Arsenal 4-2 Leeds United | Premier League highlights

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Premier League highlights from our 4-2 defeat against Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium with goals from Pascal Struijk and Helder Costa.
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  • Pierre emrick aubomeyaang is so underrated 😓😓😓

    Lionel messiLionel messi6 天 前
  • Leeds are so good to watch but they are prone to games like this

    Markus1826 AndreMarkus1826 Andre7 天 前
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    Chika AnthonyChika Anthony7 天 前
  • I just love Leeds

    Wenepaida GladysWenepaida Gladys8 天 前
  • Yeah Leeds Show a lot second Half ,but it’s there , why not Show they teams for 90 mins easy For me to say, Comeon. The Leeds 🙏♥️🤘🏻Gorgie Scotland 🤘🏻x

    Scott FraserScott Fraser9 天 前
  • Absolutely no atmosphere without the crowd. Football is ruined😢

    Ray GrangeRay Grange9 天 前
  • Galatasaray TURKEY😅

  • Hi Leeds , love

    Eli H.Eli H.10 天 前
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    Cute kellyCute kelly10 天 前
  • If only Leeds buys a Good midfield in the summer transfer I think they can bang the league next season.

    Beuken PhomBeuken Phom10 天 前
  • Leeds are a very good team indeed; they deny to believe they can face any team and win.

    Talen AxelTalen Axel10 天 前
  • Poor Meslier

    ardi kurniawanardi kurniawan11 天 前
  • Nice

    Dinho comedyDinho comedy11 天 前
  • Urgente! A goalkeeper with experience!

    Profe BotelloProfe Botello11 天 前
  • I really hope Leeds can win their next matches. What a team they are and much respect from an Arsenal fan You can do big things in the future 👏

    LukaLuka11 天 前
  • 'poor defending it really was' 'Once again we really do cause are own problems'.... who is this missery of a comentator, he could make an onion cry!

    Brian WalkerBrian Walker11 天 前
  • As an Arsenal Fans, I think Leeds united is a very good team because they are not afraid to attack. I think leeds deserve more respect rather than a team that only play defensive and boring football for poin like leicester city

    Pugar Septia GPugar Septia G11 天 前
  • and Arsenal claim the fourth # eeeeee

    Ginesh Nair MatthewGinesh Nair Matthew11 天 前
  • What was the gk doin

    fiasko Dollarifiasko Dollari11 天 前
  • Cleansheet would be better

    Wajahat MoledinaWajahat Moledina11 天 前
  • Auba would have had easy 4 goals

    Wajahat MoledinaWajahat Moledina11 天 前
  • I just cannot understand how the Meslier incident was a penalty? he had control of the ball and at best in favour of the Arsenal player it became a 50/50 tackle. You can't just run into someone half touch the ball hit the deck and expect a pen.

    Chris HinchliffeChris Hinchliffe11 天 前
  • Wow... That keeper is terrible

    kurtcoibainjrkurtcoibainjr11 天 前
  • Arsenal!

    Young TataYoung Tata11 天 前
  • Why not look for another goal keeper

    Ali MhdisAli Mhdis11 天 前
  • Auba Recognized the Assister sounds good

    Jackson MpigiJackson Mpigi11 天 前
  • I just love the very attack minded football Leeds play, you'd never associate negative football with them. Beautiful team with a very sound, tactical coach In Biesla. As an Arsenal fan I do wish you the best as I absolutely enjoy watching your team in the EPL. I'm almost so sure you're in the premier league to stay and challenge much like Leicester this time around. Good luck

    Kingsley UdeorahKingsley Udeorah11 天 前
  • Many players injured ( Kalvin, Rodrigo, Koch, Llorente ) it is difficult to have to fill the positions with another player, very proud of the team ( sorry for my english ) VAMOS LEEDS CARAJOOO... muy orgulloso del equipo y de Marcelo, la frente bien alta.....

    roberto carlettiroberto carletti12 天 前
  • el arquero se come por lo menos 3 goles , dos de esos goles fueron al palo del ...y el penal es culpa del el tambien VAMOS BIELSA CARAJO !!!

