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2021年04月 2日
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Hello!!!!!! I'm backk!!!!!!
Hopefully you have a wonderful day today ^^
MUSIC by @2WEI and @Marvin Brooks
Music: Marvin Brooks - Ghost (2WEI Remix)
Stream here: artist.positionmusic.com/Ghost-2WEIRemix-MarvinBrooks
Released by @Position Music /2WEI Music
Original Song: Marvin Brooks - Ghost
Stream here: new.positionmusic.com/MarvinBrooksGhost
Released by @Position Music /2WEI Music
I'm very thankful that they let me used this wonderful music piece!
Go ahead and support them!! :D

VOICE CLIPS comes from the streams of the Dream SMP members
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Technoblade never dies!!!!!!


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    • Techoblade never die

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    • EPIC

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  • I have a pickaxe and I’ll put it through you’re teeth!

    Ripoll FamilyRipoll Family12 分钟 前
  • I feel like an aspect of these videos that has improved so much is the audio. The lines that are in these sound like they were professionally recorded in a studio along with sound effects, and music. It’s just so perfect.

    Stupendous FloopStupendous Floop19 分钟 前
  • All the song that sad ist use is so perfect

    MrBlackYTMrBlackYT20 分钟 前
  • Who else is heart broken that this isn’t a movie.. 😭😭😂😂😂

    Collaboration KidsCollaboration Kids20 分钟 前
  • Bro this could be a trailer

    ViisionDevViisionDev28 分钟 前
  • This literally looks like a movie trailer

    painty Lolpainty Lol28 分钟 前
  • 3:09 is where quakity gets is teeth killed

    SwaggerMan6000SwaggerMan600031 分钟 前
  • I can’t get over how good this is lmao

    AKA Chicken NuggetsAKA Chicken Nuggets32 分钟 前
  • The moment of genuine fear at the end where tommy screams is so iconic

    tommy cowlestommy cowles32 分钟 前

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  • there is a LOT of comments that not even 1 day ago showing how addicted we all are with sadist animations and we keep coming back lol

    Doyoung BunnyDoyoung Bunny49 分钟 前
  • Butchers: exist Techno: “i feared for my life”

    Clear ConscienceClear Conscience51 分钟 前
  • Pull the lever Tecno:EHHH

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  • Can't stop watching this its great This deserves a thumbs up

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  • the end always gives me the chills

    Chloe T.Chloe T.56 分钟 前
  • THIS IS INSANE!!!!! welldone u deserve so much credit for this keep up the good work!!!

    Ava AdamsAva Adams59 分钟 前
  • plz the part with the totem of undying is so clean

    brooklyn knotebrooklyn knote小时 前
    • Ikr

      Unicorn LoverUnicorn Lover小时 前
  • Wow this is amazing!!

    Scott Goldenplayz - Dream smpScott Goldenplayz - Dream smp小时 前
  • this is the best animatic I've ever seen

    Ryan GibelRyan Gibel小时 前

    Ryan GibelRyan Gibel小时 前
  • wow i am dead it is super coooooooooooooooool ive never seen this before

    Enkhtsetseg NasanbatEnkhtsetseg Nasanbat小时 前
  • you dislike this video your not a humam

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  • HOW are you this good we must know

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  • watching this in the dark at night makes it 10x better

    Pizza DogPizza Dog小时 前

    _shy • Bug__shy • Bug_小时 前
  • Best animated vid ever

    Hazzer 85Hazzer 85小时 前
  • Aaaaaaand I’m back again, this is like 5 times everyday, damn I need to get a hobby

    Lilly WalshLilly Walsh小时 前
  • Fundy : autistic sreeching

    Clous PlaysClous Plays小时 前
  • Techo will never die

    TheHappyCar—THCTheHappyCar—THC小时 前
  • hurry up and make this channel verified youtube plz

    Gethin GrayGethin Gray小时 前

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  • 2:34 This masterpiece gotta take some time

    Ersin xDErsin xD小时 前
  • This is fuckin dope my guy

    GinganinjaGinganinja小时 前
  • I was about to comment that the voice quality isn't that great, until I realized that it wasn't recorded for the animation, was it?

    Darth BiomechDarth Biomech小时 前
  • When techno blade get resurrected it is so bad ass

    Kelly CrouthamelKelly Crouthamel小时 前
  • this is so epic it fucking gave me chills

    Mr.CatzatMr.Catzat小时 前
  • What app do you use to animate?

    AmongUs AddictAmongUs Addict2 小时 前
  • I love technoblades villager sounds as puns attacks

    Caycay MCaycay M2 小时 前
  • i watching to vid every day

    Tom ThomasTom Thomas2 小时 前
  • TBH, Punz was the coolest person :>

    KogUisBBHfanKogUisBBHfan2 小时 前
  • Why do they fight? Can’t they just try to make peace?

    Helen NguyenHelen Nguyen2 小时 前
    • This things doesnt works like that peace and respect is nothing.

