James Harden Eclipses The Suns

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Coach Nick went through the footage to explain how the Phoenix Suns built a huge first half lead, only to see it dwindle as James Harden led the shorthanded Nets to a come from behind victory in the last possession.
MUSIC: Fighting For Freedom by Anno Domini
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  • They won because of bad plays made by Phoenix on offense and defense. Ayton is athletic enough to guard most players. I guess the Suns think Ayton is some type of David Robinson or Hakeem on defense and that is not the case yet. Ayton does not show the will either of those players have on both ends of the court. He even has days that he does not show the will on the boards. If he put in the effort and pushed threw his mistakes he would be a way better defender then his is right now. Even Booker has times when he looses his effort. Then wonder why they loose. I do not care of they loose, but at least have the team show effort when loosing.

    Paul FeasalPaul Feasal4 天 前
  • I feel bad for the suns losing but I love seeing Booker fail, I find him annoying as a person. He's so full of himself and tries to sound cool talking deep and slow like wtf lol

    Frank 5599Frank 55994 天 前
  • I really like how harden is running the point. Damn.

    Earl PearlEarl Pearl6 天 前
  • "James Tiberious Harden" 😂😂😂😂😂

    Kenaichi UchihaKenaichi Uchiha7 天 前
  • This thumbnail is gold

    Grant EdensGrant Edens7 天 前
  • Who daf is TLC

    DanDan7 天 前
  • eh Nets fack em

    JayJay7 天 前
  • My evaluation: give Chris Paul the ball

    David FordDavid Ford7 天 前
  • It's really interesting that the Suns chose to let Ayton switch to guard the guards in every PnR

    Yue ShiYue Shi8 天 前
  • Nice to see harden HAPPY

    Ekanem ItaEkanem Ita8 天 前
  • Wow cp3 didn't see aton

    Nice GuyNice Guy8 天 前
  • Yay, no more rhymes. Now i can watch

    Andrei VasiliuAndrei Vasiliu8 天 前
  • Sun's Coach get the bag instead of the W

    Reign RamosReign Ramos8 天 前
  • Love your vids, you should break down some college b-ball too

    Zane ShewmakerZane Shewmaker8 天 前
  • Harden cannot be MVP in a year he had a tantrum and refused to play for the first 10 games. He disqualified himself by acting like a four year old.

    M BM B8 天 前
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    Greg LialiosGreg Lialios8 天 前
  • the Suns coaching issue? Nice

    Aldi AquilaAldi Aquila8 天 前
  • This video was unliked by Monty Williams...

    NKruman SantosNKruman Santos8 天 前
  • This video kinda reminds me of your "Harden reminds the Warriors that he's the true MVP"

    중3312이상준SangJunLee중3312이상준SangJunLee8 天 前
  • Love this channel. If you watch ESPN, you'd believe that the match was all about Harden vs CP3. Actually a lot went on, like Suns defensive errors early in the 4th quarter that caused the turnaround.

    KL RiderKL Rider8 天 前
  • Skillwise Harden's the greatest of all time. Been saying it for like 5 years now

    Darth PainDarth Pain8 天 前
  • My mans went down like he was shot 🤣

    Isaiah WesleyIsaiah Wesley8 天 前
  • Do a Zach lavine video playing like a top 3 sg rn

    Drey WilliamsDrey Williams8 天 前
  • Saric trips over the 3 point line! hahahaha

    DrewDrew8 天 前
  • breakdown for warriors comeback vs the heat

    Robin TapucarRobin Tapucar9 天 前
  • Jame Thigh Beardius Harden

    Akerlexic 1226Akerlexic 12269 天 前
  • Harden played the 5th symphony Beethoven in this game!!!

    Ruben PitaRuben Pita9 天 前
  • CP3 player coach

    Gabriel MartoranoGabriel Martorano9 天 前
  • It seems like we have such short term memory when the NBA commissioner blocked the CP3 trade to LA because of super teams reasons.

    NoplayNoplay9 天 前
  • You called Ayton “jordan” and Cam Payne, “Johnson” lol just threw me off

    Durag HoopsDurag Hoops9 天 前
  • wait is that really James hardens middle name lol

    James PeggJames Pegg9 天 前
  • Brown sucks.

    Daniel SalibiDaniel Salibi9 天 前
  • Ayton getting burn is one thing, but getting burn pretty much the whole game, thats coaching issue, i do agree.

    Guillaume BibeauGuillaume Bibeau9 天 前
  • Harden mvp N.O

    DAMN- YoungVIBESDAMN- YoungVIBES9 天 前
  • I was with it the whole video until the end, Durant is way better than Harden full stop

    Luke ThomasLuke Thomas9 天 前
  • DA is the weak link in this team right now.

