Dave Brubeck live 64'/66' - Jazz Icons DVD

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Live in Belgium 1964
1. St Louis Blues - 00:13 - 08:34
2. Koto Song - 08:35 - 14:35
3. Three to Get Ready 14:37 - 18:52
4. In your own sweet way 18:53 - 25:01
5. Take Five - 25:02 - 32:24
Live in Germany 1966
6. Take the A train - 32:35 - 42:22
7. 40 days - 42:26 - 48:32
8. I´m in a Dancing Mood 48:50 - 51:45
9. Koto Song (Live 1966) 51:51 - 59:50
10. Take Five ( Live 1966) 59:54 - 1:05:07
Dave Brubeck - piano
Paul Desmond - alto saxophone
Eugene Wright - double bass
Joe Morello - drums

  • I saw them in 1960 in Sydney Australia on a revolving stage at the old White City Arena (now long since demolished). I was also in charge of crowd control when they paid a promotional visit to the recod department of the most upmarket department store in town where I had the pleasure of being close up to my idols. Mr Brubeck begged the concert producers to stop the stage revolving while they were playing! They complied and everyone in the circular arena got a good view during the evening's performance. It was a great concert with Joe Morello's superb drumming, Brubeck's percussive piano and the genius of Paul Desmond (heroin addict extraordinaire). That venue was also graced by Ella, Ray Brown, Dizzy, Coleman Hawkins and many more all of whom were my jazz idols, not to mention the Boston Symphony featuring Tchaikovsky's sixth symphony.

    Sue BSue B小时 前
  • amazing

    droidgenetxdroidgenetx4 小时 前
  • Ive been around Jazz my entire life and still hate it when Brubeck is referred to as “such an icon..... Desmond and Morello made this group.... don’t get me started on Dave’s time figure nonsense... not jazz. He’s not even an accomplished piano player

    Joe GeofferyJoe Geoffery6 小时 前
  • Great stuff! Brings back memories of listening to Stan Kenton and others, like Miles Davis, Chet Baker, etc. sigh

    V. E.V. E.9 小时 前
  • Jeff Goldbloom sure has aged well, and who knew he could play Piano too!

    That_Nate_GuyThat_Nate_Guy9 小时 前
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  • youtube la concha de tu madre. Estoy escuchando esto y saltas con reggeton turco.

    hernan Chalpehernan Chalpe12 小时 前
  • This music makes my blood pressure go down. I could listen all day while I work.

    Andy BallardAndy Ballard12 小时 前
  • Anyone here wanting more awesome likeminded music go check out Vitral - Asíntota right now. cnworld.info/free/iXSelp_RvZduubM/sh-p-n Kick ass proggy experimental stuff from 2016 already becoming a classic in itself.

    RevenantRoad RecordsRevenantRoad Records12 小时 前
  • The Belgica video is the best made, I know, about the Brubeck Quartet. Thank you for bringing them to us.

    Chico de MoraesChico de Moraes16 小时 前
  • Three to get ready - my all time favorit these guys. Four men swingin´ like mad with a delicate taste.

    bluenoterbluenoter19 小时 前
  • Fantastico sound. I like very much.

    Francesca SchimmentiFrancesca Schimmenti20 小时 前
  • Fuck yeah - nuff said :D

    AsselPartyAsselParty天 前
  • Legendary but so current 👍

    Carmen RodriguezCarmen Rodriguez天 前
  • Do you mean 65/66?

    Dave HDave H天 前
  • so many stunning moments in this what a joy to listen to and what a superb recording, those guys knew their shit back in the day.

    Scotty Russell MusicScotty Russell Music天 前
  • 41:52 지린다

  • 42:30 the lick

    verbverb2 天 前
  • This is nice music to listen to when solving math problems. It makes me feel like a detective but for math.

    Kurnia Eka FajarKurnia Eka Fajar2 天 前
  • Who else spot a quote from Mahler in Take Five? 😃

    Tomek GargólTomek Gargól2 天 前
  • Absolutamente Fantástico!!!

    omartrcomartrc2 天 前
  • El 1.4 % que no les gustó, me imagino que son mejores que estos músicos.

    Eduardo QuintanaEduardo Quintana2 天 前
  • IDK how many times I have listened to these two sets. Maybe 100 times? Terminal Passage, if you are still alive figuratively speaking let me send you money. This is a priceless upload and I can't afford it but I'll try.

