BLACKPINK(블랙핑크) - How You Like That @인기가요 inkigayo 20200719

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BLACKPINK - How You Like That #SBSInkigayo_EP1056
블랙핑크 - How You Like That #BLACKPINK #How You Like That
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  • Lisa- dancer Rose- singer Jisoo- visual Jennie- rapper Black pink is full of talent I don't know what i do when black pink is not available

    Sujit BiswasSujit Biswas2 小时 前
  • Jennie😍😎

    MavimelekMavimelek3 小时 前
  • I am a girl fan of Jennie Kim & Rose

    samreen kanwalsamreen kanwal8 小时 前
  • 여기서 제니 아파 보이는건 내 기분탓인가

    KittyKitty9 小时 前
  • Kim jisoo Kin Jennie Park chaeyoung Lalisa manoban 𝗕𝗹𝗮𝗰𝗸𝗽𝗶𝗻𝗸

    Mahakeerthi SathiyaseelanMahakeerthi Sathiyaseelan19 小时 前

    Sam WellaxeSam Wellaxe天 前
  • they always sings great song😅🥰

    Vera LeungVera Leung天 前
  • wow Rosé her fierce expressions with that move is out of the world.

    wing earingwing earing2 天 前

    GreeNTGreeNT2 天 前

    GreeNTGreeNT2 天 前
  • lisa so pretty

    GreeNTGreeNT2 天 前
  • Lisa is the complete package she is beautiful, cute, cool, charismatic, friendly, kind, polite, multi-talented, smart, and humble

    GreeNTGreeNT2 天 前
  • Rose is so cute angel pretty swagger hot sexy and her vocals r best among the 4

  • みんなダンス上手いけど、リサとロゼ別格な気がする

    イモムシイモムシ3 天 前
  • Lejideonteu song beullaeg pingkeu black pink

    Muammer GunesMuammer Gunes3 天 前
  • Jennie’s clothes look like a strange woman. Lisa’s clothes are so beautiful next to her , you can’t tell !!!

    Ариун ГанбилэгАриун Ганбилэг3 天 前
  • Why Jennie closing

    Ариун ГанбилэгАриун Ганбилэг3 天 前
  • Lisa and rose so perfect

    azhaazha3 天 前
  • Jisoo está más hermosa que lo habitual

    Elicania JeanElicania Jean3 天 前
  • Jisoo my bias is beautiful

    Elicania JeanElicania Jean3 天 前
  • why tf does jennie look like ningning on 201129??

    janajananajanajanana3 天 前

    matilde ortizmatilde ortiz3 天 前
  • Singing while dancing ....just thinking that my lungs are feeling heavy.... Are they lip syncing ?? No hate and debate..

    Hem LimbuHem Limbu3 天 前
  • damnnn!!!!! cant take my eyes off lisa!!! No wonder why i worship her!!!

    ASh JKASh JK3 天 前
    • Guys I have started a new channel recently and I have uploaded a video of lisa- intentions (fmv). I hope you do like share and subscribe!! I do need Ur support

      ASh JKASh JK7 小时 前

    Jeon JKJeon JK4 天 前
  • jennie looks soo unreal jniwfihwif welp

    孙霏霏孙霏霏4 天 前
  • Professional rose❤️❤️❤️

    Drishti KapoorDrishti Kapoor4 天 前
  • 제니 저때 아팠었음...????

