MOFA: BBC is not trusted even in the UK

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According to material openly available, BBC World Service is immune from any form of regulation and can produce all the disinformation it likes with legal impunity in the UK. It has caused the spread of the fake news virus not only in the UK but all over the world. BBC should try to do more just and truthful reports to tackle its credibility crisis, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying said on Wednesday.
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  • Nice!.....THE BBC FAKE NEWS VIRUS!.....this lady is absolutely spot on....and the viewing British TV licence paying public, feel the exact same way, regarding the BBC and its woke fake news, propaganda peddling antics, over the decades...and want to see an end to the BBC and its biased Fake news reporting once and for all.....and replaced with our own Fox news outlet instead.

    Roger MoorhouseRoger Moorhouse2 小时 前
  • Even british royal family was stalking and scandaling by BBC. . hardly see any impartiality and ethics to other countries..

    Clara HoClara Ho2 小时 前
  • Mega, brillant spotlight on BBC propaganda manufacturing consent for sanctions or worse.

    john hodgejohn hodge2 小时 前
  • BBC is not being watched in the UK, now they forcing people to pay for TV license to make money. Even the British dont find the BBC informative anymore. Just another propaganda machine of the west.

    Anwar SedickAnwar Sedick3 小时 前
  • Lol, the aggressive BBC A reporter got totally destroyed by the polite and well measured Chinese diplomat. She made the BBC look very insignificant.

    Sam 2014Sam 20143 小时 前
  • I am aila man I am nakera man

    Khalid ButtKhalid Butt3 小时 前
  • That journalist got roasted so hard I can smell her flesh burning all the way here from Singapore!!

    Endelig GnistEndelig Gnist4 小时 前
  • Mrs Hua great representative for China !!! She's absolutely correct BBC news is Propaganda machine !!!

    O EO E4 小时 前
  • put cnn and cnbc , cbs, ,abc and in canada cbc and ctv in the same pot.

    john ortensiojohn ortensio5 小时 前
  • CGTN is not trusted in china or any part of world....communist mouthpiece.

    Amit TiwariAmit Tiwari7 小时 前
  • What a fantastic response 👏👌Brilliant. Talk about being put in your place.🤣🤣

    syl salmonsyl salmon7 小时 前
  • 我爱这个字幕~~~

    兔子不能揪尾巴兔子不能揪尾巴9 小时 前

    Jess ThimzJess Thimz10 小时 前
  • Wtf is this about

    Rin RebornRin Reborn15 小时 前
  • the bbc producer - now that she knows of the fakenews factory - likely has new assignments with bbc world service 😸

    family_in Partnershipfamily_in Partnership17 小时 前
  • Excellent analysis. BBC is religiously bigoted and racially biased and has been for a long time. They lack cultural understanding of many of the environments and believe often that the right way is one they profess and have a natural bias towards Christianity. They once published an article indicating that because someone was Christian they need to be respected in China- not withstanding that the largest faith in China is Buddhism and Daoism. They have a tendency to first come to an opinion and thereafter manipulate facts to prove their point. I am from India and agree with the view in this video.

    Ahimsa AhimsaAhimsa Ahimsa19 小时 前
  • That stupid BBC producer got served

    Chin HeatChin Heat21 小时 前
  • bravo!!!!

    _clarkaid_clarkaid22 小时 前
  • This spokesperson could become a battle rapper dropping bars like this 😂

    Damion CDamion C22 小时 前
  • hahaha this was the funniest thing I've seen. bbc producer getting her ass handed to her by Hua Chunying by passing lies thinking she wouldn't catch it or would back off. Maybe bbc should come better prepared next time lol

    ScottScott23 小时 前
  • BBC should be removed from this planet, totally.

    The CodfatherThe Codfather天 前
  • BBC just got BBC'd.

