Game Recap: Brooklyn Nets 109, Lakers 98

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Led by James Hardens 23 points, five rebounds and 11 assists, the Nets defeated the Lakers, 109-98. Additionally for the Nets, Kyrie Irving recorded 16 points and seven rebounds in the victory, while Lebron James tallied 32 points, eight rebounds and seven assists for the Lakers in the losing effort. The Nets improve to 19-12 on the season, while the Lakers fall to 22-8.

  • 0:27 WTF no offensive foul? 🤣

    sokin jonsokin jon2 天 前
  • I am not a lebron fan but if this will be the final I hope AD gets back and lakers win

    wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioov3 天 前
  • 0:27 WTF no offensive foul? 🤣

    gioyu comigioyu comi4 天 前
  • Nothing but nets

    abbsnn coseabbsnn cose5 天 前
  • Daje Borghesiana nets

    • 1:45 🤣 give lebron a map

      sokin jonsokin jon2 天 前
  • This guy is cringe tbh

    flashwalker23flashwalker236 天 前
    • Who is the comemmentator?

      wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioov3 天 前
  • 1:45 👀🔥

    yuoop nokeyuoop noke6 天 前
  • Remember lebron james is the destroyer of big 3 💪💪💪💪 not now but soon 💪💪💪 big fan 💪💪💪 go Laker's 😊🙃

    John Paul ViojanJohn Paul Viojan6 天 前
    • as smooth as a Rolls Royce but built like a tank, seriously who's child is this 😂😂😂😂

      abbsnn coseabbsnn cose5 天 前
  • Lebron hiding in the corner guarding some bum. Jordan would be foaming at the mouth to clamp up they best player

    DamianTheBeholderDamianTheBeholder7 天 前
  • This is nonsense we who added this commentator

    Kampala M PhiriKampala M Phiri7 天 前
  • Well don't King lebron James

    King HigginsKing Higgins7 天 前
  • We need to On the ultimate goal set the record for the most NBA championship Do it for the Bryant family black mamba forever

    King HigginsKing Higgins7 天 前
  • They compete for the finals this year and of course the king will win.

    Batbayar Bat-ErdeneBatbayar Bat-Erdene7 天 前
  • MEDIA: "Lebron is MVP" REALITY: TOP MVP CANDIDATES 1. Joel Embiid 2. Damian Lilliard 3. Stephen Curry 4. Nikola Jokic 5. Donovan Mitchell

    Kung Fu KennyKung Fu Kenny8 天 前
  • homie's got bars and i'm living for it

    hh8 天 前

    José pérezJosé pérez8 天 前
  • All the laker changes and their not this years superteam smh. Lebron has major competition for his next ring.

    Wh!te pe0Pлə smhWh!te pe0Pлə smh8 天 前
  • I am not a lebron fan but if this will be the final I hope AD gets back and lakers win

    Herchelle JacobsHerchelle Jacobs8 天 前
  • 1:45 🤣 give lebron a map

    Daniel GarciaDaniel Garcia8 天 前
  • Who is the comemmentator?

    João GuilhermeJoão Guilherme8 天 前
    • Name's Ro Parrish

      MildMay HeadlessMildMay Headless8 天 前
  • Lebron is a bust

    akeme rofakoakeme rofako8 天 前
  • as smooth as a Rolls Royce but built like a tank, seriously who's child is this 😂😂😂😂

    Imro KwadjaniImro Kwadjani8 天 前
  • Kyrie "That's your best free throw shooter 🤬".

    Nya KemajouNya Kemajou8 天 前
  • nets is the goat

    Syno GamingSyno Gaming8 天 前
  • Harden sikmiş

    Yavuz SelimYavuz Selim8 天 前

    Marry JaneMarry Jane8 天 前
  • Nets ball movement improved

    King ZeeKing Zee8 天 前
  • Patikim lng yan sa lakers pinanalo ang nets👏👏👏

    Juliet MartinezJuliet Martinez8 天 前
  • AD is very much needed.

    aaronaaron8 天 前
  • Lbj sucks

    Eric ShumEric Shum8 天 前
  • Nets are back and we don’t even need KD

    Yunas AdanYunas Adan8 天 前
  • What if KD and AD had played What would it be like ? 🤔

    Ange Fabrice N'daAnge Fabrice N'da8 天 前
  • The Mets??

