How to be the world’s best passenger! 😍

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Useless crap you can buy to help you be the world's best passenger!

  • thought this was gonna have some secrets, but its just how to be a decent human lmfao

    Peel P50Peel P503 小时 前
  • is it ok if i give the staff paper cranes that i like to make or no?

    quarantinegotmeboredaf ;w;quarantinegotmeboredaf ;w;4 小时 前
  • I smell like air and people say “oh wow, you smell really good!” What have you been smelling that someone that doesn’t smell like anything smells so good.

    asexualcheeksasexualcheeks5 小时 前
  • How to be a good person: 1. Take a shower. 2. Use deodorant I love these videos. 😂

    TheNinLegoGamerTheNinLegoGamer6 小时 前
  • Me: intro seems nice....but it has to be SOMWEHAT passive aggressive!! Video: this tells yo where to sit, SO SIT THERE! Me: I am big brain UwU

    Lolli LilyLolli Lily7 小时 前
  • What r the goodies and how to get them?

    UnziUnzi8 小时 前
  • *me, who is short and disabled* “LOGAN GET THE STOOL!!!”

    Zoe ArmentaZoe Armenta9 小时 前
  • i would appreciate her very much if she is my kindergarten/elementary school teacher what a sweet soul!!

    Erwin SmithErwin Smith10 小时 前
  • 90% of these are basic common sense I can’t believe people have to explain this stuff

    Chill_im_pro11 OwOChill_im_pro11 OwO12 小时 前
  • So 1.1m people wants to be world's best passenger INTRESTING.....🤔

    Jyoti JadhavJyoti Jadhav12 小时 前
  • SEXUAL INTERCOURSE IN THE BATHROOM.... umm do I have to say anything more?

    Shreya SinghShreya Singh13 小时 前

    Maryem DjibrilMaryem Djibril14 小时 前
  • Omg just by listening to her where not to poop, I am getting nauseated and disgusted. Just who are those animals who poop in those places. Throw them off the plane lol

    Lone WolfLone Wolf14 小时 前
  • When I move to America I won't ask for anything not even water, I will starve until I get there

    komiikokomiiko14 小时 前
  • No ads

    Waranzy WiseWaranzy Wise14 小时 前
  • 2:34 is my new nightmare

    Andrew LeeAndrew Lee15 小时 前
  • Guilty of using the call button😅. So can i really just go up to you and ask for cookies??

    Aditi MajhiAditi Majhi15 小时 前
  • The girl is so hecking condescending and I love it

    mel woifmel woif16 小时 前
  • If u want to be a good airplane, just fucking give us leg space, we pay for it, just because we are tall doesn't mean we have to adjust in short leg space

    Bhanu PratapBhanu Pratap16 小时 前
  • This is awsome

    Julia GzikJulia Gzik17 小时 前
  • 4:00 what the hall happened there

    LubnaLubna19 小时 前
  • Short me: I can do it,I can do it

    Crazy henCrazy hen20 小时 前

    OhWolfTimeOhWolfTime20 小时 前
  • Actually I never been on plane now after watching every videos of Jennie I really wanna go on plane with jennie

    Haritha sriHaritha sri21 小时 前

    Shadowgangster123Shadowgangster12322 小时 前
  • 2:33 Yea she definitely has crazy eyes she is still hot af

    Shadowgangster123Shadowgangster12322 小时 前
  • Just make a simple fact a normal face😄

    paul chhungtepaul chhungte23 小时 前
  • 4:14 do people really do that?

    Kalpna MishraKalpna Mishra天 前
  • I couldn’t do this job, I’d literally punch the first passenger that pissed me off

    aware24aware24天 前
  • Very helpful I am going on a plane next week

    • Izuku •• Izuku •天 前
  • Ok, ok Before the Video starts I'm gonna guess. Be a Kind Huamn, with common sense, and decency And, just follow the rules and instructions on the plane, as to make everything run smoother

    All over GamerAll over Gamer天 前
    • Yup... I was right

      All over GamerAll over Gamer天 前
  • Love this!

    Jennifer D.Jennifer D.天 前
  • jeenie : have you ever been on a flight ..? me : 👁️💧👄💧👁️

    i feel so hungry.i feel so hungry.天 前
  • That smile that Jeenie gave us when she zoomed to her face,it doesn't look an innocent smile

  • I mean this video is hilarious, but why we gotta have instruction videos on being a decent human being? 😂 You’d think people would know not to potty on the floor or in the sink, or listen to understandable instructions.