    Leonardo Da KimchiLeonardo Da Kimchi天 前
  • BRAVO BRAVO...Hua Chunying BRAVO.

    ali syedali syed天 前
  • BBC is trash

    Nadine WilburNadine Wilbur天 前
  • "Fake News" coined by Donald Trump is now used by every government official in press conferences. They should thank him as if US President didn't say that, no one would have believed 🙆‍♂️

    kartikey singhkartikey singh天 前
  • burned to crisp

    Sharjin Alavi AntikSharjin Alavi Antik天 前
  • BBC is not trusted in uk and meanwhile CCP, CGTN and CCTV are not trusted anywhere

    dom toredodom toredo天 前
  • BBC: Im pure money motivated.

    Emil 24Emil 24天 前
  • Producer got backfired (obviously, lacking in Evidence and Baseless argument)... She spoke less than 54 seconds and was bombarded more than 4 minutes by ChunYing.

    PhillipPhillip天 前
  • rekt

    Tim FTim F天 前
  • “Idiot asks professional question”

    Huey LongHuey Long天 前
  • Haha dont bring a bbc reporter to a gun fight

    edenjetsedenjets天 前
  • BBC 世界第一垃圾法西斯电台,除了坐在阴沟里蛊惑那些港独脑残 ,祸国殃民, 扰乱乱社会治安,撒播谣言,污蔑中国 ,什么都不会,主播到记者满嘴喷粪,蠢猪一堆,跳梁小丑,美国法西斯政府的跟屁虫,BBC精神分裂, 该吃药了!下地狱去找你的民主吧, 英国一个法西斯国家也配谈民主和人权,殖民时期杀了多少人, 罄竹难书,下地狱为你们的祖辈到处殖民犯下的滔天罪行赎罪去吧,美英法西斯永不得超生!地狱的大火在等着你们,BBC 下地狱去吧!下地狱前 把那些和你们一样的牛鬼蛇神也带上,把霉国战争贩子 加软骨病和阿兹海默患者 败蹬JOE BIDEN 和Anthony Blinken 步入*屎坑也带上, .....hand in hand falling into the HELL ! 五星红旗迎风飘扬。。。。

    Hua ZhangHua Zhang天 前
  • ARSEmeriCNN TT MILITARY JUNTA REGIME DICTATORS and britishBUG GER IN G BOYZZ and GIRLS MILITARY JUNTA REGIME DICTATORS governments sabotagued all governments on this planet.

    Mary WhitelawMary Whitelaw天 前
  • I'm British and no one I know trusts a lick of what the BBC says!

    Calv BreadCalv Bread2 天 前
  • Chinese FM Spokesperson Hua Chunying and her team knew there would be a loop hole in there somewhere BBC.

    sinnieleeonUtubesinnieleeonUtube2 天 前

    数据可视化数据可视化2 天 前
  • Hahahaha and the Chinese media is credible 😂

    JackJack2 天 前
  • BBC is not trusted in UK? So what your lies are not trusted in the world.

