • The squalid jury conformably tumble because ring fascinatingly increase round a discreet napkin. placid, faint fair flight

    Ashley PoAshley Po天 前
  • Eve is not nice at all

    Ann WheatleyAnn Wheatley天 前
  • Hi Brianna

    Susan NunoSusan Nuno天 前
  • I don’t like your

    Michaela FraserMichaela Fraser天 前
  • guys your just in the prom when danile starts writing something i saw the rhs in the window you are so in the problem

    Julie SinghJulie Singh天 前
  • Love

    Lisa McCormackLisa McCormack天 前
    • You

      Lisa McCormackLisa McCormack天 前
  • When the person with the LEGO head came he sounded like FGTV

    Rosa VegaRosa Vega天 前
  • Let’s just watch this for the clickbate vibes

    shadowGGXrobloxshadowGGXroblox天 前
  • Eve is a ghost and she says rip brothers to the hot tub and she is Evelyn

    Maryam RajaMaryam Raja天 前
  • Hiiii

    Bella JohnsonBella Johnson天 前
  • I am the biggest fan of them

    Rawen HassanRawen Hassan天 前
  • Cap

    XXT0xICXXT0xIC天 前
  • Come down below who going to win punk king you come

    Marcus HarrisMarcus Harris天 前
  • Prom squad

    Ishani RegmiIshani Regmi天 前
  • BAHBAHBAH I love how Preston and bree was like wait wait wait wait

    Mochi _XxxbxbyMochi _Xxxbxby天 前

    Mochi _XxxbxbyMochi _Xxxbxby天 前
  • Eve is evilin in a body

    Nic StaabNic Staab天 前
  • prom squad

    isabella crupiisabella crupi天 前
  • Yes madi

    Ulrika AnderssonUlrika Andersson天 前
  • Palm Squad

    Sophy Sing2Sophy Sing2天 前
  • I can't believe Rebecca have a hex boyfriend

    zackieboyzackieboy天 前
  • truth serum

    Nirmal NahalNirmal Nahal天 前
  • prom squad

    Nirmal NahalNirmal Nahal天 前
  • I am your biggest fan

    Milla DoranMilla Doran天 前
  • Please someone get Rick Noah a better date she is starting roomers

    Scenic Duopoly1Scenic Duopoly1天 前
  • Just to say eve mean Evelyn

    kpiersons101kpiersons101天 前
  • I think Rebecca and Matt should be prom Queen and King.😘😘😘😘😘

    Krissy ColemanKrissy Coleman天 前
  • Por Daniel i. Hope you are ok 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍. 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

    Brielle ClarkBrielle Clark2 天 前
  • I did see it It is really Cute and cool

    Evan tatorEvan tator2 天 前

    Joanna GutierrezJoanna Gutierrez2 天 前
  • I subscribe to all of your channels

    Dallis RyverDallis Ryver2 天 前
  • Prom squad

    panda_fan2670panda_fan26702 天 前
  • Eve is evelin

    Emma’s AdventureEmma’s Adventure2 天 前
  • You will win it Rebecca

    Jett CarterJett Carter2 天 前
  • I saw a red presen in the back rond

    Ken HavensKen Havens2 天 前
  • Rose

    Raymond MoseleyRaymond Moseley2 天 前
  • Isored

    Raymond MoseleyRaymond Moseley2 天 前
  • Omg Preston I love you

    Yaya and BebeYaya and Bebe2 天 前
  • Me seeing red riding hud me thinking was that planned ot something♡😳

    CatcatCatcat2 天 前
  • Prom sqwod💑💃🏼🚶🏻‍♂️

    Elizabeth OroscoElizabeth Orosco2 天 前
  • Oh no you wont

    Albania FernandezAlbania Fernandez2 天 前
  • Preston and Brianna

    Aline Di Mauro BarraganAline Di Mauro Barragan2 天 前
  • i still confused?????? like y did preston and bri come???????????????????????

    Laci AppleLaci Apple2 天 前
  • Ragnar a face reveal

    Emily WestbyEmily Westby2 天 前
  • Hi brianna 💜💜💜🌌🌌🌌

    Marleny BerriosMarleny Berrios2 天 前
  • Nice

    Ashley McKinnonAshley McKinnon2 天 前
  • 🙀 stare there was a red man at the backyard

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  • My name is Elise

    Kylec21213Kylec212132 天 前
  • I loved the dance flash mobe

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