SQUEAK OLYMPICS! | 15 Tests! | Squeak will BREAK the GAME!!!

2021年04月 7日
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Squeak Olympics Update Sneak Peek! | KairosTime
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It's time for the Squeak Olympics! Squeak is the newest Mythic Brawler coming to Brawl Stars in May 2021! We're going to compare Squeak to every brawler in the game using the Brawl Stars Olympics!
Then, we're going to cover EVERYTHING else in the update!
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  • You think Squeak is broken? . . . . . using Code KAIROS is broken

    KairosTime GamingKairosTime Gaming3 天 前
    • @Rudy Makai I will try it out right now. Looks promising :)

      Sullivan RandallSullivan Randall26 分钟 前
    • Dunno if anyone cares at all but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram account using Instapwn. Just google for it :D

      Rudy MakaiRudy Makai42 分钟 前
    • I bet all pro players are gonna go in takedown, grind power cubes and the use the supers on the boss. Trust me his super all hitting is op

      Mathieu Lafond élèveMathieu Lafond élève天 前
    • Stop being negative 😒

      King SavageKing Savage天 前
    • 700k let’s go

      Andrey KukhotskiyAndrey Kukhotskiy天 前
  • Brush your teeth

    Marcos NolascoMarcos Nolasco48 分钟 前
  • Teamers be like 👀 Oh frick

    IDKIDK小时 前
  • I think that Kairos is going to pull a Sandy where he said he was eating sand but it was graham cracker dust

    BlazzingBlazzing3 小时 前
  • Its gone be nerfed so hard that that it wil be worthles

    Baert NikiasBaert Nikias3 小时 前
  • Technically if squeaks mine hits max with her super active, she can travel really far before it explodes and it can explode on another enemy so his range is more like 25 tiles

    Skullboi456Skullboi4564 小时 前
  • Yes

    StarfiificationStarfiification4 小时 前
  • Belle gona rob starr park

    StarfiificationStarfiification4 小时 前
  • Kairos: Eating slime until I get squeak

    Ko PeKo Pe5 小时 前
  • I know I am not gonna get anything and not squeak

    Sonia CaloianuSonia Caloianu5 小时 前
  • when these gamemodes will be realized?

    Manousos PolychronakisManousos Polychronakis5 小时 前
  • Squeak is the #1 brawler I want he's such a cool concept

    SpectrumSpectrum7 小时 前

    Duck / DogDuck / Dog7 小时 前
  • Kairos can u olease give me 30 gems

    Uma ShankariUma Shankari7 小时 前
  • Drinking dog drool until I get squeak

    Just Fun and GamezJust Fun and Gamez7 小时 前
  • Hey not about squeak but I just hit 4500 trophies so I could do power league. But seems like the season is closed. Will I be able to get the penny skin next season?

    Dakota 1022Dakota 10228 小时 前
  • Now were going to have 6 legendarys

    doris Salinasdoris Salinas8 小时 前
  • When a new brawler is released: Everybody else:Nice Kairos:This brawler will BREAK the game! Code K-A-I-R-O-S code kairos in the brawl stars shop

    Professor CloverProfessor Clover8 小时 前
  • He will be BETTER than broken in boss battle!!! I am SO excited for him!

    Elijah HubinskyElijah Hubinsky8 小时 前
  • Who knows which video has the true skin

    Adrian GuzmanAdrian Guzman8 小时 前
  • Suspicious all brawlers are now forced to smile

    Darley GamesDarley Games9 小时 前
  • I just love his mini ruff hat and his voice lines lol

  • Why are bea’s pins so cute ☺️☺️

    Emeka EnehEmeka Eneh10 小时 前
  • brawl stars spase im teling you brawl stars is changing

    Alexandra Magalhaes SilvaAlexandra Magalhaes Silva12 小时 前
  • Hes so CUTE the voice lines are so cute

    Rahul DeshpandeRahul Deshpande12 小时 前
  • Has anyone ever wondered why Kairos is holding a mouse while talking ?

    Ethan5Ethan512 小时 前
  • squeak:true meaning of dog water

    Polipisd YTPolipisd YT12 小时 前
  • How to get leon please tell me please

    sanghi jeetsanghi jeet12 小时 前
  • Yes

  • I couldn't actually tell the difference between the faces

    Stanley BorgStanley Borg14 小时 前
  • I hope they don't release a character called Pain...

    LuisLuis14 小时 前
  • Happy anniversery Kairos and LadyKairos sorry for being late

    Stranger ThingsStranger Things14 小时 前
  • How are you playing with squeak

    ig ifarmig ifarm15 小时 前
  • too overpowered. Supercell is clearly looking to grab as much cash as possible before the game dies. would you play any 3v3 mode and get thrashed by this brawler by some no-skill random enemy, and then feel nothing about it? no, you will definitely want to get squeak for yourself. he costs gems, gems cost real money and there is where supercell earns boatloads. off of making their game so unbalanced. i hope this game goes down soon

    ryan yapryan yap16 小时 前
  • Eating dog saliva untill i get sqeek

    Z.X. someZ.X. some17 小时 前
  • When he makes a video eating jello until I get squeak

    Jay zzle21savageJay zzle21savage17 小时 前
  • Eating dog saliva for unlcking squeak

    ShadowKiller2128ShadowKiller212818 小时 前
  • I already feel irritated by squeak, geez his mechanics make him basically perfect brawler Insane range, insane damage and crowd control, he’s basically the whole team in one brawler!

