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Today, LuLu wasn’t feeling so well, so he entrusted his plan to DoDo!
Can DoDo carry out the plan alone?
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  • Thanks Claire and the kitties for making me smile again and again 🥰

    Ana SvarogAna Svarog49 分钟 前
  • Go back to English subtitles. Cringe watching this in my language.

    Spooks 95Spooks 95小时 前
  • Best entertainment on CNworld.

    HorribleHarryHorribleHarry2 小时 前
  • Most of the cats can speak now, we just have to wait the female cats speak too😁

    re writere write3 小时 前
  • I can't stop laughing how Lulu and Dodo are. 🤣😂😂

    Pekka SaarelainenPekka Saarelainen3 小时 前
  • I like the psychedelic flavour of visual and sound FX when DD breaks in the cupboard for real!

    Rolma LorenzoRolma Lorenzo3 小时 前
  • Oooo! OK, so I'll be your publicist (5% of the take). Claire, you will be able to afford it because the cats cannot read the contract, and they are happy to work for fishy treats and the occasional belly scratch. 😋😈😋 Signed Bernie(dine) Madoff.

    Claudia WoodsClaudia Woods5 小时 前
  • The song is from the pals

    Nimrat KaurNimrat Kaur6 小时 前
  • I came here from Kinoshita Yuka. She mentioned kittisaurus as one of her fave youtuber she wants to collab. She also mentioned lulu 😄

    melzer 13melzer 136 小时 前
  • What kind of cat is lulu?

    Usama NusryUsama Nusry8 小时 前
    • Munchkin / Scottish Fold / British Shorthair mix

      Titanenwurz ᴜᴛᴏᴘɪᴀTitanenwurz ᴜᴛᴏᴘɪᴀ4 小时 前
  • awwwwwwww! can i have your cats !!! lov catsforever

    A VA V8 小时 前

    Michi MeMichi Me9 小时 前
  • DD in for real❤️😂

    Michi MeMichi Me9 小时 前
  • Why does this seem so real❤️😭😭😭

    Michi MeMichi Me9 小时 前
  • The first scene😂😂😂😂😂

    Michi MeMichi Me9 小时 前
  • Oh i had no idea team edge gave out their sound for others to use

    1llustrous King1llustrous King10 小时 前
  • Lulu imut kakak

    Farhan ArvaFarhan Arva13 小时 前
  • Upload pls

    Meli Dela CruzMeli Dela Cruz15 小时 前
  • I watched 100 times alr 😄

    Neov SophakNeov Sophak16 小时 前
  • She mimimed Lulu's voice cutely its so good luv lulu

    The animatorThe animator17 小时 前
  • I love DoDo's voice. He sounds like a Mario character.

    Katy SmithKaty Smith18 小时 前
  • Lulu: boss Dodo: Agent Dd: Agent Momo: the lazy big brother Coco: careless big brother

    not Marcel Galliardnot Marcel Galliard20 小时 前
  • this was absolute fun. I giggled.,.. a lot.

    Aimee SimmonsAimee Simmons21 小时 前
  • Loving a lot lulu it just amazing keep making video on story like this ❤️👍

  • Lulu is best ❤️❤️

    gamy boigamy boi21 小时 前
  • 3:26 Coco's gaze 😂

    Windriarti AgustinWindriarti Agustin22 小时 前
    • 😂😂😂

      gamy boigamy boi21 小时 前
  • Did Claire sneak a Star Wars reference in when Dodo said "you're my only hope" or am I remembering the wrong movie/media?? 😆😆

    k senk sen22 小时 前
  • A+++

    Courtmala83Courtmala8323 小时 前
  • Claire should narrate everything.

    lefthandedpolacklefthandedpolack天 前
  • The cats having voices has improved these videos 100%

    Edith NackersEdith Nackers天 前
  • Can you tell me what the kind of lulu ?? I really want a cat like it 🥺🥺🥺

    Lale DenizLale Deniz天 前
    • @Emmet Ray ok 💙 thank you

      Lale DenizLale Deniz23 小时 前
    • I believe he's a cross between a Munchkin cat and a Scottish Fold. But you should be aware that LuLu has congenital health issues due to the mix of his breed.

      Emmet RayEmmet Ray23 小时 前

    WittyUsername816WittyUsername816天 前
  • Hallo Claire. I Love youre Cats.I m from 🇩🇪 Germans Love animals.

    Christina BormannChristina Bormann天 前
  • Now make chuchu highlights

    Mohamad ShaizanniMohamad Shaizanni天 前
  • Thanks for using cats voice,it makes them more cute and funny

    7J-08 Antik Talukder7J-08 Antik Talukder天 前
  • SDR = Super Duper Roar

    gamemaster 1233gamemaster 1233天 前
  • I think if Claire make a movie on food So these three are good characters for planning!!! and the name of the movie Will "Food Missions Impossible"🤤😅

    Sehroz ZainSehroz Zain天 前
  • Claire, please make LaLa And ChuChu Talk too Like All Cats

    Sergii ProkofievSergii Prokofiev天 前
  • Please DD, you're my only hope. Star wars anyone.....?

    Pranith ChiravuriPranith Chiravuri天 前
  • i also wonder what tomorrow will bring. Really good video 👍

    ThatRascalThatRascal天 前
  • Nice kucing nya ajg

  • Who else lv cats so ur parents dont allow bcoz f its hairfall : (

    Aysha ZehabinAysha Zehabin天 前
  • hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your new english version

    Muhammad Dawood RasheedMuhammad Dawood Rasheed天 前
  • Haha nice idea Claire

    Stephen D. SStephen D. S天 前
  • Upload new video

    Shahnaz KhanShahnaz Khan天 前
  • Adorable 😹😻

    ¡JASSR!¡JASSR!天 前
  • Cute lulu: • ~A~•

    Bubbles the pandaBubbles the panda天 前
  • Lulu is hero of your series ....

