Maddison & Barnes Fire Foxes To Victory At Villa | Aston Villa 1 Leicester City 2 | 2020/21

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James Maddison and Harvey Barnes both struck in the first half as Leicester City beat Aston Villa in the Premier League.

  • 🇹🇭♥️

    Nori FFNori FF2 天 前
  • those beats are sick

    MyRaghaMyRagha3 天 前
  • 0.45 that martinez catch lol❣️❣️😍

    Abdifatah chinaAbdifatah china3 天 前
  • 🎉🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Az-zahra IrwinAz-zahra Irwin3 天 前
  • Harvey barns improve to another level

    Life Is DramaLife Is Drama4 天 前
  • stop the music Leicester city! no one come here for the music!

    yo foxjokeyo foxjoke4 天 前
  • this harvey barnes guy gonna be great someday

    Everyday ExamplesEveryday Examples4 天 前
  • What's wrong with the music man? Geezzz...

    Dimas IrvanDimas Irvan4 天 前
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    Samuel JohnsonSamuel Johnson4 天 前
  • What's with the background music?

    Fatih AksuFatih Aksu4 天 前
  • Leicester deserve the UCL

    Hx DxHx Dx4 天 前
  • Whoever were said to be title favorites have been bad (Everton,Liverpool,Tottenham,Chelsea)

    Hx DxHx Dx4 天 前
  • Brendan Rogers is doing an excellent job - from Manchester United fan

    Mance RayderMance Rayder4 天 前
  • Best👍👍👍

    wongwong4 天 前
  • love this team

    Hank ShepherdHank Shepherd4 天 前
  • But mannnn.. Maddison has become a beast

    TaBong PrestigeTaBong Prestige4 天 前
  • The music is a big no

    Immanuel ButeImmanuel Bute5 天 前
  • 👍

    Realistaa Sayed AliRealistaa Sayed Ali5 天 前
  • Leicester are fun to watch as a neutral. Kind of like Leeds but better at the back.

    rollercoaster478rollercoaster4785 天 前
  • Wow just excellent...🔥🔥 Move on to the next match

    DavidDavid5 天 前
  • Nice maddison and barns

    Unbelievable GamingUnbelievable Gaming5 天 前
  • The music is so annoying

    Libri KurniadiLibri Kurniadi5 天 前
  • #Maddison ❤️

    มู๋' ปิ้ง'งมู๋' ปิ้ง'ง5 天 前
  • The music is odd.

    MrAndywearMrAndywear5 天 前
  • 💗THA

    Leicester CityLeicester City5 天 前
  • hate Kasper Schmeichel

    K9 Shadow FordyK9 Shadow Fordy5 天 前
  • thanks Mr. Brendan Rodgers 😍😍

    Gracia PropertindoGracia Propertindo5 天 前
  • I really hope that LEICESTER CITY wins this season.

    Amri IdeAmri Ide5 天 前
  • Astonn Villa has good goalkeeper

    sport platformsport platform5 天 前
  • Signing of the season : Martinez

    Chibuike KingsleyChibuike Kingsley5 天 前
  • United fan here hope you get champions league football, u deserve it

    VogonyoTVVogonyoTV5 天 前
  • leicester and rb leipzig is underrated club in europe

    SyarilSyaril5 天 前
  • Keep going Leicester 🎯❤️❤️

    Lionel Sudip OfficialLionel Sudip Official5 天 前
  • The difference between Chelsea and Leicester in the table is Mount and Maddison. The former lacks half the qualities shown by Maddison.

    Mahlon kiprutoMahlon kipruto5 天 前
  • free kick can be a beatiful bonus. good day it was for keeper

    Den IvanchenkoDen Ivanchenko5 天 前
  • Voice bugg 😁

  • Good consistency they shown us along these season, although they don't win any trophies, but someday they will, congrats foxie...

    Antoni CahyadiAntoni Cahyadi5 天 前
  • wtf is this music you can do better

    hank moodyhank moody5 天 前
  • Name of the song please

    Eversmile MuthanuniEversmile Muthanuni5 天 前
  • Madison

    Heru MegiansyahHeru Megiansyah5 天 前
  • If this performance by Maddison and Barnes doesn’t convince Southgate, i dunno what will .

    Electro GemElectro Gem5 天 前
  • When Leicester highlight start using bgm?

