Neil Robertson's Title-Clinching Century 🏆 | Cazoo Tour Championship Final

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  • At 11:18 how many of you noticed Ronnie appreciating a black potting by Neil? Such a sportsman isn't he . Love you Ronnie.

    sathish kumarsathish kumar2 天 前
  • Look a the faaze on that. It's like a old busted sofa.

    Andy McNabAndy McNab2 天 前
  • Why all these comments regarding Neils hair? Check out a darts player called Peter Wright.

    Arnold DaviesArnold Davies3 天 前
  • Патлатый красава. Как всегда, впрочем.

    utkarobotutkarobot3 天 前
  • Well done Neil.On to the World's.

    Kevin BrennanKevin Brennan10 天 前
  • When logan paul slims down ..

    SAM AYSAM AY10 天 前

    jamie cowanjamie cowan10 天 前
  • Robertson to manager. "How can I put O'Sullivan off legally. Any ideas"? Manager. Ever thought of changing your hairstyle"?

    wanderer1955wanderer195511 天 前
  • Neils back on eating the crusts on his toast... I thought it was scary spice for a minute Via Avid Merrion

    jason johnsonjason johnson12 天 前
  • Why that mop on his head though

    Steve WilkinsonSteve Wilkinson12 天 前
  • Never knew Art Garfunkel played snooker as well

    Cueball WizardCueball Wizard13 天 前
  • fortunelly he dont care about the opinions of people about his hair, lets gooo neil :) The lion dont care about the opinion of worms

    sparz59200sparz5920013 天 前
  • Is that his lockdown hairdo? 😁

  • Snooker is such a fickle sport,soon no-one will remember Robertson's name, hair today,gone tomorrow.

    Andrew Hollywood32Andrew Hollywood3214 天 前
  • The power is in hair

    Mate PavlovicMate Pavlovic14 天 前
  • i thought the thumbnail was a deepfake like that oid man o'sullivan one a while back but....

    JRSJRS15 天 前
  • Been a long time since the rock and roll the lead singer from led zeppelin playing snooker

    Peter RushPeter Rush15 天 前
  • neil, the secret grandson of art garfunkel....:-)

    markus e. lipkamarkus e. lipka15 天 前
  • I didn't know James/ Lauren Harries could even play snooker.

    championaychampionay15 天 前
  • Goldy locks and the 3 bears

    Cleo ChristoforouCleo Christoforou15 天 前
  • Is he holding a blue lightsaber? Episode 1 the phanperm menace

    Ben10outof10Ben10outof1015 天 前
  • Peter Ebdon should ask Robinson where to buy similar hair piece to win ROS next time.

    Luns CheLuns Che15 天 前
  • Не знал, что Варламов играет в снукер...

    K90K9015 天 前
  • For years he hid his dark secret: curly hair. Then fame and fortune meant he didn't have to care anymore...

    jaksongpgjaksongpg15 天 前
  • looks like a party joke wig

    jaksongpgjaksongpg15 天 前
  • Thumbnail looks like he about to say "expelliarmus!"

    apollyon7xapollyon7x15 天 前
  • Очень нравиться Нил Робертсон, всегда смотрю снукер с его участием. Он действительно такой кудрявый или нет. Или раньше выпрямлял волосы. Красавец!!!!!!

    Olga ShvachunovaOlga Shvachunova15 天 前
    • Yes

      steve higtonsteve higton10 天 前
  • คิดนานมะทรงนี้

    แมว มัน พิมแมว มัน พิม15 天 前
    • Run that by us all again ?

      steve higtonsteve higton10 天 前
  • If this was the 70s nobody would even notice his hair

    Tony BarfridgeTony Barfridge15 天 前
  • I thought it was Art Garfunkel. Anyway the best pro to come from Australia

    Tony BarfridgeTony Barfridge16 天 前
  • I didn't think his hair could get more ridiculous, but he has outdone himself with the Shirley Temple tribute.

    Martin NewmanMartin Newman16 天 前
  • Robertson walks more miles than a thirsty desert elephant. Guy must survey every bloody angle before he takes a shot. Frustrating to watch.

