Warriors Complete 4th Quarter Comeback to Beat the Heat | Feb. 17, 2021

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Trailed by ten with seven minutes remaining.
Never held the lead in regulation.
Still came away with the DUB ✔️
The Warriors defeated the Miami Heat 120-112 in overtime after an incredible fourth-quarter comeback.

  • Why is Paschall lowkey huge?

    Bryce DavisBryce Davis天 前
  • yeah they can make with steph but oh man without a center its hard for the team goin on!

    robert florrobert flor天 前
  • number 59 running away and letting Curry shoot 1:57

    tim nictim nic3 天 前
  • Bring Jeremy Lin back to worriors

    Ashish GiteAshish Gite4 天 前
  • Bring Jeremy Lin back to worriors

    Ashish GiteAshish Gite4 天 前
  • Bring Jeremy Lin back to worriors

    Ashish GiteAshish Gite4 天 前
  • 64 baby but proving.....

    deck benguadeck bengua4 天 前
  • Bazemore looking like Westbrook and Westbrook looking like Griffin

    Gaming ChannelGaming Channel4 天 前
  • True grit

    Victor LiangVictor Liang4 天 前
  • How tf did you hate that guy, Look at curry man.

    Jeremy FelicianoJeremy Feliciano4 天 前
  • I'm gonna buy this moment on nba topshot!

    Vanya SimonVanya Simon5 天 前
  • Beastmore💥

    Mawitea_13Mawitea_135 天 前
  • Steppphhh currryyyyy

    Junior TavarezJunior Tavarez5 天 前
  • The NBA need to stop rigging games😜

    Melo AliMelo Ali5 天 前
  • We're is Gorich???

    John BannickJohn Bannick5 天 前
  • This team is gonna be a beast with klay back and a seasoned wiseman.... And oh yeah, a top three pick. Damn.

    deancj1deancj15 天 前
  • Curry he is the best all the time 🏀

    Serigne Ndiaye générale htSerigne Ndiaye générale ht5 天 前
  • must be funny in the PA booth, just keep cranking the crowd noise up for the comeback vibes. i wonder if there's a limit on how loud they're supposed to make it....

    Joshua PJoshua P5 天 前
  • I really like the core of this team. The bench is huge. Get Klay back next year and another year for Wiseman and they will be solid.

    Anabel’s Math ChannelAnabel’s Math Channel5 天 前
  • I love these commutators

    Sauce SavantSauce Savant5 天 前
  • 99 to 85, heat leading with 6mins left in the 4th qtr. Now curry teamates carry the load. Not always curry. Nice game

    Nivla GatdulaNivla Gatdula5 天 前
  • Look at Curry man

    最終兵器彼氏最終兵器彼氏5 天 前
  • was watching the last 5mins then may ANXIETY Attack hits 😑

    Jan Michael SupetranJan Michael Supetran5 天 前
  • Love how the new guys play.

    Fine and Dainty PhotoFine and Dainty Photo5 天 前
  • Amazing ~~

    Chun-Che HuangChun-Che Huang5 天 前
  • watching klay there is like wow.❤️

    RanaRana5 天 前
  • Got it, he got it.

    Air PlaneAir Plane5 天 前
  • Congrats Warriors🤩👏💪

    Jallie BonitoJallie Bonito5 天 前
  • I just love watching the subtitles get messed up by the names of players

    Edwin jay king DaquiadoEdwin jay king Daquiado5 天 前
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Banphira LamareBanphira Lamare6 天 前
  • Even without Draymond Green, no Wiseman, no legitimate center at all, small line up, Warriors are able to play magnificent team work, everyone is doing their best to contribute, the team’s chemistry is unbelievable, and just when you thought Curry is having a bad game, he delivered just at the right moments with a 3 pointer on the near end of the 4th quarter and the back to back 3 pointers at the overtime that sealed the win. Oh, and Curry also have 11 assists.

    TomAsh InfinityTomAsh Infinity6 天 前
  • Curry said I’m a leader I lead championship teams.

    Raven CrumpRaven Crump6 天 前
  • Curry is the boss

  • How they feel when they see they loose this game 😂😂😂?

    Garsky SejourGarsky Sejour6 天 前
  • I went to bed at half time thinking Draymond is not here so it’s over. didn’t even check on the score until I watched this highlight. W O W.

    Supreme UnicornSupreme Unicorn6 天 前
  • cnworld.info/free/iYlp3KDDv3GZvqc/sh-p-n

    Watch it and thank me laterWatch it and thank me later6 天 前
  • Curry 7-11-25 ... And still saying bazemore carried dubs in this game.

