Journey OST ♬ Complete Original Soundtrack

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Official soundtrack from Journey by Austin Wintory.
Complete score with text commentary by Austin Wintory:
01. Nascence 00:00
02. The Call 01:42
03. First Confluence 05:12
04. Second Confluence 06:47
05. Threshold 09:03
06. Third Confluence 15:01
07. The Road of Trials 16:35
08. Fourth Confluence 20:46
09. Temptations 21:47
10. Descent 25:55
11. Fifth Confluence 28:55
12. Atonement 29:44
13. Final Confluence 35:50
14. The Crossing 37:52
15. Reclamation 39:45
16. Nadir 41:54
17. Apotheosis 45:34
18. I Was Born For This 52:43
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  • Journey, a Short Story I walked onwards, to the fallen star. My scarf fluttered behind me, not unlike a fish that wants to escape it's hook. But I merely readjusted it, and it's hope for freedom was lost. My eyes scanned the horizon for any Stone Demons. Nothing, except the persistent light of the fallen star. My feet were bare, and blistered. They sank through the rough sand, taking me closer to the holy mountain. My tribe had seen the glow of the star as it fell from the heavens. I was one of many travelers, but we all had one goal; to reach the fallen star. They gave me long robes and a small scrap of the Holy Scraf, saying it would guide me in my travels. They said we, the travelers, were the ushers of a golden age, free of the Stone Demons and the eternal drought on our land, blessed by the Holy Bird. I left the village, armed only with clothing and determination. The scarf. Woven with the feathers of the Holy Bird, it lent me it's power, and let me fly, taking me closer to the holy mountain. It's power did not last. And once more, I walked onwards, to the fallen star.

    AchaAcha7 年 前
    • Jesus

      Hudson BradfordHudson Bradford8 个月 前
    • Jeus the one who came down from heaven to save His creation. Calling us to himself.

      Hudson BradfordHudson Bradford8 个月 前
    • Your word's made me cry

      Mike AndersonMike Anderson9 个月 前
    • This is most beautiful "translation" of the story of this game, that can be, brilliant!!!!❤❤❤❤You felt and write awesome those feelings.

      Truica CorinaTruica Corina年 前
    • Gave me chills

      Jurjen VisserJurjen Visser3 年 前
  • Why is this not in Spotify anymore?

    Luis V-GLuis V-G27 天 前
  • Never realized it was a multiplayer game until the end...

    007IloveNY007IloveNY个月 前
  • I used to listen to this soundtrack in the background while working and I loved the warmth and ambience of the string and woodwind arrangements. Then I finally played the game itself for the first time. Now I just get teary-eyed recalling the beautiful, devastating, redemptive journey to the mountain top and those that traveled alongside me.

    Chris ZappeChris Zappe个月 前
  • Esse jogo é incrívelmente incrível!!!!

    Raulino :DRaulino :D个月 前
  • I turned this on for background music ad got distracted less than a minute in

    Pukak PiePukak Pie个月 前
  • This game is just a masterpiece.......

    Darren MosesDarren Moses2 个月 前
  • Long ago, there was a time when magic walked the earth. All manner of creatures lived in harmony, from the great dragons to the mischievous wisps that so often led travelers astray. But of course, no land was as magical as the ancient forests. The trees that had been there before our ancestors were born and would outlive our grandchildren. They bore all the secrets and answers to the questions of life, and if you sat long enough to listen, they'd reveal those secrets. Those times have long since past, and much of the ancient forests are no more. Magic has all but faded from the world, along with the creatures that fed on its essence. Many have forgotten when then world was new and unexplored. However, the trees did not forget. They carry the last fragment of magic within their roots, within their cores, within seeds and leaves and flowers and fruit. If you find them, and care to listen, they will tell you stories of magic and a land lush with life. Someday, when you are gone, they will tell stories of you. The trees will not forget.

    Ruth RiosRuth Rios4 个月 前
  • If this were a concert I would pay to see it.

    Leonardo Rodriguez-CubaLeonardo Rodriguez-Cuba7 个月 前
  • Lol I cried when I played this game. I think being drunk that night also contributed to my tears.

