Donald Trump Jr Defends Ted Cruz Amid Vacation Fallout

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The weekend is finally here, freezing temperatures are sweeping the USA, Ted Cruz is laying low amid the fallout from his Mexican vacation and Donald Trump Jr. came to his defense, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick might win the award for dumbest Texas politician after his comments about windmills and the Green New Deal, the USA has finally rejoined the Paris Climate Accord, scientists have successfully cloned a black footed ferret, two young women were busted for dressing up as old ladies to get the vaccine, a new line of Karen dolls, and much to Jimmy’s dismay - his wife Molly gives away his most cherished possessions in a new game called “Win Jimmy’s Crap!”
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  • Dorky Trump Jr 😂 😂 what is he on? what is he thinking? Wow!

    M. P.M. P.小时 前
  • 9:51 Did that guy walking behind Molly spit on her back?

    William WeaverWilliam Weaver2 小时 前
  • INDICT THE TRUMPS (spread the word)

    Kevin DowsetKevin Dowset2 小时 前
  • Don Jr. should just STOP TALKING!

    M A RM A R2 小时 前
  • Is it just me or does he seems like an annoying screaming toddler who eats spam and picks his earwax?

    Madeline StoryMadeline Story3 小时 前

    chompachangaschompachangas4 小时 前
  • Herby rules!

    chompachangaschompachangas4 小时 前
  • If a ship is sinking, a captain should the last one out the ship.

    dueeh nyyudueeh nyyu4 小时 前
  • Sorry but what is the most popular fried food at the Iowa state fair? (This is a serious question. I couldn’t understand Ms Sunshine and the auto-captions just pretended they didn’t hear her)

    alex normanalex norman4 小时 前
  • He got his education from his stepma be best

    Marcia BaileyMarcia Bailey5 小时 前
  • Coked out junior would defend the undefendable. I suppose he thinks he'll get into office some day. He's such a useless tool.

    Saint StevenSaint Steven5 小时 前
    • Talk about Hunter B, Cuomo, Newsom !! sure any work.

      dueeh nyyudueeh nyyu4 小时 前
  • Love the black woman spitting at his wife, perfect moment captured on Illuminati TV 👌🏼

    GMEGME6 小时 前
  • Any fool watching Jimmy & Co on the daily must be on coke or anti depressants

    GMEGME6 小时 前
  • He is clearly flying high again. Man, what a mess. This guy wants to run for president? At least dad was sober while insane.

    foto21comfoto21com6 小时 前
  • Soon these Republican morons will blame Hugo Chavez for freezing the windmills 😂

  • Wow, was it the real trump Jr?? He seems so stupid, so out of touch with reality... I mean, was that a parody? It looks surreal 😳

    tom wooltom wool8 小时 前
  • America is plagued with immoral, ignorant, entitled, corrupt rich morons. The anti-democracy trump era 🥺

    tom wooltom wool8 小时 前
  • This is where the US electorate obtains its political outlook? Infantile No wonder other countries despise the US. So Trump has finally departed who are you people going to vent your spleen and venom now? You could go back to the evil men oppressing society pantomime ?

    Peter PeterPeter Peter9 小时 前
  • Next week, "Here's all Jimmy's crap we found on eBay !"

    Edward FletcherEdward Fletcher9 小时 前
  • Ummm Jimmie looks really stoned tonight ! lol

    Edward FletcherEdward Fletcher9 小时 前
  • The Karen dolls now they just need their Ken doll equivalent and the dumbing done of America will be complete!

    Baqaqi PekhebiBaqaqi Pekhebi10 小时 前
  • The psychedelic female thermodynamically divide because distributor obviously stamp beneath a imaginary iraq. minor, dynamic appeal

    Maral AlidoostiMaral Alidoosti11 小时 前
  • They are out there 🤑🙄

    Kenni LeeKenni Lee11 小时 前
  • How "wonderful" they are when laughing at people suffering disaster! Both host and audiences. Wonder what they are, human or animal???

    Dung DoanDung Doan11 小时 前
  • And the butt of the joke continues.

    Debra Ortega-fosterDebra Ortega-foster11 小时 前
  • Talk about Hunter B, Cuomo, Newsom !! sure any work.

    Gu ZelaGu Zela11 小时 前
  • The optics aren't ideal? Don't legislators have something to do with legislation for emergency response??? There are windmills in northern states. Is Cruz implying Texans are to stupid to maintain windmills, or is blaming windmills an easy way to keep from taking responsibilty?

    Stephentheobdurate Van BuskirkStephentheobdurate Van Buskirk11 小时 前
  • Who gives a toss what a trump thinks about anything?

    Heather THeather T12 小时 前
  • I love Molly, she is hella funny! And they should play that game every night!

    Dylan BrusstarDylan Brusstar12 小时 前
  • Donald Trump Jr is a walking example of what's the use. His dad is a piece of garbage. Ted Cruz idolizes them and is as bad as they are. Sad excuses for human beings.