    Ng Zhi XianNg Zhi Xian9 天 前
  • I think James Harden should be MVP, he is showing the World like complete of a player he is.

    masomaso9 天 前
    • Yup they have similar numbers with lebron but harden isnt even in the conversation

      BillyyyboyyyBillyyyboyyy4 天 前
  • Best Nba channel on CNworld

    Edgar CalderonEdgar Calderon9 天 前
  • Someone needs to take photoshop away from uncle nick lmao

    hugh jasshugh jass9 天 前
  • Green is underrated. He is a very versatile, solid player.

    Reuben Hodari ClarkeReuben Hodari Clarke9 天 前
  • Damn they we’re ABUSING ayton he shouldn’t have been in the game... did he even do anything on offense??

    Jokic DaGoatJokic DaGoat9 天 前
  • His thumbnails never miss

    bob hendrysonbob hendryson9 天 前
  • Nice game, unpredictable ending, Harden is definitely into MVP conversation👍💪

    Alex ZPRSAlex ZPRS9 天 前
  • When is Coach gonna join the Dame Lillard MVP convo? You in?

    Stacey EStacey E9 天 前
  • Coach, the reason Cam Johnson went down so easily @5:25 was because it was actually Cam Payne.

    Bernard BanksBernard Banks9 天 前
  • Tiberius? Damn! Harden's a bad man with a big beard and a mean game!

    Alin FriedmanAlin Friedman9 天 前
  • Harden is a God but Uncle Jeff Green is pretty good too

    MJ LeeMJ Lee9 天 前
  • i been saying Kyrie & KD should start & have Harden off the Bench so he can run offense how he wants to, then IF they are losing in crunch time they can all 3 take the floor.. harden dominates when he gets to run PG and freely move around not worrying about regretting missing if kd or kyrie were open.. kd and kyrie have that chemistry and offensive distribution we like to see, but its too much to have all 3 of them in at once, but that does not mean any of them need to leave

    Yo WassupYo Wassup9 天 前
  • What happen was Jordan was a defensive liability for 3 quarters then Brooklyn decided to play Jeff green at 5 so the suns couldn’t pick and roll the big. Brooklyn winning a Chip.

    TheBizKoreTheBizKore9 天 前
  • Harden just isn’t more valuable then KD

    Ashton GAshton G9 天 前
  • Did everyone forget harden averaged 36 ppg? Lmao. He has a bunch of good players around him and he would most definitely take that team to the ECF alone. Go Lakers though

    Mauri BMauri B9 天 前
  • How do you time your words with the music bro?

    F RF R9 天 前
  • Thumbnail is CRACKED.

    ImBarryScottCSSImBarryScottCSS9 天 前
  • Does Ayton even get that many touches on offense?

    Roman SheoshipsRoman Sheoships9 天 前
  • outcoached!

    Blender WikiBlender Wiki9 天 前
  • what in the fuck happened to superstars canceling each other out??? harden is not mvp

    pacca waccapacca wacca9 天 前
  • IDK if Nash or D'antoni was coaching during the comeback

    JRSDT 2nd AccountJRSDT 2nd Account9 天 前
    • Good point.

      Buzzer BeaterBuzzer Beater9 天 前
  • Harden MVP? youre reaching a little

    TheNewCentristTheNewCentrist9 天 前
  • Harden is like the nets sixth man he is an insane playmaker with kyrie and kd on the floor and when they go to the bench he gets to do whatever he wants to

    Tyler BurnsTyler Burns9 天 前
  • What ever happen to theres only 1 ball argument

    rejeanthomas0324rejeanthomas03249 天 前
    • it's not like it's actually been an issue, but this comment is irrelevant on a game where only harden is playing.

      lepidopterylepidoptery7 天 前
  • Harden got tapped in the back and held his face nice

    Jake Boynton.Jake Boynton.9 天 前
    • @Jake Boynton. I'm with you but the way devin react when harden got the ball his really trying to foul him

      enrqiue macalintalenrqiue macalintal9 天 前
    • @enrqiue macalintal it honestly didn’t look like he hit him but the angle isn’t great

      Jake Boynton.Jake Boynton.9 天 前
    • If you look carefully devin another hand went to steal the ball but instead he hit harden face 11:29

      enrqiue macalintalenrqiue macalintal9 天 前
  • I love watching Joe Harris hoop so much I gotta go back & look at his college highlights where he’s the number one option his game is way more diverse than he gets to show in the NBA

    Vick_HushPuppy 215Vick_HushPuppy 2159 天 前
    • @Yue Shi facts speaks to the diversity of his game ‼️