    Gary SevenGary Seven3 天 前
  • This must be four of the most entertaining men in suits I have seen.

    Bergsman100Bergsman1003 天 前
  • of course Brubeck.. Desmond.. but is that Trader on drums? and what's the name of the bass player? What a masterpiece.

    The Funky PhantomThe Funky Phantom3 天 前
    • never mind.. ears for listening.. eyes for seeing.. gene wright and Joe morello. onwards.

      The Funky PhantomThe Funky Phantom3 天 前
    • not trader under further review.. I don't think. Maybe I'm missing the line up listing in these posts. anybody?

      The Funky PhantomThe Funky Phantom3 天 前
  • Quem produziu esse DVD amava jazz

    Cesar StatiCesar Stati3 天 前
  • That drum solo up front was amazing. How do you do that with a tie on?

    Natano SalteroNatano Saltero3 天 前
  • My god I listened and heard. Thank you.

    thedarkcranberrythedarkcranberry3 天 前
  • Orgasmic.

    Éric McComber TravelingÉric McComber Traveling4 天 前
  • fantastic, timeless music. just love it!

    Sam BührerSam Bührer4 天 前
  • It’s funny how they look so stiff and stoic playing that kind of music!

    Peggy JaegerPeggy Jaeger4 天 前
    • Back when men were men and women were women and you could tell the difference. Nowadays its not so easy...

      Gary SevenGary Seven3 天 前
  • estos si que sentian la musica en las venas

    Madxis BonaféMadxis Bonafé4 天 前
  • Absolutely beautiful. The skill. The ear. The camaraderie. Tracks 4 & 5 are sublime. That sped-up version of 'Take Five' is flawless. Thanks for posting this essential recording.

    Tony BertramTony Bertram4 天 前
  • GIANTS...

    Guy Daniel CLOTILDEGuy Daniel CLOTILDE4 天 前
  • Mr Dave Brubeck is been my lord in jazz n I got so respect that I don’t gets tired to listen all day.. Bravo Mr Brubeck.

    Mauricio AlvaradoMauricio Alvarado5 天 前
  • 8:15 :) and 32:35

    George MichaelisGeorge Michaelis5 天 前
  • 42:29 foundthe lick and next after that is the licc on a transposed key

    Ray GreenRay Green5 天 前
  • Thanks for this!

    Mark Jacob CavazzaMark Jacob Cavazza5 天 前
  • Sound quality is great

    yeqolotemariyeqolotemari6 天 前
  • Piano - Oyvind Johan Mustaparta Bass - Varg Vikernes Drums - Tomas Haake Sax - Jørgen Munkeby

    Lexx IconLexx Icon6 天 前
  • Life is definitely a magical mystery tour in so many ways. As a teenager of about 15 and a half let's say I used to be very much into jazz and there used to be some clubs in Los Angeles that were playing jazz and it was wonderful.

    MinahhMinahh6 天 前
  • What a magnific group. Unfortunatlly the are not between us anymore.

    Marcelo Zarvos LinharesMarcelo Zarvos Linhares6 天 前
    • Eugene Wright (Bass) is alive.. He's 97.

      The UnwritersThe Unwriters5 天 前
  • This will go through human history as a masterpiece.

    d4lep0rod4lep0ro6 天 前
  • 와.... 클래식은 영원하다는게 이런 느낌인건가. 흑백 화면과 함꼐 귀로 들려오는 재즈 선율이 정말 기가막히네

    ᄊᄀᄊᄀ6 天 前
  • Saw him in Santa Barbara when he was 89 and he was amazing and I remember how long his fingers were

    djf750djf7506 天 前
  • 40 days is absolutely fantastic!My faith in jazz is restored!

    michael rogersonmichael rogerson6 天 前
  • Real coolness comes from forgetting yourself - like these guys do here

    Bjarke StemannBjarke Stemann6 天 前
  • Maravilloso cuarteto. Brubeck fue genial!!!!!!

    Benjamin ArenasBenjamin Arenas7 天 前
  • The first Lp I bought was Take Five.. Eventually saw the group at Melbourne Festival Hall. I think it was the first or only time a Jazz track was in the top 40 in Australia in 1961. His varying time sequences were unique at the time. 5/4 and 7/4 etc. Lost the LP but happy to enjoy these tracks

  • The quality of the sound is amazing!