    Zachary DrZachary Dr18 小时 前
  • Heyyy if squeak’s super can deal 8400 damage, that means squeak can 1 shot primo! Primo gets another counter again 😢😭

    Zachary DrZachary Dr18 小时 前
  • All credits to Colonel ruff who accidentally do this salute

    J. Apleex GamingJ. Apleex Gaming18 小时 前
  • Is squeak gadget make it the most far attack?

    Nazmin NasalNazmin Nasal19 小时 前
  • I think I found my new favorite brawler

    Toby SadzeckToby Sadzeck19 小时 前
  • after watching this, i have decided i am going to get squeak

    Usernames Are HardUsernames Are Hard20 小时 前
  • “Eating 💧💧💧 till I get squeaks

    Christian TheAwesomeChristian TheAwesome21 小时 前
  • Kairos eating gold coins until he get belle

    Thomas GrunkemeyerThomas Grunkemeyer22 小时 前
  • Can we get another speed olympics

    Nathan LillyNathan Lilly22 小时 前
  • His cute

    Chin MayChin May23 小时 前
  • I love it how the tribe team has 10k+ gems and i have 10k+ negative gems

    Nicholas woo lego fanNicholas woo lego fan23 小时 前
  • 13:18 When did supercell colab with angry birds?

    Legendary_saiyan hdbaLegendary_saiyan hdba天 前
  • I think the game really lost its purpose

    Benjamin CarminaBenjamin Carmina天 前
    • @ryan yap I know,right?

      Benjamin CarminaBenjamin Carmina6 小时 前
    • it's just one super op brawler after another. supercell getting desperate for cash

      ryan yapryan yap16 小时 前
  • Is squeak going to be Free?, 2nd, or do we have to buy him.....

    VideoGameplay 9VideoGameplay 9天 前
  • 8:50 what if the bomb stiks to someone and then the enemy moves?

    Jerry LiuJerry Liu天 前
  • Using code kairos to get this next brawl pass? SI, SEÑOR!

    Damara RadbruchDamara Radbruch天 前
  • _Dog drool_

    PermaFrostXPermaFrostX天 前
  • I kind of want to see belles son as a new brawler (if she has one) that carries the safes on his back and then throws them as his super

    Alan RuizAlan Ruiz天 前
  • Eating jelly untill i get sqeeck😂

    Thijs SchriemerThijs Schriemer天 前
  • Ugh I can tell he will be annoying :(

    Bad BossBad Boss天 前
  • fall guys character

    Arnav DeshpandeArnav Deshpande天 前
  • Kairos if u see this u should eat gold chocolate coins for unlocking belle so u can treat urself and it makes sense she steals gold/money

    TrashPlayerTrueTrashPlayerTrue天 前
  • Squeak alternative name: a giant space blob

    Alok RajAlok Raj天 前
  • 7:13 *this is the thing u need. **brawls.buzz** . Am I right?* 垃圾。Lord.

    Latia ChristianLatia Christian天 前
  • "Drinking DOGWATER until i unlock squeak"

    Jackson PrevedelJackson Prevedel天 前
  • Don’t drink dog drool, drink thick water!

    hamza salahhamza salah天 前
  • Nice

    Sandy - Brawl StarsSandy - Brawl Stars天 前
  • Cant wait for squeak to come once he gets released

    The Official Bronze Channel - Brawl Stars [UN]The Official Bronze Channel - Brawl Stars [UN]天 前
  • I love your videos so much kairos i have watched all of them

    the blackbirdthe blackbird天 前
    • I was with dark blue

      samuel Der bestesamuel Der beste天 前
  • hey i remember the last star park video did lex just comment i thought he got mind controled?????

    Santiago Solano-PerezSantiago Solano-Perez天 前
  • rip karios died from drinking dog spit

    KennytheglitcherKennytheglitcher天 前
    • I was wondering if you

      samuel Der bestesamuel Der beste天 前
  • Does anyone else hate when people team in solo showdown because I hate it

    Dylan RubetDylan Rubet天 前
    • 3 und 16 sind I am not sure if

      samuel Der bestesamuel Der beste天 前
  • Did anyone else notice the Spick sock at the bottom of the knock out map?