    푸키푸키4 天 前
  • Happy

    avilay Gupta ytavilay Gupta yt4 天 前
    • 🥰😍😘😗😚😙💖💗💓💞💕💟💌💋💘💝❣💟💕💞💓💗💖❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🤍

      avilay Gupta ytavilay Gupta yt4 天 前

    Kim Taehyung’s wifeyKim Taehyung’s wifey4 天 前
  • Cântă superb

  • I love their outfits Lisa - 1 Rose - 2 Jennie - 3 Jisoo - 4 (sorry)

    polly cipherpolly cipher4 天 前
  • I cant believe that this masterpiece was created more that half a year ago

    Yadom The GreatYadom The Great5 天 前
  • Jennie be comin straight out from tekken

    Yadom The GreatYadom The Great5 天 前
  • Jennie icannot handle her boss look ♥️

    Rojina SubediRojina Subedi5 天 前
  • I see Jisoo's Butt😳

    noemi dangdangnoemi dangdang5 天 前
  • 1:39 로제 지리누

    넌모야넌모야6 天 前

    itmechaaitmechaa6 天 前
  • 💖💖💖

    Shaquilla KiraniaShaquilla Kirania6 天 前
  • 진심 로제 미쳤음... 개예쁘다

    오유진오유진6 天 前
  • Wow

    hudha hudhahudha hudha7 天 前
  • Lisa's rapper is nice and she always beautiful

    Kala RajiKala Raji8 天 前
  • Jennies hair style is everything in here ❤️

    roni Mitchellroni Mitchell8 天 前
  • Jeñnie is the sexiest And i am so sure about it

    SasoujimSasoujim8 天 前
  • Jennie smiked I died

    SasoujimSasoujim8 天 前
  • Jennie deserve it

    SasoujimSasoujim8 天 前
  • 90 persent comments about Jennie and i am here for it

    SasoujimSasoujim8 天 前
  • Still wonder how jeñnie's face look so bossy...i love it...i think i am turning to a fullfill blink for her

    SasoujimSasoujim8 天 前
  • Jennie looks really beautiful

    Dianita AiraDianita Aira8 天 前
  • Lisa wearing red was so damn powerful!

    Jaymart CertizaJaymart Certiza8 天 前
  • is jennie sick or something? why isn’t she dancing as well as usual?

    Honeybustanutoats .-.Honeybustanutoats .-.8 天 前
  • Jisoos body rolle 1:57 🥵

    Crystal BlinkCrystal Blink8 天 前
  • Why they always dance in how you like that

    Manish BajpaiManish Bajpai9 天 前
  • am I the only one tht think the girls were tired ? they sound tired

    lalalisa_m fanlalalisa_m fan9 天 前
  • Jennie:confident jisoo:Preety to much Rosè:Cute alert Lisa:Powerful dance Me:WHAAAAA

    Andriana zandraAndriana zandra9 天 前
  • rosé black swan 7w7

    Lina AngaritaLina Angarita9 天 前
  • Jennie is barely moving:,)

    ewa bieleckaewa bielecka9 天 前
  • jennie in this outfit is all gonna say

    Abhijit SardarAbhijit Sardar10 天 前
  • My eyes and JISOO are married guysss......💜👑🐢🐇👀🌹

    Khushi TiwariKhushi Tiwari10 天 前
  • rose outfit is everything

    yingying muffinyingying muffin10 天 前
  • they allways have jennnie, jisoo, and rose sing first

    judy joynerjudy joyner10 天 前
  • ^---^ |• •| ㅕ ㅣㅐㅍㄷ 핌차ㅔㅑㅜㅏ

    Sri WahyuniSri Wahyuni11 天 前
  • I love Black pink🤩

    erkan uzunererkan uzuner11 天 前
  • Park caehyung 🌸🌺🌸🌺🌸🌺🌸😘😘🥰🌹

    Amira ahsAmira ahs11 天 前
  • jennie literally looks perfect in everything. Not saying other members dont look as good, but a lot of outfits look really awkward on them sometimes but jennie just never does, its like she was sculpted by god

    veawrveawr11 天 前
  • Jisoo's hair is very beautiful ❤

    Ceyhun BagirovCeyhun Bagirov11 天 前
  • Jennie so beautiful 😍💓

    Sheena OraniSheena Orani12 天 前
  • Blackpinks stylist is literally doing her job amazingly like blackpinks outfits every time is just 🔥