    NamelessNick97NamelessNick977 个月 前
  • best game ever made. Period.

    Kill Team HungaryKill Team Hungary8 个月 前
  • JoURNY❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘☝️😘👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    mirian patriciomirian patricio9 个月 前
  • When you realize that Austin Winstory also did Abzû: *download Abzû

    Just XavJust Xav9 个月 前
  • 46:20 always makes me cry 😢😢

    Mike AndersonMike Anderson9 个月 前
  • can we use this music in games for commercial purpose with credits to the owner?

    Nooruddin ZeeshanNooruddin Zeeshan年 前
  • Não sei porque, mas minha favorita é a Temptations ;-;

    Miguel SchmitzMiguel Schmitz年 前
  • 2019??🎮🎶

    Lobo GarciaLobo Garcia年 前
  • 32.17 es impresionante.

    Fernando Diaz RieraFernando Diaz Riera年 前
  • 34:35

    AL SAL S年 前
  • apotheosis is the only reason i am here

    Ravan ghautsiRavan ghautsi2 年 前
  • getting nostalgia from this and game channels on TV

    Delta CressidaDelta Cressida2 年 前
  • 16:36

    Larisa SandovalLarisa Sandoval2 年 前
  • This game would be amazing on VR-consoles.

    Mattias BirkehammarMattias Birkehammar2 年 前
    • The question is, 3rd person or 1st person view?

      Julian EmeryJulian Emery2 年 前
  • This game is so fun it is full experince and the music is awesome and I did not know it was a multiplayer but I earned a trophy saying you haved reached to the end with another person so it kind of made me feel dumb but then I have recently found out if you are on the last level you can heal eachother by chirping but then we both fell taking our last breath then suddenly we shot up but as far as I am concerned this game is a adventures game and fun and full of experience.

    Kenzo MesaKenzo Mesa2 年 前
  • 16:35

    Fírinne NeartFírinne Neart2 年 前
  • A W E S O M E

    Leonardo PiresLeonardo Pires2 年 前
  • 2018??