      Vick_HushPuppy 215Vick_HushPuppy 2158 天 前
    • He changed a lot to fit the NBA level challenge, and that's really good for him, lost of NCAA elites could not switch their games and get lost

      Yue ShiYue Shi8 天 前
    • @Leonardo Hernández facts gettin in all his spots lol

      Vick_HushPuppy 215Vick_HushPuppy 2159 天 前
    • Yeah, in this game he was playing like a mini KD

      Leonardo HernándezLeonardo Hernández9 天 前
  • James "Tiberieus" Harden

    ClownypandaClownypanda9 天 前
  • “But then, the sun started to set” lol I love that!

    Zack ThomasZack Thomas9 天 前
  • This season has been full of crazy games.

    Jaeden SportsJaeden Sports9 天 前
  • They won because of James Harden IQ and playmaking and Landry Shamet’s textbook defense at the end of the game

    Pranav AkulaPranav Akula9 天 前
  • F*cking james edward harden

    Álvaro Burgos GaritagoitiaÁlvaro Burgos Garitagoitia9 天 前
  • No cap them Phoenix suns jerseys cold asf

    Don't choke On your aspirations directorDon't choke On your aspirations director9 天 前
  • That thumbnail wild af lmao

    Live From The MotherlandLive From The Motherland9 天 前
  • James harden as a player maker instead of a dedicated scorer is way too good. Kyrie - harden = eh Kyrie - KD = okay Harden - KD = 🤯 ..... why couldn’t the nets give away Kyrie 😪 either way the big 3 is pretty great.

    JamesJames9 天 前
  • Steph curry is literally balling out and you are making videos of a stacked nets team. I know kd and Kyrie were out but they still have help

    Somesh SaharanSomesh Saharan9 天 前
    • @Joyful Fishman idk about that bro.

      Somesh SaharanSomesh Saharan9 天 前
    • Without KD and Ky this team is worse than the warriors in terms of their rotation

      Joyful FishmanJoyful Fishman9 天 前
  • i truly hope CP3 wins a ring someday. maybe not as a player but as a coach. his mind too great not to win one

    Reiner ReyesReiner Reyes9 天 前
  • Great content Coach

    surah16surah169 天 前
  • Hi Coach, can you make a video and discuss about trae young drawing fouls??

    GohGoh9 天 前
  • Who else shimmies at the beginning?

    Steph CurrySteph Curry9 天 前
  • I enjoy your videos. But Harden joining a super team and then being in the MVP talks in your eyes is laughable.

    PvP Only HCIMPvP Only HCIM9 天 前
  • For everyone saying Devin Booker will win an MVP someday you’re kidding yourself, he’s an MVP talent that’ll never win an MVP

    Demauri MitchellDemauri Mitchell9 天 前
  • suns have a coaching issue??????

    Samin Ahmed 12Samin Ahmed 129 天 前
  • Kyrie irving is the obvious lead guard of the team, hes the main leader of the squad, he beat the jazz by himself by 30+ points, u didnt say that after that game? or how about hen harden lost to philly alone? Kyries the lead guard and the leader of the team, its common sense

    Kaushihan AhilanKaushihan Ahilan9 天 前
  • “Trips over the three point line” 😂😂😂 low key wit FTW again

    Adam BodeAdam Bode9 天 前
    • 😂😂🏀🏀🤫🤫

  • As a Suns fan this game killed me. And I honestly think it was more the Suns blowing it than Harden winning it. After that CP3 bucket with 3 minutes left they didn't score another point.

    Damon RogerDamon Roger9 天 前
    • @Leonardo Hernández They definitely did, but the Suns had a lot of mismatch opportunities and Chris Paul missed a couple opportunities for easy shots.

      Damon RogerDamon Roger9 天 前
    • The Nets defended well in those last posetions

      Leonardo HernándezLeonardo Hernández9 天 前
  • cnworld.info/free/f5uhrpSVs12e3dE/sh-p-n

    Samuel KoshySamuel Koshy9 天 前
  • 1:02 Why is this funny af? lol

    PattPatt9 天 前
  • for some reason jeff green as ballhandler in a pnr does wonders in the offense

    Marnnie BautistaMarnnie Bautista9 天 前
  • For Lebron’s 5th ring The nets will make the finals, they will lose 4-0 to the lakers and you will ask how I knew this when it happens.