    M MM M8 天 前
  • We are the new best team now I said it

    SealmZSealmZ8 天 前
  • #scaryhours

    Ryan BariuanRyan Bariuan8 天 前
  • I know the loss will not affect Lakers that much however even when they win its like king james in yellow shirt with 4 faceless, nameless random guys vs the other team 💔

    abdulla alkarbiabdulla alkarbi8 天 前
  • No le pongan los resultados así nadies vendrá a ver el video porque ya saben quien gano

    Ladary20 DaryLadary20 Dary8 天 前
  • No le pongan los resultados 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    Ladary20 DaryLadary20 Dary8 天 前
  • Obviously Lakers interior defense went to the 76ers. it's very glaring what they lack. Just trade Gasol for Howard.

    Channel Rodney 24Channel Rodney 248 天 前
  • seems like we already know who will go to the final

    Ryan TanjayaRyan Tanjaya8 天 前
  • Kyrie : Earth is flat but I pray to god... this man has a IQ of toddler trying to balance his head

    tony B.tony B.8 天 前
    • Shut up hater stop crying

      kaka 31 bokkaka 31 bok8 天 前
  • i love L.A city but i hate Lakers

    EAZY-EEAZY-E8 天 前
  • Nets played like a real team...didn't matter who was on the bench....even if A.Davis was playing they would've still got whooped.

    Forward_Ever &_EverForward_Ever &_Ever8 天 前
  • GSW 2.0 vs Cavs 2.0, we all know what will happen. Lakers and Bronsexuals about to cry and screaming its so unfair hahahaha

    George PaulGeorge Paul8 天 前
  • If Kobe Bryant was here will say never Give up

    Alexanian SosaAlexanian Sosa8 天 前
  • " it was all a dream "

    Carl De pCarl De p8 天 前
  • Unfortunately Lakers never in the game ...

    KingArny89KingArny898 天 前
  • Nets and warriors on finals

    Hanamichi Sakuragi The Basketball ManHanamichi Sakuragi The Basketball Man8 天 前
    • They probably will tho ciz they r either.gonna.stay at 7th or go to 8th

      GD TVGD TV8 天 前
    • Warriors might not even go to the playoffs.

      GD TVGD TV8 天 前
    • I dont

      GD TVGD TV8 天 前
  • Lebron perdido no drible do Kyrie Irving aos 1:47 kkkkk

    lleguimclleguimc8 天 前
    • Kyrie é bom demais mano joga fácil

      diwlay nayannediwlay nayanne8 天 前

      José pérezJosé pérez8 天 前
    • Foi tão rápido kkkk q ele ficou tipo,o q foi isso?,o sono me robou esse jagao😭

      coelhinha 25coelhinha 258 天 前
  • Lebron don’t try in regular season that hard

    GriffonGriffon8 天 前
  • King James Vs LeBron James

    Marko FrostMarko Frost8 天 前
  • ggs

    ensbxensbx8 天 前
  • Playoffs are a different story.. I think Lakers would get the better of Nets in the playoffs with a healthy AD.. also bcoz they have greater depth.. by the way, the playlist on my channel just might change someone's life.. anyway all the best to anyone reading this comment!

    Shezad MajumderShezad Majumder8 天 前
  • 0:27 WTF no offensive foul? 🤣

    Lukas JandlLukas Jandl8 天 前
  • kyrie irving deserve to be in the MVP category this season damn so smooth.

    Trazy XTrazy X8 天 前
    • He isn't even the best player on his team, how tf is he gonna be the mvp?

      Gabriel Oliveira CanelaGabriel Oliveira Canela8 天 前
  • Is dude freestyling or he writes lol

    Andrew SamuelsAndrew Samuels8 天 前
  • U know the nba is shit when u let this type of people commentating on games.

    Majid DaherMajid Daher8 天 前
  • Only 3 lakers had double digit scores, they need AD!

    Nosa BourdyNosa Bourdy8 天 前
  • Harden needs one more triple double and that makes a hundred. Which game do y'all think he's going to get it? I'm hoping he saves it for the rockets game

    HeartandsouljahHeartandsouljah8 天 前
    • Vs clippers

      Ange Fabrice N'daAnge Fabrice N'da8 天 前
  • They ready..

    rchris Meijerrchris Meijer8 天 前
  • Pag nananalo kc LA lebron kasi kau ng lebron pinapalabas nyo na c lebron lng mag isa. Ngayon nawala c AD, akala nyo mbubuhat ni lebron lahat? Ou mlaki score ni lebron ngunit d yun sapat. Atleast sinampal kau ng katotohanan.

