【Studying Piano Music】3 Hour Beautiful Piano Music For Studying and Concentrating

2018年02月 9日
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【Studying Piano Music】3 Hour Beautiful Piano Music For Studying and Concentrating
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❋Candy Wind
0:00:00 Again By Thelshter
0:03:00 Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso OST _ Watashi no Uso
0:06:10 LAPUTA By Huideun Ko
0:09:30 The Moon of Mine By BigRicePiano
0:13:12 Frosted Brows
0:17:31 Crying soundtrack By BGM Maker
0:22:21 My dearest By Yang Su Hyeok
0:26:31 Summer Dream By Yang Su Hyeok
0:30:22 Nostalgia By Huideun Ko
0:34:06 半壺紗 By Musicroix
0:37:48 Flower and Butterfly By Yang Su Hyeok
0:41:54 春风再美也比不上你的笑,没见过你的人自然不会明了
0:44:54 弱水三千 By Musicroix
0:49:12 The Heart's Tale By BigRice Piano
0:54:08 不老夢 By Musicroix
0:58:24 Bye "Filled With Tear" By Yang Su Hyeok
1:01:58 n the rain from broken mind Yang Su Hyeok
1:05:44 Someday By BigRice Piano
1:14:06 Flower World By Yang Su Hyeok
1:18:46 故夢 By Musicroix
1:24:06 When the Autumn rain falls By Yang Su Hyeok
1:29:15 That Blossoming Evening Primrose
1:33:06 春の花 By Big Rice Piano
1:35:23 흰 회화나무 숲
1:40:06 Flower Love By Yang Su Hyeok
1:44:30 朝に聴きたい、爽やかな癒しの音楽 By BGM Maker
1:49:17 Reminiscence Overture By Yang Su Hyeok
1:52:56 Fountain of Tears By Mrest
1:57:06 해가 지면 달이 떠오르듯이 By Rhapsodies Touch
2:01:32 In Summer Night By Yang Su Hyeok
2:05:26 Transparent Cohabit By Yang Su Hyeok
2:10:36 Please go to the flower way By Yang Su Hyeok
2:14:11 Moon Rising At Noon By Yang Su Hyeok
2:17:47 The little Mermaid By Yang Su Hyeok
2:22:07 Trouble By Yang Su Hyeok
2:26:46 Clair de lune By Huideun Ko
2:30:29 Wind of Soul By Mrest
2:34:09 When the autumn rain fall By Yang Su Hyeok
2:39:23 Bluebird By Yang Su Hyeok
2:44:42 Windy Hill By 羽肿
2:49:50 序曲-畫城 By Candy Wind
2:51:29 寒蟬鳴泣之時

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  • Amazing Piano Music! Can I use this for my stream?

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  • 42:29......wow......it was an amazing music.....wow......The music helped me to concentrate well while studying

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  • this is crying music

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  • Author, could you please make the watermark of Music Pio smaller? Because I want to use these backgrounds as avatars. Thank you

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  • Don't know if someone is reading this, but if you are: You are amazing and beautiful! I believe in you! I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!

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  • Listening to this reminded me of my first time watching Your Lie in April actually broke me in a bad but pleasant way.

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  • so beatiful~~

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  • 2:46

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  • These musics are the best musics I've ever listened in my life ;)

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  • 3 Hour beautiful piano music for studying *depression* and concentrating... *about depression*

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  • My brother told me that your lie in April was a very sad anime so I watched it and I thought I won't cry but after I watched it I cried even over your lie iin April music :C

  • a heart that blessed you, the soul who chose you. nothing but, pain goes through you. when the shine comes up, you happy, right? killer's, who chose to kill you, you should be happy that your dead, just stop, STOP. all your doing is killing my friends, my people... i only want to be happy. but...

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  • I'm here because this music gives me spiritual energy. Thanks I subscribed

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  • I do homework with music i eat while listening to music and sometimes watch anime with little background music most importantly i play music

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  • Listening from Frankfurt - Germany, this is awesome, thanks!

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  • Made me cry. Thank you!

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  • has any one read all the comments??? because I have

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  • Wow.

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  • listening to this while doing my exam :D

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  • Quay lại học tập đi cô bé. Cuộc đời ngắn lắm, bây giờ cậu không cố gắng thì làm sao có thể thành công? 12/11/2020.

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  • Very relaxing, cozy atmosphere. Love the vibes! We all need some relief from the daily stress. Thumbs up if you are here because you are having a hard time going to bed. . . . . . I hope to see you soon on my channel.

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  • Whenever I want to feel like I have a gaping hole in my chest, I listen to Your Lie in April Music. I'm too afraid to actually rewatch it. I watched the series once and I haven't returned. I'm too scared.

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  • The song at "1:05:44 Someday By BigRice Piano" i looked for it in BigRicePiano's channel and its not the same, do you know the correct name of that song? I really liked it

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  • Love you.

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  • 1:02c.

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  • Stop looking comments now It's time to study

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  • Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini.

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  • i started crying my eyes out while doing homework but this music is still so damn beautiful god i love it so much.

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  • The person who is reading this comment , i wish you great success , health, love and happiness !

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  • Hey you.. yes you!.. everything happens for a reason, and you are exactly where you are supposed to be. I’m sending you virtual love & a hug!!.. likes/comments are virtual hugs back.. and I could really use a hug right about now🥺

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  • 非常に美しい 🙂❤

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  • 看过四月的前两首这么连着来 谁都顶不住吧

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  • The person who is reading this comment , i wish you great success , health, love and happiness !

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  • good

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  • 私は4月に他の人がミュージックビデオとあなたの嘘で嫌いなのかわからないT_T

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  • All these songs give me such a deep feeling of emptiness because they remind me of the pain Kaori felt and the pain the others felt when Kaori left.

    Gabriela RomeroGabriela Romero个月 前
  • Kimi no Uso music starts playing Excuse me I'm trying to study, not cry

    Randy GuRandy Gu个月 前
  • Perfect.

    Sinh TeSinh Te个月 前
  • I did come here from the your lie in april thumbnail but i didn't expect to actually hear your lie in april music so now i'm sad the ending made me cry

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  • ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this.

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  • Stop looking comments now It's time to study

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  • Stop looking comments now It's time to study

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  • Kimi no Uso music starts playing Excuse me I'm trying to study, not cry

    Randy GuRandy Gu个月 前
  • I'm a simple man. I see Kaori thumbnail I click.

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  • I'm a simple man. I see Kaori thumbnail I click.

    Mcneil LennonMcneil Lennon2 个月 前
  • directly the first song got me hard! such a beautiful and heartbreaking anime!

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  • good piano music thanks

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  • shii why should that song come early? i just got focused for 3 minutes then got flashbacks

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