When Physics is a Joke in Snooker ᴴᴰ

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When Physics is a Joke in Snooker,
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  • After the last 4 years I've enough of all trumps.

    justsomeguyjustsomeguy4 天 前
  • O’Sullivan’s pink vs Hamilton is remarkable. Those pockets are not supposed to take balls at that speed.

    Psymaen PhyllypsPsymaen Phyllyps4 天 前
  • Jimmy White could do what Trump did and the cue ball swerve after hitting the object ball!

    pink sinpink sin4 天 前
  • Good idea to put an ad right in the middle of a Trump shot!

    pink sinpink sin4 天 前
  • Yeah, that's Stephen Hendry being a little baby because he knows O'Sullivan is the true goat.

    WSrunna15WSrunna155 天 前
  • It's all about physics .. there's not a joke.

    AMIR-HAMIR-H5 天 前
  • This is physics working perfectly, we can't see it but the ball is spinning like crazy

    SMthegamer1SMthegamer15 天 前
  • 2:30 hendry said Ronnie cannot play shot like that....r u kidding me.....only Ronnie can play every shot...

    Sadan12 AhmedSadan12 Ahmed5 天 前
  • Ronnie played that shot after trump so you know he did it to show hendry he was right he couldn't play shots like that, he can play better ones lol

    Darth GorthaurDarth Gorthaur6 天 前
  • I don't understand the rules and in general the video but i must say this is v interesting to watch

    Sidd TalesaraSidd Talesara6 天 前
  • I don’t know what Snooker is but you can see skill even when you have no clue what is happening. Very cool. 👍🏿

    M PM P6 天 前
  • 2:00 he hit that so hard it caused a commercial break.

    Banton Radio d[-_-]bBanton Radio d[-_-]b6 天 前
  • 5:36 looked like the pink bounced out wtf, what is that flash of light

  • Actually physics is what makes billiards as beautiful as we know them

    lol lollol lol7 天 前
  • 6:18 physics was drunk

    Madan MohatraMadan Mohatra7 天 前
  • 5:00 mental voice: "damn that's an unbelievable shot wtf." *drinks water nervously*

    Asking Why is FreeAsking Why is Free7 天 前
  • These tables are huge.

    Stephen BurdessStephen Burdess8 天 前
  • Pool = efren

    izep KHizep KH8 天 前
  • "Not even Ronnie O'Sulivan can play shots like that...." Literally next video is O'Sulivan doing the exact same shot lol

    tirebuilder1tirebuilder18 天 前
    • @tirebuilder1 yes hendry was wrong on that particular occasion however he has said in the past that there are shots judd can play that ronnie and that is true the deep screw shot ronnie doesn't have the same amount of cue power however ronnie is the most talented player to pick up a cue there's no doubt about that.

      jason proctorjason proctor3 天 前
    • if u look closelt in the next secons its written " lol its a jokr"

      Dorian DerajDorian Deraj7 天 前
  • Dont the rails have more bounce on a snooker table than a standard diamond table used for 9-ball or 10-ball

    Shayne L.Shayne L.8 天 前
  • 5.05 Murphy an out of world shit and by 5.12 manages to get changed and applaud his own shot from the crowd 🤣

    didimozzdidimozz9 天 前
  • _When a 3 year old chose your CNworld title_

    M.H. BravoM.H. Bravo9 天 前
  • I have no idea how this game is played but i know they are winning

    Steven FrizSteven Friz9 天 前
  • Oh God!! I wish you studied Physics. But just focus on snooker rather than science.

