【THIRD STAGE】This 'NANA PARTY' Hold on Stage and Everyone Got Invited! 一场舞台上的派对开始了!| 创造营 CHUANG2021

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CHUANG 2021, produced by Tencent Video, is a variety show of an international boy group formation. It is dedicated to fully showing the stage performance, vigour and persistence of youngsters of new times. Nearly a hundred boys from various countries, agencies and colleges, with the help of outstanding seniors, will be together to make cultural and professional exchanges, improve themselves by rising to the challenge, explore their true self and chase their dreams zealously.
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  • This song is so refreshing

    Lorraine DoLorraine Do天 前
  • i tried following the choreo for this and it was hard my legs hurt the amount of effort these guys had to practice for this and i still cant do it right

    LastaverseLastaverse天 前
  • Блестяще!!! Bravo!!!

    Галина ШапинскаяГалина Шапинская天 前
  • From Joker to Nana party, wow!

    Bae CCBae CC2 天 前
  • 漂亮

    Royal Wumi TituRoyal Wumi Titu2 天 前
  • Cute performance 😉

    Pong KasiditrPong Kasiditr2 天 前
  • I miss Zhang teng and fu sichao yoo the dark circlesss

    aa2 天 前
  • 追泰的我听到泰文歌词有点意外🤣🤣 井胧的发音还不错!!!

    Berniceooh ตานBerniceooh ตาน4 天 前
  • Can we talk abt how perfect these 6 look together ❤😭 They carried out the style well and they looked like an actual boy group. I wish that they were a boy group already🥺

    Sophie ChenSophie Chen4 天 前
  • santa looks like he is enjoying the song to the fullest ... so cute..

    Divya JKDivya JK4 天 前
  • The girl is Erxi in" LOVE O2O "

    帝-尊帝-尊5 天 前
  • 這組真的真的很棒~~付思超很可愛呀😘這組真的真的很棒~~張騰的vocal很棒可惜阿

    楊雅文楊雅文6 天 前
  • 好師贊多

    • 21个小时后吃一个小蛋糕


    Katharine ChaiKatharine Chai6 天 前
  • Santa's vocal is good too!! HE is an ACE that can sing and dance

    FeuillemortFeuillemort7 天 前
  • Santa is so shine in this song☀️✨

    WrsWrs7 天 前
    • He was very suitable in nana party

      WrsWrs天 前
  • What if Fu Sichao, Nine, Wu Yuheng, Xie Xinyang, Lin Mo joined santa. These boys are the cutest. But im so happy with this performance like supper happy.

    Zion ZionZion Zion7 天 前
  • 陽陽 瀧瀧 超超😭

    進了果園的土匪進了果園的土匪7 天 前
  • Mnet can't related

    Smowa SmowaSmowa Smowa7 天 前
  • I need more zhangteng and sichao contentssss

    EJ MMEJ MM7 天 前
  • Twitterでトレンドになってたから見に来てみたらビジュアルも高いし歌もダンスも上手でハマりそう…🤍 そして何より日本語入ってて嬉しいしこの曲も中毒性高い!!🥺

    ゆにこーんゆにこーん8 天 前
  • 胧妈你很好看!

    tte LAtte LA9 天 前
  • Santa is so cute!

    gabber230fulgabber230ful9 天 前
  • I really need this on Spotify ASAP 😭 Pleaaaaaaseeee!!

    Emily M.Emily M.9 天 前
  • 0:50

    Wwyi BlinkWwyi Blink9 天 前
  • 井朧好棒😭

    Fa DoFa Do9 天 前
  • 1:55 하시2의 김현우 닮음ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아무튼 7senses팬인데 이 보이그룹도 나름 괜찮네 3명정도 흰자켓, 연한브라운털자켓, 청자켓에 검은머리색!! 연한브라운털자켓은 루시 조원상 닮음 멍뭉이상이다 귀엽네

    신유진신유진10 天 前
  • 2:33 Santa's gentleman hands you guys know what I mean

    Sara OngSara Ong10 天 前
  • im so glad santa made it

    mikaylamikayla10 天 前
  • Santa is really in character

    PH TanPH Tan10 天 前
  • Debut Group 1 - Liu Yu 2 - Santa 3 - Rikimaru 4 - Mika 5 - Nine 6 - Lin Mo 7 - Bo Yuan 8 - Zhang Jiayuan 9 - Patrick 10 - Zhou Keyu 11 - Liu Zhang Ak They all deserved it. But can't help feeling bad for Caelen, Oscar and Hu Yetao. 😭😭

    Swarnali ChaudhuriSwarnali Chaudhuri11 天 前
  • Santaaaaaa

    Huy NguyễnHuy Nguyễn11 天 前
  • Wooooow thanks for Russian 😆😆😆 я сверкаю как алмаз 😇😇😇

    Jason NoahJason Noah11 天 前
  • One of the best and memorable original songs of the season!

