《若你安好便是晴天 Sunshine of My Life》EP39 ENG SUB | 張翰、徐璐 | 時尚甜愛 | KUKAN Drama

2021年04月 6日
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《#若你安好便是晴天 Sunshine of My Life》#中國電視劇 時尚愛情
主演:#張翰、#徐璐 #洪堯、#王瑞子
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《若你安好便是晴天 Sunshine of My Life》EP39 ENG SUB | 張翰、徐璐 | 時尚甜愛 | KUKAN Drama
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  • The 9

    Beena VaswaniBeena Vaswani4 小时 前
  • Mo. Fei got a real slap 👋 on her face for being kind hearted! And that thief girl has no conscience either!

    Goldie HansGoldie Hans21 小时 前
  • ThAt day when that idiotic girl stole Mo Fei’s design from the office, this Xia woman questioned her also!

    Goldie HansGoldie Hans21 小时 前
  • I'm glad that with Fang Qian there, Mingxuan and Xiaoyu can go back to their friends days even though it's might be a little

    Lateefah SanniLateefah Sanni21 小时 前
  • Once again MingXuan PA is quite one awesome cute assistant. Love him😍

    Taiwo EkunTaiwo Ekun天 前
  • Good riddance to bad rubbish.... Stupid, jealous and bad friend. Now Mo Fei can breathe.

    Taiwo EkunTaiwo Ekun天 前
  • The last part where they were looking at Mo fei and TM, I felt a lil bit sad for them. Both brother and sister is broken heart.

    U know BTS??U know BTS??天 前
  • I think xia found her future hubby

    Iyana BrownIyana Brown2 天 前
  • 明遠公司的保密協議和監督管理制度,還是不夠嚴格。不是莫菲那個設計組的公司員工,也不能隨意進出她的部門才對⋯⋯唐總

    Win DoyleWin Doyle2 天 前
  • 真沒想到莫菲的這個閨蜜👭比白小曼也好不了多少⋯⋯

    Win DoyleWin Doyle2 天 前
  • This episode makes me nostalgic, it’s nice and sad.

    Katiana MauriceKatiana Maurice3 天 前
  • Ms. Xia was actually pretty but her role spoil her beauty....😊😊😊

    Athoi GonmeiAthoi Gonmei3 天 前
  • 🙏🙏👍👍👏👏👏 thanks

    Ronak AbdullahRonak Abdullah3 天 前
  • The comments make it look like MX runs a charity organization lol... If you are a GM of a company that is responsible for thousands of employees and one of your confidential documents leaks which leads to huge losses (I am talking about the kind of money most of you right now have never handled); then you start investigation and all evidence points to one person, what will you do? As the head, you have the responsibility of giving an explanation to your investors, so will you go and tell them: "see I trust so and so and I know he can't do it... "? That's the kind of position MX was in. So if you are going to comment, you should do so objectively speaking because the truth is this, most of you would not believe him if it was to happen in real life; because of the evidences that you will see.

    Praise BarongPraise Barong3 天 前
  • Agradecemos pela legenda em portugues

    Darcy VercosaDarcy Vercosa4 天 前
  • playing bump car after opening your head... i can say wow !

    Super DynaSuper Dyna4 天 前
  • 这个沈佳希连白小曼都不如

    Cuihua LuoCuihua Luo5 天 前
  • Some like xia niw awww

    ruth nwaogazi awujaruth nwaogazi awuja5 天 前
  • 天啊没想到竟然是闺蜜毁了莫菲的作品

    shihui lowshihui low5 天 前
  • WOW WOW~~~!!! I was right!! Jiaxi really is the person who damaged mofei's clothing for the competition @_@

    gracekuangylgracekuangyl5 天 前
  • Very nice story 👌👍😊

  • 可怜的方氏兄妹,爱的人都不爱他们

    Serena JiaSerena Jia6 天 前
  • 南無阿弥陀佛😍

    Ezi2018. 03julyEzi2018. 03july6 天 前
  • 看到最后喜欢方笑愚的角色

    Mongnee OoiMongnee Ooi6 天 前
  • 夏雪淩這種上司真是大爛人一個! 太沒品(暗夾私怨)。還好有唐明軒老闆態度公正。

    RMK TWRMK TW6 天 前
  • 莫非也太笨了 容易相信别人还要求情

    vivien yapvivien yap7 天 前
  • 喜歡張翰和徐璐好登对😘

    mei kammei kam8 天 前
  • For the past few episodes I feel almost every characters being annoying and over dramatic aside The Assistant dude and Her brother 🙄😑 hope some character development for all of them.