    Phillip RodyPhillip Rody12 小时 前
  • Dan Patrick is an idiot

    Larry NixLarry Nix12 小时 前
  • How come Kimmel is doing a Ted Cruz look alike?

    Not SanctionedNot Sanctioned12 小时 前
  • Donnie Jr.'s a tool

    Leigh ChristensenLeigh Christensen13 小时 前
  • Stupidity and Coke Don’t mixed well

    Certified QJCertified QJ13 小时 前
  • Everybody lets send ted some FROZEN "Texas Toast"

    Jim ShreveJim Shreve13 小时 前
  • Chump, Jr. needs to take his kids fishing.

    Steve McFarlandSteve McFarland14 小时 前
    • What rock did slimy don jr crawl out from under

      seeriu ciihyseeriu ciihy12 小时 前
  • Meanwhile Biden is eliminating jobs and turning our country into a craphole . Kimmel is a farce .

    Jeffrey YeaterJeffrey Yeater14 小时 前
    • material. These people that comment sound like idiots. They have nothing useful to add to society. I can’t watch you anymore.

      seeriu ciihyseeriu ciihy12 小时 前
  • omg how high is don jr?

    firefly81firefly8114 小时 前
  • How many plaid shirts does he own? Donny jr never learned to use his inside voice.

    pumkin piepumkin pie14 小时 前

    Joe MalonskiJoe Malonski14 小时 前
  • The imminent cork decisively shiver because spark observationally accept per a high-pitched duckling. black, tedious giant

    Shai HopeShai Hope15 小时 前
  • You mean the guy who golfed during most of his presidency, and during the pandemic, defended Cruz for jumping ship when his state was in crisis? You dont say!

    Revz8bitRevz8bit15 小时 前
  • I love how Don Jr thinks we care what he has to say. The entire Trump family are a train wreck and WE DON'T CARE.

    woopimagpiewoopimagpie16 小时 前
  • All the Americans that voted Biden should kys 💀haha WOO

    Nick TruckairNick Truckair16 小时 前
  • Coked up, sub par IQ and on a rant...a recipe for morning after regret.

    Sherry PerdueSherry Perdue16 小时 前
  • The cloudy feeling lilly sip because croissant anaerobically hunt by a maniacal message. hard-to-find, tidy hub

    Torrey StennittTorrey Stennitt17 小时 前
  • This is what happens when you overdo it on illicit drug use

    David ConnerDavid Conner17 小时 前
  • The 2 LOSERS

    Angelina Ayala.kAngelina Ayala.k17 小时 前
  • i love jimmy's wife lmao

    Delilah MontgomeryDelilah Montgomery17 小时 前
  • You people, even you Jimmy criticize others, make fun of others. Wow. I guess you all think your perfect. Jimmy your not in politics. Your in entertainment. Move on to some new material. These people that comment sound like idiots. They have nothing useful to add to society. I can’t watch you anymore.

    Lil VicLil Vic17 小时 前
  • What rock did slimy don jr crawl out from under

    Red BerryRed Berry18 小时 前
  • People actually watch thus boring show? Where is the outrage over cuomos covid nursing hime scandal which led to many deaths?

    Dennis GoldDennis Gold18 小时 前
  • What is he on 🙀

    Timothy WagnerTimothy Wagner18 小时 前
  • Wow.. late night used to be funny, and now we have Jimmy Kimmel.

    Main ManMain Man18 小时 前
  • The woman at 9:57 is NOT a fan

    Wendy GarciaWendy Garcia18 小时 前
  • Is DJ on drugs?

    J.M. EdwardsJ.M. Edwards18 小时 前
  • LMAO.... love the wife!!! GREAT GAME SHOW!

    Ame 79Ame 7918 小时 前
  • We live in a colder climate in Ohio. Our turbines did not freeze.

    Believe in YourselfBelieve in Yourself18 小时 前
  • The break-up was unanimously the best choice ever made!! Time to be the America we was before even greater!!! 😁😁😁

    Ame 79Ame 7918 小时 前
  • Jimmy is this for real or you are being funny?

    kel nkel n19 小时 前
  • You show stinks Jimmy

    Richard DexterRichard Dexter19 小时 前
  • Donald Jr and Ted Cruz... two of the world’s biggest A holes

    Ron van der VoortRon van der Voort19 小时 前
  • Great Work ! Thank you for sharing amazing contents, Watched it till the very end. :)

    John QreshiJohn Qreshi19 小时 前
  • AWWWWW cute they've got the same beards going on lol

    Mad MaxMad Max19 小时 前
  • Captain planet: don't blame this on me.

    soap dollarsoap dollar19 小时 前
  • Two lame excuses for the term "public servant."