    Catriona McguiganCatriona Mcguigan2 年 前
  • A short story. I wasn't sure who I was, or where I had come from, but I knew the Mountain, and that was my goal. My story began as every story does; at the beginning, taking baby steps to my goal. I didn't dare venture far but, frankly, I didn't need to. At that time, the path was well laid out for me. The first time I met The Ancient, I learned what I suspected; that the Mountain was the goal of this, my Journey. My scarf short for now, wafted gently against my back. The Fallen Bridge stood ahead, and beyond, the Mountain loomed. Here, I think, I began to grow up. My path lay obvious in front of me, my goal beyond. And yet, despite this, I could explore. Scattered about the ravine, crossed by many bridges, were fragments of fallen Guardians. Old, dying Cloth fluttered from it in the gentle wind. The smaller ones, the Fish, waited inside, and helped me along when freed. They completed the bridge for me, aided me on my Journey. But then came the Desert. It was a time of joy and fun. It was a time of fear and aprehension. What came next? Over the next dune? In the next ruin? What do I do know? The Mountain was always there, always the goal. I would skip happily with the Cloth I came across, as Dolphins now, but also the small Fish. My Scarf grew longer, and now fluttered a distance behind me. Sometimes I found my self joyful and playful. Other times, I was terrified and small. Ocasionally, I questioned the Ancestor, even the Mountain. I met someone in the Desert. Who it was I cannot say, but they stayed with me until the end. Until the Mountain. Finally, across many miles of the Desert, we found the Sandstorm, a foundry for Guardians. The Ancestor met with both of us, and told more of the story of what came before. The City lay immensely before me. This was the highlight of the Journey, the staging ground for beyond. Here the Dolphins and Fish dipped playfully into the sand. Journeying. Just as we were. To the Mountain. To the End. Me and my companion had become good friends now, and we dared not stray too far from the other. Or Scarfs, longer now, flapped behind us in the rushing wind. This was the golden time of the Journey. The time when nothing was wrong, and we had everything we needed. Our path was clear. We knew what to do. And then that ended, and all was unknown. The Ancestor spoke more of the story, of the peace. And of the War. The Catacombs were always dark, and little light shone through. We found havens, and Cloth that hid. It hid from us. It hid from Others. Beyond was the Staging Grounds of the Guardians. They loomed, gathering dust and sand. But not all.of them were dead. These times were times of fear, of not knowing what would happen. The Journey might have failed, for we would be trapped. But there was still hope. The Temple saved us from the monsters behind. The Temple harbored our light, and protected it. We were safe there, with its aid. The Temple filled, first with the Light, then with the Cloth. Fish, Dolphins, Jellyfish, a Whale, all there, safe in the Temple. Finally, we reached the top. We learned that the future was already history. And that our Journey wasn't done. Great hardship was felt on the Mountain. The wind whipped, tearing our cloth, and the cold sapped our light. Many times, we had to huddle together to survive. Graves littered the slopes. Many other creatures were there. On the way to end their Journey. Too many never made it. The Mountains cold was unrelenting, and many froze in the ascent. Still others were cast down. Guardians patrolled the slopes, tearing apart those they found. The climb was hard. Many times, we were frozen, attacked, and had to hide in holes, or were simply blown away. But the Summit, oh, the Summit, the Journeys End, was to important. The storm blew everything away; Guardians, the Cloths. Only we were left going. We kept going And we kept going And we kept going Until we weren't. We fell into the snow. We were frozen through. We could barely move. We expected to die. The Ancestors stood about us, watching us. They lent us what light they had. And we flew. Past the storms, past the cold, past the machines that sought to consume us. We flew for the Summit. And then we were there. What a glorious place it was! Shining with warmth and light, overflowing with energy and life. We continued up. And we were there. We were at the he Mountains peak. We did not stop. Our destination is beyond Was beyond. Is here. We were here, at the End. And then we weren't anywhere. Rushing, rushing, rushing. Great wind all about. The Mountain behind, behind, behind. Going away. The Journey in reverse. Down the Mountain, the Temple, the City, the Desert, the Bridge. The sand littered with graves. Mine wasn't there. Mine was on the Mountain. From the End to the Beginning. The reverse of all stories. Yours, mine, the worlds. Beginning to End, and back again. Almost there, almost. No memory, only purpose, only will. The Journey lay ahead. I wasn't sure who I was, or where I had come from, but I knew the Mountain, and that was my goal.

    Dude Man19Dude Man192 年 前
    • This was beautiful and deserves so many more likes. I could picture all of the places in my head as you explained them and I could hear the music even though the video was paused. I even cried a bit at the end! All the people we met, friendships we shared without even speaking, we made such close relationships in such a short amount of time, but, like everything, it comes to an end.. I think that’s what hits me the hardest about this game, so many things and people we met along the way, they all come to an end and go away at some point, whether we like it or not, we can’t stop it. I love this game sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and you told the story very well, I would give it hundreds of more likes if I could!!!

      Fr0g_Fr0g_3 个月 前
    • "short"

      leErikleErik年 前
    • Wonderful❤❤❤

      Truica CorinaTruica Corina年 前
  • the soundtrack and game both are timeless.

    chempandachempanda2 年 前
  • Everything about this game is beautiful to the point where some people's tears accidentally hit the dislike button.

    A ClownA Clown3 年 前
    • One would be hard pressed to state that better. Well done.

      GandalfGandalf8 个月 前
    • Ikr

      Mike AndersonMike Anderson9 个月 前
    • ❤❤❤❤

      Truica CorinaTruica Corina年 前

    Camren Rufio KrugerCamren Rufio Kruger3 年 前
    • There tears hit that dislike button

      Mike AndersonMike Anderson9 个月 前
  • Temptations has to be my favorite off this track. The whole underwater feel that that level provided gave me chill. Especially when the song climaxes at about 25:30 Those Jellyfish creatures gave me such life.