    Vanilla SkyVanilla Sky8 天 前
  • I'm really not up for xue ling to suddenly be friendly with mo fei

    Dandelion큥 'ᄉ'Dandelion큥 'ᄉ'8 天 前
    • Exactly... So double faced.

      Taiwo EkunTaiwo Ekun天 前
  • Jiaxi was really the worst friend. The worst of the worst. Loser for real.

    Kali CKali C8 天 前
  • Quero o EP 42

    Evangelina Barbosa SilvaEvangelina Barbosa Silva8 天 前
  • Podrían terminar los capítulos desde el 42 hasta el final en español.

    Ana María Álvarez de la CampaAna María Álvarez de la Campa8 天 前
  • 杨光承包了整部剧的笑点

    YuiYui8 天 前
  • Someone finally likes Xia, I hope she would reciprocate so that she can be happy and cleansed of bitterness.

    MercyMercy8 天 前
  • Jiaxi is just pathetic...

    I'm The OneI'm The One8 天 前
  • Lol it’s been awkward between these two after since he confessed to her for the 2nd time and was rejected badly

    SuSu QiaoSuSu Qiao9 天 前
  • Mi amiga solo mi mama

    Lisamar MendezLisamar Mendez9 天 前
  • Thank you

    زوزو الدنفزوزو الدنف9 天 前
  • Después de demostrar su inocencia debería volver a París y terminar sus estudios

    Maria Remedios Gaspar MorillaMaria Remedios Gaspar Morilla9 天 前
  • I'm happy that the two girls have finally moved on... Mo Fei can enjoy her man in peace. 😅

    LalinaLalina9 天 前
  • Por favor subtítulos español

    Emilia Gomez CarreteroEmilia Gomez Carretero9 天 前
  • Please have Xialing fall for this guy and stop this obsessive behavior.

    Rendezvous With MinaRendezvous With Mina9 天 前
  • 生活不仅眼前的视频,还有我的分享。一起学穿衣搭配哦

    看我频道视频有你喜欢看我频道视频有你喜欢9 天 前
  • I'm so glad Mo Fei isn't like other lead females that blindly see good in every person regardless of how they act. She saw right through her so called fried, good for her. 👏👏

    LalinaLalina9 天 前
    • @Karson Boston Cool! It took about 15 minutes but it worked!

      Vihaan CaseyVihaan Casey6 天 前
    • dunno if anyone gives a shit but yesterday I hacked my girlfriends Instagram password by using InstaPwn. Find it on google :D

      Karson BostonKarson Boston6 天 前
  • You are my destiny ep the community of cripple van vicker found true love just come ep the community of cripple van vicker found 789op and Naomi st century ago and the community to make a sentence with slip away and the

    Calesia RobertsCalesia Roberts9 天 前
  • Wheres the ep 40 &41 English subtitles?😥

    Marivic HarrisMarivic Harris9 天 前
  • Hanggang ilam episode po

    Vangie De ocampoVangie De ocampo9 天 前
  • one thing is rightly said by duoduo....kind hearted nd weak are always supressed nd people fear the bold nd stronger ones.....mo fie....we r wid u...mr.Tang no matter the situation....it may be even worse but be by her side....support each other....WE LOVE U BOTH....WANNA SEE U LIVING HAPPY AFTER

    Miss_MuchikinMiss_Muchikin9 天 前
  • is her holiday really 2 weeks? or 2 months? lol ... i mean come on man.. if you counting day and night from where she return to China from France. its more than 14 days already lol

    kaboombabykaboombaby9 天 前
  • Next ep?

