Flush Over Flush, We're Playing For Stacks!! Poker Vlog Ep 144

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  • I like your channel. Won’t subscribe unless you stop calling Pocket Fish Hooks “pocket jiggetys”. Bruh.

    danjhaynes5danjhaynes59 小时 前
  • How do you do the thing with the poker chips?

    Jason RobertsJason Roberts7 天 前
  • You’re a really smart poker player. But one thing you always fail to understand is that not everyone plays by the rules like you. There’s a lot of people that play with emotions, and end up getting lucky. I’ve noticed those are the hands you lose. Not sure why you assume everyone plays like you lol

    Charlie MCharlie M7 天 前
  • love you vids but they've gotten so jargon heavy they are less entertaining than the once were

    Shado DancerShado Dancer8 天 前
  • Brad, Why do you tip the cage other than trying to get a date with the cage lady?

    Brady DogBrady Dog9 天 前
  • man i love watching poker im playin sunday hopin for luck

    Conner KasperConner Kasper9 天 前
  • Man, that QJ suited hand! If I"m the Villain I would never play the turn that way with that AK suited hand given the line up to that point. I guess it's a "weak" semi-bluff? Does that make me a bad player? Then after the river hits, is his "card check" real or a play? I mean, if it's real it makes the turn bet even weirder. If it's a play and he knows you that well I think you should stop playing pots with him buddy! Ha! Little help anyone?

    Jamie PaolinettiJamie Paolinetti11 天 前
  • flush over flush is not a cooler, you are using that term too loosely

    SubtleSerpentSubtleSerpent12 天 前
  • That ace king flush hit me in my stomach

    Kevin GaskinsKevin Gaskins14 天 前
  • Loses $1500 bucks and still tips the cashier. Respect.

    Ben RogersBen Rogers15 天 前
  • "I don't have card removal" - Do you play Magic, too?

    Clark BarronClark Barron16 天 前
  • thats rough when theres only 2 cards in the deck that beat you and he has them

    jungleGSCjungleGSC16 天 前
  • Stop tipping dealers they’re just doing a job

    Mak AttackMak Attack17 天 前
  • Can you do a video teaching beginners the basics

    antonio lebronantonio lebron17 天 前
  • March 13 my bday

    CamCoops GamingChannelCamCoops GamingChannel18 天 前
  • tough, but honest.

    Jon RitzJon Ritz18 天 前
  • Finally found someone that does what I aspire to do love the videos bud.

    jordan haysjordan hays19 天 前
  • Hey Brad. Where do you download that range app from? Thanks

    Bob RoddyBob Roddy20 天 前
  • Trying wayyyyyyy too hard with these corny dad or shall i say Brad jokes LOL

    Chris NChris N20 天 前
  • I think you raised too aggressively on that last trip 7 I think you should have bet like 50 and hoped for a little action.

    OneofdazzzOneofdazzz20 天 前
  • Woow

    อ่อน เผอิญอ่อนอ่อน เผอิญอ่อน22 天 前
  • hi i dont know how to play poker i would like to learn

    TweetreyTweetrey22 天 前
  • Anyone have advice for someone starting out in poker?

    Web UserWeb User23 天 前
  • "My accountant told me to invest in beanie babies a few years ago - so i can't really trust him."

    Luke BradyLuke Brady23 天 前
  • Dude I have learned a lot from you brother

    Abram RamirezAbram Ramirez24 天 前
  • Hey brother haware you?

    Anas SAnas S24 天 前
  • I wasn't a fan of all these stuff people post online saying I've fixed numbers that will help you becoming rich 💰💰💰till I came across a genius in the game , I was shock at first I thought it was a prank he played but it was actually real...his game is fixed and hasn't failed since I started playing it 💯💯💯 I recommend you all to him on Instagram Hacks_bill201

    Carrier BatemanCarrier Bateman25 天 前
  • I had a feeling your flush was no good. If the diamond didn't hit you win that hand. You only play for 4 hours. I play 12 to 16 hours hit the hotel then go back for another 8 to 12

    Raymond ArmatinoRaymond Armatino25 天 前
  • I knew he had 5-7. Good fold

    Raymond ArmatinoRaymond Armatino25 天 前
  • I need some set genie in my life!

    Marcus GreigMarcus Greig25 天 前
  • How bad are poker comps? Meal once a week?

    sportscastercanadasportscastercanada26 天 前
    • I get $2/hr to go towards meals

      Brad OwenBrad Owen26 天 前
  • you know when you see a big hand hype on the title its not gonna end well...

    Logie BearLogie Bear26 天 前
  • Cha'alt!

    Venger SatanisVenger Satanis26 天 前
  • What is "T " mean?

    sammo singasammo singa27 天 前
  • Where are those hand ranges from? (6:06)

    Charlie VCharlie V27 天 前
  • Those are acceptable!