      Ersin xDErsin xD小时 前
  • You should Mack a movie

    Kailee SwierczynskiKailee Swierczynski2 小时 前
  • Good choice of music though. Starting with Ghostbur, haunting everyone. This goes especially for Phil as he was the one who killed Wilbur. Reminding him of what he had done to his son. This is also proved by the fact that the line “haunting me” was followed by a drawing of Phil.

    TofuTofu2 小时 前

    Layla ParkerLayla Parker2 小时 前
  • ROUGH SPANISH TRANSLATIONS with time stamps ! (Pls feel free to correct me for accuracy :] ) TRADUCCIONES EN ESPAÑOL con tiempos! (Por favor siéntanse libres a corregir para precisión :]) 0:42 Technoblade: La única cosa que funciona en este mundo...” 0:45 Technoblade: “Es que tratas a los demás...” 0:47 Technoblade: “Como ellos te traten.” 0:52 Technoblade: “Los que me han tratado con amabilidad,” 0:56 Technoblade: “Re-pagare esa amabilidad, décuplo.” 0:59 Technoblade: “Y esos...” 1:02 Technoblade: “que me tratan con injusticia!” 1:06 Technoblade: “Que me usan.” 1:10 Technoblade: “Que me persiguen.” 1:11 Technoblade: “Que lastiman a mis amigos!” 1:15 Technoblade: “Te re-pagare esa injusticia mil veces más.” 1:23 Tubbo: “Oye, Big Q!” 1:25 Tubbo: “Mira lo que encontré.” 1:29 Quackity: “La plan es simple.” 1:31 Quackity: “Encontraremos.” 1:33 Quackity: “Y matáremos a Technoblade.” 1:36 Technoblade: “Si no hay ningún otra manera...” 1:40 Technoblade: “Escojo SANGRE!!” 1:44 Tubbo: “Big Q, has algo!” 1:45 Tubbo: “BIG Q!!” 1:46 Quackity: “PARA! Para!” 1:48 Technoblade: “Te alejas de ese caballo, Quackity!” 1:51 Quackity: “Technoblade, tira todo.” 1:53 Quackity: “... o te mataré este caballo en frente de ti.” 2:02 Philza: “En serio lo agarraron.” 2:04 Technoblade: “PHIL!” Tubbo: “Phil, estas en arresto en casa.” 2:06 Technoblade: “Phil, que te hicieron?” 2:15 Tubbo: “Technoblade ha robado de nuestra nación.” 2:18 Tubbo: “... de todo que la hacía especial.” 2:19 Tubbo: “... de todo que la definía.” 2:25 Tubbo: “Que hace Punz?!” 2:27 Tubbo: “Big Q, Tira la palanca!” 2:29 Technoblade: “HEH?” Tubbo: “TIRA LA PALANCA, BIG Q!” 2:41 Tubbo (en la distancia): “Que ching-?!” 2:42 Tubbo (en la distancia): “Woa! Woa! Woa!” 2:44 Technoblade: “Tiene a Carl!” Fundy: “No dejen que se escape!” 2:54 Technoblade: “En serio pensabas Quackity...” 2:56 Technoblade: “Que pudrías matarme así de fácil?” 3:00 Quackity: “Has hecho tanto pinche daño ha todo lo que hamos hecho!” 3:03 Quackity: “Por todo el pinche tiempo, Techno!” 3:06 Technoblade: “Tengo una piqueta!” 3:07 Technoblade: “Y te la pondré A TRAVÉS DE TUS DIENTES!!” 3:14 Technoblade: “Vez, hay algo, Tommy-“ Tommy: “Pero lo se, yo-“ 3:15 Technoblade: “Que yo no ha demostrado a nadie.” 3:17 Technoblade: “Ni siquiera a Philza.” 3:19 Technoblade: “He estado trabajando en, no más en pequeño-“ 3:21 Technoblade: “Un pequeño pasatiempo, Tommy.” 3:24 Technoblade: “Vez está pared?” 3:32 Technoblade: “BIENVENIDO A CASA THESEUS”

    Sunny B.Sunny B.2 小时 前
  • This is awesome

    Lucid SpeedrunLucid Speedrun2 小时 前
  • This is Actually insane like I know my opinion means nothing but this should get nominated for like a massive award or something wow I would say claps for you but you deserve so much more than claps like wow actually wow 👌🏻💜🤍🖤

    Lily Jayne xxxLily Jayne xxx2 小时 前
  • Can anyone put his quote technos

    CrypticCryptic2 小时 前
  • What do you use to do this

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  • Technoblade hiii❤️

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  • How dose this not have more likes

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  • Yo hi

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  • You've officially made my ghostbumps wake up.

    official miner1005official miner10052 小时 前
  • sadist ur so amazing

    isa Bellisa Bell2 小时 前
  • The totem scene is honestly the best way to imagine how it works

    Lord SomnusLord Somnus2 小时 前
  • It’d be cool if like Wilbur (not ghostbur) and Shlatt lived in the nether, since that’s kind of like Minecraft hell.

