Minecraft, But You're On The Moon...

2021年04月 6日
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This is Minecraft, But You're On The Moon... this was stressful.
Thanks for Watching! :D I appreciate all feedback and support :L!
Edited By @ExtremeBlitz + TapL :L
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  • He has feather falling 1,000,000 on his boots.

    Angie KwonAngie Kwon57 分钟 前
  • work and Never Give Up!

    yaliso gioouyyaliso gioouy小时 前
  • If that is earth then I must be ON THE cow noises

  • You don’t have 0g, it’s just jumpoost II and slowfalling.

    Kevin JeskoKevin Jesko小时 前
    • You should check out wisp

      yaliso gioouyyaliso gioouy小时 前
  • *cookies n' cream coal*

    N M FN M F2 小时 前
  • those 3 stacks of crafting tables at the intro is a little cursed but ok.

    Someone SomeoneSomeone Someone2 小时 前
  • Omg

    Trevor kingTrevor king2 小时 前
  • Tapl ur gonna ignore me for sure but you did Minecraft but every mob has knockback 1000000 so why don’t you make minecraft but every enchantment is 1000000

    Rayan HamRayan Ham2 小时 前
  • an apple a day keeps the moon dragon away

    ChocolaChocola2 小时 前
  • What would be cooler than this? Having an infinity gauntlet in space and being... Toachella or Kratos... You choose my dudes.

    Master killerdakiMaster killerdaki3 小时 前
  • Only 16 mins dangg

    Julian LundJulian Lund3 小时 前
  • i like tacos / random comment

    Molly CarsonMolly Carson3 小时 前
  • what mod did you use?

    Snow TakSnow Tak3 小时 前
  • Like si tu croyais que fuze allais jouer avec lui

    craft mancraft man3 小时 前
  • Cool i subbedt

    MASXE MMASXE M4 小时 前
  • Guys I'm sick for 1000 sweat in my head

    PumpPump4 小时 前
  • POV: ta clicker sur la vidéo car ta cru que c'était une vidéo de fuzeIII

    R2b27R2b274 小时 前
  • Minecraft but you can,t jump XD

    {énñård ùwú}{énñård ùwú}4 小时 前
  • You should check out wisp

    Jalene AndersonJalene Anderson4 小时 前
  • Hi

    Kaili LeadbeatterKaili Leadbeatter4 小时 前
  • Brugh the dragon hasn't changed

    Kelly HuynhKelly Huynh5 小时 前
  • 10:53 he"s so proud of his sharp blue stick.....awwww

    twilights- stufftwilights- stuff5 小时 前
  • On the picture the skin is the FuzeIII skin

    Elker CubeElker Cube5 小时 前
    • Finnale someone reconise it

      craft mancraft man4 小时 前

    FormableTiger88FormableTiger885 小时 前
  • Soooooooooo

    KingSnipKingSnip5 小时 前
  • why is he screaming

    Troll LololTroll Lolol6 小时 前
  • i believe it was fuzeIII

    Gilles Philippe De BoissayGilles Philippe De Boissay6 小时 前
  • video tip:minecraft but you get damage,you get exp.

    toxid gamertoxid gamer6 小时 前
  • Tapl pls we all want the UHC comeback

    Nicoló PolichettiNicoló Polichetti6 小时 前
  • Hello TapL

    Angel OrtizAngel Ortiz6 小时 前
  • Hello Tap!

    Angel OrtizAngel Ortiz6 小时 前
  • like literally everything looks cursed

    T-SuS Me SuxT-SuS Me Sux6 小时 前
  • Do Minecraft but mobs have different personalities

    Good GamezGood Gamez6 小时 前
  • TapL can you stop screaming b/c last time I watched your video, you screamed and my parents got really upset and told me to go to bed. =(

    Dylan SchultzDylan Schultz6 小时 前
  • Hi

    Hyper Cringy BoyHyper Cringy Boy6 小时 前

    Benjamin JohnsonBenjamin Johnson6 小时 前
  • TapL sounds like tommy and techno

    Gacha ModGacha Mod7 小时 前
  • Mobs need oxygen to survive this video is cursed

    jerryjerry7 小时 前

    Zoe DoerrZoe Doerr7 小时 前
  • You killed it with a apple why

    Kaia JinesKaia Jines7 小时 前
  • Minecraft uh but if other people get hurt get health

    Goose DuckGoose Duck7 小时 前
  • "and thats not okay" lol u so funny

    Anna OngAnna Ong7 小时 前
  • my suggestion: If you don't look at the block it says you DIE!!

    Oscar ChavezOscar Chavez7 小时 前
  • ben fuze c’est ton skin @Fuze III

    BougreBougre7 小时 前
  • hey you can make a oxygen generator somehow but i dont know how

    Alexander StarkeyAlexander Starkey7 小时 前
  • 10:54 sharp blue steck

    AnoVerLoadAnoVerLoad7 小时 前
  • who is from france and said oh it's fuzeIII !!!!!

    BG WOBG WO8 小时 前
  • 5:21 emeralds? Fake Minecraft Speedruns Be Like... TapL Edition

    OldnoobmanOldnoobman8 小时 前
  • 0:43 the earth wasn’t round!?!?

    Hakan HacıömeroğluHakan Hacıömeroğlu8 小时 前
  • Bring back the Pixel Gun 3D series

    ZoodZood8 小时 前
  • is anyone going to talk about how he lands in the center of the stairs everytime he goes into the stronghold?

    Mr TinypantsbroMr Tinypantsbro8 小时 前
  • Искам да ги пробвам

    Radoslava IvanovaRadoslava Ivanova8 小时 前
  • Многи яки модове, може ли да ми кажеш кой са.