  • Plot Twist: The Set Genie is a real 🧞‍♂️

    O GO G27 天 前
  • Congrats on 300k subs! Am I late for the party? As usual. Thanks for the excellent VLOG.

    Mark ChalledMark Challed28 天 前
    • Thanks a lot Mark

      Brad OwenBrad Owen28 天 前
  • awesome keen to see you and Phil H chat hes one of my fave poker players of all time

    Joseph SinacJoseph Sinac28 天 前
  • the page for checking back has been ripped out 🤣🤣

    cheriamor84cheriamor8428 天 前
  • If “we’re all in” can I have half the money ?

    whatever22638whatever2263828 天 前
  • Pick ya'self up by your boot straps, you'll be alright Brad!

    That'sWhat's UpCuzThat'sWhat's UpCuz28 天 前
  • Hallelujah melody - They all see me as a poker star. They don't care as much that I play guitar. Guess you don't really care for music do ya? Well they all want me to stick to one thing. Well they can't stop me from singing. No they can't stop Cosmo from rapping

    Charlie AliCharlie Ali28 天 前
  • How dare you doubt his powers

    power pole 77power pole 7729 天 前
  • The fact that the set genie is Indian is hilarious

    Corey HannCorey Hann29 天 前
  • Hell yeah keep uploading

    Riyad AbumayyalehRiyad Abumayyaleh29 天 前
  • 3:14 PHub intro?

    LuuXLuuX个月 前
    • @Thomas A. listen closely to the song

      LuuXLuuX29 天 前
    • What?

      Thomas A.Thomas A.29 天 前
  • Only a guy with your talent could lay down those aces! Great video

    Scott MichaelsonScott Michaelson个月 前
  • yes brad u understand.. right now US-Anglo Empire and China-Iran alliance (Putin sama neutral) alll in yes i think US anglo jewing empire : AA China Iran - JJ

    MJ SuhMJ Suh个月 前
  • any MUGS during Wynn Signature series???

    saltroostersaltrooster个月 前
  • That flush hand was tough. Ya gotta figure a small % he will have it. Damn. Glad you lessened your loss.

    Chaleman RChaleman R个月 前
  • Be careful not to let your Accountant become funnier than you ;)

    Jack ShaughnessyJack Shaughnessy个月 前
  • he is solid

    MJ SuhMJ Suh个月 前
  • I vomited when i saw ace king

    Joel MinettJoel Minett个月 前
  • Brad - in all seriousness - if you find yourself facing a lot of tough decisions, is it because you have put yourself in some bad spots? or does it just work out that way sometimes? asking as an online "recreational" player who ends up w/ tough decisions at 10nl.

    ekw555ekw555个月 前
    • @Brad Owen thanks. sometime I wonder if I am just an idiot. but I am on a downswing, so it's harder to be objective. funny playing for .05/.10 while you're playing $5/%10. but it's (sort of) the same game.

      ekw555ekw555个月 前
    • Sometimes you just find yourself in tough spots and play well

      Brad OwenBrad Owen个月 前
  • Hello from a new subscriber and a fellow "Brad". Enjoying how you put together your vlogs!

    simpsonmbmsimpsonmbm个月 前
  • snowmen no good i got jiggeties

    robert lombardirobert lombardi个月 前
  • I used to work for Junior Achievement in Texas and Arkansas. An amazing organization that teaches kids about financial literacy. Bravo to you, Brad, and the rest for helping them out!

    Scott AndersonScott Anderson个月 前
  • I really want to get into poker bros club can you send me a link thanks brad

    Dr.StevilDr.Stevil个月 前
  • Why isn't Andrew posting videos, is he ok ? I only watch yours and his videos, regarding poker and he's been away a while, hope he is doing ok !

    AlexAlex个月 前
  • Do you have a graph of your progress? just curious. Thanks for the vlogs! I can imagine it must be difficult to be immersed in your play while making efforts to record... They are entertaining nonetheless...

    drocpdpdrocpdp个月 前
  • Looking forward to seeing some big wins on the vlog mate. I made sure to hit the like and subscribe buttons because I heard 'it helps the channel out a ton'. Cheers from down under, loving all the content in 2021!

    David KeelDavid Keel个月 前
  • Make a guitar video.

    Will SengerWill Senger个月 前
  • Brad! How much do you recommend having in your poker "war chest" before I play live?

    socksamazingchannelsocksamazingchannel个月 前
  • Andrew spotted too

    Pugnatum TerramPugnatum Terram个月 前
  • is it typical to give the casher the ones?

    c rc r个月 前
  • pocket quiggities!

    DiscoparkDiscopark个月 前
  • What happened to neeme?