    TheAaronfrostTheAaronfrost3 年 前
  • poeple that don't like this song are LOOSERS

    _ SushiSerpnt __ SushiSerpnt _3 年 前
  • The music is hauntingly beautiful.

    Andrew AsherAndrew Asher3 年 前
  • why must you be so kind and have a non-monetized video? I love you for not adding any advertisements .....

    Kenz PereiraKenz Pereira3 年 前
    • :) thanks

      Kenz PereiraKenz Pereira3 年 前
    • Hi and thank you! ;) I don't own anything so I don't monetized those vids...I just wanted to share those wonderful soundtracks and try to support composers with my work, because I think they don't get the attention they deserve.

      JepedilloJepedillo3 年 前
  • Que pasada de música.

    AlexrptubeAlexrptube3 年 前
  • Привет,очередное прикольное видео! Спасибо!. Лайк. Кстати заходите в гости. Буду очень рад гостям.

    Evghenii & EvgheniaEvghenii & Evghenia4 年 前
  • Meu filho adora este jogo, nos eleva, nos traz paz!!! - My son loves this game, it elevates us, it brings us peace !!!

    Marcos Antonio LobregatMarcos Antonio Lobregat4 年 前
  • 46:45..... Awesome.... Fantastic soundtrack!

    Tone RangerTone Ranger4 年 前
  • The Fundamental need for reason is why we search tirelessly through the blistering heat and agony, however the end goal and what it entails does not define us...but our journey does.Hence the beauty of this game for the true grace is gained from the process and not the reward.

    BoronBoron4 年 前
  • Soo many memories are being pushed back into my brain

    FireTheFoxFireTheFox4 年 前
  • ♡♡

    Constanza P&Constanza P&4 年 前
  • I need to say something; My first playthrough, I wasn't aware that this game was multiplayer. I thought the other journey'ers I was seeing were NPC's. Well, one of these "NPC's" joined me on my final ascent to the mountain top... We shared life force all the way up the mountain, back and force, trying to keep each other the life force shares dimmed out and faded, We both fell together... Slumped in the cold snow of the mountain, taking our last breaths. It was only later at the end credits I realized I had shared my final ascent with another real person.. It hit me, so hard that we made that final Journey together.. sharing the last of our life force together.. I...was speechless. As I write this, I'm getting a bit emotional just thinking about it.... I just need to say thank you to that mystery person.. If you're out there... Wherever you are.. I will always think of you when the game Journey gets mentioned. Thank you so much for sharing that great experience. Godspeed to you, wherever you are, and whatever you do. T_T

    Bee TayBee Tay4 年 前
    • Thanks to let me remember my First Play with my companion 😊

      Aka MantiAka Manti8 个月 前
    • God bless you 😛

      VerySmallerLittle BunnyVerySmallerLittle Bunny3 年 前
    • It was me. Hi, my friend.

      ConstrickConstrick4 年 前
    • My first play through was the same way...definitely thought he was some NPC, I thought he was my teacher - He was accepting of all the mistakes I'd made, and was very patient......It completely blew my mind when I learned it was some other player...

      XannarialXannarial4 年 前
    • yw. Was a very nice experience.

      Bee TayBee Tay4 年 前
  • epic music. i love it

    OliveOlive4 年 前
  • Btw, close your eyes as the silence falls in after the crescendo at 2:40, it's so peaceful.

    TomTom4 年 前
  • This is meditation music

    K40K404 年 前
  • So unique! I am not desert it. More than a heaven. Thanks for the listening. We (all mankind) need more of this. - - - - [sorry, english is not my languaje*]

    Satella NnwSatella Nnw4 年 前
  • gracias por compRTI

    Daniel GutierrezDaniel Gutierrez4 年 前
  • I was born for this - Has to be one of the best tacks of all time.

    NaydenNayden4 年 前
  • Track 7 has to be my favorite thus far!!!