    Keeno RichKeeno Rich8 天 前

    Josh JeongJosh Jeong8 天 前
  • Joe Harris is a monster 🔥

    Moeed HussainMoeed Hussain8 天 前
    • ​@Ros Ramos and against Clippers happened the same but Harden was carefull.

      Dfsfsf FsdfsdsdfDfsfsf Fsdfsdsdf3 天 前
    • I know he is a good shooter but u cant make this kind of misstakes in the best league. Nets could be 1st of conference.

      Dfsfsf FsdfsdsdfDfsfsf Fsdfsdsdf3 天 前
    • @Dfsfsf Fsdfsdsdf are u referring to the game they lost to the lowly Wizards where Joe Harris shot 8 of 13 threes? U call that monster performance? Davis Bertans shot 9 out of 11 threes vs Denver.. thats a monster performance in a win..

      Ros RamosRos Ramos5 天 前
    • @Ros Ramos just remember what he did against wizards.

      Dfsfsf FsdfsdsdfDfsfsf Fsdfsdsdf8 天 前
    • not really.. but he is consistent in his threes..

      Ros RamosRos Ramos8 天 前
  • Where is “you couldn’t dunk with me if you wanted to” from again?

    Adam HallisseyAdam Hallissey8 天 前
    • 😂😂

      Forward_Ever &_EverForward_Ever &_Ever8 天 前
    • Bodak yellow

      Chitalu Wilbroad ZimbaChitalu Wilbroad Zimba8 天 前
  • Lose Angeles Losers

    Frank CadillacFrank Cadillac8 天 前
  • This game doesn't mean anything, AD is out and the nets have nothing to guard him. Let's wait and see if these two teams end up in the finals together.

    Jim ZovaroJim Zovaro8 天 前
    • shroder is also out one of the key player of the lakers. they will bounce back without them next game for sure.

      AmzkiAmzki8 天 前
    • And KD is also out

      North Bin OluNorth Bin Olu8 天 前
    • KD is also out .. what's your point?

      Marvin NkomoMarvin Nkomo8 天 前
  • How is 0:30 a blocking foul

    Man BrennyMan Brenny8 天 前
  • AD got injured carrying Lebron

    Frank CadillacFrank Cadillac8 天 前
    • Lebron averaging 26,8,8 and AD averaging 22,8,3 but LBJ being carried? Wow you’re really smart👍🏻😀

      Shane O'ConnorShane O'Connor8 天 前
  • No chip for Bron this year..

    James GordonJames Gordon8 天 前
  • last time i heard cringementator, he was improving but he's back again with the over the top bars, but still an improvement from his lines before.

    the FLIPthe FLIP8 天 前
  • Holy sh...that handle on James...

    webjack92webjack928 天 前
  • Well done, Nets. Now they’re making me believe they mean business. I had a feeling Lakers would struggle here... better luck next time. 35000 points for LeBron now though. Wow.

    Amazing A The DreamerAmazing A The Dreamer8 天 前
    • @Samir Papito Indeed

      Amazing A The DreamerAmazing A The Dreamer8 天 前
    • Without Kevin Durant. If KD played, it will be a blowout:like 30 points up. The nets were at one point 23 points up.

      Samir PapitoSamir Papito8 天 前
  • Omg the rapping commentator is back.

    Martin BrankovMartin Brankov8 天 前
    • @Martin Brankov Thank God

      GeoChalk1981GeoChalk19817 天 前
    • @Adam Hallissey cardi B “ these expansive , these R bloody shooooooes...”

      Enzo NightEnzo Night7 天 前
    • What's his name?

      Maxi MascheMaxi Masche8 天 前
    • @yanis ait ali he has few fans. Most of us find him annoying.

      Martin BrankovMartin Brankov8 天 前
    • Hes the best commentator. Why they ve reduced his time ?

      yanis ait aliyanis ait ali8 天 前
  • What a play from Mr. Beard 💪😎

    Umar Thariq Al FarouqUmar Thariq Al Farouq8 天 前
  • This is the best chance for Harden to win a chip...and he really deserves it

    Bayzeed KakarBayzeed Kakar8 天 前
    • @kaka 31 bok DJ is the best defensive player in the Nets but He is bad at it. How are the Nets good def??