    Preet SVPreet SV天 前
  • 그... 도도 마지심슨 아닌가요?

    잘보고가요잘보고가요天 前
    • 그니까여 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 홀멀!

      최건규최건규16 小时 前
  • I love this kittisaurus cat story and all the beautiful cats & the voices lol.

    Rita SylliboyRita Sylliboy2 天 前
  • Always knew LuLu was the boss!

    Richard SRichard S2 天 前
  • DoDo sounds like the cookie monster

    Aj NarAj Nar2 天 前
  • OMG what a beautiful story u have created. Nice movie ha

    Najmakamaal ShaikNajmakamaal Shaik2 天 前
  • 11111

    Maylig Demera BravoMaylig Demera Bravo2 天 前
  • Que Deus abençoe sua casa nesse momento tão dificil que estamos vivendo e não deixe faltar o pão de cada dia.

    jardim dos animais jardim dos animais 2 天 前
  • Be healthy Pray for them

    Lay LeeLay Lee2 天 前
  • Lulu is best ❤️💖❣️💖😘

    MjMj2 天 前
  • I love it this video you stay kitty actave and fresh 🤗🤗😍

    Dnyaneshwar DarwatkarDnyaneshwar Darwatkar2 天 前
  • well, was much better before voiceover(

    Jinxman10Jinxman102 天 前
  • Claire speaking Engrish is so adorable.

    Eddy MadisonEddy Madison2 天 前
  • Evoss Roar

    Alfian AmrulAlfian Amrul2 天 前
  • lowkey my guy making Secret Life Of Pets 2,its a *masterpiece*

    Joseph Vissarionovich StalinJoseph Vissarionovich Stalin2 天 前
  • The lore!! the edits!! the voice acting!! this is amazing 👍🤩

    King SeokjinKing Seokjin2 天 前

    Endang Kezya ZaiEndang Kezya Zai2 天 前
  • lulu just tries to be scary, but he is so awww 😍🤩😻

    kitty cat Isla Hakikikitty cat Isla Hakiki2 天 前
  • Wow these voices are so cute and funny. Love the accents 🤣

    Mr.SandalsMr.Sandals2 天 前
  • 크집사 연기잘하네.ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    박정아박정아2 天 前

    i dont know nan mollai dont know nan molla2 天 前
  • 😂 😂 😂 😂

    SasarugySasarugy2 天 前
  • Nice, meong😺

    MutatohhirMutatohhir2 天 前
  • id expect dodo to sound younger and dd is actually a smart cat...but the voice...doesnt depict him that way :/ i do like lulu's. im glad they make the mini cat episodes though

    Kyo-ni lKyo-ni l2 天 前
  • what is the difference between coco and lala?

    ____2 天 前
  • What bbreed is Lulu

    Pateul Care zboaraPateul Care zboara2 天 前
  • I feel DD should have a more intelligent voice :D

    Chraist AlmightyChraist Almighty2 天 前
  • #teamlulu

  • DoDoの声は何かに少し似てるなって気がしたらポケモンのニャースだw

    ナードナード2 天 前
  • Dodo: Long nose Lulu: Short nose

    Ahmad BukharyAhmad Bukhary2 天 前
  • Dodo is like Lulu 2.0 😁😁

    Meow_ IFYMeow_ IFY2 天 前
  • I watched this video N times and still feel so funny.

  • 1:46 When you are confused and google helps you

    Siddharth RajSiddharth Raj2 天 前
  • What is the name of Lulu's breed

    Attractive AbiAttractive Abi2 天 前
  • LOL. Cute♡

    yangzta41yangzta412 天 前
  • Hilarity! 😹

    Cori JCori J2 天 前
  • Lulu sounds like a npc

    JoutosJoutos2 天 前
  • I just LOVEE DD He so cute and fluffy!!!!!!😊

    Elisha DenisElisha Denis2 天 前
  • Mya!

    Revy ArienzaRevy Arienza2 天 前
  • This would be a super Saturday Morning kids show

    Tymoira DuquaneTymoira Duquane2 天 前
  • Dodo sounds like Toad from Mario

    bifricken3482bifricken34822 天 前
  • DD is my spirit animal

    Suprio SheelSuprio Sheel2 天 前
  • I love kitty cat so much because all kittens our specialy one of us

    Stephanie Adeline RiveraStephanie Adeline Rivera3 天 前
  • Oh my! Now with voice actors? Such production! XD

    Matias GarciaMatias Garcia3 天 前
  • How many channels do you have? I'm getting confused...

    Vaishnavi KapgateVaishnavi Kapgate3 天 前
  • So funny! XD

    Leah WarnerLeah Warner3 天 前
  • 미션 냥파서블!!!!!!

    강민규강민규3 天 前
  • Lulu is just a short little 🍞!

  • This is funny. Lulu is too busy to go to the toilet while Claire reward their mischief with snacks. This should be the life of cute kitties. ❤

    ladyelysialadyelysia3 天 前
  • Didn't know yoda was cat.😉

    Karl Uffe MortensenKarl Uffe Mortensen3 天 前
  • Coll imagination

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  • Interesting story. Great !

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  • So funny! 😂😹

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