    Daron ScatesDaron Scates4 年 前
  • I wish there was an extended version of this part 42:23 - 43:00

    Victor BorofVictor Borof4 年 前
    • I THINK SO

      Chocochip30Chocochip304 年 前

      Victor BorofVictor Borof4 年 前

      Chocochip30Chocochip304 年 前
    • @Chocochip30 JUST DO IT

      Victor BorofVictor Borof4 年 前
    • don't let your dreams be dreams

      Chocochip30Chocochip304 年 前
  • Thanks a lot for linking Austin Wintory to this, you have my respect for trying effort on giving him a lot of credit.

    Lucerina HenziaLucerina Henzia4 年 前
    • It should go without saying to give people credit who deserve it!

      JepedilloJepedillo4 年 前
  • 30 seconds in and I'm crying.

    TrashTrash4 年 前
  • This guy should collaborate with the Game of Thrones composers.

    Christopher JonesChristopher Jones4 年 前
  • Here cause, Jacksepticeye❤

    Sleepy MangoSleepy Mango4 年 前
    • omg yassss

      Michael ThompsonMichael Thompson4 年 前
  • Excellent idea chapters on screen, thanks ;) Subscribed

    MrNumber112MrNumber1124 年 前
    • Hi! If you use a PC or console browser you can see invideo time stamps which you can use to choose your song.

      JepedilloJepedillo4 年 前
    • Thanks for your support and compliment! :)

      JepedilloJepedillo4 年 前
  • Hi again! Abzû a game from the artist behind Journey gets launch trailer, music composed by - yes of course - Austin Wintory! :) Dive into the trailer: Listen Abzû soundtrack:

    JepedilloJepedillo4 年 前
    • It was absolutely amazing. :)

      Ethan H.Ethan H.4 年 前
  • 36:55 crying

    Elise BechElise Bech4 年 前
    • Same here

      Mike AndersonMike Anderson9 个月 前
    • also 41:30

      Elise BechElise Bech4 年 前
    • me too ;-;

      FPL MaestroFPL Maestro4 年 前
  • Simply brilliant.

    D BrzoskaD Brzoska4 年 前
  • Journey is a beautiful game with an equally beautiful soundtrack. It was a on the spot purchase, while in Game I saw the Journey download Card while my teenage nephew was buying his kill everything in sight games, it was the cover art that drew me in, I asked my nephew if he had heard of it, he said something like, it's for Noobs or something like that, I got it anyway and it blew me away.

    05Rudey05Rudey4 年 前
    • you should teach your nephew to appreciate those types of things/games more in life :P may do him good.

      Bell The Almighty LordBell The Almighty Lord4 年 前
  • This is really beautiful

    ZenZen4 年 前
  • This, Tearaway and LBP are the greatest PlayStation games I've ever played.

    Wispy CirrusWispy Cirrus4 年 前
  • I love this it is so beautiful

    Gaming PegasusGaming Pegasus4 年 前
  • a lot of this track brings tears to my eyes, both happy and very sad, damn bowl of onions!

    Lizzy KoopaLizzy Koopa4 年 前
    • +herp la derp I thought it was because of the Onion Slicing Ninjas

      TrialRagnarokTrialRagnarok4 年 前
  • When you hop on those cloth kite creatures and they fly you over the wall and you start skiing down those sand dunes. Thats when the game really came alive for me.

    bob sagetbob saget5 年 前
  • now we know why this shit one a BAFTA

    drummerboi357drummerboi3575 年 前
  • nice

    rana shoaibrana shoaib5 年 前
  • Apotheosis and I was Born For This make me cry every time. So powerful, beautiful and emotional even without recalling the end of the game. Bittersweet tears are the best worst thing in the world....*empties another tissuebox*

    ZeStreDZeStreD5 年 前
  • This was an amazing journey from start to finish! I love this

    LuKaTo100LuKaTo1005 年 前
  • The best example that Video Games can be art too. One of the best Game i've ever played, its just beautiful.

    HidenkiHidenki5 年 前
  • The final scenes with the last two tracks always steals a tear from my eye. This really is a goddamn gorgeus game and a evenly fantastic score. Bravo.

    TheSovjetCatTheSovjetCat5 年 前
  • Guys you can download all soundtrack from Journey here: yadi. sk/ d/ Ho-KkpClkB7xx . Sorry for spaces in link, but youtube block my commentaire if it has links.

