LaMarcus Aldridge Nets Debut Impressive vs Hornets! 2020-21 NBA Season

2021年04月 2日
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  • Aldridge is too slow to defend, he will become unplayable in the playoffs. Nic Claxton is the real deal on defence for the Nets

    Maarten van ZuilichemMaarten van Zuilichem10 天 前
  • Heat looks scary too

    Markku AaltonenMarkku Aaltonen11 天 前
  • Pov: james hardens facemask is hillarious


    Muhammad Rafli RamadhanMuhammad Rafli Ramadhan12 天 前
  • Wait till they run into dem goons from MIAMI

  • no harden no problem

    android games jhay jaymeandroid games jhay jayme13 天 前
  • The Nets are the most stacked team ever when healthy

    TH23TH2313 天 前
  • What are the nets proving???? Lmfao. What is kd proving. Literally nothing. 3 all stars and 2 former franchise players Jesus 😂😂😂😂

    Charles JamesCharles James13 天 前
  • Man wtf hes 36....

    nicotine addictionnicotine addiction13 天 前
  • Idc there not winning without Kd

    Shemar FisherShemar Fisher13 天 前
  • 😂😂😂 that outro

    03 Sevi03 Sevi13 天 前
  • Its time to sign Derick Rose

    03 Sevi03 Sevi13 天 前
  • Kyrie so happy being a 3rd wheel..

    Jonathan MorenoJonathan Moreno13 天 前
  • I’m gonna feel bad for the team, KD the goat gonna be back

    JamesJames13 天 前
  • Just draft/buyout Thanos too while ur at it 💀; from some past timeline

    Ben HendersonBen Henderson13 天 前
  • Brooklyn got that hyperbolic time chamber that unleashes every washed up player's potential

    WonderBat Enthusiast1WonderBat Enthusiast113 天 前
  • These guys are the prime example of monstars

    Donald MeltonDonald Melton13 天 前
  • 0:58 🥶

    Marvin BoakyeMarvin Boakye13 天 前
  • Aldridge >

    Ken MarkoKen Marko14 天 前
  • Happy to see him as a Spurs fan

    CryomancerL4CryomancerL414 天 前
  • Now he find his game?... I missed the time when players wanted to compete, not catch a ride to the finals.

    C wizC wiz14 天 前
  • I need game of zones

    Beagle 2kBeagle 2k14 天 前
  • The important racing reassembly tap because philippines hemperly unfasten after a rampant desert. quaint, deranged cyclone

    Paddy LiverancePaddy Liverance14 天 前
  • They need to change the rules

    Dj SpannDj Spann14 天 前
  • Spacing the floor is an understatement for the Nets 🔥🔥 I’m sure Steve Nash being the coach is the real attraction to the Nets

    Supreem CourtSupreem Court14 天 前
  • vPaulina Porizkova

    Precious LehmannPrecious Lehmann14 天 前
  • Ain’t nothing wrong with a player at the twilight of his career trying to retire with a chance for a championship run these guy’s ain’t all stars are superstars player’s anymore their not even franchise players anymore ppl need to stop whining

    Curiosity RedpillCuriosity Redpill14 天 前
  • I just love seeing kyrie happy

    Curiosity RedpillCuriosity Redpill14 天 前
  • ur my favorite lebron hater bro

    Desmond DeJesusDesmond DeJesus14 天 前
  • Aldridge the best team player on the nets. #SpursSystem

    I Am That I AmI Am That I Am14 天 前
  • Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the 4th seed in The leastern conference

    taofeek sakataofeek saka14 天 前
  • Kyrie Irving James Harden Joe Harris Kevin Durant LaMarcus Aldridge Landry Shamet Jeff Green Blake Griffin DeAndre Jordan THATS A FUCKEN AVENGERS TEAM

    Jamal Black OP Chakuu Negro CrawfordJamal Black OP Chakuu Negro Crawford14 天 前
  • 🙏🏾✝️

    Justin BrownJustin Brown14 天 前
  • Aint ever seen LA run that fast in San Antonio 😂

    yusuf rashidyusuf rashid14 天 前
  • shooting must go away a bit? with eyesight and confidence at some stage

    Leonard MillardLeonard Millard14 天 前
  • Thanos makes his debut for the nets impressive 👀

    Alex SeguraAlex Segura14 天 前
  • The nets got a championship

    Zekell LindsayZekell Lindsay14 天 前
  • LA got a old mans game he can post up and hit the open jumpshot BK will be tough to beat.