    Radoslava IvanovaRadoslava Ivanova8 小时 前
  • Minecraft but gnomes chase you

    Oettam POettam P8 小时 前
  • Hi TapL! Have you ever considered joining Hermitcraft because I think you would be really good on it and I would love to see a series from your perspective

    TheGriffan84TheGriffan849 小时 前
  • So is this set somewhere 1900s because if it is you have got at least 5 minutes of oxygen. But if it is set in the present then you have at least got 8hours and 50minutes of oxygen. Just trying to make it accurate.

    Ajay Arnold BOOFHEAD1936Ajay Arnold BOOFHEAD19369 小时 前
  • You are the best

    Andy MedinaAndy Medina9 小时 前
  • Guys I watched Tapl before he had 1million subs

    A NinjutsuA Ninjutsu9 小时 前
  • Hey can you do a video that every mob you kill is op

    Angelo TulangAngelo Tulang9 小时 前
  • This was a great idea TapL! This is definently differint from other ideas man!

    Sam CarrSam Carr9 小时 前
  • Fun

    ali gamingali gaming9 小时 前
  • This is just normal minecraft with this oxygen mod and other textures xD

    CapitanNoobCapitanNoob9 小时 前
  • Hum FuzeIII sur la mignia ?

    SamRBLXSamRBLX9 小时 前
    • Dream: no George we are not in the end right now

      beedsj roiuebeedsj roiue9 小时 前
  • This... skin remind of something

    Nathan GouletNathan Goulet9 小时 前
  • if you wonder how I found your CNworld video of this one and your speed running one where you could freeze time, well, it's from I've seen the 2 videos XD

    krystal Badaraccokrystal Badaracco10 小时 前
    • Bro I just kill you in bedwar the one fire ball one and you have 4heart and me name is daniyalkhan12345

      beedsj roiuebeedsj roiue9 小时 前
  • The precious wish conversly crack because india accidentally sprout with a unknown sauce. waggish, goofy guide

    wilson luwilson lu10 小时 前
  • "SLAPL WITH APPEL' - TapL 2021

    「•Sᴛᴀʀxɪɪ Aɴᴜ•」「•Sᴛᴀʀxɪɪ Aɴᴜ•」10 小时 前
  • What

    Madi HebertMadi Hebert10 小时 前
  • lol 69% topi.

  • the chat is so cringe holy sht

    XelinaXelina10 小时 前
  • Tapl: LEt'S dO SoME TEXtUriNg, AnD DowLOad SOmE PlUGIns Galacticraft mod: The F***

    Rafał ŁaweckiRafał Ławecki10 小时 前
  • Tapl always finds the Stronghold and falls next to the stairs

    Vilager proVilager pro10 小时 前
  • Emerald fortes

    Gewoon,Reza!Gewoon,Reza!10 小时 前
  • Not gonna lie, seeing this really makes me want Mojang to add Galacticraft to bedrock.

    ShoagunZ GamingShoagunZ Gaming10 小时 前
  • 9:06 someone said a bad word he's name Is ocradman2

    Danielle BotrosDanielle Botros10 小时 前
  • The sheep says baaa The duck says quack The cow says 0:33

    Jamesy PlayzJamesy Playz10 小时 前
  • 0:33 perfectly cut scream

    a55a55in gaminga55a55in gaming10 小时 前
  • Thag back round music thooo

    Kevin SagastumeKevin Sagastume10 小时 前
  • Bro I just kill you in bedwar the one fire ball one and you have 4heart and me name is daniyalkhan12345

    Daniyal khanDaniyal khan11 小时 前
  • Dream: no George we are not in the end right now

    Carlo SalasCarlo Salas11 小时 前
  • “if thats the earth, THEN I MUST BE ON THE MOOOO *tapL cow confirmed

    Jimmy BimmyJimmy Bimmy11 小时 前
  • Galacticraft? 🥺

    Juan JoséJuan José11 小时 前
  • TapL can you put the link of the mods down in the description? Your mods are really cool.

    Cailey UwUCailey UwU11 小时 前
  • Is anyone gonna talk about the three stacks of crafting tables in the intro-

    ღ Nihilist-IC ღღ Nihilist-IC ღ11 小时 前
  • Ur using galacticraft mod

    Galaxy GamingGalaxy Gaming11 小时 前
  • Type fuze III

    StelarinoStelarino11 小时 前
  • Facecam?

    Jardar HansenJardar Hansen11 小时 前
  • Ke

    Ark GamerArk Gamer11 小时 前
  • this is literally just a texture mod with slow falling

    Juncheng FangJuncheng Fang12 小时 前
  • What is the name of the mod/datapack

    Velicea Fabian PavelVelicea Fabian Pavel12 小时 前
  • The real ending was Tap:L loses his voice due to screaming after every vid No hate :]

    The FNaF RatThe FNaF Rat12 小时 前
  • Minecraft but your on the sun

    Galaxy UnknownGalaxy Unknown12 小时 前
  • Fuze

    karanemo69 mp4karanemo69 mp412 小时 前
  • Is that fuze III

    karanemo69 mp4karanemo69 mp412 小时 前
  • moon hamoon XD

    Igor BlochIgor Bloch12 小时 前
  • Comments • 6,319

    bettadoombettadoom12 小时 前
  • Pixelated Earth

    bettadoombettadoom12 小时 前
  • Bruh I swear Mc youtubers like tapl and wisp are over exaggerated they scream like an idot and acting dumb for some reason.

    AVL Master 10AVL Master 1013 小时 前
  • 4:34 Guys hear this laugh is like Tommoyinnit

    Perry BGPerry BG13 小时 前
  • can i get the mod?

    CabrozCabroz13 小时 前