【ENG SUB】[营人进入异次元会变成笨蛋吗 Are You a Werewolf] EP10: Dance the Theme Song on Water! 夏日浪花节跳水上主题曲!

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'CHUANG 2021: Are You A Werewolf?' , an immersive game reality show, is a derivative show of CHUANG 2021. Trainees in themed costumes will become game players in another dimension, get through all passes and achieve the final victory. In the process, the outstanding intelligence, physical power and humor of the trainees will be shown.
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  • Jiayuan and keyu 😍😍

    Reni ShresthaReni Shrestha23 小时 前
  • Jiayuan ❤❤❤

    Reni ShresthaReni Shrestha23 小时 前
  • 14:04 - You can hear Caelan yelling for Nine to help him lol

    Hannah DuranteHannah Durante天 前
  • Zhang Jiayuan is really dangerous but loyal as hell ❤️

    Puune DarangPuune Darang天 前
  • I really didn't expect this... I never thought I'll feel heartbroken by this show. That last song & those memories of previous episodes really touched me. I luv this & never want it to be ended.

    AnuAnu天 前
  • Keyu means he can't forget this moment between him and Jiayuan? Oh!! I really love this two boys❤️❤️

    Chaw Yi Mon SoeChaw Yi Mon Soe天 前
  • Jiayuan doesn't want to out Keyu so he said to catch him. Jiayuan is so kind.🥰

    Chaw Yi Mon SoeChaw Yi Mon Soe天 前
  • Where r they filming? I wanna go there for vacation😂

    Crimson SkyCrimson Sky天 前
  • 最后的BGM用的竟然是我们家周深唱的《起风了》😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    骂周深,防弹的祝你家正主每次回归撞上我家防弹骂周深,防弹的祝你家正主每次回归撞上我家防弹3 天 前
  • 林墨墨加油!

    jiaqi chenjiaqi chen3 天 前
  • 以爱之名你还愿意吗 异次元再见啦

    艾艾籽艾艾籽4 天 前
  • There should be no "bro" during a game, this episode is sooooo boring...

    El ZEl Z4 天 前
  • 赞多太搞笑了,他好有趣

  • I don't know about you guys...but I want to vacation there now.

    joei Hjoei H6 天 前
  • i love how jiayuan always tried his very best to win in the beginning of every episode of are you a werewolf he was in, but then gave up his chance of winning for others, especially in ep 8. he always cares for others and he never forgot his promise to make eisho a necklace. 🥲

    shaina lishaina li6 天 前
    • But finally he'll get a necklace gift

      방탄Lucy방탄Lucy4 天 前
  • 起风了大犯规

    唐舒蕾唐舒蕾6 天 前
  • Nine is my spirit animal 😂❤️

    Laura DianaLaura Diana7 天 前
  • 小九:來~🤣

    Kimberley고월생 방탄아미Kimberley고월생 방탄아미7 天 前
  • 林墨的表情簡直笑死我

    lei onlei on7 天 前
  • Could anyone please explain the story behind the Dark Circle, I mean how did they form, what kind of alliance is this? :)

    Айана СоммерАйана Соммер8 天 前
  • This whole episode was nine doing everything in his power to survive in a sea of chaos while being freaking cute 😂😂

    JasJas8 天 前
  • 15:00

    EmilyEmily8 天 前
    • 1:10:43

      EmilyEmily8 天 前
    • 17:04

      EmilyEmily8 天 前
    • 😂

      EmilyEmily8 天 前
  • noooo ill miss them

    Jinghua MaiJinghua Mai8 天 前
  • zhangjiayuan and zhoukeyu are so cute together

    Kexinnn SongKexinnn Song9 天 前
  • Love the way everyone just trying their best to protect Yuheng like he is their precious little Prince.