    Sami khandakerSami khandaker10 天 前
  • Just a bad title. Snooker is about physics.

    chiko14junechiko14june10 天 前
  • 5:00 best

    Ajaraj BagweAjaraj Bagwe11 天 前
  • 5:00 -literally bends reality; The opponent: *nervously drinks water*

    Rodrigo D. AquilaRodrigo D. Aquila11 天 前
    • Petr Žilinský , After seeing this I saw some games and looked into the rules. Indeed, O’Sullivan knows no fear :D

      Rodrigo D. AquilaRodrigo D. Aquila6 天 前
    • Dude, O'Sullivan has no reason to be nervous :D he won that game with one hand behind back :) But I've get your point ;)

      Petr ŽilinskýPetr Žilinský6 天 前
  • 1:25 that may be the only highlight I’ve seen of mark selby where Ronnie hasn’t been destroying him

    K SK S11 天 前
    • Ronnie still won the match tho haha

      kiriharakirihara8 天 前
    • What ? Selby is Ronnie's nightmare He is the only one who beat him in the world final and he beat him this year too in Welsh final

      suhaib noorsuhaib noor9 天 前
  • Now I understand why they call it snooker. Did ya see the way that guy snook the ball back on the table when he wasn't lookin? He was like Ha! Ya missed! lol

    Oblivious 2 RealityOblivious 2 Reality12 天 前
  • Shaun Murphy's red is one of the most outrageous things I've ever seen.

    Darren SaundersDarren Saunders12 天 前
  • They are technically using physics to their advantage

    BLAQUE4G63BLAQUE4G6312 天 前
  • Plzzz add reply of the shots

    Akash KumarAkash Kumar12 天 前
  • Pool Players: ?

    EyoGG TVEyoGG TV12 天 前
  • Ronnie looks like: CITIR, CITIR

    boniko82boniko8212 天 前
  • Elon Musk, is that you? 3:33

    Lakshay KukrejaLakshay Kukreja13 天 前
  • Can we just appreciate how many of those clips were Judd Trump... Man's a wizard with a cue

    randomshotz13randomshotz1313 天 前
    • @Visca Barca Pretty much. Fantastic player. Annoying personality.

      PresidentScroogePresidentScrooge3 天 前
    • @Visca Barca I do appreciate his skills. Those shots are pretty much the top, bar none. But, the issue is that he's not dependable enough in the clinch.

      BeniGuma1337BeniGuma13373 天 前
    • Shame he can’t take a loss without lame excuses.

      Visca BarcaVisca Barca9 天 前
    • That's because it's not a cue, it's an oversized magic wand.

      Mike SMike S12 天 前
  • This video proves physics works rather than being a joke, can't see me watching the full video as the title doesn't match the content imo. If you're a physicist then you should explain how physics has been over ruled and made a joke of because to me the only joke is the click bait title.

    420 soulja420 soulja13 天 前
  • 6.21 just how ?

    suhaib noorsuhaib noor13 天 前
  • amazing video

    suhaib noorsuhaib noor13 天 前
  • And the reason its not popular in the U.S............if we sink a ball, and you pull that fooker back out of the pocket and place it back.on the table, someone is getting an @$$whipping. Lol.

    John ScoginJohn Scogin13 天 前
  • 5:35 what happen ?

    Afiq FikriAfiq Fikri13 天 前
  • Ronnie O’Sullivan should play the penguin

    brendanbrendan14 天 前
  • Physics is still there. Giving the spin on the ball, that’s how distance and direction is applied. But then you have velocity, rotation speed, drag.....

    Benjamin MobleyBenjamin Mobley14 天 前
  • Everything on the table is still following the laws of physics :)

    Ajinkya ModakAjinkya Modak14 天 前
  • Jimmy white's supernatural pink shot should be in

    Chris WoodChris Wood14 天 前
  • Title should be "Fuck physic snooker"

    Rajvardhan ShindeRajvardhan Shinde14 天 前
  • Whoever think physics is joke, they need to learn a little bit more in physics.

    Bhupal singhBhupal singh14 天 前
  • These are just great shots, not physics defying. Nice click bait title

    Chris BourassaChris Bourassa15 天 前
  • why is there so many adverts on CNworld its shit crap wank as fuck

    antony willisantony willis15 天 前
  • New title “Judd trumps best shots and then some other people in between”

    Brandon HoldsworthBrandon Holdsworth15 天 前
    • You use the term trump like it’s a good thing?