    Juan Ying SeeJuan Ying See11 天 前
  • Mao xiaotong was perfect for this song. I want more huhu

    BiancaBianca12 天 前
  • Guys please help vote for santa for the final today. If you can please download wetv app, vip can give vote two times at final live 😭 he's working hard and giving his best so let's support him

    acexdeuceacexdeuce12 天 前
  • Okay but this song is really great tho!

    Chu Chi DiChu Chi Di12 天 前
  • 謝興陽的表現力太好了

    yapingyaping12 天 前
  • Santa you’re so cute

    ธัญญารัตน์ เหล่ารินทองธัญญารัตน์ เหล่ารินทอง12 天 前
  • Santa!

    Amy LiuAmy Liu13 天 前
  • 宇野贊多你最棒!

    紫御紫御13 天 前
  • Xie Xingyang’s face OMG I love it so much!!!!!!😭😭😭

    Poji PoPoji Po13 天 前
  • This performance makes me so happy, every time I feel a bit sad I watch it 🥺🤍

    Anaïs HAnaïs H13 天 前
  • 超喜欢赞多!!!声音其实也好听

    Piao Min SimPiao Min Sim13 天 前
  • 這組除了Santa全員淘汰就很離譜 超喜歡謝興陽魏子越和井朧❤️

    Elma ChungElma Chung13 天 前
  • 好喜欢这组的每一个人!魏子越谢兴阳好好看

    Sufeng ANDSufeng AND14 天 前
  • Please vote for Santa and he has dropped from 2nd to 4th.

    mao ngomao ngo14 天 前
  • ok that hug is cool

    金云金云14 天 前
  • 張騰唱歌也太好聽 但好少🥲

    L izL iz14 天 前
  • Jinglong's dance kills has improved a lots huhu and we dont need to talk more about his voive, it's the best beautiful

    ᅲᅲᅲᅲ14 天 前
  • i get so happy watching this performance!! it tickles the right part of the brain

    its meits me14 天 前
  • 赞多赞多赞多 Go Go Go

    Blackham JenBlackham Jen15 天 前
  • 這首真的井朧高音夠穩、幫很多忙,就明顯比別組有些段落現場演出會有點混亂的感覺

    溫馨溫馨15 天 前
  • I am so sorry for Jing Long, he ended up 26th of 25 staying... he is just so good vocally and performance wise too :( Next time he'll surely succeedd!

    Mizuho WaanjaiMizuho Waanjai15 天 前
    • He should’ve stayed instead of lelush. He yifan and wuhai also deserves to stay

      Zion ZionZion Zion7 天 前
  • This is the brightest performance of Chuang 2021!

    Mizuho WaanjaiMizuho Waanjai15 天 前
  • This stage is soo cute and summer view 🌈✨🦋

    Kai NiniKai Nini15 天 前
  • Played this song a hundred times already! One of my faves

    Zion ZionZion Zion15 天 前
  • 好喜歡井朧:)

    여자친구여자친구15 天 前
  • 謝興陽的表情真的很讚耶 表情富翁 放歌裡好合適

    我的倉鼠叫大福我的倉鼠叫大福15 天 前
    • 他之前是演员,很会做表情

      Roses BlueRoses Blue7 天 前
    • @Zihao Li 我剛剛又回去看一次 哎呀我的天 被電到了 ❤️

      我的倉鼠叫大福我的倉鼠叫大福14 天 前
    • 他的ending part真的鲨我!

      Zihao LiZihao Li14 天 前
  • 我的大金毛狗勾!!!!

    Cara FrankieCara Frankie15 天 前
  • Xie Xingyang 🥺

    mary_ lykaaamary_ lykaaa15 天 前
  • 舞蹈組歌曲 但是成員幾乎都是vocal組 真的唱得很好很穩很嗨 我比較意外的是 0:51 張騰的vocal在這裡特別出圈 而且他顏質好高喔哈哈

    Jinjie LinJinjie Lin15 天 前
  • Uno Santa yyds

    T AlitaT Alita16 天 前
  • いなくなってからだと明るい曲の方が辛い……眩しすぎるよ〜😢

    mu-minmu-min16 天 前
  • ❤❤❤

    mi tchmi tch16 天 前
  • 這組每個人都很精彩,練習室也是最舒服的一組, 喜歡他們對嘉賓的態度,很有趣,謝興陽快跟毛姐姐去演戲,這組的合音真的要感謝井朧在後面hold了所有高音,贊多看起來在這場也很鬆

    yun LEEyun LEE16 天 前
  • ซานต้าคือแฝดกันสมาย55555

    Mayinae DueramaeMayinae Dueramae16 天 前
  • 💗💗💗

    sirikorn labasirikorn laba16 天 前
  • ok but im obsessed with this song i need it on spotify 🥺🤞🏻

    Tamara MTamara M16 天 前
  • Fu Sichao!Zhang Teng!