    Vong SokonthyVong Sokonthy9 天 前
  • The way Jiayuan and Keyu fight every episode. The best ship ever 💀😭🥰🤩🤩

  • Whole comment section is talking about nine So here i go too... 56:43 i love it please don't speak 😂 1:11:57 aaaaaaaaaaa.... So cute... Best Bros

    Riya ChauhanRiya Chauhan9 天 前
  • Jiayuan is so precious ♥ i love him

    Pamela AzevedoPamela Azevedo10 天 前
  • 18:42 This scene is too hilarious XD I wonder if NINE was able to ride that unicorn at the end of the day.

    awasetsuawasetsu10 天 前
  • the way Nine trapped both Lin Mo and AK in his hold HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'M DYING!!! 🤣🤣

    HellenHellen10 天 前
  • Where does little Nine got his power?

    Win winWin win10 天 前
  • 吴宇恒:林墨在那边吃脚皮。 哈哈哈

    Xie SiyuXie Siyu10 天 前
  • zhang jiayuan is an amazing friend he's just been saving ppl left & right even staying by keyu to let him eliminate him

    arcticlightarcticlight10 天 前
  • I wan to say who are shipping Keyu with other trainees except from Patrick(and Oscar -Actually they two are really like brothers, not like couple). I still remember and never forget about that who's fans are bullying and blaming Keyu ,and this ended 'Keyu rank dropped' in.(Don't ship Keyu with trainees of fans who are blaming Keyu after announcing 2nd elimination ranking) I don't know whether Patrick's fan are also bullying and blaming ,or not. But I do know Patrick is really good to Keyu and he really care about keyu, and love Keyu.I love Keyu♥ I love Patrick too. I'm Kepat shipper. Kepat is the best♥♥♥♥ The trainees that I like as Zhou Keyu's best friends are Oscar, Patrick, Fu Sichao, He Yetao, Wu Yuheng, Zhang Teng, AK. And I know who are really good to Keyu and, sincere ​and simple to Keyu. I know very well. So I didn't mean to them. They are Keyu's friends♥

    Thawdar_ LaminThawdar_ Lamin10 天 前
  • caelan is so cute!!!

    Jennifer suJennifer su10 天 前
  • Bro this hilarious I can't stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    E L I NE L I N11 天 前
  • 完结撒花啦

    江蒔兮江蒔兮11 天 前
  • 16:14 reminds me of the time nine was *kitkat*

    Ship Ship Ship EveryoneShip Ship Ship Everyone11 天 前
  • I dont know bc of the way they edited Or not but feel like Sichao, Yuheng, Linmo and Keyu didnt really want to catch Jiayuan. Seem like they wanted jiayuan win so that he could get the necklace like he said from the beginning of this ep. And especially Keyu, watch carefully you will firgure out that there were so many times Jiayuan told Keyu to catch him. Jiayuan even straighted his hand to Keyu but Keyu denied. As least 3 times, Keyu refused to catch Jiayuan. AWWWWWWWW SO SOFT. ANYONE SEE THAT. SHOW ME YOUR HANDSSSS

    Nguyen OutinenNguyen Outinen11 天 前
  • 这终极挑战这么像第五人格的塔罗模式的?

    第五沙雕下飯救人位玩家、厌世白第五沙雕下飯救人位玩家、厌世白11 天 前
  • i found my new ship here.... keyu and patrick....

    yizhan's supremacyyizhan's supremacy11 天 前
  • 林阵磨枪yyds,太甜了,我已经看了四遍!!!

    木兮木兮11 天 前
  • I love how caring and loyal fu Sichao is

    Yaya GYaya G11 天 前
  • every time i hear pick me pick me up... it always reminds me of wang yibo haha

    yizhan's supremacyyizhan's supremacy11 天 前
  • I luv how unproblematic this comment section is. I tried watching this ep through the Chinese Wetv app and people were constantly bashing on Nine. I guess international fans are more chill🥰

    LuluLulu11 天 前
  • 20:36 caelan so cute omg

    miki gymiki gy11 天 前
  • Wu Yuheng's little arm floaties are so cute

    Rebecca TangRebecca Tang11 天 前
  • I feel sad for Zhou keyu he couldn't enjoyed this

    Rabiya lizaRabiya liza11 天 前
  • Похоже было на оплодотворение яйцеклетки🤣

    Zeyn ZealandZeyn Zealand11 天 前
  • There were many games (in each chapter) in which I was able to laugh and cry at the comments of the participants like at 1:21:37 the words of Ak and then all the repetitions of each chapter made me feel nostalgic and brought back funny memories and sad ... thanks Chuang 2021 are you a Werewolf? for each chapter.

