[RESIDENT EVIL: 2] D-Did you hear that..?

2021年04月 6日
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[G-Roomba Spin Animation]
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Resident Evil 2
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    LuckySevenSamsonLuckySevenSamson2 小时 前
  • Man traveling Europe with Barry for six months seems rad in RE Revelations 2 he’s a Chad

    Ant the FoolAnt the Fool2 小时 前
  • everyone screams on minecraft lol

    alex fluhartyalex fluharty3 小时 前
  • @43:22 This is the highlight of the stream, to me. I can’t stop bursting out laughing. What a cheeky lovable brat!

    BreakingPhobia103BreakingPhobia1034 小时 前
  • That mr X reveal was amazing

    Daiki ChwamaDaiki Chwama10 小时 前
  • 5:05:59 Is literally a dream come true for some people 😂

    The one true weeb pog champThe one true weeb pog champ11 小时 前
  • wat dis name gemes you gawr gura

    Ihsan AhmadIhsan Ahmad14 小时 前
  • PAIN

    Only YouOnly You18 小时 前
  • 1:54:15 ナニコレ~ナニソレ~   可愛い

    「 」「 」18 小时 前
  • 3:37:58 chat going mad

    In the loopIn the loop19 小时 前
  • Damn gura you gotta play the game outside of streaming to appreciate the actual graphics. Saying textures look like caca hurt my soul, this game is beautiful on high settings

    Overbuttered ToastOverbuttered Toast21 小时 前
  • 1:58:05 "kowabanga (the cutest one you'll ever hear)! oh, yummy, sewers water. keep your mouth shut!" - the gura concentration is very high )

    インスレイテッドワールドインスレイテッドワールド天 前
  • Self awareness or Manager/producer intervention? 1:51:50

    Jaime FillertextJaime Fillertext天 前
  • Leon. be like.. OK.... I know.

    mark mcgeemark mcgee天 前
  • I am here to confirm, I can see Gura's cheese Jutsu from beyond.

    Itachi UchihaItachi Uchiha天 前
  • I’m so happy she’s playing one of my favorite childhood games hopefully she plays more resident evil

    Ardo TejedaArdo Tejeda天 前
  • She called us sick for thinking about eating fried shark but also says it's tasty...

    ThejackleThejackle天 前
  • 31:55 I am not scared. I think I am too warm that's what it is. 2 Second later...What is that noise? Can he get in here...Runs in terror! Yep, no one scared here.

    TheMegatonBombTheMegatonBomb天 前
  • Thanks gura. You were the first V-Tuber I've ever watched (aside from the Kizuna A.I memes I saw randomly, years ago) wanna say that your personality, and wholesomeness are so addictive. Its what keeps me coming back. So essentially, just... thanks for what you do. It's been a pleasure ☺

    MFPMFP天 前
  • 33 min in and Mr X pops up, so I tab out to check for a DMX health update post heart attack... fuck this hurts. Yeah, as of the last hour. You'll be missed Earl, rest in peace man.

    ShadeShade天 前
  • Yeah, Gura, Life is struggle, Just Keep going, and become a better person! every one!

    Shan Hall GwanShan Hall Gwan天 前
  • 1:48:24 its not demon gura ... Its zombie 🤣

    Kyzooo_.Kyzooo_.天 前
  • 3:30:00

    Mon CoreMon Core天 前
  • 2:25:19

    mario jr esiomario jr esio天 前
  • Leave it to Gura to ignore that a third of the puzzle is already solved and keeps putting the wrong pieces in the clearly marked spots.

    SpiderousSpiderous天 前
  • 1:21:30

    #αsterια.#αsterια.天 前
  • I have watched Gura for 6 months, this is the most frustrated I’ve been

    Starkill3r 306Starkill3r 306天 前
  • Mummies aren't all evil. They get a bad wrap

    Casual FilthCasual Filth天 前
  • In this episode of Gura screams, Gura learns the Letter T

    Jacky JiangJacky Jiang天 前
  • Word.

    ThejackleThejackle天 前
  • Im just sitting here saying to myself: The picture Gura, look at the picture.

    ChizuChizu天 前
    • I know your pain

      Starkill3r 306Starkill3r 306天 前
  • No smile... Only goofy grin.

    Greg AtlasGreg Atlas天 前
  • Idol crimes for idle minds.

    Greg AtlasGreg Atlas天 前
  • I honestly expected Gura to take longer on the chess piece puzzle considering how long it took for her to figure out the king and queen puzzle section. Good job getting through the harder puzzle faster than expected. Even some hardcore nerds I watch struggled with that one. ^w^

    Greg AtlasGreg Atlas天 前
  • 3:40:39 Gura is making it harder for her than it needs to be. Just listen to what the note says. “The Rook and queen are opposite of each other “, that means that they are facing each other on opposite walls.

