Los Angeles Lakers vs. Utah Jazz Full Highlights 1st Quarter | NBA Season 2021

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Los Angeles Lakers vs. Utah Jazz Full Highlights 1st Quarter | NBA Season 2021

  • Queen Lebum should sat down & just coach the team.

    maria Z.maria Z.个月 前
  • The Jazz are example of a Build up instead of a Super Team 🤪

    NeverFold VlogsNeverFold Vlogs个月 前
  • If the Lakers keep playing like this, their fans will have to watch Utah or the Clippers go to the Finals

    DWreck VibesDWreck Vibes个月 前
  • I knew this team wouldn't work out. Why would they trade half a championship team away just to look better "on paper"? No repeat for the Lakers.

    Luke WolfeLuke Wolfe个月 前
  • Lakers fans wanna trade half their team. What's changed in the last 3 Years.

    Ernest MuricErnest Muric个月 前
  • God job LA... Pagpatuloy niyo yan... Habang wala pa AD... Always tambakol... Hhhahaahahha

    Edmond pactolEdmond pactol个月 前
  • cnworld.info/auto/WxqHpklif-4gEI5CWZiOLQ

    Ja PsJa Ps个月 前
  • It clearly shows, no AD no championship for purple and gold

    lion of judahlion of judah个月 前
  • no prob with lebron basically its with his supporting cast. With that he needs to score more but at 36 he might be a little tired of carrying this team. too sad

    Raymond T.Raymond T.个月 前
  • Lebron is the problem of lakers, he wants to be point guard. Without AD ur nothing but a thrash unlike kobe and jordan, never happen that

    • @Al-Ghuraba haha, mj and kobe build their own thing, lebron chases super team to get a ring.

      Larry JavierLarry Javier个月 前
    • Ah stop it. Look at the team mates. Just bad. Come on. Talk about MJ and Kobe who they had around him! Selective nonsense!

      Al-GhurabaAl-Ghuraba个月 前
  • i'am sick n tire to see my team shoot the 3 and get pounded inside the way lakers playing even with AD still make me worried

    dip wyndip wyn个月 前
  • You let javale McGee and Dwight Howard go for broke down gasol are you freaking kidding me 🤣🤣🤣

    mike Jonesmike Jones个月 前
    • they went for sloppy gasol stats 😂. NBA's best defensive team traded two of their best defenders😂 🤯mindblown

      Ja PsJa Ps个月 前
  • Fake goat getting crushed lol

    Jaison JJaison J个月 前
  • 0-4 lakers 😂😂

    Sue SibsSue Sibs个月 前
  • lakers dont need a shooting center. they need ah defending center a rebounding center. its a mistake they throw away howard and macgee.

    Cool ZeroCool Zero个月 前
  • They should waive gasol

    Mikuu MeksMikuu Meks个月 前
  • Half the team needs to go

    Stew PidasoeStew Pidasoe个月 前
  • The lakers are unorganized and they lack effort. There afraid to shoot the don't hustle on d they will not repeat playing the guys there playing

    Stew PidasoeStew Pidasoe个月 前
  • Gasol plays stupid all the time tucker plays out of control Kyle makes dumb plays too many turnovers too many 3 pts to many mistakes got to be careful in the playoffs .NEED MCGEE BACK TO GUARD THE BASKET!

    Richard MadridRichard Madrid个月 前
  • I pity Lakers, playing with UTAH JAZZ cant really win if that kind of play. Its time for a teamate of LBJ to show up, do not depend on LBJ, one person cannot win the game, Its team play CAN WIN the game, they need practice. Practice makes perfect..!! They need tall player to defend the key whole... If they will not adjust their play, for sure they will not get the championship!!!

    Gregor BuagasGregor Buagas个月 前
    • Brooklyn doesn't have tall players. Lebron is the problem, he wants to be point guard all the time

    • How can the team not depend on him? Self proclaimed goat and media constantly pushing the narrative that LBJ is having an MVP season.. Where is this play? It's about time people realize running the ball thru lebron is NOT the answer..

      OnlyFatSnapzOnlyFatSnapz个月 前
    • They need a coach like you

      Chico TablasonChico Tablason个月 前
  • Gasol needs to go

    K BK B个月 前