    Sirius LuhaySirius Luhay11 天 前
  • Caelen is so adorable~~

    llooyyllllooyyll11 天 前
  • Mom fans? I think in Patrick when they said that clue lol

    Ivana JavierIvana Javier11 天 前
  • I am sure this time chuang family will be too strong in super nova games lol santa run so fastt😉😉 hoping for INTO1 and bonbongirls win

    Nancy GrgNancy Grg11 天 前
  • Santa is so cute in this episode. Nine and Fu Sichao are too funny. I'm sad this series ends :(

    CassieCassie11 天 前
  • Both from Wajijiwa but 10:45 really shows their difference in athletic ability AHAHHA

    Madeline LiuMadeline Liu11 天 前
    • The fact the wajijiwa trio are really different characters

      방탄Lucy방탄Lucy4 天 前
  • Nine hiding behind the bouquet is supper cute

    Pamthingla ChithungPamthingla Chithung12 天 前
  • We're is linyu

    got7 for evergot7 for ever12 天 前
  • 元周率在异次元真的yyds!

    张佳琳张佳琳12 天 前
  • 真的很感人耶

    書庭劉書庭劉12 天 前
  • Oh my god i love it whenever Jiayuan and Keyu being together. Jiayuan is such a nice boy and Keyu too, a gentleman. Hope they can be friends forever and please please two fandoms, please be friends too

    QingQing12 天 前
  • The Last part, The flash back of all episodes is getting me emotional I'll miss this!

    Ranchel SantosRanchel Santos12 天 前
  • Fu Sichao you're such a good loyal man. I fall for you. For sure.

    Utami AyuningtyasUtami Ayuningtyas12 天 前
  • Who know the name of the song in the end of the video? 😅 It's really really make me sad 😢

    Zikri _ariZikri _ari12 天 前
  • FU SICHAO AND WU YUHENG friendship 😭🧡🥺

  • Omg these boys are adorable❤❤

    小兔宰治小兔宰治12 天 前
  • If keyu didn't injured his leg IT'LL SO MUCH FAN SEEING KEYU & JIAYUAN

    Jung IareaJung Iarea12 天 前
  • Everyone is afraid of Zhang Jiayuan 😂

    Angukali AyemiAngukali Ayemi12 天 前
  • who knows the background song at 1:23:12 ?

    lain._. lainlain._. lain12 天 前
    • @오SeongTaek thx

      lain._. lainlain._. lain8 天 前
    • Song of the wind. There is a version all members singing it.

      오SeongTaek오SeongTaek12 天 前
  • 這個綜藝做得不錯,只是攝影要再跑快點XD

    superb flssuperb fls12 天 前
  • FU SICHAO 🥺🧡

  • Lin mo is such a mood 19:27 🥺😂💚

    Angukali AyemiAngukali Ayemi12 天 前
  • ขำมาก นายโครตตลก555555

    Mailada0 MMailada0 M12 天 前
  • This episode is so funny 😂

    อุษณี อุเส็นอุษณี อุเส็น12 天 前
  • Where is Mika???

    Whipped for OffGunWhipped for OffGun12 天 前
  • 最後重播前面這麼多期的畫面那裡真的好感動😭起風了永遠戳我淚點😭😭

    amy kwokamy kwok12 天 前
  • Love this series so much!! I swear I'm going to watch all episodes AGAIN!!! Tencent, please continue to make more of these even after they debut!! Looking forward to seeing them all again~

    Pumpkin SylPumpkin Syl12 天 前
  • Patrick ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Xiao Xuan YapXiao Xuan Yap12 天 前
  • 1:23:05 Oscar and tao tao