    Hypershock 07Hypershock 072 小时 前
  • bro Phil’s scene is insanely intense, he looks so scared that they found that compass

    Cowboy Max10Cowboy Max102 小时 前
  • ive watched this so many times its starting to get concerning

    Ghost.Ghost.2 小时 前

    ckmstüdyolarıckmstüdyoları2 小时 前
  • The sound at the start showing ghostbur makes me shiver

    Andrea SungaAndrea Sunga2 小时 前
  • I just can’t stop watching this, think I watched this about 20 times now😂 And don’t even get me started on how the totem of undying was animated🔥

    Storm HoekstraStorm Hoekstra2 小时 前
    • Yep me too

      Ersin xDErsin xD小时 前
  • boys just let him retire in peace

    TheFishMCTheFishMC2 小时 前
  • Tommy and techno was the best teamup in the whole smp

    LyricalLyrical2 小时 前
  • I hate this shit it’s so cringe 😐

    MeMe BigBoyMeMe BigBoy3 小时 前
    • Lol ur da cringe lmao

      Ersin xDErsin xD小时 前
  • I know its probably not possible/you won't do it because it'll take up a lot of time but imagine if there was a TV show of dream smp drawn like this you know how amazing that would be

    CandyCandy3 小时 前
  • @Nexflix

    Ana GAna G3 小时 前
  • just here for my daily viewing of this masterpiece

    MarvinMarvin3 小时 前
    • Ahahha me too

      Ersin xDErsin xD小时 前
  • This is a really cool animation. Keep up the awsome work sad-ist.

    Toothless104 _Toothless104 _3 小时 前
  • Why did I laugh through this whole thing

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  • POV:your a random dude in skywars 1:19

    Technoblade stanTechnoblade stan3 小时 前
    • LMAO

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  • OMG that was epic

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  • I'd pay for this to be a movie omfg

    Sara PoormohammadSara Poormohammad3 小时 前
  • POV: you're here for the 20th time

    ryanryan3 小时 前
  • Fun fact: Fundy was yelling: "HE'S GETTING AWAY!" or "GET AWAY!".

    [ Øii.ClxssicalSxnset.iiØ ][ Øii.ClxssicalSxnset.iiØ ]3 小时 前
  • How r u so cool oh my god

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  • Good job with this animation, this is by far the best series I have ever seen, keep up the good work :)

    ShadowNinja616ShadowNinja6163 小时 前
  • can you do the nights by Avicii but its tommy and his death

    DadMightDadMight3 小时 前
  • 2:34 best part, hands down

    ThunDerThunDer3 小时 前
  • hi hi hi

    Shazam - BlobShazam - Blob3 小时 前
  • I like how fundy Made a high piched scream

    mush_roommush_room3 小时 前
  • Ah yes. Killing technoblade. What a simple plan

    RainbowapplesliceRainbowappleslice3 小时 前
  • Techno: This. Is. SPARTA

    OwlsieOwlsie3 小时 前
  • This is the coolest thing I have ever watched!!!!

    Kel WinsteadKel Winstead4 小时 前
  • How are the captions colored-

    InfernoBall The GamerInfernoBall The Gamer4 小时 前
  • I have watched this so many times!! It's just so good!!!

    AdventuresWithMimiAdventuresWithMimi4 小时 前
  • I love that SAD-ist is consistent with his character design developments. Techno has short hair after battle with Dream and you can see it slowly growing Tubbo has scars after his execution by Techno Philza has one wing damaged after protecting Wilbur in explosion and they are recovering You bet next time Techno is gonna have a scar on his forearm from ripping it out of the cage and Quackity will have a scar from eating a pickaxe.

    Vadim ShvedVadim Shved4 小时 前
  • Nice

    Oliver Eidjord hannsenOliver Eidjord hannsen4 小时 前
  • i watched this 13 times because its soo goood

    Cam DCam D4 小时 前
  • dude this is so amazing omg. Techno’s laugh at the end gave me chills BRAVO SAD-IST YOUVE DONT IT AGAIN

    ჯClover LeafჯჯClover Leafჯ4 小时 前
  • I love punz and dream in the tower

    moonlight.arianamoonlight.ariana4 小时 前
  • Me: said ThatVeganTeacher Is Right The Entire Internet: 1:16

    Benjamin JohnsonBenjamin Johnson4 小时 前
    • @R3d153 I don't, i wrote that just for the memes lol

      Benjamin JohnsonBenjamin Johnson3 小时 前
    • I mean, if you think what the vegan teacher is doing is right, you kinda deserve it

      R3d153R3d1533 小时 前

    meowmeow4 小时 前
  • we want part 2

    Ruben powerRuben power4 小时 前

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  • this is like a trailer lmfaooo

    Hype BeanHype Bean4 小时 前
  • this is just FIREEE

    O N L Y B E U T I F U LO N L Y B E U T I F U L4 小时 前