    monster Bodymonster Body9 天 前
  • 07:35 不经巨大的困难,不会有伟大的事业。

    唐刀軍刀各种刀剑出售微信bww445唐刀軍刀各种刀剑出售微信bww4459 天 前
  • Hola en este episodio queda demostrado q al trabajar en equipo se gana más en cualquier rama q andar discutiendo y con envidia el éxito se lo gana cada individuo con árduo trabajo y empeño q lo diga yo como persona profesional q soy y está serie me encanta porq se identifica mucho con el cada día del ser humano de lo bueno y lo malo a lo q nos enfrentamos.Kukan está siempre entre los televidentes plasmando lo se siente y ella siente.Exitos a todos de la trama.Desde Venezuela Orfelia😜😜😜🙏🙏🙏👍👍🥂🥂💞💞

    orfelia varela moralesorfelia varela morales9 天 前
  • Hope that should’ve been arrest not just fired

    Sandra LaclairSandra Laclair9 天 前
  • 惡心的沈佳希,活該

    rachel cheungrachel cheung9 天 前
  • Türkçe çevirisi yokmu

    Jale OlgarJale Olgar9 天 前
  • The lying pink architecturally produce because ukrainian perplexingly undress along a chemical doubt. political, victorious sousaphone

    Riki krienton royRiki krienton roy9 天 前
  • 這裡 看到 張翰 翰寶的笑容😃😚 笑起來😁😊 魅力十足☺️😚

    Stella T.Stella T.9 天 前
  • 佳欣和白小曼才是一路货色

    荷花荷花9 天 前
  • wen all peoples arround was insecure to you is big problem to your work specially somebody assuming that mr tang marry her lol

    Dalia me too MacahineDalia me too Macahine9 天 前
  • 张翰躺着时出现双下巴啦😂

    Ong EngOng Eng9 天 前
  • Although he did not divulge the designs, Cheng Yang's lack of self control and inadequate security protection allowed the designs to get leaked. He needs to take responsibility.

    Tennis BumTennis Bum9 天 前
    • Finally, someone else sees it from this perspective.

      MercyMercy8 天 前
  • 莫非就是太善良了总让别人欺负

    Jenny BianJenny Bian9 天 前
  • 真是太容易了,如果最后那两个女人没有入狱,就真的太不合理了。 夏总对莫非的180度转态,也真的是太奇妙了,变成了另一个人似的。

    金喜金喜9 天 前
    • 感覺莫非也是一個很會‘’ 作‘’ 。

      雨洗万山清雨洗万山清4 天 前
  • In this part i laove xeuling

    Sulbha KayarkarSulbha Kayarkar9 天 前
  • Wow this is good episode. E Fang xiayou, mingxuan, mofei and xueling are all OK good terms now😍❤️❤️ This what I'm waiting for when fang and mingxuan were reconcile Now I can say that it's worth to watched this drama❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Raquel LachicaRaquel Lachica10 天 前
  • 莫菲小迷糊的莫菲,唐总说的对妳心太软了,沈佳希是你不能交的朋友离越远越好,不要失望,好好听唐总的话对付小人不能心软。

    Teo CkTeo Ck10 天 前
  • Xia is really disgusting.

    Subhani SwainSubhani Swain10 天 前
  • 偷公司資料員工,應該一次警告,拘她 入獄

    SOO WAI HIN蘇煒軒SOO WAI HIN蘇煒軒10 天 前
  • 就知道編劇導演會毫不猶豫弄個華語無腦影視圈里流行的最後一刻主動奉上證據的搞笑橋段。而現實里這種不僅會導致自己在職場徹底完蛋而且會面臨牢獄之災的隱秘之事,沈小姐會與白小姐只會相視一笑,一切盡在不言中,怎麼可能主動送證據而且還讓這個令人厭惡的女主拍到視頻?學古龍的吧?不過人家古龍寫的一般是事情已經真相大白後不做辯解主動說出細節罷了。

    v xv x10 天 前
  • Xueling is not that bad actually..She has a good heart ❤️..She just got insecure and jealous before

    Mayra's Creative WorldMayra's Creative World10 天 前
  • Can anyone tell me what time it premieres in Australia?and how many episodes is the series.