    Horacio BistottoHoracio Bistotto12 天 前
  • This is Arsenal and we still lose ? Omg

    Dhany DanielDhany Daniel12 天 前
  • NICE

    Achmad AnshoriAchmad Anshori12 天 前
  • Is he save penalty this season

    Jamie ShepherdJamie Shepherd12 天 前
  • Unfortunately for Leeds and the goalkeeper he wasn't good enough.

    ReasonReason12 天 前
  • leeds goalkeeper first day?

    claudio orellanaclaudio orellana12 天 前
  • Struijk always play bad game at cdm

    m fadlim fadli12 天 前
  • Leeds United are the best football club in the World 🌎

    Golden BollocksGolden Bollocks12 天 前
  • Leeds just need to focus on defense a bit more

    TopBoy RicardoTopBoy Ricardo12 天 前
  • Leeds is a good team showing attractive plays.

    JW ParkJW Park12 天 前
  • Bielsa is clearly good but praise has gone way overboard. Wilder got Sheff united promoted and then had a cracking first season but was never in running for coach of the year. Plenty of managers have got teams promoted and stayed up, it’s as if Bielsa is the first to ever achieve this. In terms of style of play, with Bielsa it is all about pressure pressure pressure, high tempo high tempo high tempo. Don’t get me wrong, Leeds are entertaining to watch but this praise with Bielsa is ridiculous. Just look at his background. Didn’t last long at Lazio, Marseille, Lille or Athletico Bilbao. Literally a season at each. You can argue that he isn’t a coach who goes for the big clubs but then again he doesn’t exactly last long at clubs and doesn’t improve them apart from Leeds, which is probably the highlight of his career including Argentina National team. A good coach but really overhyped in my opinion.

    Chris JamesonChris Jameson12 天 前
  • @1:22 the man said kebayos, for Ceballos😅😅

    Hope SoloHope Solo12 天 前
  • I love how Meslier blames his defenders in every goal he conceded; typical 20 yr old

    NeverOddOreveNNeverOddOreveN12 天 前
  • Try to always support the team and individual mistakes....but Meslier is making far too many mistakes and his confidence seems to be shot to pieces.

    L GL G12 天 前
  • Shocking performance. Hope we learn things from this.

    SANGSANG12 天 前
  • I see Pascal did his headers training like he said

    Mikey HowardMikey Howard12 天 前
  • First half cost us dearly. We've got to sort our defence out!!!!!!! Playing a dangerous game at the back .back & forth to each other keeper messing about with the ball ??? Get rid get it banged up field & for christ sake stop giving the ball away. Dilly dally in our own area. But on we go. Lowfields old boy mot forever wherever ✊✊✊

    Jonathon CoatesJonathon Coates12 天 前
  • Defense should improve. Opponents were passing the ball between the legs of defenders.

    viharivihari12 天 前
  • Awesome

    Rapheal aliakorRapheal aliakor12 天 前
    • Hello Raphael how are you doing?

      Harry MillerHarry Miller12 天 前
  • What’s going on with EPL goalies?

    Ilooise OmohinminIlooise Omohinmin12 天 前
  • Arsenal only won cause we were away

    Carol FeehanCarol Feehan12 天 前
    • Hello Carol how are you doin

      Harry MillerHarry Miller12 天 前
    • Nice logic

      Glen FernandesGlen Fernandes12 天 前
  • Sorry for team reason meslier is no longer no 1 next season

    inonk gaminginonk gaming12 天 前
  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • Nice jersey leeds

    Super atlitSuper atlit12 天 前
  • Even when we were 4-0 up I panicked when Leeds scored because they're so unpredictable.