    Tashi RabtenTashi Rabten2 天 前
  • ...coming from you? bunch of clowns

    edit nameedit name2 天 前
  • Now that Joe Biden has taken over as US President, the cat is finally out of the bag: The coronavirus IS a biological weapon developed by USA when Trump was President. And they conveniently passed the blame to China and got the tycoon-controlled US media to flog it so, everyday. The truth eventually prevails. (Source of Covid-19 - USA) Shocking! Today the poisoning killer was finally found, and it really was the United States! The truth is creepy, the new crown virus is man-made and originated from the P3 virus laboratory in North Carolina, USA ! Greg Rubini, a well-known American intelligence expert, officially revealed the secrets of this day in an interview with the First News Network television channel. According to Greg, the new crown virus was genetically engineered as a biological weapon. It originated from the BSL-3 laboratory in North Carolina and was developed by Professor Ralph Barrick. He also stated that the virus was spread from North Carolina to China, Italy and the entire United States by the "dark government". Greg once tweeted and questioned Trump : Why didn't you tell the American people that the virus was made by the United States? Why not make it clear that the new coronavirus itself is a biological weapon? Coincidentally, Professor Montagnier, who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for the discovery of HIV , recently revealed to French reporters that the new coronavirus is not naturally occurring, but is carefully developed by biomolecular scientists . Montagnier also said: Obviously, professionals have added HIV sequences to this virus from bats. This is undoubtedly the biggest and worst poisoning case ever . Since the outbreak of the epidemic, rumors about "the new crown virus is a synthetic biological weapon " have been heated up, and scientists from various countries have been working hard to trace the source of the virus. As early as February, Indian scientists discovered the HIV virus insert in the new coronavirus , which proved that the virus was artificially designed and synthesized . In mid-March, scientists discovered that the new coronavirus extracted from a patient in Washington state had an evolutionary cycle of more than half a year. With the deepening of research, many countries in the world have turned their skepticism toward the United States. Japan, Italy, Australia and other countries all have early confirmed cases originating from the United States. Subsequently, Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States, admitted that many of the deaths of the "flu" that broke out in the United States in September 2019 were caused by the new crown virus . In this regard, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of our country also questioned the United States on Twitter. After the arduous efforts of a team of reporters in Virginia, USA, it was finally traced back to patient zero . This Covin-19 patient zero is indeed an American soldier who participated in the Wuhan Military Games in October last year. Her name is Maatje Benassi . This American female officer has a very special background. She has a great connection with the P4 Biochemical Laboratory in Fort Detrick of the United States . Many people in her family have been diagnosed. One of them was the first confirmed case in the Netherlands and had been there before the diagnosis. The Lombardy region of Italy led to a major outbreak in the region. At this point, the chain of evidence that the United States is the birthplace of the new crown virus is complete and interlocking. The five special soldiers picked up by the special plane after the Wuhan Military Games finally had a substantial connection with the closed biochemical laboratory in the United States. According to the logic of Trump and others, we can rightly call the new crown virus North Carolina virus, or American virus. Just when all the evidence points to the United States, the top US officials openly admitted that the coronavirus is not a plague, but a weapon. Its shamelessness shocked the world, and this has further increased the suspicion of the United States of poisoning. The facts of the case have now come to light, but Trump and others are still desperately dumping the pot. The new crown virus has caused immense damage and losses to countries around the world. This pot is too big to be shaken out. There is another doubt that needs to be explained: What is the origin of Ralph Barrick, who is responsible for the development of the North Carolina virus, mentioned by Greg in the revelation? Barrick is from the University of North Carolina. He is the chief virologist who modified the new sars coronavirus through gene editing in 2015 and is also the leader in the development of the virus. What is even more surprising is that he is also the head of the clinical development of the magic drug "Radixivir". Is this the kind of legend that the poisoner will prepare the antidote in advance? In subsequent clinical trials, Ridesivir quickly fell to the altar because experts questioned its effectiveness and safety. With the spread of the virus, the United States has become the "epicenter" of the epidemic. In the early stages of the epidemic, US President Trump did not take it into consideration at all, but regarded it as a heavier influenza. Until the death of his friend, New York real estate tycoon Stanley Chela, who was infected with the new crown, it attracted his attention. But it is too late! ... The sky does not give birth to China, and the ages are like a long night. Now that the murderers of drug production and poisoning have been exposed, what is waiting for them? We will wait and see! When the new crown virus broke out in Wuhan, China, Trump said that the United States had special medicines to save, but they never expected that the virus had mutated when the virus spread in the United States. The so-called special medicines that were prepared in advance to make a fortune in the world become a waste product, this is really the United States, which has eyes and done all bad things, is the bitter fruit of self-feeding!)

    Henry NgHenry Ng2 天 前
  • BBC reporter talk shhhtt!!

    Blue greenBlue green2 天 前
  • BBC and CNN are the most unreliable news sources in the world you can have. They making up stories and they lie. Very sad!..

    AlohaAloha2 天 前
  • A british CNN TT!!!!

    Sally KingSally King2 天 前
  • You know bbc is bad when China is calling them out on it.

    Gabe NewellGabe Newell2 天 前
  • Wow she is a very sincere and likable lady

    Busy Man GamingBusy Man Gaming2 天 前
  • 100% support from India!