    YuseiFudoGamerYuseiFudoGamer2 天 前
  • You go weeeeeee wanna go on a weeeeeeeeeee eeeeee e e e tire girl boiiz

    Haeli Horton villanuevaHaeli Horton villanueva2 天 前
  • Hehe heresy

    saifulbrine ,saifulbrine ,2 天 前
  • Let's not give gura games with puzzles in them. I'm so stressed right now.

    sephtissephtis2 天 前
  • listening to the stomping: "This is what you sound like when you try and get up at 3 AM for cereal" I'm more sneaky, but... It's true. X'D

    Greg AtlasGreg Atlas2 天 前
  • And now the real game begins. **continues watching** Run Gura~ You can do it~ **getting just as freaked out because he hates horror games**

    Greg AtlasGreg Atlas2 天 前
  • Did her coat smell good, though? That's what I want to know.

    ToganiumToganium2 天 前
  • i love you

    Aren VeinAren Vein2 天 前
  • This vid is a treasure chest of cuteness

    Shannon WShannon W2 天 前
  • Gura is like a tiny baby cute marchmallow but with teeth

    Jed Gian Paulo RosarioJed Gian Paulo Rosario2 天 前
  • At least it's not age restricted again

    Fahmi4869Fahmi48692 天 前
  • Bro I catched a fish. This is the fish

    The cyber boiThe cyber boi2 天 前
  • Gura : *looks under Ada's dress* also Gura : my hand slipped aha... so did our hands Gura...so did our hands .... 🤣🤣🤣

    Kazuki ShinKazuki Shin2 天 前
  • A

    MR MuerteMR Muerte2 天 前
  • SSS= Super Scream Shark.

    DestierTurbotDestierTurbot2 天 前
  • 1:16:02 although horror is supposed to be the main part of Resident Evil, Mr. X in large doses takes ALL of the fun out of playing the game

    YuseiFudoGamerYuseiFudoGamer2 天 前
    • @No One28 I’m not saying I didn’t love it, it’s just I couldn’t deal with him for too long, I had to turn the game off frequently, either that or hide in one of the safe rooms for hours

      YuseiFudoGamerYuseiFudoGamer2 天 前
    • Really? That was the main selling point for me, also my favorite part of the game honestly :/ , I loved the tension he brought and I really really hope they have something similar in RE8.

      No One28No One282 天 前
  • Damn this shark is really bad at geolocation. Real tensai right there.

    XSaebaYRyoZXSaebaYRyoZ2 天 前
  • 1:52:00 Doesn't want to say feet, says feet like 5 times instead explaining why she shouldn't say feet.

    BrezalsBrezals2 天 前
  • Bless people who watched it all

    Yassine GriraYassine Grira2 天 前
  • 1:43:27 punch me!!

    MichaelMichael2 天 前
  • Gura you really do have extreme levels of cursed luck that really plays into your hilarious situations.

    C NC N2 天 前
  • I love Rewatching this, Gura-Chin. 🤍💙

    Jhessy GamesJhessy Games2 天 前
  • Hey you! Smol shak! Someone once told us something like this to - "when life gives you a hoocha! you know what you need to do in this predicament? YOU GO AGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN!" So keep your heads up, and go forward! And if you are getting tired, let us, your humble shrimps to sacrifice ourselves to seat your hunger and keep you refreshed! The last part sounds a bit weird, but i don't really care. We will Hoocha! Anybody or anything what try to bring you down or make you sad!

    H4xooRH4xooR2 天 前
  • cool stream

    ayitstimeayitstime2 天 前
  • 3:57:30

    Banilla . pngBanilla . png2 天 前
  • Refrigerate once opened is my go to.

    Justin CarrelJustin Carrel2 天 前
  • 😐😐😐

    Guido MagniGuido Magni2 天 前
  • Oh you sweet child

    BreakingPhobia103BreakingPhobia1033 天 前
  • this game is scary i was just watching and it scared me

    Passion the Thrill CarnyPassion the Thrill Carny3 天 前
  • Please

    sodaranya martinsodaranya martin3 天 前
  • It's very fun watching you play this game

    MrTaintMrTaint3 天 前
  • No matter which youtuber/Vtuber or twitch streamer do the chess plugin puzzle it always irritates me

    leyuenleyuen3 天 前
  • 1:14:41 me when drift

    Vega AndaruVega Andaru3 天 前
  • 4:16:37 damn it she didn't pick up the picture of Rebecca!!!!! I guess she was missing one picture

    Angel VazquezAngel Vazquez3 天 前
  • 0:00:01

    Milly7119Milly71193 天 前
  • 11:39 Just a personal timestamp, don't mind me..

    friesfries3 天 前
    • Wow that just does something to me that I can’t explain

      Ivan BeutelIvan Beutel天 前
  • Omg

    2kms2kms3 天 前
  • who remembers Gura's first Outlast stream, where she said she'd play Alien: Isolation ? I remember it. and I still hope

    Lord SylphLord Sylph3 天 前
    • @あかね whaaaaaaat, that’s stinky! I got such a kick out of Jingles playing it right after release, darn

      Lord SylphLord Sylph2 天 前
    • she said she's not feeling alien isolation anymore in a recent stream I think, not sure though

      あかねあかね2 天 前
  • The scare at 1:14:35 is so great because it's not a 100% chance to happen, I had crapped my pants my first playthrough then never saw it again afterwards. I understand your panic very well.. I did exactly the same thing. lol

    StryberryStryberry3 天 前
    • I loved that one because it happened in the original as well but I STILL wasn't expecting it 🤣

      No One28No One282 天 前
  • Takes a box. "It's a Fabergé egg?" Yes....

