Stray Cat Shows Up At House And Chooses His New Mom | The Dodo Cat Crazy

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This loud meowing stray cat visits a woman's window every day and night for food. After building him a little house to stay in, he gets comfortable enough to be pet - but soon his life would change forever.
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  • Cat: Muhahaha.... My strategy to move in rent-free worked! Even trained her to feed me and give me belly rubs.

    H XenH Xen小时 前
  • Thanks again so much 👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️

    May LingMay Ling2 小时 前
  • the Cat is happy you are happy it is just a happy ending ! I want to thank you for being a nice Person and also your Landlord !there is ONE with a Heart !!!!

    Rolf SchulzRolf Schulz9 小时 前
  • He was born in the wild! That's why he is behaving this way!

    Lenita ALenita A13 小时 前
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    chief 1 redwolfchief 1 redwolf17 小时 前
  • The landlord : no pets allowed Her : Bro i helped this stray cat The landlord : okay then He's a chad

    The Gaming Bay : SkeletorThe Gaming Bay : Skeletor天 前
  • Another beautiful story. Thanks for rescuing Tiger 🐅

    ZaptorZaptor天 前
  • It is too bad PEOPLE are not that kind to each other

    GwendolynGwendolyn天 前
  • Happy to see you guys got to take care of this one. He is a Beauty. 💖 Made me cry.

    Jamie Cee49Jamie Cee49天 前
  • I have a New Stray Cat who has chosen me. He is about 1 years old. He came up to me. Is so loving, and wanting loving. My Cat does not like other Cats. He stays outside. If I could bring him in I would. Only allowed one cat. 😔 Even If I could Mrs Queen of the Household here. Who hisses at me everytime I'm around another Cat wouldn't allow it...😆 But this kitten is so loving and wanting a home. Another Ferral Cat addopted him I think. We have a lady in town they call the Bird Whisper. I self titled myself the Cat Whisper...💖😁☺️ Poor Babies. Makes me cry. I don't lke it when they are stray's. I do feed him. My Stray is a Beautiful Grey Cat, with some white. 💖

    Jamie Cee49Jamie Cee49天 前
  • I hate that landlords won't accept people to have a little cat bUT ALLOWS PEOPLE TO HAVE A LOUD FAT CHILD THATLL GROW UP TO BE A FAILURE LIKE MYSELF

    Esther YanEsther Yan天 前
  • if i ever see that landlord i would give him 300 dollars just for letting this woman keep the cat.

  • Well done Anastasia! and TY landlords, too. You are kind.

    Sister325Sister325天 前
  • That is a FAT cat. He is not and was not starving............

    fourforty RoadRunnerfourforty RoadRunner天 前
  • When it said she was able to adopt him I broke down in happy tears😭😭

    Celestial BeautyCelestial Beauty天 前
  • I so rarely get watery eyes...... but this did it. I understand. He chose you. I just noticed we have the same name. Kevin is my furry family member. I don’t know what I would do if we hadn’t been given him. He moved in one day and his previous guardian said he could stay💗 I understand.

    Hells BelleHells Belle天 前
  • Awwh I’m so happy she managed to get permission to keep him

    Mars :Mars :2 天 前
  • Sooooo cute 🥰

    Chris 編集Chris 編集2 天 前
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    Danish MoonrockDanish Moonrock2 天 前
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    Della WarrenDella Warren2 天 前
  • First you try so hard to gain it's trust. Just to lock him up for the shelter. Now the cat will have even more trust issues down the road... nice

    JebClangJebClang2 天 前
  • Kudos to you, and also for the property management people!

    MeMe2 天 前
  • I seen him on TikTok

    L ML M2 天 前
  • This made me cry god damn. :(

    Raymart PlayzRaymart Playz2 天 前
  • i love happy ending story... happy for both of you

    BHABHA2 天 前
  • Anastasia, you are to be respected. 💜👍 Fortunate for Tiger 🐯 you took him in.Into your 💓then into your home.🏡 Shame you can't adopt the rest of the strays, although I'm sure you are still feeding them.👍🐾😻

    Lydia YoungLydia Young2 天 前
  • God loves you

    Lillianna DuffLillianna Duff2 天 前
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    spencer tomspencer tom3 天 前
  • pyscho

    Muhsin KhalifMuhsin Khalif3 天 前
  • ohh little potato

    eric wirtagustaweric wirtagustaw3 天 前
  • I don't get why pets are not allowed but babys are.. they make definitely more of a mess than pets...