    Kelsey RoppKelsey Ropp天 前
  • I just love how she says: ask a family or friend to smell you 🙂.

    Me GustaMe Gusta天 前
  • Love it! 😂 I WILL “DeFiNiTeLy” do all this. After THIS 5 MINUTE video that probably took you hours 😂😎✨😢🤧 But seriously I will do this 🎉✨🙌🏻✨🎉😏 And if you can answer this question I would love that Okay okay Here’s my question.. What airline do you work for?… 😂

    Hawaiian GachaHawaiian Gacha天 前
  • You re so much funny and I'm trainning my english! Perfect!! ;)

    Takashi TakashiTakashi Takashi天 前
  • 👁👄👁 🧥😂🤣

    idris bhuiyanidris bhuiyan天 前
  • Ok, If ur parents didn't teach what this amazing women said with patience. Just remember this is manners and would be appreciated if u do so

    Kanwal RazaKanwal Raza天 前
  • Nobody thought about tha- Her:shut up

    ابراهيم gamesابراهيم games天 前
  • Hw to be the best don't be a bitch and be nice

    shelboo inushelboo inu天 前
  • omg this reminds me of the time this lady sat next to me and my mom but her child had to sit somewhere else next to people they dont know so she put her child on my seat before me and my mom got there and so my mom asked her to watch me and that she would sit where her son was supposed to sit and I had to stay next to her on my moms seat and in my mind I was like why not I dont know ,GET SEATS NEXT TO EACH OTHER, but jeah I was sad the entire flight. •-•

    tgret gokystgret gokys天 前
  • Just by watching the video I can tell she's seen some shit

    Honey MHoney M天 前
  • sorry. too much cringe for me. just not funny.

    Abhishek ChaudharyAbhishek Chaudhary天 前
  • Oh oh I found the mile high club!!!

    Robert Fernandez [Student]Robert Fernandez [Student]天 前
  • 4:10 that’s her experience

  • The fact that Jennie has to point those basic things just shows how stupid people can be. I mean who thinks it's okay to pee in the sink???!?!?

    Alios'era SyrenAlios'era Syren天 前
  • 2:34 this is what I see in my nightmares

    AntnateAntnate天 前
  • Thanks to corona we don’t need to deal with all this🙌🏻

    AL HuFFAL HuFF天 前
  • Holy jesus goddes shes gorgous

    klaudkilklaudkil天 前
  • Wow! I get the trophy every time. You are just asking for BASIC human curtesy. My lord what horrors do you deal with 💔

    Lamma Al-B.Lamma Al-B.天 前
  • The shorter explanation for this is use common sense 😂

    Teaghan MitchellTeaghan Mitchell天 前
  • I love how she is talking to us like she is teaching us ABC

    Sonic XSonic X天 前
  • How in the world can you smear poop on the wall 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    RaincoPlayzRaincoPlayz天 前
  • So funny

    Me GustaMe Gusta天 前
  • Her passive agressiveness is aggravating

    Markus KubanMarkus Kuban天 前
  • I've never been on a flight 😶

    Anam ArifAnam Arif天 前
  • lAptOps ☺️😎🤣

    Lily MendezLily Mendez天 前
  • Ooh the queen has arrived! Honestly i want to learn korean like you!:>

    %*{Experimented Devil}*%%*{Experimented Devil}*%天 前
  • You sound like your in so much pain the entire time 😭

    LC is SleepyLC is Sleepy天 前
  • Dora the explorer limited edition episode

    : D: D天 前

    yamashitayamashita2 天 前
  • My little 5’4 ass being a child going on a flight alone in July ( 14 tbh) so u h.. any tips? Yea the plane I’m flying on doesn’t have tv things on the seats and I’m autistic so it’s hard for me to be calm when it gets loud so I need to usually be listening to something, anyone have portable charger ideas or anything else to keep calm with? Going on Southwest Btw and trip is about 3 1/2 hours going from MST to EST

    Gracie AllenGracie Allen2 天 前
  • alternatively: how to be a decent human person

    grxve lucagrxve luca2 天 前
  • One of the funniest female comedians

    Stocks HeimStocks Heim2 天 前
  • As an overly competitive perfectionist I always make a goal to myself to be the best passenger so they flight attendants have an easier day 😂

    AbibliophobiaAbibliophobia2 天 前
  • She's so pretty- she's going to have a very easy life

    Ιερώνυμος ΚόρακαςΙερώνυμος Κόρακας2 天 前
  • Violate yourself? I'm confused.

    laguna888888laguna8888882 天 前
  • Turns out I'm a number 1 best passenger and it's super fucking easy lol

    LeshaLesha2 天 前
  • Another tip: if your baby soils its diaper, please change it. I won't even get mad if you change it right there in the seats. But for the love of god, don't leave that poor child to sit in it and get a diaper rash, plus have everyone smell it the entire flight. If you do, congrats, not only are you a horrible passenger, you're also a bad mom.

