Angry Neymar SENT OFF for TWO violent confrontation vs Lille | Ligue 1 20/21 Moments

2021年04月 4日
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Neymar Jr was frustrated throughout the game in PSG's defeat against Lille, and got himself sent off at the end of the game to pile on the misery for the French champions.

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  • I just like to see Neymar suffer 😂😂😂

    ZikryAfiqZikryAfiq5 天 前
  • He was lucky he didn’t confront with Ramos or Pepe

    AnonymousAnonymous7 天 前
  • Neymar keeps getting mad bcos he hates Mbappe's guts and talent.

    seb surveyseb survey7 天 前
  • Neymar be like, I’m used to this. Common this way. Follow me. 😂

    Nabila AzizNabila Aziz7 天 前
  • farmers league sure has dramas

  • Red card given to opposition by pressure and intimidation from almost the ENTIRE psg team.

    Isaac ChanIsaac Chan9 天 前
  • Waching women football better than men football now day

    Aieman DanielAieman Daniel9 天 前
  • Waching women football better than men football now day

    Aieman DanielAieman Daniel9 天 前
  • Neymar, Overrated footballer but a good diver. His theatrics are legendary.

  • jantan tak guna .. drama jee lebih

    faiz aminfaiz amin9 天 前
  • an not really a fan of neymar, but he seems to be a victim of dirty play in football. he sure got a positive attitude.

    Made In North BorneoMade In North Borneo9 天 前
  • damn the ref is racist

    adam azlanadam azlan10 天 前
  • Neymar never learnt anything at all after being made fun by the world for that fake dive in 2018 World Cup didn't he?

    MyhealandMyhealand10 天 前
  • not surprise, like to dive everytime lol

    Ch3ris YeohCh3ris Yeoh10 天 前
  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha Always like a little girl

    Jerry DominicJerry Dominic10 天 前
  • Djalo acting like he got punched by Mike Tyson.

    Rahman AhmadRahman Ahmad10 天 前
  • the most overated brainless whining diva

    Tango AzzurriTango Azzurri10 天 前
  • couple of playacting pussies

    E CE C10 天 前
  • No wonder other people dislike football. You only been pushed a little bit but yet you cry in pain like you were in car accident. Fucking disgrace.

    C. RemyC. Remy10 天 前
  • Neymar = paper

    Wan afWan af10 天 前
  • Diver

    Hui YunHui Yun10 天 前
  • PSG much better without neymar 😂🙌

    Amizi AhmadAmizi Ahmad10 天 前
  • Neymar had already planned to have a party next week, smart move

    Makky HMakky H10 天 前
  • the first card should not be given while Andre fouled Neyney by pushing him off

    chau kingchau king10 天 前
  • in my pt o view, his 1st yellow card can be avoidable when referee 1st handled this foul by giving the yellow card to the opponent believing that neymar would havent quarreled w ps not his fan

    Sam WongSam Wong11 天 前
  • 😂😂😂😂

    Halim DocsHalim Docs11 天 前
  • serves him right lol

    ninety1 twenty7ninety1 twenty711 天 前
  • Neymar Koyak..hahaha

    Mr Zeck KMr Zeck K11 天 前
  • Neymar: emotional and diving Cr7: emotional and 5 ballon d or Messi : emotional and still any footballer can't replace him

    ikram sempoiikram sempoi11 天 前
  • Nak cium, cium je la betul2 😒

    Jürgen KulupJürgen Kulup11 天 前
  • Neymar is a great player but is too sensitive now and like to fight. Haha

    Kaki GameKaki Game11 天 前
  • Looks like WWE match

    Marco PoloMarco Polo11 天 前
  • Come back to barca

    Aizat AzreAizat Azre11 天 前
  • Farmers League🤡

    WisTzy ツWisTzy ツ11 天 前
  • Neymar sore loser!! Dirty player like ramos & diego costa!! Millionaire cheaters! Disgrace to football! The referee is even worst sending off djallo!! Crap referee..FIFA please do something about this.

    Azman AzmanAzman Azman11 天 前
  • Stupid ref, how the F psg got the free kick. Paid corrupt. Ref. Even first hand to the face should've got Neymar a red card.

    brasi lucabrasi luca11 天 前
  • That 1st player should've roll around like Neymar, and Neymar would've got straight red card because hand to the face.

    brasi lucabrasi luca11 天 前
  • I like this ref. Neymar totally deserved the red card. Kudos to the guy Neymar pushed in the face. He didn't react to Neymar nor did he flopped like he was being hit by a train. Ref sends off Thiago for playacting and time wasting. Good job! Yes Neymar did push him, but he doesn't need to fall and stay down.