    MatrixRetoastetMatrixRetoastet3 天 前
  • Can i say this? Most of Stray Cat is a Tsundere, lol

    Ers LFErs LF3 天 前
  • this is sad and happy and heart warming

    Toppat UK stil toppatToppat UK stil toppat3 天 前
  • adopt me baby

  • wait i saw this whole thing happen on tiktok

    parulan jasperparulan jasper3 天 前
  • Aww man, I was going to be so sad if she wasnt able to adopt him

    wild frontierwild frontier3 天 前
  • That cat is what you in the anime world... a Tsundere

    RecklessRobertRecklessRobert3 天 前
  • so cute :3

    KoTuKoTu3 天 前
  • I love cats

    Inez KeshaneInez Keshane3 天 前
  • Your life will be different - but you made the right decision. You will never be lonely. Stick to it - and welcome to the club. ;-)

    der nordhesseder nordhesse4 天 前
  • I change house went rent goes wrong with cats

    Yu QiYu Qi4 天 前
  • молодець дівчина)

    yarchun yarchunyarchun yarchun4 天 前
  • When she was crying I thought the cat died but turns out SHE ADOPTED IT!! NOICEEEE!! 👍👍👍

    Godzilla GDGodzilla GD4 天 前
  • I saw this on tiktok

    girl power unicorn powergirl power unicorn power4 天 前
  • SoO 💕 LoveLy 💕

    INFJINFJ4 天 前
  • Isn't it the story from tiktok?🥺🥰

    Giulia BivolGiulia Bivol4 天 前
    • I don't hv ticktock. I've seen others comment about observing the same here & on other videos. Sincerely want to know, is it considered wrong to post on both? Or are u hinting it was stoen/re-posted by someone else?

      Ki Marie A.Ki Marie A.4 天 前
  • my heart brole when you put him up for adoption. SO glad you were allowed to keep him. Nice ending!!! Well done Tiger.

    Melanie KingMelanie King4 天 前
    • You wrote glas instead of glad

      Shabana AsgherShabana Asgher3 天 前
  • thank you so much for sharing this vid. After all the trust issues and seeing all of your attempts to feed and shelter, to seE him in the cat house you made was just FANTASTIC. He looked COMFORTABLE, SAFE AND HE SAYS TO YOU," hERE i AM". SO GOOD TO SEE. You can tell he was waiting for you. He meowed as soon as you opened the window. Yeah. Thanx again.

    Melanie KingMelanie King4 天 前
  • Hey that’s on tiktok

    Sofia YusonSofia Yuson4 天 前
  • Boy do know that feeling,,Now I have 16

    terry biglerterry bigler4 天 前
    • Lol, I am impressed & completely understand. I'm up to 9! 3 stay indoors, 6 outdoor ferals. Indoor cats range in age from 4yrs to 1 1/2yr, all are fixed. So amazing our relationships grew from feeding them during feral kittenhood.

      Ki Marie A.Ki Marie A.4 天 前
    • Best thing I have ever done in my entire life

      terry biglerterry bigler4 天 前
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    Smith JamesSmith James4 天 前
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      Ki Marie A.Ki Marie A.4 天 前
  • I watched this story unfold on tik tok shes an amazing young lady who loves tiger so much ☺🖤😍

    Amy EvansAmy Evans4 天 前
  • Thank you to all who helped Hissing-Tiger. Bless🙏💚

    JessJess4 天 前
  • You are a gentle soul

    offBeatRock777offBeatRock7775 天 前
  • 3:38 dont want to mess with a cat that can push down a couch cushion

    BananaDerpBananaDerp5 天 前
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    Olga ArellanoOlga Arellano5 天 前
  • Just two words: Thank you

    SparkSpark5 天 前
  • This brings me back a couple of years ago, our neighbor had a cat randomly dropped off at their house which he gave the cat to use and all of our cats stay outside. But this cat was my favorite cat, she was all loving and a few months go by, me and grandpa went to our house (Which my grandparents are our other neighbors) to check our water to make sure it wasn’t freezing and when we headed back, she followed us back which was probably the best thing she’s done in her life. She now lives with my grandparents and although she’s spoiled lmao, she’s very loving and now has a good home indoors and outdoors and is healthy to this day, I love you Molly, you will always be my favorite cat

    Bailey Farms GamingBailey Farms Gaming5 天 前
  • There is a cat that lives outside that looks and acts like that, and we named him tiger too!

    Royally JellyRoyally Jelly5 天 前
  • YOU are my new mom! fullstop.. i dont want to hear anything about it - the cat lol

    Jax AmiliusJax Amilius5 天 前
  • I've seen this video so many times on tiktok with different voices

    That Freezy DudeThat Freezy Dude5 天 前
  • Some nosey neighbors...

    Roey MRoey M6 天 前
  • A very noisy boy, so glad she could take him in. U can tell she really shared a special bond the noisy boy.

    Texas baby kteaTexas baby ktea6 天 前
  • beautiful story

    DarthSparhawkDarthSparhawk6 天 前
  • You named your pet but what did your pet name you

    BIRBBIRB6 天 前
  • So sad ☹☹☹

    Vilma GellaVilma Gella6 天 前
  • I’m not crying over a cute cat u are

    Yeetes mc WenisYeetes mc Wenis6 天 前
  • ​@4kz4 cat mother protecting kitten and died.......