    Duane WirdelDuane Wirdel19 小时 前
  • The uttermost arch timely pedal because twilight conspicuously decide among a supreme leopard. well-made, nifty algeria

    Cody LiCody Li20 小时 前
  • The Karen dolls. OMG. 🤣 And lemme tell ya: it takes A LOT for me to laugh at a Karen joke....... 🤓

    Karen DekkerKaren Dekker20 小时 前
  • Ted Cruz should be telling jr. " Shut up, don't help me!".

    anonymousanonymous20 小时 前

    tony castrotony castro20 小时 前
  • So these late night hosts are just dragging their wives on to their shows, actually they are way more fun

    Jerome FitzRoyJerome FitzRoy20 小时 前
  • If a ship is sinking, a captain should the last one out the ship.

    seeriu ciihyseeriu ciihy20 小时 前
  • Texas is officially the idiot state. Laura Ingraham - the Evil Witch of the East...

    mr kmr k20 小时 前
  • For a moment I thought I was going to be able to stomach this segment and then trumpito appeared. Skin crawling is real y'all!

    Leticia NavaLeticia Nava20 小时 前
  • Qtard trash loves more Qtard trash

    Milford CivicMilford Civic20 小时 前
  • The ragged trunk neurophysiologically pop because sled preauricularly pump vice a aboriginal hydrogen. juicy, energetic beret

    Benjamin R. MascorroBenjamin R. Mascorro20 小时 前
    • about the working man.

      seeriu ciihyseeriu ciihy20 小时 前
  • is it just me? or does anyone else, think trump jr. looks like a worn out hairy a hole.

    david beatondavid beaton20 小时 前
  • Jr's just pathetic as he puts his unsolicited opinion on Cruz trying to take a Mexico vacation while the people of his state have gone without power and water for over a week Jr's exceedingly pathetic trying to make up a nickname for Cruz trying to get his dad's approval, grow up Jr!

    Eileen KilgallonEileen Kilgallon20 小时 前
  • Really Junior ? Was it the Democratic governor's signature on the bill that exempted the Texas grid from complying with national grid safety reliability and winterization standards ? Was the democratic governor at the fancy soiree that oil and gas execs paid for by oil and gas interests, only 2 days after Cruz and the Trump Crew pushed the bill through ?

    John NaylorJohn Naylor20 小时 前

    Jon EmeryJon Emery20 小时 前
  • Trump Jr is on flaka it's cheaper than coke and makes you more nuts 🤑

    wil math1963wil math196321 小时 前
  • Apparently being a goodsenator means he should be a bad father.... because if he's a good father....oh how dare he

    tejanissimotejanissimo21 小时 前
  • How much Coke does he take daily

    Tommy LeeTommy Lee21 小时 前
  • Crisesesese?

    Claire ReedClaire Reed21 小时 前
  • A moron is a moron what do you expect .

    Tommy LeeTommy Lee21 小时 前
  • Come on to Newfoundland in the winter out on the'll blow away. The breath on your scarf will freeze instantly and you will wish you were inside somewhere warm. I don't understand why this province isn't peppered with windmills.

    Apple GalApple Gal21 小时 前
  • Two creeps! naturally one creep will defend another creep haha!!

    RustyRusty21 小时 前
  • 🤣😆😂

    keaton familykeaton family21 小时 前
  • The boring backbone ectrodactyly love because door pathologically squeak for a ragged corn. hurt, pathetic wrench

    Cesar MirandaCesar Miranda22 小时 前
  • Wow, Don Jr. is out of touch with people who are dying in Texas! Ted Cruz could have done a lot of things instead of running away. Look what Beto O'Rourke was doing and he is just a regular citizen. He cares more about Texas than Ted Cruz and he is a Democrat in a Red state. I hope Texans vote Ted Cruz out!! He is just an elitist who does not care about the working man.

    Norma GarrettNorma Garrett22 小时 前
  • I really dislike this man, guess it’s not enough to ask CNworld once not suggest these videos to me anymore.

    Dmitrey LyashenkoDmitrey Lyashenko22 小时 前
  • Molly kimmel is the bomb!!!

    the moorsthe moors22 小时 前
  • Trump Jr looked like he was drunk or on crack. Wow, he was wired

    Mark BeenthereMark Beenthere22 小时 前
  • Once a fool always a fool.

    Laurie EganLaurie Egan22 小时 前
  • What integrity.

    Clifford NewellClifford Newell23 小时 前
  • We had -54 windchills two nights in a row. Wow! Stay warm my American friends

    Real TeacherReal Teacher23 小时 前
  • Fake show and site

    Bro BroBro Bro23 小时 前
  • Trump JR thinks he's doing Cruz a favor....Both are idiots.

    Mich DooglesMich Doogles23 小时 前
  • Coked up lil emotional brat.

    Raoul LalloRaoul Lallo23 小时 前
  • The spectrum of human beings is fascinating: from morons who think COVID-19 is fake to ladies who pretend they’re grannies to get the vaccine.

    Mcbeg33Mcbeg3323 小时 前