    That RecordThat Record7 天 前
  • Did Dave Brubeck just play the lick at 42:30

    Rylan HowardRylan Howard7 天 前
  • Cada día suena mejor éste grupo, muy bueno!!!

    Pedro Nicolás FregaPedro Nicolás Frega7 天 前
  • Wow what a great sound! Every instrument can be heard!

    Andy MelendezAndy Melendez7 天 前
  • I’ve spent most of my experience listening to, rather than seeing and hearing the Brubeck group perform. I love how stripped and intimate the performance is. The calm execution with everything seemingly well in control. Love it. 🙂🎹

    David FrancisDavid Francis7 天 前
  • It's October 2020 and it is so friggin' awesome that Eugene Wright is still with us :) Going strong at 97!

    Logan SusnickLogan Susnick7 天 前
  • at first I thought the 64'/66' was a time signature and I was like WTF but then I realized it was the years...

    JazDogJazDog7 天 前
  • Expansion Pro

    Jaja CapoJaja Capo7 天 前
  • Really missed jazz music for about 15 years, now am back to enjoy jazz rhythm.

    Shukor Abdul RahmanShukor Abdul Rahman7 天 前
  • ..it seems like if one is upset with the way the piano is tuned it eases the playing a bit ;) and gives the result lively signature. Really refreshing performance.

    jan twentyfortysixjan twentyfortysix8 天 前
  • Every time I watch this, I take the term 'DJ' and 'Producer' a little less seriously. I should have killed myself the day Sugar Hill Gang unleashed a Pandora's box of feces into the world of music.

    Slow NeutronSlow Neutron8 天 前
  • Great version of Take Five.

    Chris MorfasChris Morfas8 天 前
  • For the ones searching for it. 42:30

    Kevin LabanKevin Laban8 天 前
    • I heard it too! was looking if anybody else heard it

      verbverb2 天 前
  • 26:55

    5cub45cub48 天 前
  • Hehe listening to this concert for the first time and I just realized it's a year after it was uploaded

    Santiago SanzSantiago Sanz8 天 前
    • Yup 1 year anniversary today! This video only had 3,000~ views for the first 240~ days, never expected it to hit 1 mil

      Terminal PassageTerminal Passage8 天 前
  • I really miss hearing live music. In October 2020, no live performances of any kind in the US due to Covid-19

    Keith BeesleyKeith Beesley9 天 前
  • Take Five was not composed. It was the result of a jam session. This is arguably the greatest instrumental tune of all time!

    Leonard JonesLeonard Jones9 天 前
  • Sfasciando. 🌎

    Giulia GattiGiulia Gatti9 天 前
  • Ecco la vita la libertà la gioia di vivere. Il mondo si sta sfasciano con falsa pandemia per ignoranza e per avidità. Viva il jazz viva la musica viva la vita . Grandissimi .Giuliano da genova 🌎🌎🌎

    Giulia GattiGiulia Gatti9 天 前
  • Keren .......... Aku suka banget!

    Ujang KasarungUjang Kasarung9 天 前
  • Since I heard Dave for the first time, I never lost the feeling that he did take something from Ravel and Debussy with him (in his Piano "solos"). Wonderful

    Jan GelbrichJan Gelbrich9 天 前
    • For some reason I just wanted to listen to Clair de Lune because of something in this that reminded me of it.

      AJ DeadshowAJ Deadshow7 天 前
  • Dave Brubeck, this video, Miles Davis "So What" (cnworld.info/free/qqSGuJ_YtHefmsU/sh-p-n ) and Wes Montgomery "Live In 65" ( cnworld.info/free/Y6yG0aOWuaGbzKM/sh-p-n ) are my all time best jazz videos!

    guy gélinasguy gélinas9 天 前

    cookaboorracookaboorra9 天 前
  • Possibly the most amazing emotional expression of music I have ever head Out of this world

    Gareth NewhamGareth Newham9 天 前
  • This group provided the first jazz I enjoyed when I was about 15. I owe that to my big sister who let me listen to her EP of Take Five. Thanks Linn! Nearly 60 years later, I still love 'em.

    Fadia CotterFadia Cotter10 天 前
  • 42:30 the lick! And not just the lick, variations on the lick both at the start and the end of the song!! Brubeck truly was a man of culture.

    Arnoud DelporteArnoud Delporte10 天 前
  • De purs génies !