      Sove HeatSove Heat2 天 前
    • @kaka 31 bok No they don't, players like Bam have popped off against them.

      O. M .CO. M .C8 天 前
    • @O. M .C nets have pretty good defense

      kaka 31 bokkaka 31 bok8 天 前
    • Nets aren't going to win shit with that interior defence, the likes of Embiid and AD will have a field day if they face each other.

      O. M .CO. M .C8 天 前
    • Not with that stacked team.

      thatcoolguy 901thatcoolguy 9018 天 前
  • Cringementator go home.

    Ludwig VonnLudwig Vonn8 天 前
    • YES!!!

      GeoChalk1981GeoChalk19817 天 前
  • why was 0:29 called a blocking foul? The defender was outside the restricted area and positioned himself well before LBJ started the jumping motion

    오르마이토오르마이토8 天 前
    • @Chael Sonnen's Bicep yup. I can see that now that you’ve pointed it out

      오르마이토오르마이토8 天 前
    • Truth

      Man BrennyMan Brenny8 天 前
    • they showed the replay and joe shifted into lebron right before impact, im surprised the refs caught it tbh

      Chael Sonnen's BicepChael Sonnen's Bicep8 天 前
    • @TheBhouse good point

      VerzetaVerzeta8 天 前
    • Because its LeBron...

      TheBhouseTheBhouse8 天 前
  • Need this commentator on all of these highlights. Also LeBron rubbing his chin at the Nets thinking..."super team hhmm"👀

    Salauddin MustafaSalauddin Mustafa8 天 前
  • Gasol is real trash , he is 7 foot tall still kyrie tipped the ball in over his ass .

    ArgyasArgyas8 天 前
    • Mark Gasol is one of the best passing big man ever and he is a former defensive player of the year, but now he is old and going against one of the best handlers ever, and you except a slow 7 ft guard a drible machine? It's not Gasol's fault

      Pedro Augusto CostaPedro Augusto Costa8 天 前
  • Başaramadık abiii

    İbrahim Doruk Ekikİbrahim Doruk Ekik8 天 前
  • Harden playing as a point guard is surely the best tactical choice for the nets. Nice win. Too happy ✨

    lindseylindsey8 天 前
    • Iindsey 😍

      Cfc ratzCfc ratz6 天 前
    • Hey hun email me

      Dalton CaneDalton Cane8 天 前
    • They still need defense

      Ben SerkowskiBen Serkowski8 天 前
    • @Bayzeed Kakar for real💯

      lindseylindsey8 天 前
    • Yes and Kyrie should be SG because Kyrie is fast and SG needs to be quick...

      Bayzeed KakarBayzeed Kakar8 天 前
  • Now u see that Harden is the MVP 🔥🚀🤘

    jonaswhackedjonaswhacked8 天 前
    • You joking, right

      D StarsznD Starszn8 天 前
    • Nope

      Joshwa LibertyJoshwa Liberty8 天 前
  • Uff, I guess I'm not watching undisputed today...

    impulserhaltungimpulserhaltung8 天 前
    • Me neither😂

      manuel monteromanuel montero8 天 前
    • Lollll

      Mervedi KilondaMervedi Kilonda8 天 前
    • @Bayzeed Kakar too much yelling :D

      impulserhaltungimpulserhaltung8 天 前
    • Why 😃

      Bayzeed KakarBayzeed Kakar8 天 前
  • Los Angeles Lakers los 😥😥😥😥

    Mateusz JASKÓŁKAMateusz JASKÓŁKA8 天 前
  • No AD. Lakers can only go so far. Nets. They better be good. They should. Fcking loaded w players...

    CL WCL W8 天 前
  • Harden >>>>lebron

    김종찬김종찬8 天 前
    • What delusion looks like

      D StarsznD Starszn8 天 前
  • Los Angeles Lakers Parin😊

    James 2kModzJames 2kModz8 天 前
    • Brooklyn nets at 3

      #imsippinteainyohood#imsippinteainyohood8 天 前
  • Today Spiderboy and Hawkeye take down Thanos. Doctor strange is wearing a mask on the bench laughing. Ebony Mam will come out and help Thanos again after 4-6 weeks. BTW Thanos killed 35000 people already. The world will be destroyed by Thanos again very soon.