      Benjamin MobleyBenjamin Mobley14 天 前
  • Trump: i dont care if i miss and lose i will check the potential of cue ball

    Haider aliHaider ali15 天 前
  • Instagram??

    Anurag AhujaAnurag Ahuja15 天 前
  • Mr. Snooker i need to talk to you its very important thing.... Can i get your mail... Or any number.

    Anurag AhujaAnurag Ahuja15 天 前
  • Video Title "When physics is joke in snooker" and meanwhile ball moving Uses all the Newtown laws 🥴🥴

    Kaustubh TambeKaustubh Tambe15 天 前
  • The only additions I would make would be Alex Higgins - the pink and black against Willie Thorne - topspin stopping the cue ball after the pink then the multi cushion pot on the black. Genius!

    Steve FarrowSteve Farrow15 天 前
    • Jimmy White's Supernatural Pink....

      Kris SmithKris Smith15 天 前
  • Imagine making a shot and then the whole crowd goes nuts.. The goosebumps u get must be incredible

    BakchormeeManBakchormeeMan15 天 前
  • someone has a hard on for trump

    Cameron ChappelCameron Chappel16 天 前
  • We all like a little kiss on the pink JV 👌🏼

    Dane FieldingDane Fielding16 天 前
  • That TRUMP guy uses this spinning craziness a lot!

    Moje ImjaMoje Imja16 天 前
  • 0:57 I have no words for that yellow to green!!

    Mark RossMark Ross16 天 前
  • The surface area of the table is more that's why the Ball is spinning so good and more

    Malik MukhtarMalik Mukhtar16 天 前
  • Physics a joke? These players understand the physics of the ball and apply it accordingly, so I would say literally the opposite

    Chris AChris A16 天 前
  • "When physics is a joke in snooker" More like "using newton's second law and the concept of friction in snooker"

    Derek BroekhovenDerek Broekhoven16 天 前
    • What is wrong with you?

      A YoutuberA Youtuber14 天 前
  • No I agree with Hendry. Ronnie does not have anything like the cue power of judd controlled or the imagination. Judd will get more than 50 percent of his exhibition shots but Ronnie is maybe 1 in 10 and that's why he rarely tries them. 2012 Ronnie is still the greatest player to ever live but Judd at his best is now the best in the world by a yard

    sagelight7777sagelight777716 天 前
  • Когда в чате одни иноземцы

    Паша АртемьевПаша Артемьев16 天 前
  • Ronnie IS and ALWAYS will be the greatest player in the world ❤️❤️❤️

    Hammad MuzaffarHammad Muzaffar17 天 前
  • Isn't this kinda ironic? It's precisely because of physics that these shots are possible

    MicrobaulMicrobaul17 天 前
  • it's still physics

    Freaky FredFreaky Fred17 天 前
  • Lol at 3:30 even the ref audibly 'wowed' at robertsons shot

    graveeygraveey17 天 前
  • What You Can't Spin The Cue Ball? It's Just Putting English On The Cue Ball. No Magic!

    Jesse EnnsJesse Enns17 天 前
  • Physics on fire 🔥,that title should be fit

    Mian AhmadMian Ahmad17 天 前
  • @ 02:30 “even Ronnie O’Sullivan can’t play shots like that”, Queue the next clip 😂 Dumb commentators

    MM17 天 前
    • Tump's shot was way better there

      Nemaja BakicNemaja Bakic14 天 前
    • Yeah, Stephen Hendry doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

      Steve YoungSteve Young17 天 前
  • Judds just different his cueing is insane

    Richard GoldieRichard Goldie17 天 前
    • Facts

      randomshotz13randomshotz1313 天 前
  • Title should be When physics are a joke.