    Dimple padhiyarDimple padhiyar12 天 前
    • It actually meant to be, “ we’re meant to be a pair.” But I don’t know if it’s any better LOL

      jojo -_-jojo -_-9 天 前
  • I feel pity for Santa's Cameraman 😂😂

    Fearless_SantaFearless_Santa12 天 前
  • OMG Santa, Yuanyuan, Daniel, LinMo, Sichao are playing game together. All of my picks in Chuang this year !!!! 我的寶貝們在一起,一看就讓我開心了。希望INTO1來了wjjw還可以繼續找超超一起玩,偶爾請張騰來做客也不錯 呵呵。

    QingQing12 天 前
  • AK So Cute 🥰❤️

    Rachel LowRachel Low12 天 前
  • น้องนายยยย น่ารักมากกกกก อยู่กับใครก็มีโมเม้นหมดเลยรู้กกก

    Peeranat 06Peeranat 0612 天 前
  • เป็นเกมส์ที่สนุกมันฮามาก หนุ่มน่ารักทุกคนเลย เล่นเป็นธรรมชาติมาก เคอแพท คือเขินมากไม่ไหวตอนเคอถูกทำโทษ นายน่ารักดุิ๊กดิ๊กมาก เอเค หลินโม่ก็น่ารัก จิ้นๆได้ไหมคู่นึ้ตอนจับมือกันคือเขิลมากไม่ไหวเลย แซนต้าก็น่ารักทุกคนเลยสนุกมากๆ🥰🥰

    La VaLa Va12 天 前
  • Lin mo: We betrayed each other There is no love anymore.... Also lin mo again formed a group and : Here is the graveyard of king😂🤣😂 jayuan is amazon 🤩🤩😚😚

    Rai MiRai Mi12 天 前
  • Caelan did soooo good and when he said screw it and jumped in the water to get away👏🏽

    Minah LaMinah La12 天 前
  • Nine 😂😂🤣 1:35 7:50 18:42 49:10 51:48 56:46

    MelonnnMelonnn12 天 前
  • Please give us more episode🥺

    Samiksha RaiSamiksha Rai12 天 前
  • 我一直聽到最後面才發現起風了是深深唱的,小宇可愛❤

    逍遙星河逍遙星河12 天 前
  • Patrick, you are really a cunning person, but that makes you look cute.hahaha

    Pink dolphinPink dolphin12 天 前
  • 创造营2021完美落幕了,虽然中间很多想骂的可是我真的很喜欢在笨蛋玩游戏的他们 抛开了选秀认真的玩儿也会体谅朋友🙆🏻太好哭了!特别是黑眼圈的友情!!!😭

    墨儿墨儿12 天 前
  • 黑眼圈!!!!!!这友情我信了!我爱了!!!! 硬兔万你能不信但黑眼圈绝对能信!!!!!!!

    墨儿墨儿12 天 前
  • 這不是第五人格嗎?

    Buzz ChengBuzz Cheng12 天 前
  • Zhang jiayuan the best ❤❤

    Marshellynda Risqiana SariMarshellynda Risqiana Sari12 天 前
  • All of them is too cuuuuuute!

    N LiN Li12 天 前
  • Caelan😂😂❤❤

    Mounira MouniraMounira Mounira12 天 前
  • Nine is MVP of this EP Hahahahaa I laugh so hard!!!!!!

    see the rightsee the right12 天 前
  • This is the most chaotic and funniest episode of Are you a Werewolf? for me.🤣

    Angelyne BauitAngelyne Bauit12 天 前
  • Seeing Nine, Linmo and AK together reminded me of the melon that said a staff will quit if these 3 are together 😂😂😂😂

    Rry LeeRry Lee12 天 前
  • WYH AND NINE Looks like the babies on this group,😂 i love this ep so much 😭❤

    Grace VerayGrace Veray12 天 前
  • Although I love the main show, Are You a Werewolf was where I saw their personalities even more and their great bond. It made me feel even more attached and not want ANY of them to get eliminated since I want all these talented friends to stay together. It's so bittersweet now that the show is TRULY over. Brb, gonna cry now

    Cailuong007Cailuong00712 天 前