    M PM P2 天 前
  • Love

    Sopheap HormSopheap Horm2 天 前
  • "China defeats the truth with Nonsense."

    David HynesDavid Hynes2 天 前
  • That's rich, China crying fake news LOL. That's like Hitler calling Mel Gibson an anti Semite

    Xi Jinping OfficialXi Jinping Official2 天 前
  • from a brit: absolutely based, BBC cope

    Melan569Melan5692 天 前
  • When she said "Great. I'm glad you've come" I knew she's gonna give that BBC reporter a roasting.

    dimsum dendimsum den2 天 前

    Why Did DaddyWhy Did Daddy2 天 前

    shafiq beigshafiq beig2 天 前
  • Woh, CGTN totally buried the BBC there. Totally agree with the CCP here. Check BBC comedy shows aswell, aweful.

    Burt WiceBurt Wice3 天 前
  • Level 999 Boss Woman

    Wayfaring StrangerWayfaring Stranger3 天 前
  • China finally did something good 😂😂. Showed BBC's reality to the world.

    Sagar Sharma,3514Sagar Sharma,35143 天 前
  • There’s so much I don’t like about BBC .....trying hard to find something good...Nah!

    Richard LeeRichard Lee3 天 前
  • BBC world service... Well Now I kinda simply is a political stuff.

    AureolaAureola3 天 前
  • BBC is propoganda machine which created fake fabricated story and should be banned all over the world

  • 美英的“政治病毒”已经,病入膏肓,不死亡也会残废了?可休矣! 别再“传播病毒”害自己,又害別人,好吧!

    Victor Lam YamVictor Lam Yam3 天 前
  • "CGTN is funded in whole or in part by the Chinese government." Thanks youtube, now i know quality content when i see one

    Lim CWLim CW3 天 前
  • I don't believe a single word from the BBC. This is a propaganda media serving someone's interests.

    Galin GeorgievGalin Georgiev3 天 前
  • BBC is a Joke

    wedas67wedas673 天 前
  • Adrian Zens is a liar

    Brian RaymentBrian Rayment3 天 前
  • Well thats just bloody awkward now innit?

    Joe TJoe T3 天 前
  • My profile pic justifies the reaction to video

    snehashis roysnehashis roy3 天 前
  • Talk about savage replies. Im curious on what the bbc producer's reply is.

    Hartono GazalyHartono Gazaly3 天 前
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    Benjamin Gal-OrBenjamin Gal-Or3 天 前
  • BBC is propaganda channel .

    NAGARAJ BangaloreNAGARAJ Bangalore3 天 前
  • Absolutely right BBC r propaganda machine n spread lie

    Khan JadoonKhan Jadoon3 天 前
  • I don’t watch bbc anylonger!! bbc spreads lie, hoax & propaganda for the west!!! bbc disgrades Asia rise and Islam rise!!

    Andre SusantoAndre Susanto3 天 前

    Mr. McGeeMr. McGee3 天 前

    • I trust BBC over CGTN, lol.

      3888motoy3888motoy3 天 前
  • Pus Face Hua Chunying lying again is she another CCP bum girl.

    David HynesDavid Hynes3 天 前
  • i do NOT trsut BBC too !!!

    simonyip paulsimonyip paul3 天 前
  • No point continueing press conferences of such nature. Enact a Fake news ,willful defamation and hate speech legislation with custodial and or monetary punishment if the news ,opinions articles , reposting are friviously fake or willfully defame Chinese subjects or China. The indicted organizations or editors,writers ,managers etc shall be given an oppurtunity to prove otherwise in a Chinese court of law...This hopefully will encourage more responsible reporting, comments etc.However only blatantly fake and willful defamation should be targeted . Responsible reporting with balance views should always be welcome.

    Rational ThinkerRational Thinker3 天 前
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  • Can't wait what she'd say about CNN.