    Steve MoranSteve Moran16 天 前
  • Don't cut the hair, Neil. So much better like this

    Real TruthReal Truth16 天 前
  • So ....that IS his hair? It's not a bet?

    Paul GoodierPaul Goodier16 天 前
  • Wtf is with the hair is he trying to be a young Steve Davis in hopes he will win more world titles? 😂😂😂

    daniel higginsdaniel higgins16 天 前
  • It's fantastic !!! " I love this game "!!! Neil - you crazy !!!

    Михаил РамазановМихаил Рамазанов16 天 前
  • What a player Neil Robertson is, i hope he can become a multiple world champion......

    willowhead69willowhead6916 天 前
  • Super snooker and hair like super noodles! 🔴⚫️🟡🟢🔵🟤⚪️

    Anton HamptonAnton Hampton16 天 前
  • Just Brilliant

    Andy SturtonAndy Sturton16 天 前
  • Thought I was watching a grown up Oliver.

    boxing firstboxing first16 天 前
  • Нил красава.

    Рамиль ЗакировРамиль Закиров16 天 前
  • Neil has been supressing his wild barnet all these years...

    antwanantwan16 天 前
  • 👍

    Gairat RahmatullaevGairat Rahmatullaev16 天 前
  • Super noodle Neil is savage

    Will MartinWill Martin16 天 前
  • That last red ball😂😂😂👍💪

    Krzysztof BodzianowskiKrzysztof Bodzianowski16 天 前
  • 1:45 traded a long queue for a long cue...

    Brent HootonBrent Hooton16 天 前
  • Cool fro dude

    ArckitektArckitekt16 天 前
  • Well done Neil Robertson. Making us all proud of your achievements back home here in Australia. Poor old Ronnie did not know what hit him in that final.

    Arnold DaviesArnold Davies16 天 前
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  • I swear Robertson is looking more and more like Deirdre Barlow everyday.

    Bees NeesBees Nees16 天 前
  • aussie aussie aussie, love this man... congratulations Neil

    Firey367Firey36716 天 前
  • Great player but does anyone else notice hes wearing wigs im convinced

    John SlatteryJohn Slattery16 天 前
  • Neil looks hot with that hair ...

    Bink OlneyBink Olney16 天 前
  • Ridiculous hair - lol!

    Andrew VenningAndrew Venning16 天 前
  • Possibly the only video I have seen where Ronnie does not play.

    Bhaaskar DesaiBhaaskar Desai16 天 前

    Arman ShafiqArman Shafiq16 天 前

    Arman ShafiqArman Shafiq16 天 前
    • 'of' fits in the above somewhere...

      steve higtonsteve higton10 天 前
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  • I see Neil has been binge watching Bob Ross videos

    BakchormeeManBakchormeeMan17 天 前
  • When Neil and Selby were at their zenith, it was glorious to watch. Potting around 98% - in every game. Sweet!

    Peli MiesPeli Mies17 天 前
  • I didn't think anyone could match Trumps hair fiasco, I was wrong 😱

    qwertylolzdwjkzqwertylolzdwjkz17 天 前
  • Shld maintain the hairstyle for World Championship.. Probably will win it.. Godzilla mode Neil🤭

    Ssliau101Ssliau10117 天 前
  • So good to see him winning again 😎 has always been a marvelous potter

    John ColeJohn Cole17 天 前
  • His cueing is unreal x Joy towatch even against ronnie

    David SandersonDavid Sanderson17 天 前
  • Harpo Marx wins OK!

    Jak HaughtonJak Haughton17 天 前
  • Glad to see Neil embrace his big natural curly hair. Ive the same hair.

    Frizzy RedFrizzy Red17 天 前
  • As a white boy I know the struggle and I've been watching his journey. Unfortunately, he has come this far. I guess he used those rolls to finally make his hair curly. Sadly, this is the best it will get. And it was his whole life's work to this point. To take that drastic action. Happy he finally had a hairstyle not horrendous enough to refrain from the snooker.

    Ville GVille G17 天 前
  • Fucks he done to his hair 😂

    Tom MoTom Mo17 天 前
  • I want to nickname Robertson as "GOLDEN RETRIVER"

    Shivaraj DShivaraj D17 天 前
  • I thought Noddy Holder was playing

    gordon mathersgordon mathers17 天 前
  • Someone left the straighteners at home...