    Kensith LeungKensith Leung8 天 前
    • Huh?

      #imsippinteainyohood#imsippinteainyohood8 天 前
  • Nets is not going to finals

    Ruben CubarRuben Cubar8 天 前
    • They finna choke... watch.... im calling it

      D StarsznD Starszn8 天 前
    • Hope u wrong

      VyirVyir8 天 前
    • ネッツ最強やから。ファイナルいくし

      よしまさよしまさ8 天 前
    • Nice joke

      Shreyan MallikShreyan Mallik8 天 前
  • 1:45 👀🔥

    Emanuel Lara MusicEmanuel Lara Music8 天 前
    • "i was Your mentor" inside Lebron head after that

      nouvaleo akbarnouvaleo akbar8 天 前
    • Lebron must be seeing *John Cena*

      Eren YeagerEren Yeager8 天 前
    • LeBron 😭😂

      ZE ROZE RO8 天 前
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      elior perry CardoZa contreraselior perry CardoZa contreras8 天 前
  • ハーデン最強

    ハーデンファンハーデンファン8 天 前
  • They need AD!!...and they should give the bench more game time..bench are good

    Gain BeketautGain Beketaut8 天 前
    • @HH 41 And they won. They are playing great right now. And KD will make them even more dangerous...

      Benbo BetsBenbo Bets4 天 前
    • @Benbo Bets so the nets didnt have KD and what?

      HH 41HH 414 天 前
    • KD is out too

      David LiongsonDavid Liongson5 天 前
    • @Jeffrey Pathay LOL. I suppose :-)

      Benbo BetsBenbo Bets7 天 前
    • @Benbo Bets wow you really a good great fan😆😆😆

      Jeffrey PathayJeffrey Pathay7 天 前
  • LeFraud shown up once again

    Jollof RiceJollof Rice8 天 前
    • Bro they just played the other night and his having to do all this with no AD. Relax

      D StarsznD Starszn8 天 前
  • Naaa gini dong. Simulasi final

    mradhayuda1mradhayuda18 天 前
  • Cmpare the nets players scores and lakers scores only lbj shoulder his team

    Junel ClaudJunel Claud8 天 前
    • Exactly - harden and kyrie didn't even have to put 25 each to get the win - 21 and 16 while other guys are dropping points - if kd was there it would have been a 30 point blowout

      Jay BeeJay Bee8 天 前
    • And

      Dwight K Shrute IIIDwight K Shrute III8 天 前
  • Good game mr. beard

    hairilhairil8 天 前
  • Lakers really need to get rid of over dependency on lebron and AD.........................

    Meghadoot coolDMeghadoot coolD8 天 前
    • lol stupidest comment of the month right here

      AzerAzer8 天 前
    • Fr

      #imsippinteainyohood#imsippinteainyohood8 天 前
    • @Shreyan Mallik Imagine trading your whole future for a couple of guys and then expect not to be dependant on them 😄😄😄 like yeah, go sit on the bench we got this even though we traded everybody out for you

      Jakub HubickaJakub Hubicka8 天 前
    • @Jakub Hubicka Yea and that is also like Nets need to get rid of their dependency on KD, Kyrie and Harden! Doesn't make sense

      Shreyan MallikShreyan Mallik8 天 前
    • then they should have not.traded for them if they were not to be depended on, after trading away all your young talent this is what you.get.

      Ipe RosalesIpe Rosales8 天 前
  • i love this commetator

    • He lost me at the Bodak Yellow reference, lol

      MildMay HeadlessMildMay Headless8 天 前
    • He aiiiiiiiiiiteeee.....that "aiiiteeeee" is for all the biggie/jayz references. Not baadd 😴

      DJKLPDJKLP8 天 前
    • He aint even close to @hoopsferro...not even close!! 😤😤😤.

      DJKLPDJKLP8 天 前
    • They should use this guy in all nets games his the vibe 😂

      James GordonJames Gordon8 天 前
    • His name is cringementator

      Ludwig VonnLudwig Vonn8 天 前
  • Nothing but nets

    Cristian GCristian G8 天 前
    • 😂😂

      Stocky GuruStocky Guru8 天 前

    Abdirahim Morant 12Abdirahim Morant 128 天 前