    Fascinating LifeFascinating Life6 天 前

    Jiva BagaleJiva Bagale6 天 前
    • 本当だと思って明るい日が見えたけど空は灰色だった \(◉̃ ₒ◉̃)/

      海へのテラス海へのテラス5 天 前
  • Teenager anger 🙄

    Mr. DonutMr. Donut6 天 前
  • Im just sorta worried about how she dropped food on grass for him at the start I mean I get that it can be a hassle to get bowls but I think there's alotta stuff in grass that cats might wanna avoid

    Mr Choo Choo GuyMr Choo Choo Guy6 天 前
    • Wise & caring point in some cases... If you don't use weed killer &/or pesticides, it's perfectly fine. (she rented there, so she wld know). Cats often chew grass for gut digestion, especially feral cats. May hv bones & fur injested from eating mice, grass eating helps aid necessary regurgitation.

      Ki Marie A.Ki Marie A.4 天 前
  • People actually think, that cats don’t love people. Those of us who Love cats, know this isn’t true. My cat and I Love eachother So much. We’re inseparable.

    Maureen McGovernMaureen McGovern6 天 前
  • Your a good person I wish I could have a cat but my wife won’t let me😢

    Red DragonRed Dragon6 天 前
  • I followed this story on TikTok, Tiger is now such a happy kitty :)

    Lostdreamer1992Lostdreamer19926 天 前
  • Been there, done that. She wasnt a stray.....she was my baby.......i snuck her in.out of desperation with no one to take her in.....and landlord was well. after 2 years....."no one complains" they were in fact coming in to play with her...we were all older....she and i had an incredible bond...and i broke the rules. But all the flat mates, they were always coming down to play with her...

    Scott GrimesScott Grimes6 天 前
  • welcome to the world of ✨familiars✨(idk if i spelt it right)

    Crow Chai BearCrow Chai Bear6 天 前
  • Lovestory.

    TrixiLovesYouTrixiLovesYou6 天 前

    minku sayatominku sayato7 天 前
  • I cried when Tiger was petted for the first time :'] Seeing all the fight and all the fear leaving his face at Anastasias touch really broke me, but in a good way no actually the best way :)

    Jack TaylorJack Taylor7 天 前
  • Aw I wish my landowner would let me have pets- but he would never ;-;

    Mimi DMimi D7 天 前
  • Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    Bruce LeeBruce Lee7 天 前
  • Is the owner Greek? Anastasia is a very common name in Greece.

    Odyss KOdyss K7 天 前
  • I started crying no joke when she wasn’t able to adopt him, but then I started crying because of how happy I was that she could adopt him after,

    Magix Rex’s AltMagix Rex’s Alt7 天 前
  • 안녕하세요 반갑습니다 캣트가 귀엽네요 사랑으로 힘싫어 드려요 화이팅 하세요

    파랑새파랑새7 天 前
  • You know what they say: "Let Something Go And It Comes Back To You" ❤️

    IIMax AnimeIIIIMax AnimeII7 天 前
  • I'll take animal over a human any day xcc

    pink_pastel_rosespink_pastel_roses7 天 前
  • My left temple at the end of my eyebrow is hurting.

    3Daddicted3Daddicted7 天 前
  • Cats have the best character development. 🖤🖤

    Jude BautistaJude Bautista7 天 前
  • Beautiful cat and human.

    bravolondonbravolondon7 天 前
  • I can't believe how perfectly vlogged these interactions were. When she started crying and decided to pick up a camera, that probably won her the battle against property management.

    YosiahWYosiahW7 天 前
    • 本当だと思って明るい日が見えたけど空は灰色だった \( ͡❛ ᵜ ͡❛)/

      海へのテラス海へのテラス5 天 前
  • Well done

    Dawn PiperDawn Piper7 天 前
  • ❤️

    Romy SojatRomy Sojat7 天 前
  • Id love a second 🐱

    janine karnbachjanine karnbach7 天 前
  • IF I found him outside my house I'd take him in bringing him to My vet get him vaccinated and checcked him over no medical problems

    janine karnbachjanine karnbach7 天 前
    • \( ͡👁️ ₒ ͡👁️)/

      海へのテラス海へのテラス5 天 前
  • So happy you were able to keep him

    Jason GoodenJason Gooden7 天 前
  • I feel like she needed him more than she knew. :)

    Harlow Jade MermaidHarlow Jade Mermaid7 天 前
  • This was very sad and happy that i was crying

    XxCrystal_PastelsxXXxCrystal_PastelsxX7 天 前
  • Love in Action! Hats off to the Landlord!

    Betsy MabryBetsy Mabry7 天 前
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    Marna PalacioMarna Palacio7 天 前
  • Her hair tho.......

    egg shellegg shell7 天 前