    Vovva The BluehairedVovva The Bluehaired5 年 前
    • +Vovva225 No it doesnt...

      The _ToasterThe _Toaster5 年 前
  • The Journey of Life. . . :)

    M CsM Cs5 年 前

    FlightFlight5 年 前

      Crow MommaCrow Momma年 前

      VerySmallerLittle BunnyVerySmallerLittle Bunny3 年 前
  • Every time I listen to this chills run down my spine... It's sooo beautiful and peaceful

    Brush LolBrush Lol5 年 前
  • 42:20 to 45:07 wait what? i'm listening Journey OST or a Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 1 o_O

    Thomas MasThomas Mas5 年 前
  • i heard this OST when i playing LOL its so beautiful :3

    Yohanes CellistYohanes Cellist5 年 前
  • This and Metroid Prime are the two most atmospheric games I've ever played. Both are beautiful and told without words.

    Brad BaileyBrad Bailey5 年 前
  • Thanks for uploading.Bros very niceee :)

    Fatih KOÇALİFatih KOÇALİ5 年 前
  • Can you put this Album on Spotify? i would be great!

    Rodolfo Marques BombonatoRodolfo Marques Bombonato5 年 前
    • +Rodolfo Marques Bombonato you could use netease music, that is like spotify with a lot of soundtracks (including Journey) and it's free.

      Alexandro Sifuentes DíazAlexandro Sifuentes Díaz5 年 前
    • just looked on spotify and he does have some of the journey ost songs on spotify, but they are piano only, still would love to see this actual soundtrack on there. especially after my love for it being reaffirmed when I played it again after it came out for ps4!

      julesxxjulesxx5 年 前
    • +Rodolfo Marques Bombonato I fifth this.

      TuckTuck5 年 前
    • @julesxx I third this

      Music Dragon MountainMusic Dragon Mountain5 年 前
    • I also do.

      im just here to commentateim just here to commentate5 年 前
  • It's already well established, but just in case you didn't know: the tracks are named after stages of the Monomyth, or Hero's Journey.

    GrandSupremeDaddyoGrandSupremeDaddyo5 年 前
    • Oh damn, now I see. Thanks for pointing this out!

      TomTom4 年 前
    • @Crystal Chaung I don't know if I understand your meaning, but I believe it's called the monomyth because it contains the features of every great hero story in all mythology. If you look at all the great mythological heroes, they undergo some or all of the stages of the monomyth. From Hercules, to Beowulf, to Luke Skywalker, to Neo from the Matrix.

      GrandSupremeDaddyoGrandSupremeDaddyo5 年 前
    • +GrandSupremeDaddyo I didn't know this was an epic journey ha heh Why's the "myth" "mono"= one? Hero people are ones?

      Crystal ChaungCrystal Chaung5 年 前
    • +Arshan Hasan “Donyadideh” "Nadir" used figuratively to mean the lowest point of a person's spirits, or the quality of an activity or profession.

      30darke30darke5 年 前
    • Ah, might be worth watching a playthrough then. You won't get the joy of the gameplay, but the aesthetics are the real draw.

      GrandSupremeDaddyoGrandSupremeDaddyo5 年 前
  • In loving memory of my cousin Steve Jr

    Damian omenDamian omen5 年 前
    • @Miguel Angel Oi you want that dont be a big shit sure many years have gone by but you want that to happen to you? No of course you dont so keep words to yourself and leave people alone

      Rekter100Rekter10010 个月 前
    • @Miguel Angel ok

      Damian omenDamian omen5 年 前
    • +Miguel Angel why so rude???

      noneofurbusiness201noneofurbusiness2015 年 前
    • +Damian omen Nobody fucking cares

      Miguel AngelMiguel Angel5 年 前
  • I don't know of more moving music out there, and I never played the game.

    killerjgkillerjg5 年 前
    • @killerjg When Apotheosis plays in the game it's hard to believe you're just sat in front of a TV screen experiencing this.