    Олексей НэвэльныйОлексей Нэвэльный3 天 前
  • The chat went nuts and asking for ame to help lol

    Aries LeonineAries Leonine3 天 前
  • G - Ok, we did the thing, and now we going to the place where that other thing was. Me - Oh, sure.

    Олексей НэвэльныйОлексей Нэвэльный3 天 前
  • Gura play ark survival evolved with your friend and tame megalodon

    J. E. R. MJ. E. R. M3 天 前
  • you are sanzawa? xd

    Akali ArmyAkali Army3 天 前
    • No

      Just a Shaman who happened to be passing byJust a Shaman who happened to be passing by3 天 前
  • 3:51:18 Thanks for the super chat- *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH* That’s my favorite part lmao

    WinWin3 天 前
  • I smiled.

    SaccorhytusSaccorhytus3 天 前
  • Hey Gura, you should Play Maneater some time, I think you would love it.

    MonoliciousMonolicious3 天 前
    • She already play that, and let's just say that it's not going well.

      Just a Shaman who happened to be passing byJust a Shaman who happened to be passing by3 天 前
  • Anyone know the background music during superchat reading

    big fat beebig fat bee3 天 前
  • Oh wow..... this one didn't age restricted

    Cristine TadlipCristine Tadlip3 天 前
  • I Am New Here And Thank You You Help Me To Understand Einglish Thank You

    ꧁༒Yushiko༒꧂꧁༒Yushiko༒꧂3 天 前
  • 0101001101100101011011100111101001100001011101110110000100111111

    InferdesuInferdesu3 天 前
  • BEEF

    L0veDanda 1001101L0veDanda 10011013 天 前
  • 3:05:45

    BrutusSaladBrutusSalad3 天 前
  • 2:08:09 God created them, but it was the devil who give them wings

    Nicolás CarusoNicolás Caruso3 天 前
  • :)

    ljucljuc3 天 前
  • Well...what?? I speak Russian... Эээ...что?? Я говорю на русском....

    No NameNo Name3 天 前
  • Anyone here want Gura to sing Workin For The Weekend by Loverboy?

    Halycon444Halycon4443 天 前
  • 4:26:50 LMAO "OK"

    HlangananiHlanganani3 天 前
  • i love how gura played dumb for like 10 minutes in the chess puzzle just for the content, you indeed are a tensai GURA ! ! love you ♥♥♥

    デスマスク / DEATHMASKデスマスク / DEATHMASK3 天 前
  • I love gura but the start of the Ada part was painful

    Hex Maniac 9000Hex Maniac 90003 天 前
  • 1:12:25

    LullypopLullypop3 天 前
  • Everyone: Shark go hack hack. Me: But... That’s not hacking 😔

    The BakerThe Baker3 天 前
  • Please try play subnautica it's a really good game also love the content❤

    unknown Gamerunknown Gamer3 天 前
    • 😂😂 she would be so scared

      unknown Gamerunknown Gamer3 天 前
    • That would be the perfect game! :D

      Iremia Let's PlaysIremia Let's Plays3 天 前
  • 1:14:38 beeg scream

    RenzoRenzo3 天 前
  • すきだ

    ご満足人物ご満足人物3 天 前
  • Halo kak gura aku dafi orang Indonesia salam kenal aku ingin bertanya kamu asal negara mana

    muamar khadafimuamar khadafi3 天 前
    • @muamar khadafi Kalau begitu belajar bahasa Inggris sana pakai Duolingo atau Ruang Guru kalau bisa.

      Just a Shaman who happened to be passing byJust a Shaman who happened to be passing by2 天 前
    • Ya gua gak bisa bahasa Inggris tau gua Inggris nya juga cuman bisa sedikit saja

      muamar khadafimuamar khadafi2 天 前
    • Kalau emang mau tau Gura dari negara mana, saya jawab. Gura itu berasal dari Amerika (nggak tau Amerika mana tapi ada yang bilang dia dari Amerika Selatan). Udah jelas ?.

      Just a Shaman who happened to be passing byJust a Shaman who happened to be passing by3 天 前
    • Situ sehat ? Udah tau dia ngomong bahasa Inggris tapi situ bertanya pakai bahasa Indonesia. Hadeh~

      Just a Shaman who happened to be passing byJust a Shaman who happened to be passing by3 天 前