    Ding DongDing Dong6 天 前
  • I yelled so loud I thought the neighbors were going to call the cops on me. Paschall needs to start.

    Why Be AverageWhy Be Average6 天 前
  • Nobody is really talking about oubre this game. He shot the ball extremely well and had a lot of great drives. Props to him

    IsoGabeIsoGabe6 天 前
  • Wow! So much fun to watch this team ever!

    Jhelma AlbertoJhelma Alberto6 天 前
  • I want my boy Goga or Mamu play with Steph. Za, make it happen, please.

    AlexAlex6 天 前
  • Curry should be in the top 3 for mvp

    Pope BeetlejuicePope Beetlejuice6 天 前
  • Dios mío!! Ese es un verdadero guerrero un super atleta! El con un grupo de chicos están haciendo las cosas excelente...🤩

    Julio cesar De la cruzJulio cesar De la cruz6 天 前
  • I kept smiling all day

    Arent Jan LindeArent Jan Linde6 天 前
  • Bazemore showed up big...💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

    tarter brownjrtarter brownjr6 天 前
  • Ayyyy I saw that and I’m was like yEsSsSSs. I see old teammate

    oofxserah :Doofxserah :D6 天 前
  • Lets Go Warriors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    QueenSachiQueenSachi6 天 前
  • Eric Paschall is so underrated I bought his rookie card because I seen his potential in college

    Aaronballer21Aaronballer216 天 前
  • Curry and Lebron are the only two superstars who can make any roster in the nba right now a playoff contender. Place either of em on the wizards and they make the playoffs..Place anyone else on the warriors other than those 2 and they go way below 500.

    Hank HillHank Hill6 天 前
  • This is how we supposed to play every night....I love this come back...we did this without our center players, so just imagine when their back..✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

    TCI Beat RecordsTCI Beat Records6 天 前
    • not with curry 5-20

      Seth Freaking RollinsSeth Freaking Rollins6 天 前
  • There is potencial!! Let's make some good trades and maybe we could fight this season for something better!

    OnePowersOnePowers6 天 前
  • Potential enough, fighting teamspirit great, now the consistency! And no more injuries please!

    Erik CouvretErik Couvret6 天 前
  • 2021 CHAMPIONS!

    Al_On_Games GamplayzAl_On_Games Gamplayz6 天 前
  • 1:42 The announcer kinda predicted the future LMFAO

    SllrxySllrxy6 天 前
  • Bazemore play like dyamond..

    Alfie VilllezaAlfie Villleza6 天 前
  • gotta put some respek Bazemore

    Brandon WrightBrandon Wright6 天 前
  • Can't believe they came back ! 3rd double digit 2nd half comeback this year.

    PeezsterPeezster6 天 前
  • Lets go

    teny83teny836 天 前
  • Bazmore for mvp 😂😂

    mohammed afifmohammed afif6 天 前
  • This was a great come back for the Warriors!!

    Caleb ShivrattanCaleb Shivrattan6 天 前
  • Bazemore has the Warrior mentality Fight till the End and gotta love his Smile too💜

    Sue DSue D6 天 前
  • I was hyped up when Baze took over. I couldn’t yell cause everyone in my house was asleep. I live on the east coast so it was 12:05 in the morning. I used to live in San Fran but I don’t live there anymore. I miss pacific time. 😢

    Jason PolsenoJason Polseno6 天 前
  • @golden state warrior can Steve Kerr let toscano Anderson play in the fourth quarter

    1bacon man1bacon man6 天 前
  • Beginnings of strength in numbers part 2?

    jg10304jg103046 天 前
  • 1:45 he said curry gonna do the clutch shot and he did with Wiggins

    1bacon man1bacon man6 天 前
  • I saw the game I was yelling when we were leading the game and at OT

    1bacon man1bacon man6 天 前
  • Bazemore was balling

    LilDee In Tha FieldLilDee In Tha Field6 天 前
  • Whatta comeback! Amazing! 😂

    Rene ElisanRene Elisan6 天 前
  • How does steph just turn it on like that at the end

    Geo Mat ThoGeo Mat Tho6 天 前
  • 2:04 look at Klay there he's so shocked he couldn't even believe it!

    ZekyBoy YTZekyBoy YT6 天 前
  • Crazzzy!