      GrandSupremeDaddyoGrandSupremeDaddyo5 年 前
  • Journey coming to PS4, YES!!! That's is the one remaster I want!

    Saad BabarSaad Babar5 年 前
    • Same I love it

      Gaming PegasusGaming Pegasus4 年 前
    • I played it xD, It really looked and played just like before just a lil' better.

      Saad BabarSaad Babar5 年 前
    • +Derp Derpingson It is the most perfect game I have ever played...

      Twilight PrincessTwilight Princess5 年 前
    • @Mr. Master , unfortunately no , cause it's owned by Sony same as flower and flow and other games from other developers , journey will be in other platforms ... When Sony does that ,

      hasohaso5 年 前
    • +Derp Derpingson journey will became to pc ? :(

      Behzat DBehzat D5 年 前
  • this music sounds like a journey to your soul, and discovering it's essence.

    K.o.t.O.R. 511K.o.t.O.R. 5115 年 前
    • fits the game

      Random GuyRandom Guy4 年 前
  • Someone I cared about a lot told me to listen to this soundtrack. Even after he stopped caring, I still cared, even if he didn't know it. I constantly watch memories in my head and I remembered that he told me to listen to this, so I did, hoping he would remember me.

    Andy SchrammAndy Schramm5 年 前
  • I swear, just the very first 3-5 sec really have a strong impact, you just know the rest of the following soundtrack is amazing and beyond. I really appreaciate mastepieces like these, so happy people like these still exist in this forsaken world of ours.

    Prince Jamal MinhasPrince Jamal Minhas6 年 前
  • 3:15 There's voices here O__o a year of listening to this soundtrack and now I can hear tribal chants-like voices here.

    leeardamerleeardamer6 年 前
    • @leeardamer Yeah, when you go to Austin Wintory's channel he has a full video explaining each song, and he mentionned that it was a mixture of his voice and of some others as well

      MichelleMichelle5 年 前
  • simply the best study/drawing music yay

    TemeriviaTemerivia6 年 前
  • Its so BEUTIFUL.

    Yume soroYume soro6 年 前
  • know it's good when It send's those "chills" down your spine.

    WolvezByteWolvezByte6 年 前
  • Thanks for the upload!such gorgeous music!

    V WangV Wang6 年 前
  • This music and all the comments have sold me. I'm getting the game. Thank you for the upload! The links are very useful. I like the way you set it up on the video too.

    mauia888mauia8886 年 前
    • You're welcome! :)

      JepedilloJepedillo6 年 前
  • This game is one of the best crafted games I have ever played hands down. The multiplayer system was amazing and the graphics stunning, but he greatest thing I have to say about this game is its soundtrack. There isn't an out of place song or even a pointless song it all just fits together like pieces of a puzzle

    Bobby KBobby K6 年 前
    • I agree. I feel that the music enhances the emotional attachment that you have to your character, to your companion, and to the situations that you come across at different points in the game.

      Music Dragon MountainMusic Dragon Mountain6 年 前
  • This game is one of the most beautifully designed and musically scored that I have played. Kudos to you and your team. Thank you.

    Wanda KurtçuWanda Kurtçu6 年 前
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    xJapanGirlxxJapanGirlx6 年 前
    • Thank you very much! :D

      JepedilloJepedillo6 年 前
  • That last part of "Apotheosis", at around 50:45, when you finally arrive at the top and slowly walk into the light... Right in the feels, man. Right in them...

    J-F BradleyJ-F Bradley6 年 前
    • My friend and I were playing this game, we are both cellists so we really appreciate the soundtrack. We were crying at this part of the game, in tears and feeling the emotion when out of the blue my friend goes, "Man... I would really hate being that cellist." We both just started laughing hysterically after that.

      Strange AlchemyStrange Alchemy3 年 前

      VerySmallerLittle BunnyVerySmallerLittle Bunny3 年 前
  • such a great OST! thanks for uploading and the super awesome annotation-based tracklist for skipping or choosing songs

    VikVik6 年 前
    • Thanks a lot - you're welcome! Nice to hear that it improves the listening experience at all! :)

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