    Miswar BioMiswar Bio5 天 前
  • Wish none of them get sold again

    Ridma IrsyamRidma Irsyam5 天 前
  • Harvey doing a great job this season🔥

    Steven BoschSteven Bosch5 天 前
  • This team is underrated 💯

    Bernard WanjohiBernard Wanjohi5 天 前
  • The power full

    Umar ZinbarUmar Zinbar5 天 前
  • as a neutral I love watching Foxes! My only wish is that Jamie Vardy magically turns 25 again so that he can play for 10 more years!

    Deepangshu DasDeepangshu Das5 天 前
  • gw kira, nama channel nya LCGC... org +62 pasti tau.. wkwk..

    polo rengatpolo rengat5 天 前
  • Once again - ruined by unnecessary music.

    Mark LucasMark Lucas5 天 前
  • Maddison > grealish

    mr 7mr 75 天 前
  • Martinez best goal keeperr in premiere league. Ada de gea of course

    Ananda FarhanAnanda Farhan5 天 前
  • barnes and maddison is the stars

    shin thant kyawshin thant kyaw5 天 前
  • James =Toni kroos

    christopher Japchristopher Jap5 天 前
  • Remove the background music ffs nobody wants to hear that

    The Mad ManThe Mad Man5 天 前
  • Harvey Barnes Oooooooh Its the winner

    Athul JoseAthul Jose5 天 前
  • Maddison love😍

    vishnuvishnu5 天 前
  • Maddison like Beckham

    Aku KorAku Kor5 天 前
  • Villa going down.

    Ron MexicoRon Mexico5 天 前
  • Wow🥰🥰🥰🥰

    សាគូរ៉ា - Sakuraសាគូរ៉ា - Sakura5 天 前
  • Leicester, my favorite team of Premier League, regards from Monterrey, Mx

    Eduardo CastilloEduardo Castillo5 天 前
    • Jajajaj nomames

      01Emmanuel0901Emmanuel095 天 前
  • Maddison only scores beauty 🔥🔥

    Alvin AdrianusAlvin Adrianus5 天 前
  • Leicester will be the only potential club candidate to stop Manchester city ? Can't wait for the second meeting between them considering city conceded 5 goals on the first meeting

    Bang JoeBang Joe5 天 前
  • Don't put BGM. It's irritating.

    Mesbah Ul HaqueMesbah Ul Haque5 天 前
  • Come On Foxes, let's try to do this positive trend on FA Cup and Europa League, because every fans need this cup

    Faathir MuhammadFaathir Muhammad5 天 前
  • who wants to see leicester city in champions league !

    Akash 29Akash 295 天 前
    • i want to see them in fifa club world cup

      KitulKitul5 天 前
  • I love how Leicester use backsound in their highlights and now they use Funny by Zedd🤩

    Vico FewiandikaVico Fewiandika6 天 前
    • Whoa never thought that. Glad to helping you guys

      Vico FewiandikaVico Fewiandika4 天 前
    • Thanks for the name!

      Throwback Naija TVThrowback Naija TV5 天 前
    • Thanks, I was looking for the name

      EmmanziEmmanzi5 天 前
  • Harvey Barnes 🔥🔥🔥

    으아으아6 天 前
  • Leicester city ....mantap.. Alhamdulilah...menang...pertahankan performanya the foxes... Salam fans the foxes...from indonesian... The foxes hebatt.

    Mur DionoMur Diono6 天 前
    • Yoi bang, gw juga merasa bersyukur dengan hasil ini, terlebih yang ngegolin ada dari akademi Leicester #UnbelievablepartII

      Faathir MuhammadFaathir Muhammad5 天 前
  • James Maddison 👍👍👍👍

    JoiKiang PangJoiKiang Pang6 天 前
  • 💙💙💙

    Akang SaeAkang Sae6 天 前
  • Forza Leicester 💙🇮🇹💪🏻✨

    Tancredi Fortunato PianistTancredi Fortunato Pianist6 天 前
  • very off topic, but happy b day mahrez! we miss you at leicester

    OM DOM D6 天 前
    • nah we dont lol, 60M was more than enough for him

      Taylor FinchTaylor Finch5 天 前
  • Welcome to UCL LFC

    Zakaria AbdullahZakaria Abdullah6 天 前
  • Wait! So no one noticed the throw in that lead to the Barnes goal(second goal). The guy threw in and both his feet were in the air, basically assisting Barnes' goal!!