    しᗴᝪ ᒍᗩᏀᝪᗞᝪᑎᏀ ꪜしᗴᝪ ᒍᗩᏀᝪᗞᝪᑎᏀ ꪜ4 天 前
  • BBC destroyed by facts and logic

    64 bit64 bit4 天 前
  • As a producer, if you don't even know the person and didn't verify your source of information, does that make you a responsible media person? Does it comply with media ethics? No wonder BBC is hitting new lows everyday.

    LiLi4 天 前
  • BBC produced a series about successful traders... tested the traders and they lost 10% in 10 days.. reporting on stuff without a clue what to look for.

    Sherman ChooSherman Choo4 天 前
  • BBC and CCN are just ignored by people of the world already. In Mongolia we don’t believe them anymore.

    Ganbat GabiGanbat Gabi4 天 前
  • dnt use us or uyghar as ur political tools...its nt about bbc ..all west lgbt,HR,amnesty n all media playing a vital role in politics

    Isbat Ul KareemIsbat Ul Kareem4 天 前
  • if we have same kind of strong country who gives proper answer like china

    Isbat Ul KareemIsbat Ul Kareem4 天 前
  • now, persian bbc also doing same thing...iran need to strong action against UK...persian bbc n bangla bbc also r knwn fr misinformation n mislead...they all western agenda...must stop it...freee press always nt wrk

    Isbat Ul KareemIsbat Ul Kareem4 天 前
  • hhae wht about mr. assange???

    Isbat Ul KareemIsbat Ul Kareem4 天 前
  • This is True. BBC is a shitspreader. 🤗

    Dude the GreatDude the Great4 天 前
  • Does anyone know the BBC reporter / producer name or who she is?

    Jay JayJay Jay4 天 前
  • sick burn

    lookformiddlelookformiddle4 天 前
  • BBC you question China authority inside their land. You set feet on their land and do something ugly as this to Chinese. This is the time of the East, learn to live with it.

    Ithinai YingsiriIthinai Yingsiri4 天 前
  • Most major western news outlets have been turned into little more than husks that regurgitate state & corporate propaganda. They get away with it because of their monopoly over their medium and collusion with social media providers, which allows them to ignore, mock, gainsay, and/or outright censor any kind of criticism or narratives they disagree with. They pretend it’s only fringe lunatics that have such opinions and smear anyone that says anything they don’t like. With this said, it’s satisfying to watch an official spokesperson for a major world power call out & rip into the BBC so eloquently. Especially since it’s directly in response to a holier than thou challenge by the BBC reporter. These people that work at these media outlets honestly think they are messengers of truth and it’s about time they got taken down a few pegs in a way they cannot simply ignore or discredit. IMHO, China is making more friends than enemies in the US & UK by not taking the Uighur smear campaign against them lying down, but doing it with confidence & class.

    Twubbles 29Twubbles 294 天 前
  • I like how she pronounces "producer" 😀

    Ackerman LeviAckerman Levi4 天 前
  • This is way too much for the producer's pay rate, feel bad for her now.

    RoyRoy4 天 前
  • China: Exporter of Fakes

    Shah TalhaShah Talha4 天 前
  • We really need to come up with a nickname for this woman. She's so funny. Chemical Ali is already taken. Something along the lines of Hanoi Hannah?

    45641560456405640563456415604564056405634 天 前
  • BBC should change its name into The Krusty Khronicles and produce more juicy stories

    Bayu Ampuh WicaksonoBayu Ampuh Wicaksono4 天 前
  • The BBC producer was giving fake information at the press conference 🤦‍♂️ Just shows how inept the BBC really is. It used to be a trusted and largely impartial service, now it's in service to itself and its corrupt agenda. They hate Britain, love pedo's and stupid woke bs. Defund those frauds. Even the Chinese know they're fake and can't even fact check themselves.

    Gazza BooGazza Boo4 天 前
  • Only China foreign affairs specker can believe? All these is propaganda.

    Ong ErnieOng Ernie4 天 前
  • This is what happen when the western world economy start collapsing on itself and is beaten by Chinese economy so what to do ? Smear campaign and spread lies is what the Western country do best want an example look up opium war see the truth with yours own eyes and ears

    Minh NguyenMinh Nguyen4 天 前