    IPjean-luc d'angeloIPjean-luc d'angelo10 天 前
  • I'm not musically capable at all. However, this quartet's music goes right to my soul. Maybe, I am musically appreciative to the best.

    Frank StieneFrank Stiene10 天 前
    • Yes, there is good music and not-so-good music. Good music is one that you like. No-so-good is one that others like. I apply this rule to myself and it works.

      Prospero BianchiProspero Bianchi6 天 前
    • That’s what it’s meant to do, I think! No need to know music theory

      Patty J. AyersPatty J. Ayers7 天 前
    • Musicians need an audience, so, you're important!

      Mies Mind BombMies Mind Bomb7 天 前
    • Same dude

      CyanwooCyanwoo7 天 前
  • I'm glad I got to see these guys at the last Chicago Jazz Fest some years ago. Had to leave on the first set because my elderly dad heard the crowd give them a round of applause and my dad was shocked. He said this dont sound like no 100,000 people out here, it sounds more like over a million people out here! Let's go! The next day we were listening to the radio and found out it was over 6½ million people out there! My dad told me it's ok dont go out there no more, you'll end up getting your ass trampled over to death. He said Dave Brubeck and his group was trying to start a riot just by playing everybody's favorite "Take Five"!

    BNforever2009BNforever200910 天 前
    • Haha,cute story. Glad you got to see them and share that experience with your dad.

      Peggy JaegerPeggy Jaeger4 天 前
  • I mean, this is a level above even God-tier genius; I've never heard anything this good in my entire life.

    SlowlanderSlowlander10 天 前
    • My favorite since I was 13. I'm now 78.

      anne marie kistleranne marie kistler8 天 前
  • my, Paul in the high register reminds of Prez on Clarinet....lovely...

    Pallathur1917Pallathur191710 天 前
  • 42:30

    lu clu c10 天 前
  • It is so truth: good music may bring people together. Jazz for sure.

    Aleš ŠkrabanAleš Škraban10 天 前
  • Take five 🥰

    star starstar star10 天 前
  • Поправка: слово 'величайший' здесь лишнее. Импрессионист с большой буквы, и далее по тексту..

    Яна НиколаéнкоЯна Николаéнко10 天 前
  • Господи, они играли, и как, когда меня ещё даже в проекте не было.. Смотрела в ночи 'Live in Berlin', подумалось, а ведь 'ноги' гениальных композиций гениальной четвёрки растут из Дебюсси!. Дэйв Брубек - величайший импрессионист, с большой буквы, с той же, что - Клод Дебюсси, и Морис Равель

    Яна НиколаéнкоЯна Николаéнко10 天 前
    • Dokładnie tak. Pozdrawiam.

      Mirson BłaszczykMirson Błaszczyk8 天 前
  • That's the way I like my jazz, in black and white.

    the empyreanthe empyrean11 天 前
  • How enjoyable!

    Cristina ChenCristina Chen11 天 前
  • Hi Michaela

  • Thanks for the up-load. this helps a-lot!

    will doewill doe11 天 前
  • Dang Paul Desmond is like butter.

    Robert BeckomRobert Beckom11 天 前
  • That 1st drum solo👍

    J. Cesar.J. Cesar.11 天 前
  • they DEF trippin on acid

    Tim TrainsongTim Trainsong11 天 前
  • Increíbles ... 👌

    Susana Company SerranoSusana Company Serrano11 天 前
  • I. HAVE to comment again... the second performane of Koto Song is just sooo good !

    Jan SJan S11 天 前
  • the lick jumps so much at you jesus

    V. B.V. B.11 天 前
  • Brrilliant ! I have two questions - hope someone can answer these. 1. Is this the same tour as on which they performed in Amsterdam, where I saw them in Het Concertgebouw ? 2. Thought I knew all their numbers but " 40 Days " is unknown to me. Anybody knows the origin of this great number ?

    Jan SJan S11 天 前
  • Stumbled on this - for me unknown - video of my favourite musicians and could not possibly switch this off ! It is too good yet again ! Thanks for the upload !

    Jan SJan S11 天 前
  • mmm Mario Camacho y los manes...

    Ismael FigueroaIsmael Figueroa11 天 前
  • lourd de ouffffffff

    SKC- BGTSKC- BGT11 天 前
  • Living when listening to...

    Дмитрий ПономаренкоДмитрий Пономаренко12 天 前