    Teresa SaragozzaTeresa Saragozza10 天 前
  • That useless crying. She was no good from the start

    Krystal CourtneyKrystal Courtney10 天 前
  • Jiaxi por envidia pierde todo, la envidia le hizo tirar todo su trabajo como diseñadora por la borda. Que bueno que cada cual vaya encontrando se felicidad,

    ꧁ᴘʀɪɴᴄᴇss꧂꧁ᴘʀɪɴᴄᴇss꧂10 天 前
  • Yup, here it comes Xia being an ass for 39 and a half episodes, and being made to look good now? what is this?

    mbot565mbot56510 天 前
  • Наконец то , интересные моменты показали,смех да и только.Спасибо

    Татьяна ОгневаТатьяна Огнева10 天 前
  • Jiaxi, Xioman jail pleaseeee

    mbot565mbot56510 天 前
  • Why the jerks are always high and mighty? Xia has a lot of guts preaching one must be good when she's so despicable. Then also had the nerve to argue kakameme double standards between Cheng & Jiaxi. Who wrote this stuff?

    mbot565mbot56510 天 前
  • Can someone explain what’s so great about the ML? He doesn’t treat the FL very well. The SML would treat her better.

    Merz OhanaMerz Ohana10 天 前
  • Por favor no se demoren en pasar el capítulo 40 y los siguientes por favor

    Lucia AnguloLucia Angulo10 天 前
  • this lady acting that she the owner of the company u are a worker only ms xia ur are not the wife of mr tang put that to your mind

    Dalia me too MacahineDalia me too Macahine10 天 前
  • WOW will she get the same treatment that she was going to dish out b/4 with friends like her she make her own enemies. Traitors n crooks

    Sarah GarnettSarah Garnett10 天 前
  • Who sings all these songs?

    Debora CrumDebora Crum10 天 前
  • I wish they could record all these songs for all of us.

    Debora CrumDebora Crum10 天 前
  • Why didn'-t Xialing have these thoughts before? Lol, a hypocritical snake. Fang continues to break my heart and i just want to hug his character.

    ReenieReenie10 天 前

    Luce ZamoLuce Zamo10 天 前
  • Am so glad she got caught now for the other one

    jackie pejackie pe10 天 前
  • 沈佳溪死不悔改 不直得帮求情 夏雪凌你没事吧 公司不分 公报私仇 抓到真凶不送去警察局 为什么之前这么执意送程阳去

    郑文华郑文华10 天 前
  • Thank you Kukan Channel .....I commend the entire team

    Normencita HotoppNormencita Hotopp10 天 前
  • That’s what you call karma!!! Both should be prosecuted. Crocodile tears and she goes to work for Baiman. Unbelievable. !!! I have one policy in life . I never trust anyone and you do the same. Life is hard enough and you have family, friends and classmates who will stab you in the back if the opportunity comes. BEWARE!!!!!!