    CeliCeli2 天 前
  • I've never been on a plane. Too expensive and it sucks cuz I really want to.

    Pink Pearl Disney wishesPink Pearl Disney wishes2 天 前
  • And if there is more than one best passenger, we'll have a Battle Royale to determine the ultimate winner

    Jus' meJus' me2 天 前
  • Lmao I had a purse the size of my hand on my lap and before takeoff, the flight attendant (southwest) said the purse must be on the floor😒 I listened knowing it wasn’t necessary but now I know for sure🙄

    Ashley SuhAshley Suh2 天 前
  • I appreciate that you want to share your experiences but can you be less condescending I believe we are all grown up here

    mustafa mrouwehmustafa mrouweh2 天 前
  • 😂😂♥️♥️

    LaurieLaurie2 天 前
  • 2:33 sounds like crisis.

    Nerz ElzNerz Elz2 天 前
  • This is just called “a flight attendant raging” and I’m not even surprised

    Yoosie MeiYoosie Mei2 天 前
  • I’ve never been in a plane before so.. have people actually... done some of these things

    strooper1103strooper11032 天 前
  • 2:02 Why are you using wigs to cheer ?

  • I love how she used wigs as pom-poms

    SomeoneSomeone2 天 前
  • But seriously, lots of ppl seem like they try too hard or not hard enough. Jennie has the right mix of amusing and creepy in the good way Read more...

    Kokano • can • DrawKokano • can • Draw2 天 前
  • How are you so energetic and i love ur smile

    store of ideasstore of ideas2 天 前
  • How to be the best passenger: Don’t go on the flight

    KryptosKryptos2 天 前
  • Haha the wig Pom poms😂

    Fiona BearFiona Bear2 天 前
  • She is really frustrated with people who don't follow rule. but she really loves her job and is proud to educate us. We truly love your video just dont stop after lockdowns are opened and life is back to normal.

    Anuj GaikeAnuj Gaike2 天 前
  • ive never been on a plane before so this is good tips for me 😭

    KilljoysNeverDIEKilljoysNeverDIE2 天 前
  • But I'm short

    Bear JBear J2 天 前
  • Jennie is just telling us not to bean annoying in a good way.

    xxCloudy_LoveXXxxCloudy_LoveXX2 天 前
  • Look, I know I stink. I start to smell about 3-4hrs after I shower. I wear clean clothes (extra detergent and dryer sheets), lots of deodorant (I rotate between brands weekly and sometimes double layer them), plenty of body spray, and I shower before going to the airport, literally showing up with still damp hair (I have been told my hair smells nice, tho. I use Dove.) But by the end of the flight I always need another shower. I anxiety sweat profusely, nonstop. Some folks like my smell, so I guess that's something. That's how you know your true friends lol. Hang out with the people who want to lick you.

    Sparrow白兎Sparrow白兎2 天 前
  • Does she work in a plane?

    s͒u͒n͒s͒e͒t͒ m͒a͒r͒a͒s͒u͒n͒s͒e͒t͒ m͒a͒r͒a͒2 天 前
  • When you see this letter it’s where you sit so sit there *Demonic smiles(

    Egor vypolnyatEgor vypolnyat2 天 前

    vv2 天 前
  • Seems like common sense

    Issy.memes HeppnerIssy.memes Heppner2 天 前
  • So basically be a normal human with dignity and respect :)

    Fathimath RauhaFathimath Rauha3 天 前
  • This feels like a PSA in like 2005 and I love it.

    Isolated EggIsolated Egg3 天 前
  • Who else randomly clicked on one of her video one day and now loves her?

    Elisa SchatzElisa Schatz3 天 前
  • Sread the word about god

    Bread BreadBread Bread3 天 前
  • Ages ago, I was drawing portraits in my sketchbook (I was a student majoring in illustration) and sitting in an aisle seat. One of the attendants saw my drawings and complimented it and jokingly asked 'could you draw me?' and I told them 'sure, it would just take a few minutes since I've seen you walking around'. The look on their face is something I will always cherish because it was just one of pure surprise and joy. I gave the sketch to them when I was finished. Be nice to each other y'all!

    Sharon WongSharon Wong3 天 前