    Richard PinkhamRichard Pinkham17 天 前
  • "Screech" Robertson ... Any Saved by the Bell fans here ? 😂😂

    Mark SaldanhaMark Saldanha17 天 前
  • Доброго здравия. Нил молодец. Очень приятно, что игроки улыбаются после последнего фрейма. Ронни с большим уважением относиться к Нилу

    Kairat DostaevKairat Dostaev17 天 前
    • No

      steve higtonsteve higton10 天 前
  • Peak Robertson and Trump > peak Ronnie's O'Sullivan

    Ganstaz003Ganstaz00317 天 前
  • Hair style don’t suit him

    Jam JamJam Jam17 天 前
  • Damn Ronnies just making all them finals and then getting’s alright Ronnie, you’ve done more than enough!

    Alvinator 520Alvinator 52017 天 前
  • Judd where’s

    ฉัตรชัย ปานอุทัยฉัตรชัย ปานอุทัย17 天 前
  • He's got 80s Steve Davis hair

    Michael MyersMichael Myers17 天 前
  • I think as the singer for Simply Red he was great.

    orbodmanorbodman17 天 前
  • Thats one wild hairstyle :)

    Pelmen129Pelmen12917 天 前
  • He looks sooooo Aussie with the doo.

    glyn hayesglyn hayes17 天 前
  • Can't believe how the rocket played in the semi , but to play like he wasn't bothered in a final. Really those Neil what do you look like, go back to the hair dresses as you look like a disused toilet scrubber with your hair like that, as the game was for focused on how your hair style was. But glad it's no Trumpet

    Martin CowlingMartin Cowling17 天 前
    • Don’t make excuses for Ronnie. In the last six frames Neil never give him a chance. Ronnie is a great player but when your opponent is on a hot streak like Neil was there is nothing you can do about it.

      Arnold DaviesArnold Davies5 天 前
  • loveyouboy🙏🙏🔥🔥

    Tahir KhanTahir Khan17 天 前
  • seems like his hair trick worked😅

    hussain abbashussain abbas17 天 前
  • Shirley Robertson

    TimeConstrainedTimeConstrained17 天 前
  • The curls get the girls. Aussie Aussie Aussie ,oi oi oi.

    John BosevskiJohn Bosevski17 天 前
  • Can say that I approve of Neil's hair do lol.

    Mark SmithMark Smith17 天 前
  • Hed have to be the favorite for Sheffield.

    Damien KazmarDamien Kazmar17 天 前
  • I don't have any time for Ronnie but he was class at the end...fair play.

    Bob Wallace JnrBob Wallace Jnr17 天 前
    • you dont have any time for Ronnie? thats a shame, i bet Ronnie is really upset that he will never be able to have a drink, a chat, a round of golf or maybe a game of snooker with you because you havent got the time for him. poor Ronnie i bet he is gutted.

      Lee HLee H17 天 前
  • Reffry left job

    Nikhil ThakurNikhil Thakur17 天 前
  • I predict 80% of the comments will be made about Ronnie's hair.

    Michael RMichael R17 天 前
    • @Michael R fuck sake, lol, i did actually think that before i commented. i was just trying to be smart, lol

      Lee HLee H16 天 前
    • @Lee H I know. I just wanted to see who would notice 🦚

      Michael RMichael R16 天 前
    • Neil's hair

      Lee HLee H17 天 前
  • He may have won the tournament but he obviously lost a bet...

    Darren SaundersDarren Saunders17 天 前
  • Well played.. Not sure why he bothered straightening it before, suits him.. Be yourself.

    JumboJumbo17 天 前
  • Wonderful game and last frame too watch. Ronnie O'Sullivan's, handshake, smile, and congratulations, to Robertson showed what a class act he is. Thanks.🎉🎉🎉 I still believe Snooker is the most Masterful game of pool ever conceived. 🎰🎰🎰🎰🎰🎰

    Robert WaidRobert Waid18 天 前
    • Please don’t describe snooker as a “form of pool.” It’s much more of a skilful game than that.

      Arnold DaviesArnold Davies16 天 前