    A BA B12 天 前
  • Really miss Kalvin Phillips in this game. like if you agree or even disagree!

    bug basterbug baster12 天 前
  • Que desastre por Dios!!!

    juan mustojuan musto12 天 前
  • Nice video❤

    Minh AnhMinh Anh12 天 前
    • yeah

      Adedeji OniAdedeji Oni12 天 前
  • Leeds should find another goalkesper

    Kick off FootballKick off Football12 天 前
  • Bloody Meslier. I mean, would it kill him to pick the damned ball up now and then?

  • No one: Absolutely no one : Commentator: "KEBAYOS"

    Patryk StecPatryk Stec12 天 前
    • what?

      nizaaru hiranizaaru hira11 天 前
    • You are a legend.

      good enoughgood enough12 天 前
  • wkwk lord david Luiz ❤️

    wkwk landwkwk land12 天 前
  • Dude..seriously , at this competition you are need Goalkeeper Not a Goalboy. No doubt about that

    Pokrol Gaming TVPokrol Gaming TV12 天 前
  • Leeds utd ⚰️

    Hala SaedHala Saed12 天 前
  • 3 goals from arsenal were actually avoidable

    Joyo PGHJoyo PGH12 天 前
  • AssaLamu`aLaikum wr.wb

  • Não entendi os chutões no primeiro tempo,quando voltarão ao seu estilo no segundo tempo foram melhores,Ayling na zaga não da foi mal denovo sem contar a entregada do meslier prescisamos melhorar

    NobruNobru12 天 前
  • penalty for stepping on the ball? thata sakar is real clown

    Henry PowellHenry Powell12 天 前
  • Who the fuck's keballos ?

    Mustakim RahmanMustakim Rahman12 天 前
  • I love this team I love bielsa but he need to know the difference between big team and small team, I know he likes to attack, but he should learn to defend a little bit when facing stronger opponent, I call discipline

    Gady JohnGady John12 天 前
  • I don't mind loosing if we played good football 🤷🏽‍♂️ gotta remember apart from raphinia that was the championship side that got us promotion

    Jamie GibsonJamie Gibson12 天 前
  • Messier had a nite mate of a day beaten twice at his near post and trying to be clever just kick the ball out

    Jeff ChandlerJeff Chandler12 天 前
  • 0:12 I hate seeing players throwing stuffs on ground and the staffs has to pick them up. Very rude...the players too selfish nowadays 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Have ThatHave That12 天 前
    • Karen

      LUFC JxckLUFC Jxck12 天 前
  • Thats what happens when you run your mouth, humbled.

    Victor OvanesVictor Ovanes12 天 前
    • @Mr Nobody Said on some podcast he can't wait to see pepe again.. something of the sort.

      Victor OvanesVictor Ovanes12 天 前
    • @Victor Ovanes what did he say?

      Mr NobodyMr Nobody12 天 前
    • @Mr Nobody Alioski :)

      Victor OvanesVictor Ovanes12 天 前
    • Who ran their mouth bro?

      Mr NobodyMr Nobody12 天 前
  • the goal keeper not performed well in a couple of games already,need to give him some special training.

    Vater JacobVater Jacob12 天 前
  • I don’t know why, but as an Arsenal fan, I can say that Leeds are such a peoples team. Everyone loves the , including me. Much luck to you lot in the future.

    Señor KIMOSeñor KIMO12 天 前
    • @Mohamed Issa Thanks that's very kind of you to say. Take care and hopefully the Gunners will be champions again soon.

      Stuart EdmondStuart Edmond11 天 前
    • @Stuart Edmond your manager is also very good and Leeds are in the premier league to stay and 4years away from challenging for top 4 if your team is managed properly 👍🏾

      Mohamed IssaMohamed Issa11 天 前
    • Hi senor KIMO, thanks that is very decent of you, and the Gunners will get better over time, you have got a great upcoming young manager. Who will go on to do good things in the future.