    TyJamarTyJamar14 天 前
  • 40 to 16 in the 2nd quarter 😆 what is the 2k

    Antoine 410Antoine 41014 天 前
  • Love it, Lebron fans are so mad lol

    LlamaLlama14 天 前
  • They are already beating everybody without KD

    Nicolas ChenNicolas Chen14 天 前
  • Miami the only team that can match up with them

    Kinglock DagodKinglock Dagod14 天 前
    • nah nets too go is healthy

      Goku ChichiGoku Chichi14 天 前
  • Miami got 5 defenders

    Kinglock DagodKinglock Dagod14 天 前
  • When Brooklyn has 8 players who can consistently shoot 3s scary

    Wild PringleWild Pringle14 天 前
  • Imagine if they told you in 2014 that Kyrie, Durant, Deandre Jordan, Blake Griffin and Lamarcus Aldridge will be all on the same team

    Jose RochaJose Rocha14 天 前
  • Imagine LeBron sign with the nets

    Nnnnj HighNnnnj High14 天 前

    ArminArmin14 天 前
  • Bruhh the Nets are a super team!!!

    Jose AguiluzJose Aguiluz14 天 前
  • 1:18 KD "Execute order 66"

    Bigg ChrisBigg Chris14 天 前
  • Don't matter warriors in 4

    Franklin ClintonFranklin Clinton14 天 前
  • I knew it Kyrie can't be the man on his team lol, he's not the type of player that has leader mentality lmao.

    Lee YoonaLee Yoona14 天 前
  • Game over guys

    Mohammed DareniMohammed Dareni14 天 前
  • 0:30 Exactly why Durant's rings will never mean anything.

    RellRell14 天 前
  • The inventor of Basketball himself James Naismith back from the dead to sign with the Nets

    GandekGandek14 天 前
    • Heard Mike Tyson, Nikola Tesla, and Friedrich Nietzsche wants in too.

      BardBard12 天 前
  • As a Spurs fan I’m still upset that they didn’t trade him

    ChrisChris14 天 前
  • BREAKING Joe Biden has agreed to a 1 year deal with the nets

    Brian ChavezBrian Chavez14 天 前
  • Not a fan of those baby blue nets unis

    Sergio CastanedaSergio Castaneda14 天 前
  • That second unit 😯😯😯

    Daya KishorDaya Kishor14 天 前
  • If the Nets figure out how to work out their Defense, and how to run their with Kyrie, Durant, and Harden they wont be stopable

    Isaac HelbigIsaac Helbig14 天 前
  • BREAKING NEWS: Jesus Christ has signed with the Brooklyn Nets

    Ayaan KheiriAyaan Kheiri14 天 前
  • That move Kyrie hit on PJ. DAMN!

    Kwame WadeKwame Wade14 天 前
  • where is Iman Schumpert?

    Tung VuTung Vu14 天 前
    • @Coo1io oh wow

      Tung VuTung Vu14 天 前
    • Shump got cut weeks ago

      Coo1ioCoo1io14 天 前
  • Charlotte vs Team USA peace folks✌️

    Art of ModificationArt of Modification14 天 前
  • Hornets: yo no Harden tonight Nets: Then we’re gonna claaaap em 👏🏻

    Justin EspinosaJustin Espinosa14 天 前
  • Joe johnson, Isaiah Thomas and Deron Williams should join the nets now too lol

    Lorenz CastilloLorenz Castillo14 天 前
  • how long is harden gonna be out?

    MaxMax14 天 前
  • As a Portland native and Blazer fan he was so fun to watch when I was growing up. I wish L-Train nothing but the best

    candyapu3candyapu314 天 前

    Random AccountRandom Account14 天 前
  • Joe Harries is a fcking problem also. So underrated sniper. 🤦‍♂️ How do you even defend them. Then coming off the bench you have Jeff Green, DeAndre Jordan, and Blake.