    James ChanJames Chan11 天 前
    • Nah. That first yellow should've been a red card. Hand to the face is a red card.

      brasi lucabrasi luca11 天 前
  • thiago got shot by a sniper there

    S WS W11 天 前
  • He is good player had skill to becomes the best but his attitude makes the opposite . Skill makes you famous, character makes you Legend.

    D' soriesD' sories11 天 前
  • Ligue dont deserve neymar

    umar rezzaumar rezza11 天 前
  • Neymar is an assJustin Bieber of football lol 😂😂😂. 0:50 tried to kiss 💋 the opponent.. pure GAY ‼️‼️‼️

    Knight TemplarKnight Templar11 天 前
  • This man can't play in pl or he will end up making a 1 hour movie for a shoulder to shoulder opponents pressing.

    KaiKai11 天 前
    • What shoulders he won’t make it out of the tunnel 🤣

      hamster1hamster110 天 前
  • Andcthe stupid reff...fakker

    tuna tunatuna tuna11 天 前
  • Neymar is the fucker divas that wont anything big in the whole life except glamourous 👉✊👉✊👉✊

    tuna tunatuna tuna11 天 前
  • Cantona's luggage

    Bryan LawBryan Law11 天 前
  • he should just focus on his football than to reacting to taunts from his opponent

    Bart HommeBart Homme11 天 前
  • So, Neymar can have more time to play cs go...

    Foo Ching LickFoo Ching Lick11 天 前
  • 🤣😂

    Alex MelvinAlex Melvin11 天 前
  • Mere acting. Sickening attitude of professional footballers. Unlike rugby ..

    Ab Jabbar AbdulahAb Jabbar Abdulah12 天 前
  • farmers referee

    Danial HakimDanial Hakim12 天 前
  • Reff...are you crazy😂🤣

  • I am so confused 🤣

    Bruce WayneBruce Wayne12 天 前
  • Neymar got sent off. Tiago Djalo follow soon after. Neymar: Its ok mate. There’s always next time.

    Haziq AbdullahHaziq Abdullah12 天 前
    • They both scream at each other again while walking under the tunnels. But the security manage to keep the two away.

      Danskyl7Danskyl710 天 前
  • S.Ramos:congratulation neymar you're starting to break my record.😁

    Nd Cod gamingNd Cod gaming12 天 前
    • no one can surpassed Ramos red card record... he has every record possible... the most red-carded player in Spanish team, La Liga, UCL

      Lizzie's LukasLizzie's Lukas10 天 前
  • All credits to the cameraman ❤️

    Miracle- WanMiracle- Wan12 天 前
  • after 4 week he just came to give utubers a thumbnail.......... btw a real one this time

    Rokfonda's ClickbaitRokfonda's Clickbait12 天 前
  • Stupid neymar.

    afid.yusofafid.yusof12 天 前
  • neymar jr molek vs diego costa gak ni..sama2 xleh cuit sikit.sama2 pnas baran

    hafiz hazlanhafiz hazlan12 天 前
  • Something wrong ref...emotional

    Sohimi AhmadSohimi Ahmad12 天 前
  • Its no red card...

    Sohimi AhmadSohimi Ahmad12 天 前
  • He can't do anything without messi. FACT!

    Amir SAmir S12 天 前
  • Lol, serves him right. This what separates a world-class player & a wannabe. F**k off Neymar

    apizapiz12 天 前
  • Djalo got 2nd yellow card coz he delayed the game before neymar being aggressive

    Khairul SincereKhairul Sincere12 天 前
  • Neymar is shite

    faiz hazziqfaiz hazziq12 天 前
  • That's what you get when you get "Injured" during UCL

    It's MeIt's Me12 天 前
  • If Neymar was at Barca, Hell everyone gets a red card except him

    It's MeIt's Me12 天 前
  • Actually, i dont understand why thiago djalo get red card... can anyone explain?

    nabil fauzannabil fauzan12 天 前
    • maybe for kicking neymar's feet.. because psg got freekick after the incident..

      Yus NizamYus Nizam11 天 前
  • Some sister celebrates their birthday multiple times a year.

    chyuchyu12 天 前
  • Hahahahaha that’s a fair play alright, since Djallo also at fault. WE ALL CAN SEE IT ON THE REWIND 😂 Neymar obviously had some anger issue but “the leaves won’t shake without the wind” 😂😂😂

    FS MNFS MN12 天 前
  • hahaha after the red card his pain heal very fast

    harish hannanharish hannan12 天 前
  • now neymar like a joke..