    Jackie ZhangJackie Zhang16 天 前
  • สเตจของซานตะที่ชอบที่สุดก็นานาปาตี้นี่แหละ ดูซ้ำบ่อยมาก

    bb เซียวbb เซียว16 天 前
  • Thề đây là stage tui thích nhất trong đợt công diễn này luôn ấy mặc đu pick của tui là Châu Kha Vũ TvT

    Cappuccino Meow meowCappuccino Meow meow16 天 前
  • fu si chao so handsome

    kolkanika sokkolkanika sok16 天 前
  • Wei Hongyi produce x is here? I never realized.

    Haven SohnHaven Sohn16 天 前
  • 赞多厉害!!!

    caro Wucaro Wu16 天 前
  • i miss zhang teng now :(

    nidanida16 天 前
  • this stage is sooo fun and give the summer vibes, their performancee was soo good and made me enjoyed so much, so sad that most of them can get through final :(

    Hanis Milenia FitriHanis Milenia Fitri17 天 前
  • i keep repeating on zhang teng solo's vocal part 0:51

    Hanis Milenia FitriHanis Milenia Fitri17 天 前
  • 喜欢这组歌曲好听,很洗脑

    李健李健17 天 前
  • 这组好棒!santa的vocal很好,而且毛晓彤跳舞真的轻松自如

    z Yz Y17 天 前
  • I totally adore everything about this. From their dancing movements to how colorful and fun the song is. ❤️

    Soua VangSoua Vang17 天 前
  • Does anyone see that in ending pose Santa looked at her sneakily!! So sweet!!!!!!💙

    ChrisChris17 天 前
  • 张腾声音真好听

    l ccl cc17 天 前
  • They have so much fun! It was perfect!

    Gina BiliciGina Bilici17 天 前
  • santa🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

    wanchen shiwanchen shi17 天 前
  • omg, all the boys are too handsome, too bright, especially Santuaaaaa

    Dung ĐàmDung Đàm18 天 前
  • 井朧的舞蹈進步好多喔~ 魏子越唱歌也進步了! 這組的大家都好可愛❤️❤️❤️ 真的超喜歡這組的⁄(⁄ ⁄ ⁄ω⁄ ⁄ ⁄)⁄

    吳小萱吳小萱18 天 前
  • 👍全程感到🎶🤗🎶🤗👏開心、放鬆、自在、熱情💐💐💐🌞🌞🌞

  • Santa's dance is really amazing. And the vocals proved to be wonderful.

    ちぃたそちぃたそ18 天 前
  • I always knew that most of them won't be able to survive the latest round but I never expected to see only two of them survived 😭😭😭 this is one of my fav performance ever right from the vocals, dance and the vibe that they give off are just so amazing 🤧

    Sunshiner _8Sunshiner _818 天 前
  • this group has the potential to succeedv and make a good caree rmore than the current top 11 even though I love Mika and Vote for Riki . maybe add Mika , Riki ,AK, liuyu and Zhang Xingte

    maria wangmaria wang18 天 前

    He HooHe Hoo18 天 前
  • Oh my god Santa T.T, actually his vibe is so so so so match with this style. So bright, lively and positive. And who say that a "king dancer" can't sing, T.T love his voice so much omg. For me, this team is the best

    Jikikori LinhJikikori Linh18 天 前
  • 付思超好可愛

    錒柒.錒柒.18 天 前
  • Я сверкаю, я сверкаю как алмаз. Звучит интересно

    PersefonaPersefona18 天 前
  • 真的要稱讚宇野贊多, 從這幾個不同風格的舞台來看,他都能做到舞台掌控 . 颯爽魅感兼具的 yummy, 放肆著努力的joker, 陽光開朗如朝陽的nana party. 每個舞台上的他都是王者,都帶給觀眾很棒的觀賞體驗.

    張Yushan張Yushan18 天 前
  • Прекрасное выступление❤

    Lady MariLady Mari19 天 前
  • Love santa

    Minh NgọcMinh Ngọc19 天 前
  • OK. Woo hoo Is Saturday to replay this song.

    Jacqualine chongJacqualine chong19 天 前
  • Santa's voice is so good 😚

    Hân KhánhHân Khánh19 天 前