    Smirking GokuSmirking Goku14 天 前
  • Suddenly LaMarcus is back in his Trailblazers form

    SWPSP StudiosSWPSP Studios14 天 前
  • Durant and Harden tho at the end

    Patrick AmaechiPatrick Amaechi14 天 前
  • 👏👏👏

    MalRulesAllMalRulesAll14 天 前
  • Poor Durant and Harden riding the bench turning to the dark side not because, they're African American cuz they aren't spanking other team too😅 #NBAsuperTeam

    Harold RobinsonHarold Robinson14 天 前
  • 11 pts 9 reb 6 Australia no broken toe nail

    BKNYBKNY14 天 前
  • Every championship contending team had picked up players through the buyout market every year but when the nets do it everyone wants the rules changed 😭

    Dany SheplyDany Sheply14 天 前
  • Chris smove is such a cry baby lmao

    James CharlesJames Charles14 天 前
  • Nets final

    Gang timeGang time14 天 前
  • Is not a kingdom no more, is a dynasty, a basketBall Dynasty. Nasty........ buyout......

    Adrian BillyAdrian Billy14 天 前
  • if you would've told any nba fan 5 years ago that the nets would have KD, Harden, Kyrie, DeAndre Jordan, Blake Griffin & LaMarcus Aldridge you would be told to put a tin foil hat on

    Pab ManPab Man14 天 前
  • Sixers in 4

    Ray RayRay Ray14 天 前
    • nets in 5

      Goku ChichiGoku Chichi14 天 前
  • NBA not fun anymore tf these super teams are weak

    William SinisterraWilliam Sinisterra14 天 前

    DevastinatorDevastinator14 天 前
  • Bandwagons are happy though. If the Kings will become a juggernaut by next season, for example, they'll end up rooting for them too. They are indeed living cancers cells pretending to be legitimate basketball fans. Majority of them are also claiming that they are fans of the GOAT MJ, which is disgusting because for Jordan having a fanbase comprising of people with low IQs is indeed disgusting and annoying.

    Muay Thai GuyMuay Thai Guy14 天 前
  • The NBA is full garbage ass player's 2003- present

    cyrothepyro86cyrothepyro8614 天 前
  • But when lebron makes a super team it's okay right stfu wit all that

    Adrian DominguezAdrian Dominguez14 天 前
  • Lebron is 36

    C4NejiC4Neji14 天 前
  • Brooklyn in 2019 was Deangelo Russell, Levert, Dinwiddie, Allen, Hollis-Jefferson... Brooklyn now West All-Star players

    Nogah LermanNogah Lerman14 天 前
  • 0:33 kyrie mocking LMA run hahaha

    Vinnii AVinnii A14 天 前
    • best highlith of the game

      JosiirisRDJosiirisRD14 天 前
  • Aldridge is skilled player that all, very few remain , nokic probably only big left that has very high skill set

    Sama ASama A14 天 前
  • The buy rules have been around for a lot of seasons.

    rita the catrita the cat14 天 前
  • The nets are turning into a 2k15 my team lineup😂😂

    Luca BevLuca Bev14 天 前
  • Man kyrie so hyped up, we love it

    Bobby Alistor JotemBobby Alistor Jotem14 天 前
  • They should make a rule we’re a team can only have one buyout

    Colby GarrowColby Garrow14 天 前
  • Lakers in 6

    mykael marshallmykael marshall14 天 前
    • nets in 5

      Goku ChichiGoku Chichi14 天 前
  • Warriors all over again 😴😴

    L. U. AL. U. A14 天 前
  • Told y’all I’d lead the team well without my boy Harden

    Kyrie IrvingKyrie Irving14 天 前
    • Ok

      Yo OyYo Oy14 天 前
  • Please east teams stop the nets

    JB GJB G14 天 前
  • Best bet is to run a 2/3 zone that way you can kinda double the back court and you can watch the paint and corners

    Big BunnyBig Bunny14 天 前
  • 0:32 😂😂😂🏃🏿‍♂️

    David NociDavid Noci14 天 前
  • kd, aldridge, harris, kyrie, harden

    Niki DosNiki Dos14 天 前