    Omni KingOmni King12 天 前
  • lack of sportsmanship from Tiago. foul, then taking the ball away. acting as if he hurt, then receive red card become well again and arguing. shitty peasant

    Tontolou BiruTontolou Biru12 天 前
  • Hahaha. Siot la Neymar. 🤣

    Mohamad NaufalMohamad Naufal12 天 前
    • 🤣🤣🤣memang siot bro

      Arivindharan BalakrishnanArivindharan Balakrishnan10 天 前
  • thats why he will never be a greatest player like messi and ronaldo😌😌

    faizulizhar 90faizulizhar 9012 天 前
  • Neymar 2021 Goal ❎ Red Card✅

    Fizan madridista HudaFizan madridista Huda12 天 前
  • Not the referee fault... the players are crazy and just don't want to admit..

    ArifArif12 天 前
  • that's just not acceptable..deserve 2 yellow and then red

    ArifArif12 天 前
  • neymar should play for premier league

    Quality over money shoes ReviewQuality over money shoes Review12 天 前
  • push from behind.. and got hurt on the head.. weird football nowadays

    Isaac LawranceIsaac Lawrance12 天 前
  • Sent both them off for them to attend Oscar

    Seantino LinSeantino Lin12 天 前
  • neymar should cry like always.

    Mohammad Ainol YaqinMohammad Ainol Yaqin12 天 前
  • Neymar reaction when Tiago have red card to "😆😂"

    Allidon DonAllidon Don12 天 前
  • two stupid players by lille

    Elvis LeeElvis Lee12 天 前
  • Huge potential, bad attitude

    The n SocialThe n Social12 天 前
  • he can never be like ronaldo or messi with that attitude..

    e-JuMP Shamsudine-JuMP Shamsudin12 天 前
    • @Ananya Sivaraman lol I'm not sure what's the relevance of the particular statistic you're bringing up. maybe 50 odd?

      cly1121989cly112198911 天 前
    • agreed couldve been up there with them

      Lemonade DerpLemonade Derp11 天 前
    • @cly1121989 just a many goals has Neymar scored for PSG?

      Ananya SivaramanAnanya Sivaraman12 天 前
    • Lol at his age, he will never get there. 😂

      cly1121989cly112198912 天 前
  • If you are gonna get a red card, might as well do a roy keane tackle lol..

    Yusuf BestYusuf Best12 天 前
  • bodoh koyak bila dah kalah

    Nuaim SahatNuaim Sahat12 天 前
  • this kind of player attitude. lol

    Azman HasanuddinAzman Hasanuddin12 天 前
  • Funny of racist league

    Pjoule OfficialPjoule Official12 天 前
  • best player in the world? wonderful control of emotion. tasted his own medicine. poor act of class

    abdur rahman Shafieeabdur rahman Shafiee12 天 前
  • Referee should assess the situation first. He just pulls out the card right away. Neymar got his shirt pulled but no card for the opponent.

    Syzrl AnwrSyzrl Anwr12 天 前
  • That why he never will ballon dor..his act and diva attitude overshadow his talent..

    Apabenda jadi Hari iniApabenda jadi Hari ini12 天 前
    • Yep

      halim kamarulhalim kamarul8 天 前
  • Such a sensitive boy. Maybe he should play golf like Bale. Such a small foul to fight over a big issue.

    Edster 89Edster 8912 天 前
  • Dia kene tolak dia dapat red card kelakar lah ref

    Luxsmanz ChannelLuxsmanz Channel12 天 前
    • @Farid w budak budak tahu CR Messi Neymar je

      Genji ShimadaGenji Shimada9 天 前
    • @Farid w Orang tak minat bola mesti tak kenal Kante

      Genji ShimadaGenji Shimada9 天 前
    • Budak budak thu neymar jer

      Farid wFarid w12 天 前
  • What are they saying?

    Shahrul Yusry RoslanShahrul Yusry Roslan12 天 前
  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA member kena tolak, member dapat red card sekali. Lucu lah reff 🥴😂

    • tpi tgk kt 1:14 dia tolak neymar time neymar nk ambik bola kalau tk jelas tgk kat 2:04

      DaniDani5 天 前
    • itulah tu

      DaniDani5 天 前
  • anak afrika mengamuk wkwkwkw

    muhd atiqmuhd atiq12 天 前
  • Neymar was changed the game for psg. He should not played.

    Mohammad ZakiMohammad Zaki12 天 前
  • 1:26 sent off at 98 minutes?

    unknown unknown_personunknown unknown_person12 天 前
    • 90 *th* minute

      Lemonade DerpLemonade Derp11 天 前