    Blu BlaBlu Bla6 天 前
  • Curry is a teacher he is playing and teaching the young player around him every team come at curry hard and he overcome them this warrior team is building to greatness Curry Curry💯

    Donna GrantDonna Grant6 天 前
  • Upcoming games Need more playing minutes for kent bazemore

    Pussy DestroyerPussy Destroyer6 天 前
  • 0:11 Love the way Bazemore celebrate for Kelly’s hustle play. That the chemistry a team need.

    Chris ChenChris Chen6 天 前
  • Champs blood still there.

    Haruko AkagiHaruko Akagi6 天 前
  • The warriors are comeback kings rn

    Killer Prod.Killer Prod.6 天 前
  • He did it without dray dray and his shooting % was hella bad. Crazy come back

    wang changwang chang6 天 前
  • All nba team cant triple team curry if klay was there... GWS klay thompson

    Tom ZosoooxTom Zosooox6 天 前
  • incredibly, bazemore called the game, it was bazemore putting heart n muscle in late crunch time

    9some9some6 天 前
  • Yo man, yes Steph getting double and triple teamed helps, but shouts out to the whole Warriors team stepping up to win this game. They are missing so many people, but the next man up mentality seems to be working.

    Kahlil TomlinsonKahlil Tomlinson6 天 前
  • The Warriors Spirit💪💛💙

    Igor BroIgor Bro6 天 前
  • What an exciting game at the end. And the extraterrestrial Curry appeared from Jupiter tuning the wrist once more. Big warrios 🇵🇦

    Rafael CamposRafael Campos6 天 前
  • Son of a bitch I fell asleep at end of 3rd!!! LOL 😂

    Lemini VFXLemini VFX6 天 前
  • Comeback team where u at? Oh they’re right here. Imagine blowing a 19 point lead.

    Janav DeshmukhJanav Deshmukh6 天 前
  • LMAO I was up until 12:30 am because I live in Charlotte and I had school tomorrow. But damn, it was worth it.

    Janav DeshmukhJanav Deshmukh6 天 前
  • God bless the GSW this season!!☝️❤️💪

    Richard PamblokRichard Pamblok6 天 前
  • Who is the clutch team 😆

    Michael OseaMichael Osea6 天 前
  • Heat got lucky last playoffs. Lakers would never lose a 14 point lead with 6 mins before game end.

    Luke WolfeLuke Wolfe6 天 前
  • It was totally awesome!! 😂😂 I hope they can keep this play!

    Cel SimCel Sim6 天 前
  • Man Kent don't get the credit he deserve he has been consistent this whole season so far always in the right place at the right time always making the smart plays

    Highway JayHighway Jay6 天 前
  • Lets Gooooooooooo Hail to my Warriors

    Ahsan MooreAhsan Moore6 天 前
  • Rising Banzemore did best today

  • Nunn is always on the wrong side of the highlights.his defense sucks Miami should move him.

    superb_lightstormsuperb_lightstorm6 天 前
  • But also the nets had a gear comeback

    Jacob GokuJacob Goku6 天 前
  • Bazemore playing like Westbrook

    Real TalkReal Talk6 天 前
  • This game was EPIC.... This is what we made off, If is not curry's night WE GOT A TEAM TO KEEP US IN GAME... And in the clutch WE HAVE HIM.... Such an amazing game and comeback

    Sebastián MeraSebastián Mera6 天 前
  • Facts THAT should never be mentioned among the DUB NATION EVER AGAIN: 1) trade Draymon 2)trade Kelly Obre, he's trash 3) trade Andrew Wiggins, he's a bust 4) trade Kent Bazemore Ya saw the value and loss of play without Draymon Green playing. HE IS indispensable. Period. Point blank!!! But dammit...if any clowns out there who call themselves Warrior fans "still" cannot get behind any of these players after THIS game? I don't know what to tell ya. You got no hope nor understanding of NBA ball. What a game...what a comeback in the face of "it's all over" as the sign post, really through the 1st 5 or 6 mins of the 4th period. Warrior for life as I've always been.

    Ray StrongRay Strong6 天 前
  • Hype !! Warriors fun here 🙌

    Mayong tvMayong tv6 天 前
  • Warriors is the Best TEAM to watch. Specially Curry giving the Energy. Like Basketball is aLive again 🏀😄

    don juandon juan6 天 前
  • Where was draymonds garbage ass during the comeback? On the bench with his big mouth😄

    LEW HeffLEW Heff6 天 前
    • he wasn't benched, he was out with an ankle issue for the entire game. they didn't have a shootaround so he only noticed it as they were warming up and they decided to play it safe with his health rather than risk it.

      lepidopterylepidoptery6 天 前