    Sylvia NakaciaSylvia Nakacia12 天 前
  • 제니=CL 리사=민지 로제=박봄 지수=산다라

    장반석장반석12 天 前
  • 😔we Stan

    Aira FatimaAira Fatima12 天 前
  • 👍🤘

    Лола АбдуллаеваЛола Абдуллаева12 天 前
  • New girl group of Universal Music Group TRI.BE Doom Doom Ta I love you blinks

    strawberry.strawberry.14 天 前
  • U guy are soooooo horrible everyone is ba Coping is pretty

    LOO YEN ENN MoeLOO YEN ENN Moe14 天 前
    • I mean they are all cool

      LOO YEN ENN MoeLOO YEN ENN Moe14 天 前
  • Jisoo butt era

    Mochinator :DMochinator :D14 天 前

    Angelyn AbendañoAngelyn Abendaño14 天 前
  • I'm love blink ❤️😍

    Dania marsyaDania marsya15 天 前
  • Lisa you are INSANE 🔥🔥😍

    Luna YoungLuna Young15 天 前
  • the fact that Jennie did this hard dance in LONG pants+ with high heels shows she’s very talented and we all know none of us can even come close to the long pants+heels am I right?

    •Miraculous_Blink••Miraculous_Blink•15 天 前
  • Rosé is so baddest

    Şevval CoşkunŞevval Coşkun15 天 前
  • Roise is so cute !!

    Archana BiswasArchana Biswas15 天 前
  • ماتحسون أن هذا تصويره حل احلى من مصور بلاك بنك المنحرف ما يركز على جسم جيسو ولا على الستيج احلى أحس صح؟

  • WTF LISAAAAAAAAAA DANCEflakgnaikgbaigbau

    kafka wkafka w16 天 前
  • wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

    dikongelo uzwdikongelo uzw16 天 前
  • Rose love you 🖤💗🖤💗🖤💗

    Defne KalkanDefne Kalkan17 天 前
  • yall cant u understand this is how yg tell us jennie literally able to pull out every minimal outfit or makeup, she's the ace.

    macca's clownymacca's clowny17 天 前
  • jennie you look damn hot

    heinpyae soeheinpyae soe18 天 前
  • Rosé is gonna take over the world when her solo project comes out.

    Kwang LeeMakKwang LeeMak18 天 前
  • My favourites are rose and Lisa. Jennie is too cute and so is Jisoo

    Anaya BoseAnaya Bose18 天 前
  • ジェニちゃん他のメンバーとのダンスの差すごいよそれと口パク隠す気ないね

    詩乃詩乃18 天 前
  • 1:57 look at jisso's body waves 😍

    Mansi SurajmalMansi Surajmal18 天 前
  • Soooooooooo beautiful

    Mary KsMary Ks18 天 前
  • Blackpink is karma for all those of us who said we were never going to listen to kpop music

    erwin floreserwin flores19 天 前
  • Jisoo is stunning 😍

    Tuktuk RahmanTuktuk Rahman19 天 前
  • Türk varmı

    Teknosa TekniTeknosa Tekni19 天 前
  • Rating their outfits! (reminder: i’m rating their outfits, not them) Jennie: 0/10 i wouldn’t wear it personally Lisa: 10/10 i would wear Jisoo: 10/10 i would wear Rosé: 9/10 i would probably wear

    Awkward ChezneyAwkward Chezney20 天 前
    • oH wow, in my opinon Jennie’s is 10, Lisa’s 6, Jisoo’s 3 and Rose’s 9. Ig it just subjective

      veawrveawr11 天 前
  • Jisooo❤️❤️❤️

    Жанэль ТурлыбековаЖанэль Турлыбекова20 天 前
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    Lynn CameronLynn Cameron20 天 前

    miminmimin20 天 前
  • Lisa ....lisa ...lisa ... slayed in the red black combination like fire 🔥 🔥

    Riya SihagRiya Sihag20 天 前
  • I think Jennie is little bit soft in dance

    Sangita MishraSangita Mishra20 天 前