      Stuart EdmondStuart Edmond11 天 前
    • @Mohamed Issa well we hope so, we're playing great football everyone else thinks so too which is good to hear... I think we need 8more points. We play wolves on Friday so they are having a up and down season. Wish us luck mohamed.... 😁

      Maureen TaitMaureen Tait12 天 前
    • @Maureen Tait ur staying up ur having a very good season

      Mohamed IssaMohamed Issa12 天 前
  • Kiper leeds germain sangat jelek, arsenal beruntung menang karena goal dari leeds jauh lebih baik. Seharusnya leeds menang 2 - 1

    Miracle AndyMiracle Andy12 天 前
  • Willian without any function

    Michael KrishnaMichael Krishna12 天 前
  • Where was the brazil walcott? Does he only turn up against shit teams

    Ross MiltonRoss Milton12 天 前
  • Keep improving Leeds, we're on the right track

    Purnama AriePurnama Arie12 天 前
  • I never like Leeds in the Viduka and Kewell era but this Leeds is so different and very likeable. I hope they succeed in the future

    Teh Koon TeikTeh Koon Teik12 天 前
  • Keeper let us down.

    Ben DoverBen Dover12 天 前
  • Pascal🇮🇩

    Hendra SaputraHendra Saputra12 天 前
  • Tetap tenang coach Bielsa, step by step Next year optimis zona Champions

    Taufiqur RohmanTaufiqur Rohman12 天 前
  • Leeds sholud buy a good GK n couple if defenders . They can be a great team

    Shubh DedhiaShubh Dedhia12 天 前
  • A good win but not convinced with the Arsenal defense...they have to be watertight at the back and stop conceding undesired goals

    Muhammad Faidullah MonirMuhammad Faidullah Monir12 天 前
  • I'm sorry but always supported meslier but he was rubbish today gave away a penalty and let in two soft goals needs to improve badly

    David WoodDavid Wood12 天 前
  • Second half is Amazing games....Respect...Leed U..!!

    Bon Made 92Bon Made 9212 天 前
  • Kuch justin bangga neh nonton inih

    Hanum HauraTVHanum HauraTV12 天 前
  • Hahahahaha

    carryminati fancarryminati fan12 天 前
  • Arsenal fan watching this on Leeds Chanel.. it's not personal though

    EddyTechEddyTech12 天 前
  • Force à vous Leeds 🎉🎊🙏🏾

    Nika AfiaNika Afia12 天 前
  • Keballos

  • Clumsy defending from luiz on that first set piece goal

    Blessing NdorohBlessing Ndoroh12 天 前
    • BS

      liposlipos11 天 前
    • Nah, saka lost his man

      MarcussonMarcusson12 天 前
  • some silly comments on here, oh we battled on, fight to the end etc etc Thing is we were poor, we could've let in 7, we have no defence and we need to sort it out or we will be going on a very bad run and a rot will set in

    chazza47chazza4712 天 前
  • young generation nowadays didnt realize that leeds is used to be the biggest of MU rival

    Yunanto AbdulYunanto Abdul12 天 前
  • Leeds has to stop playing like this if they wanna stay up in the league

    Tong CheongTong Cheong12 天 前
  • I have win arsenal .Good team.

    59_Nay Win Tun59_Nay Win Tun12 天 前
  • I'm a San Francisco Bay Area Arsenal fan... so it was with great interest when I saw that the San Francisco 49ers had bought into the Leeds United club. Well... I've been extremely impressed with the way Leeds has played over the last few years... and it's great to have them back in the Premier League... I"m obviously glad Arsenal won today, but I'll certainly be following Leeds going forward. All the best to you!

    John MavroudisJohn Mavroudis12 天 前
  • Absolutely spanked in the first half. Arsenal were fantastic. Better second half but hey ho... Arsenal have some fantastic players and there is a huge gulf between their squad and ours. It's all experience and priority continues to be staying up, which I'm sure we will.

    Mr JonesMr Jones12 天 前
  • i am a barca fan and it would be grave injustice to never see marcelo beilsa at the camp.....

    No8bukNo8buk12 天 前
  • My problem with leeds is when they turn up the turn up and when they switch off they switch off completely

    • As a leeds fan i agree with you mate. It's strange but it happens.

      Juan Diego SánchezJuan Diego Sánchez12 天 前