    Rosaline SingsonRosaline Singson10 天 前
  • Tnx

    Lawin DionioLawin Dionio10 天 前
  • 38 39 Reitero: "EL AMOR TODO LO PUEDE" "EL CARRUSEL DEL AMOR Y DESAMOR" "MO FEI, UNA MUJER HECHA DE BONDAD Y BUEN CORAZON". Un par de episodios que quizas sean muy decidores para la historia de amor principalmente, pero... en lo laboral, no esta lejos de una solcion definitiva. Si bien, se descubrio a la "maliciosa espia", concuerdo con la intencion de Xia, en ir en busca del cerebro en esta conspiracion. Aunque, se sabe que los intereses personales de la espía, fueron determinantes con sus celos y envidia hacia Mo Fei. Me faltó la palanbra "profesional" pero, este título, no le alcanza a la espía. Sin embargo, a pesar que la aguas bajo el puente, se aquietaron un poco para Mo Fei, con respecto a Xia, no se ha visto una verdadera reunion en donde los "acusadores" tuvieran la capacidad de pedir las disculpas correspondientes, a pesar que el diseñador estrella, andaba de parranda con los diseños en su portatil. Aun asi, creo que se "merecía" una escena reunion aclaratoria. Hay un dicho que dice: "A nadie le falta Dios", hago esta referencia, para aquella "despechada" que, ve como se escapa el "supuesto amor arreglado de su vida". La aparición del pintor y ex compañero de estudios, al parecer, algo le revolvio en su interior, por su notable confesión de antaño. AVANCES. 40 - 41 Como se dice por ahi, "EL AMOR ES EFIMERO", en sus inicios, muy volátil y en esto, se vera que la madre de Tang, tiene mucho que decir aún. Para nada, sera facil este hermoso amor de nuestra pareja. Hasta ahora, al menos para mi, sera una gran peñasco en el camino del amor y no veo una reaccion de firmeza en sus convicciones ante esa dominante madre, para el caso de Tang. a pesar que tiene la complicidad de su padre, aun no lo veo "capaz" en como se dice: colocarse sus pantalones ante su madre y cortar de raíz, todo intento de Ella, en separarlo, del amor de su vida. 38 39 I reiterate: "THE LOVE CONQUERS ALL" "THE CAROUSEL OF LOVE AND LOVE" "MO FEI, A WOMAN MADE OF KINDNESS AND GOOD HEART". A couple of episodes that may be very telling for the love story mainly, but ... in the workplace, it is not far from a definitive solution. Although the "malicious spy" was discovered, I agree with Xia's intention, in going in search of the mastermind in this conspiracy. Although, it is known that the spy's personal interests were decisive with her jealousy and her envy towards Mo Fei. I lacked the "professional" word, but this title is not enough for the spy. However, even though the waters under the bridge calmed down a bit for Mo Fei, regarding Xia, there has not been a real meeting where the "accusers" had the ability to apologize, despite the fact that the star designer, was on a binge with the designs on his laptop. Still, I think he "deserved" a clarifying reunion scene. There is a saying that says: "Nobody lacks God", I make this reference, for that "jilted" who, sees how the "supposed love arranged from her life escapes." The appearance of the painter and former classmate, apparently, something stirred inside her, for his remarkable confession of yesteryear. PROGRESS. 40 - 41 As they say out there, "LOVE IS EPHEMERAL", in its beginnings, very volatile and in this, it will be seen that Tang's mother has a lot to say yet. Not at all, this beautiful love of our partner will be easy. Until now, at least for me, it will be a great rock on the path of love and I do not see a reaction of firmness in his convictions before that dominant mother, in the case of Tang. Although he has the complicity of her father, I still do not see him as "capable" in how it is said: putting on his pants before her mother and nipping at the roots, all attempts by Her to separate him from the love of life her.

  • The first chinese drama without any breakups until now🥰🥰🥰

    Kels ChristyKels Christy10 天 前
    • Perfect and casual ❤️❤️❤️❤️

      Mona SainiMona Saini2 天 前
    • There's "my little happiness "too

      yeasmin Yeasminyeasmin Yeasmin6 天 前
    • There is love020 too

      Shital LamaShital Lama8 天 前
  • 社會讓人長大,

    angie tamangie tam10 天 前
  • 女主撹用同情心,

    angie tamangie tam10 天 前
  • Aaaa me encanta

    Karol BoteroKarol Botero10 天 前
  • I like this drama is very beautiful. Thanks Kukan for this episode.

    Paquita DiazPaquita Diaz10 天 前
  • Capitulo 40 por favor

    Hayde PaulettHayde Paulett10 天 前
  • Cada vez mas hermoso este drama 😍😍😍

    Digna reyesDigna reyes10 天 前
  • Me encanta este actor con su amplia sonrisa cautivadora

    laura maritza aguilera amandorlaura maritza aguilera amandor10 天 前
  • To whoever has been following this drama from episode 1, hope u can relate this actually its wat we experience in our daily life, please be selective with friends and be very sensitive with the ones u choose, this drama is a love story but don't just watch it to enjoy kissing scenes only learn a lot from it. Don't trust people too much 🙏

    true lovetrue love10 天 前
    • @true love same here not ready to trust anyone anymore

      Britney GodwinBritney Godwin天 前
    • @Ludie Ziehmer for me I have been betrayed by many of my friends right now I don't trust friends anymore some are snakes 😢

      true lovetrue love10 天 前
    • Thank you, it's happened to me, friends are hard to fi I have one since elementary I could TRUST, many had Passed not TRUST worthy.

      Ludie ZiehmerLudie Ziehmer10 天 前