    Reece CherryReece Cherry6 天 前
  • Good win Leicester City. Take it game by game and we will secure top 4.

    So-seal MooreSo-seal Moore6 天 前
  • wp leicester city, nice 3 point

    DeBuDDiDeBuDDi6 天 前
  • Madison > Bruno Fernandez

    Ron WrightRon Wright6 天 前
    • Hell no!!! He's good but Fernandes is on another level

      Nadir MunooNadir Munoo5 天 前
    • i agree, hope no man u fans see this

      OM DOM D6 天 前
  • Thank god they turned the music down for this one hahaha

    Josef WinstoneJosef Winstone6 天 前
  • ESPN pundits be talkling about everybody else but Leicester City. these lads are criminally underrated

    The Original MeatbeaterThe Original Meatbeater6 天 前
    • @Citizens Cash I can sense that u are a fake fan that supports the money merchants

      big man ronbig man ron4 天 前
    • Yesss someone finally understands

      big man ronbig man ron4 天 前
    • @Angad Grewal I can sense that you are not so sensible.

      Citizens CashCitizens Cash5 天 前
    • Leicester will win UEFA champion league

      Angad GrewalAngad Grewal5 天 前
    • Everyone knows they won't even make top four just watch

      Citizens CashCitizens Cash5 天 前
  • Easy as you like boys a lot more easy then the scoreline suggests.

    Tony machevelliTony machevelli6 天 前
  • Dai ragazziii... Forza leicester dall italiaaaaa

    donzimat 02donzimat 026 天 前
  • 메디슨 진짜 대박이다

    2518양승원2518양승원6 天 前
  • Harvey Barnes what a player

    Marco VenticinqueMarco Venticinque6 天 前
  • The more they score, the hotter they get...lei fans can bid them goodbye next season haha

    Morn starMorn star6 天 前
    • Not got the money to buy them! 300 mil for madder, 250 mill of Tielemans, 200 mill for Ndiddi and 150 million for Barnes!

      Tony machevelliTony machevelli6 天 前
  • Backsound : Zedd - Funny

    VangVangVang Tech SupportVangVangVang Tech Support6 天 前
  • I call Leicester is Lester

    Amirul HamzahAmirul Hamzah6 天 前

    GianGian6 天 前
  • That added five minutes felt so long...villa was knocking but thank God the foxes managed to take all three points.

    demtumzademtumza6 天 前
    • It was almost longer than the whole game lol

      Mr hawkMr hawk6 天 前
  • Come on!!!! Dilliding dillidong 🔔🦊❤

    Matteo MarazzaMatteo Marazza6 天 前
  • Huge win! Champions league...

  • Harvey Barnes a super kid.

    Kairo KaliimKairo Kaliim6 天 前
    • What a season he's having

      Yousuf IslamYousuf Islam5 天 前
  • Felicidades from Guatemala

    Douglas SotoDouglas Soto6 天 前
  • Ooooh, it's not the equaliser...

  • great win great music!

    Ian TIan T6 天 前
  • What a match foxesss, COME ON!!!

    Carlos Mauricio Rico otaloraCarlos Mauricio Rico otalora6 天 前
  • The ceaseless felony invariably stare because war contextually rot times a cheerful whale. dysfunctional, quirky worm

    Phan Yen TrinhPhan Yen Trinh6 天 前
  • Te amo Leicester City saludos desde México 🇲🇽😍❤🦊

    Carlos BautistaCarlos Bautista6 天 前
  • Congratulations. I'm from Algeria and I'm still a fan of foxes and Jimmy Fardi. Foxes forward.💪💪💪❤❤❤

    meriem bibichameriem bibicha6 天 前
    • Love it. Long live Jimmy Fardi !!!

      Skin 1964Skin 19646 天 前
  • whoever calls Leicester lichester are weird

    MillerTeenMillerTeen6 天 前
    • no i'm not but i met people from America in 1990s who called Leicester lichester

      Ian TIan T5 天 前
    • @Abhirup Nath nah Americans have called it that for like 20 years

      Ian TIan T5 天 前
    • @Abhirup Nath yup lol😂

      Nikita SawantNikita Sawant5 天 前
    • I don't get it

  • I wish after maddison was injured he was replaced by either Albrighton or Under instead of mendy whoever thinks I am right pls like it

    Loother NaloLoother Nalo6 天 前