    DeliciousnessDeliciousness个月 前
  • What will happen first, February or Brads 300k subscriber ?

    Aar BarAar Bar个月 前
  • nice vlog buddy. when we playing again

    Rob CookRob Cook个月 前
  • thanks for all your vlogs

    George HolzerGeorge Holzer个月 前
  • Nice job laying down the rockets on that board. I knew you were behind on the flop. Definitely needed a larger pre-flop raise to shake off those ragged callers. Also, love your attitude after the game - win or lose you focus and learn and stay positive. Keep those videos rolling my dude.

    PokerFiend InDaHousePokerFiend InDaHouse个月 前
  • I couldn't call off in that jacks vs jacks hand...

    refinedsugarrefinedsugar个月 前
  • I can’t wait til I’m 21... I’ve been studying the game so long I just wanna get in there

    Jacob WestrichJacob Westrich个月 前
  • So how long before set genie gets his own shirt?

    Dale HarrisDale Harris个月 前
  • Still looking for that Doncic Contenders Optic Class Acts Red Cracked Ice RC, where can I find one of these things...?

    Steven WashingtonSteven Washington个月 前
  • Played at the bellagio yesterday won big thanks too you brad 🙏 love the content learn a lot from your videos

    NickNick个月 前
  • Loosing 1470 isn’t bad, the way I read it was big deal one bad night vs. all of the other victories just goes with the life of a pro.

    James WillJames Will个月 前
  • I would love to donate to the Brad's foundation! Please let me know when the next MUG is. Thank you.

    Jose FernandezJose Fernandez个月 前
  • Bobby's Room. SMDH! Change is good. Change is good... Maybe.

    radioactivepilotradioactivepilot个月 前
  • Will the charity tourney be available in NJ or only Nevada? (Your biases towards NJ aside 🤣)

    Dovid BeckerDovid Becker个月 前
  • “I glance in my opponents playbook, and the page for checking back has been ripped out “ lmao

    Walker MWalker M个月 前
  • I appreciate your Videos and analyses but in the flush Hand i dont think its Well analysed.

    AoughiAoughi个月 前
    • If there was a 2 of Clubs in River. Would you habe called an allin

      AoughiAoughi个月 前
  • Hey brad i am big fan of you. I have some questions. How to remember opponents holding board? And board card? Use 2 cell phones? Or go pro? Please answer me for recording technique

    유준유솔아빠유준유솔아빠个月 前
  • Was this session Saturday the 16th?

    David PrasterDavid Praster个月 前
  • Keep them coming Brad the Lad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    gary turleygary turley个月 前
  • When he had queens I dunno why but I thought he was gonna say "I got pocket quiggidies!" Lmao dunno why but that made laugh 🤣 haha yeah I'm an idiot lol but great video brother keep up the good work!!

    Andrew OsborneAndrew Osborne个月 前
  • Hey brad love the videos I played with you at the meetup game at southpoint for Halloween in 2019. Been thinking about staring my own vlog and was wondering if I could get some advice from you possibly.

    Brandon MillerBrandon Miller个月 前
  • hand in the title at 5:43

    j46j46个月 前
  • 0:29 “unfortunately that’ll only be for people that are inside nevada.” Ah; so hellmuth is taking preemptive motions to make it so he doesn’t have to face off against any idiots from Northern Europe i see

    ActivistVictorActivistVictor个月 前
  • This whole episode is check call check call. Stop doing that

    PokerQPokerQ个月 前
  • "Quite a bit"? I was led to believe that liking and subscribing helped out the channel a "ton," I feel mislead, bamboozled, hoodwinked!

    Thomas Kyle-MilwardThomas Kyle-Milward个月 前
  • Unlucky Brad! Good to see you back in action and you quips are just so much fun!

    Chris BChris B个月 前
  • HOLY SHIT! I was AT that table! I was in the 6 seat (well would be the 7 if nine-handed) and was the first one moved from the must-move back to the main room. You opened the table, right? Then we've definitely played together. Wonder which guy I was in the Brad-poker-verse.....

    MesaperProductionsMesaperProductions个月 前
    • I was there too!

      O GO G29 天 前
  • SG: whoa a set

    BrownKarenBrownKaren个月 前
  • Out of all your poker games, have you made or lost money?

    ChristofferChristoffer个月 前
  • I audibly went "oooooohf" when that flush over flush came

    SpongySpongy个月 前
  • Brad I was thinking about your McJiggities shirt. You should consider changing the slogan to: "I'm shovin it". To play off of: I'm lovin it.😄

    Rufus StreaterRufus Streater个月 前
  • You need to play long sessions of poker in do more video in long video because you going to run good you got this

    Thomas RussellThomas Russell个月 前
  • You handled that adversity like a G.

    Amir ShakurAmir Shakur个月 前