    Bobba8590Bobba859017 天 前
  • 👍

    dan 8 pooldan 8 pool18 天 前
  • A like by me just for defending ronie there while crucible king was saying something about ronie and i got really sick of hearing that again n again for quiet some time now🔥😍

    MusaMusa18 天 前
  • Best shot in this is by far the green at 6:18

    douts88douts8818 天 前
    • Jimmy White the trailblazer

      rich flynnrich flynn14 天 前
  • First of all ronnie shot was no where near as much spin and swerve as trumps so it wasn't even better and second you spelt better as batter 😂😂😂😂😂

    Edward FergusonEdward Ferguson18 天 前
  • 4:57 wow

    Kintaroi CocKintaroi Coc19 天 前
  • Judd Trump and Judd Trump and Judd Trump

    Mujtaba SaleemMujtaba Saleem19 天 前
  • Trump time!

    Sergio XavierSergio Xavier19 天 前
  • Good stuff.. I would’ve added Jimmy White’s insane spin shot, but this vid was a nice set as it is.

    Peli MiesPeli Mies19 天 前
  • 😀👍👍😱

    ALOM NkaALOM Nka19 天 前
  • Welcome to the matrix

    PeterPeter19 天 前
  • How is Ronnie’s shot at 2:37 better than the previous Judd shot? He used running side and stun on a relatively easy shot off Ronnie’s caliber. Judd shut required a screw shot from across the table with reverse side to counter the cue balls path for the black. One of the most difficult pots that even Stephen hendry admired. There’s a reason why Stephen hendry said even O’Sullivan cannot take shots like that, because no one else other than Judd can.

    Yousef AssayedYousef Assayed19 天 前
    • @400superamerica how does this relate to the comparison between these two shots? Being the greatest of all time doesn’t make all your shots “better” than others. Any snooker fan who plays the game should know the difficulty of Judd’s shot which is much more difficult than Ronnie’s. Ronnie’s shot was actually pretty easy relative to a player of his caliber.

      Yousef AssayedYousef Assayed14 天 前
    • Ronnie is officially the best of all time tho

      400superamerica400superamerica14 天 前
  • I love snooker so much get me back in the club!

    L. A. WaywardL. A. Wayward19 天 前
  • It’s not a joke to anyone who understands conservation of angular momentum.

    Gweilo SpurGweilo Spur19 天 前
  • Omg who the people you are @5:02 that red ball shot freaking amazing 😍😍😍😍💞💞💞💞

    kamran JUTTkamran JUTT19 天 前
  • That double back shot on black ball @4:15 long distance 😍😍😍😍💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

    kamran JUTTkamran JUTT19 天 前
  • "Even Ronnie O'Sullivan..." Oh, he has.

    Richard BiltonRichard Bilton20 天 前
  • These players can put the white ball on a dime. So why do they moan about the miss rule?

    Ian ScottIan Scott20 天 前
  • How is it possible ???!!!

    AntoineCGAntoineCG20 天 前
  • 5:33 why did that right middle look like it sparked when the pink went in??? Watched it like 3 times 😂😂

    Kyle ReidKyle Reid20 天 前
    • It's the only time I've ever seen it which is what confused me 😂

      Kyle ReidKyle Reid15 天 前
    • It's the pink hitting the netting of the pocket and causing it to swing outwards. Capture a still and zoom.

      SAVEDSAVED16 天 前
    • reduce the resolution, nothing will spark

      Shreyas BhattShreyas Bhatt19 天 前
    • Its the net underneath the pocket 😁

      Der alte GrishnakDer alte Grishnak20 天 前
    • Wtf ?!😅😂😂

      AntoineCGAntoineCG20 天 前
  • Great clips but these are all the direct results of the fantastic physics

    Shucheng ChaoShucheng Chao20 天 前
  • Don't put any title like this one ever again...

    Bronisław KebabBronisław Kebab20 天 前
  • Holts black into middle pocket at the end! Simply superb!!

    stephen jonesstephen jones20 天 前
  • I love snooker.its amazing what they can do with the cue ball

    paul soamespaul soames20 天 前
  • 6:19 WTF????

    Alessandro FalzoniAlessandro Falzoni20 天 前
  • Before clicking I was expecting this to be mostly Judd Trump.

    Jimmy NichJimmy Nich20 天 前
  • "When physics is applied correctly in snooker". There you go, I've fixed the title for you.

    Magnus KramnikMagnus Kramnik20 天 前