    Zac BranderZac Brander天 前
    • Z c und ich muss no one is a good man

      samuel Der bestesamuel Der beste天 前

    Brawl HeroBrawl Hero天 前

    Brawl HeroBrawl Hero天 前
    • The boy is a great place for a good friend

      samuel Der bestesamuel Der beste天 前

      Brawl HeroBrawl Hero天 前
  • He was gonna be my favourite brawler if he had a little bit faster reload speed

    WardenWarden天 前
  • İts a noob cousher silliy mjkl

  • Drinking Dog saliva until i get squeak

    Marko MarmutMarko Marmut天 前
  • 5:12 he can use his super and star power to slow the bot down

    יהלי שריגיהלי שריג天 前
  • You guys are talking about another brawler here I am not getting any brawler from last 2 months

    paras jangidparas jangid天 前
  • the na 45 of brawl stars hahaha

    Karen ZuluetaKaren Zulueta天 前
  • How do i get brawl boxes after the season end

    meliodasmeliodas天 前
  • Gadget idea: Squeak teleports to the closest mine he planted. Charges per match 3.

    Ștefan AlexandruȘtefan Alexandru天 前
  • Can you plzzzzz tell me should buy tje current pass or the new one PllllzzzzzzZ

    Annu guptaAnnu gupta天 前
  • I bet kiaros is gonna drink thick water for the unboxing challenge

    Oliver JohnsOliver Johns天 前
  • Get this guy 1 mil subs pls

    James Viktor EbreoJames Viktor Ebreo天 前
  • carl already has animation why extra animation??

    Joann 6974Joann 6974天 前
  • Question:who are the people who say "yaaaay" and "awwwww" after you win or lose,could it be possibly something BIG!!!

  • I absalootly LOVED takedown and lone star so if they add it i will be very happy

    Milk WaysMilk Ways天 前
  • I think his abilities are similar to bomb King from paladins

    Volkl Futsal !Volkl Futsal !天 前
  • Id love to see all the brawlers compete in the olympics at the same time in 1 video. Would be some good quality content to watch while wrapped up in a blanket, with a big bowl of popcorn on a Friday afternoon mmm😌

    Captain CalamariCaptain Calamari天 前
  • Great 🤩

    Tejas Jain BrawlStarsTejas Jain BrawlStars天 前
  • 13:19 if you pause here Mr. P looks just like Red in Angry Birds xD

    Matias HytönenMatias Hytönen天 前
  • Hi karois in the loading screen in the middle of the wheel there is dark lord spike Big fan from India

    Dhan palDhan pal天 前
  • Next video when

    Kartik DeshmukhKartik Deshmukh天 前
  • You should eat the edible gold coin. They are available on internet and apps like amazon

    Poop MasterPoop Master天 前
  • I need the music at the end, Kairos or someone who knows it can u send me a kink to the video

    Spectacular Stu YesSpectacular Stu Yes天 前
  • why is squeak 2nd in attack range test? \

    S ShreedharanS Shreedharan天 前
  • I have one thing to say that squeak is Spanish. . . Read More:) And more

    SunnyNotFoundSunnyNotFound天 前
  • Coming back to this channel.. Still a bit cringe 😬

  • Is it just me but is Jacky just really bad? Especially now that Squeek is coming basically being able to do what she does but better. Just for reference, i'm a player with 26k trophies, having 42 brawlers currently and I honestly don't really play Jacky because she most of the time just feels down right bad, and her super, rarely is nothing but a death sentence to her. I'd even be comfortable saying she is the worst brawler at the moment. Either that or I'm just shit at the game. Thoughts?

    Arttu TamminenArttu Tamminen天 前
    • @ryan yap absolutely right. I just feel there's still not too many maps that Jacky's good in :( I think if they made her super's pull not have any delay once you use it, it could be a good start since it'd be easier to actually manage to pull a the right time instead of half a second later, tho it could still mean in many cases that she'd just get absolutely blastered by attacks before she lands more than one :/

      Arttu TamminenArttu Tamminen10 小时 前
    • personally it's the maps you play that will often make a brawler good or not (doesn't apply to ridiculous unbalanced brawlers like leon and this terrible squeak)

      ryan yapryan yap16 小时 前
  • Before I comment this brawler idea, if you like the idea, please like this comment so Kairos can see. New Brawler: Genny Originated from the planet of Kyykel, this brawler has landed on earth through the travel of Coronel Ruffs with his valuable stash of gems, and has been mutated to a strong brawler through toxic gases. Main Attack: Shoots a large gem at enemies which breaks into two gems directly behind an enemy if hit, and can break into as many gems as possible if the split gem hits a brawler again. If the attack hits, each shot does half the damage as the shot before it. Super: Throws down a shot at any area, which damages enemy brawlers with a supply coming down with it like Coronel Ruffs' super, yet any teamate that takes it now does poison damage to brawlers with the same mechanic as crow. The power level of the brawler that picks it up doesn't count toward its damage, yet the power level of Genny does count toward the poison damage. If a brawler that does to poison damage already picks it up such as crow or byron, they get an increase in the damage of their poison damage instead. Gadget: Unknown Star power: Unknown

    WhaledudeWhaledude天 前
  • I wish he came out on may first because it’s my birthday on that day but it’s late may

    Manuel CervantesManuel Cervantes天 前