    Michel ClarkeMichel Clarke9 天 前
    • @Okevin Riley this is not a KD vs Lebrun thing, it’s deeper then that, again when he wins his 5 against the nets you will ask how did I know

      Michel ClarkeMichel Clarke9 天 前
    • @John L reread what I wrote when it happens “5th ring vs nets 4-0”

      Michel ClarkeMichel Clarke9 天 前
    • I hope it happens,.. but this year is tough, lets see what happens in the buyout market

      John LJohn L9 天 前
  • This game was Harden saying "Ya'll forgot who I am, lemme remind you"

    S HS H9 天 前
  • Ngl you lost me when you said Shamet was a better defender than Jeff Green

    OnQueueOnQueue9 天 前
    • @Road Runner sure he's taking some easy shortcuts in his analysis - and I'm pretty sure he knows a thing or two about coaching real time - but I just wanted to outline that he never said that Shamet was a better defender than Green, he just said that he'd rather have Booker isolate on a "big" in an endgame situation, which is debatable, but not absurd, as the first two posters of this thread said.

      Nico PNico P7 天 前
    • @Nico P man he said earlier the opp. when book posted on shamet .....its all easy to say after watching videos coaching real time in game is a diff. ball game

      Road RunnerRoad Runner7 天 前
    • Not better in a vacuum, but Booker isolating against Jeff Green on top is arguably a better matchup than posting up Shamet.

      Nico PNico P8 天 前
    • Right... lol. He trippin

      albalb9 天 前
  • Youd forget how good each individual of the big 3 for the nets actually is until they are on their own again

    Mark WalsheMark Walshe9 天 前
  • great video coach but don't even start about Harden's MVP chances - they killed their chances when joined forces and I don't like that in the light of previous big 3s their trio doesn't get criticized for the lack of competitive spirit - that's some double standards

    Denis M.Denis M.9 天 前
  • So sad all these casuals were calling Harden "outta shape washed up ball hog"

    S HS H9 天 前
    • @The3pleThreat youre still stuck in 2014-15. Harden is not a liability on defense anymore man, simply watch some games and you'll see. He never misses games, never gets hurt, Consistently leads the league in mins and he's out of shape? Lmaoo that's wild

      Mr. MelendezMr. Melendez7 天 前
    • @Mr. Melendez thats not a good indicator. Part of the reason he is such a liability on D is coz he is tired from all that dribbling, and teams are too reliant on him to take him out earlier, and he ends up catching breathers on D

      The3pleThreatThe3pleThreat7 天 前
    • @Aj Zheng he has been out of shape his whole career. Every beginning of the year they call harden over weight. It’s nothing new this year but by the end of the season he is usually gets in shape. U casuals think this is the first Time he has been like this

      Captain MysticCaptain Mystic7 天 前
    • @S H Leads the league in minutes played every year but hes out of shape?? Lol these casuals bro

      Mr. MelendezMr. Melendez7 天 前
    • @Aj Zheng where is he outta shape 🤣. From the memes u see ?? Watch a game or 2

      S HS H8 天 前
  • 3:40 my god, Nets zone is so ugly. Also: who's Ayton screening for? lol

    Davide MDavide M9 天 前
  • As much as I love Harden - him as an MVP might be a step too far. But one thing for sure: a player with a basketball master mind like James's is always going to make the team better IF and this if still stands no matter how great his late performances have been IF he likes the environment. But no different do we all behave at our jobs.

    A BA B9 天 前
  • I think all this weight is better for James harden playstyle

    ExenzoExenzo9 天 前
  • Sorry guys ive been busy lately where is KD and Irving?

    Fernando LimaFernando Lima9 天 前
  • Came here because of the thumbnail, stayed for the analysis.

    RipeCloudRipeCloud9 天 前
  • brroooooklyyyyynnnn

    Yankees91919191Yankees919191919 天 前
  • Did not know his last name was Tiberius

    Troll KingTroll King9 天 前
  • Pleaseeeee make a Dame video

    Tanner NotchTanner Notch9 天 前
  • James Harden went to the Nets and the NBA forgot why he demanded a double team for two full seasons.

    Jwilly GJwilly G9 天 前
    • they cant double him anymore cuz theres also kd and kyrie

      Michael SunMichael Sun8 天 前
    • @eoedaboss nash was about to retire. Kobe was on his way to retirement. Dwight was injured and can't jump in 3years FFS.

      TitanTitan8 天 前
    • @Gary Lewis irrelevant ass kid

      Yo WassupYo Wassup8 天 前
    • @Yo Wassup stfu

      Gary LewisGary Lewis8 天 前
    • @b wtf are u saying 😂😂😭😂😭😭😂😭😂😂

      Yo WassupYo Wassup9 天 前
  • THE WHITE MEDIA HATES HARDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kenyatte TilghmanKenyatte Tilghman9 天 前