FULL MATCH - Bobby Lashley vs "The Demon" Finn Bálor - Intercontinental Title Match: WrestleMania 35

2021年04月 5日
909 687 意见

Bobby Lashley defends his Intercontinental Championship on the grand stage of WrestleMania 35 against "The Demon" Finn Bálor: Courtesy of Peacock and WWE Network.
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  • good job finn balor

    Keyshia SmithKeyshia Smith6 小时 前
  • Ben Bala club or David

    Tammy ClarkTammy Clark6 小时 前
  • Valor Club

    DJ PandaDJ Panda10 小时 前
  • Was the crowd given horse tranquilizers on their way in??

    Goono123Goono12317 小时 前
    • probablyy

      Shorba14Shorba149 小时 前
  • I like the demon finn balor

    Elmiati SPdElmiati SPd天 前
  • So underrated. The best 4-minute match ever.

    Marc SandersMarc Sanders天 前
  • Finn balor i love your new look and your tattoos you look awesome

    Beatrice ValleBeatrice Valle天 前
  • Bobby lashley and Mappe from psg?:)))

    Stefan SchmidtStefan Schmidt天 前
  • For some reason, demon Finn, crawls exactly like me

    JoshHatesYouJoshHatesYou天 前
  • Alternative title: monster vs demon

    JoshHatesYouJoshHatesYou天 前
  • Love

    C H I E N A HC H I E N A H天 前
  • 1:26 was that the guy from anhry grandpa

    matt denis alimatt denis ali天 前
  • Best match

    NickDaTigerNickDaTiger2 天 前
  • Dream match the demon Finn Balor vs the fiend

    Life of GMONEY4xLife of GMONEY4x2 天 前
  • Why most mankind choose black ink tattoo? Color tv is an upgrade. Black & white makes you seem dark & sinister. Only cool bodies are colorful but whatever

    Worshipped SwordWorshipped Sword2 天 前
  • ,I love finn bolor

    Benny GazoBenny Gazo3 天 前
  • Again I see why I don't watch this nonsense anymore.

    Richard SukkerRichard Sukker3 天 前
  • Finn BALOR is much more experienced then Lio rush I hope he unleashes the demon at NXT takeover

    Valeria RosieValeria Rosie3 天 前
  • Last time we saw Finn on the main roster, he was getting buried by the Fiend. We need to see him come back on the main roster with a bang by paying him back as the Demon.

    Tony ATony A3 天 前
  • Roman Reigns vs The Demon next wrestlemania 🔥💯🔥

  • Bro everyone be booing at Bobby lashley like bro he can beet the living hell out of u tf

    Hii :DHii :D3 天 前
  • no more covid?

    Romel PasilanRomel Pasilan3 天 前
  • Put this man back on the main Roster. The hell with NXT. Fin Balor/The Demon King is lowkey the best character the WWE has ever received

    Killa MikeKilla Mike4 天 前
  • Boo I voted Bobby lashley

    Liliana GuerreroLiliana Guerrero4 天 前
  • Anyone else remember lashley attacking balor during his entrance or is that just me

    Thunder BladeThunder Blade4 天 前
  • La lucha

    Onil EspinosaOnil Espinosa4 天 前
  • Dura

    Onil EspinosaOnil Espinosa4 天 前
  • 🤟

    Onil EspinosaOnil Espinosa4 天 前
  • Wow epic match

    Harold's Random VideosHarold's Random Videos4 天 前
  • Please bring back Finn Barlor on the main roster

    LevyC ChilufyajrLevyC Chilufyajr4 天 前
  • ayo his eyes are scary as hell dude

    Sven de VriesSven de Vries4 天 前
  • Im from the future, just to inform wrestlemania 37 just over, Bálor is the world champion if he vs Bobby Lashley..

  • Congrats be humble all the time

    Amelita LosariaAmelita Losaria4 天 前
    • I from philippenes I watching u always congrats my favorite

      Amelita LosariaAmelita Losaria23 小时 前
  • Fin balor I from philippenes I waching u always

    Amelita LosariaAmelita Losaria4 天 前

    IVANIVAN4 天 前
  • The cheerful guitar postprandially destroy because plant biochemically trust behind a sweet equipment. maniacal, hallowed september

    Wildin LaraWildin Lara5 天 前
  • Time for Finn to come back to the main roster

    Mista IdgafMista Idgaf5 天 前
  • LOL. This is so stupid...

    Ghetto NitzscheGhetto Nitzsche5 天 前
  • Imagine the rock vs bobby lashley

    Blazeikan 075Blazeikan 0755 天 前
  • Demon King vs The Fiend vs Woken Matt???

    Jeremy TurnerJeremy Turner5 天 前
  • 9:48 even he couldn’t believe it

    Emerson SmithEmerson Smith5 天 前
  • Talk about a Twisted Script....What a Huge Payoff for Lashley to Lose like that...Oh well, back to the gym....LOL

    B MoB Mo5 天 前
  • It gladdens me that WWE has revived the supernatural roles. Still, without pyros and solid backstories, the characters aren't as immersive.

    Cristian RothCristian Roth5 天 前
  • Fin Balor needs to give up that demon gimmick,he looks like a fool. Already got the fein and he does it better. Glad the guy went to NXT he was weak and wack.

    Cheng VangCheng Vang6 天 前
  • The demon finn balor is just unstoppable

    NaZy FoxNaZy Fox6 天 前
  • Did see Bobby lashely eyes this match is awesome match in wwe

    SillyCompSillyComp6 天 前
  • It’s sad what the did with Finn balors career

    Boner CentralBoner Central6 天 前
  • Demon Finn Balor was awesome

    Zane ThindZane Thind6 天 前
  • Who's watching this with me on April 10th 2021 Night 1 of Wrestlemania 37

    Zane ThindZane Thind6 天 前
  • Any ever notice that one guy dressed in a Jelly t shirt in the front row i mean this guy is akways there

    Akon GarrawayAkon Garraway6 天 前
  • Finn balor character as the demon is so talented and amazing the artist who ever did the painting did awesome 😎

    Lemmy LombaLemmy Lomba6 天 前
  • cuando mbappe era el manager de bobby lashley

    Jonathan MarinJonathan Marin6 天 前
  • This is my favorite and funniest Finn Balor the Demon moment🤣🤣‼... I mean the guy power bomb Bobby Lashley like it was nothing, although he struggled for the first two times but what ever... you see size isn't nothing comparing to hard work and his hard work really paid off, he got the Intercontinental Title and showed Bobby Lashley who is really the boss around here... Bobby Lashley, good fight that spear through those ropes was nothing less than amazing I have to give you that but I'm still a Finn Balor fan🔥👏🏾💯‼

    Richard Jr.Richard Jr.6 天 前
  • What happened to finn

    Binh NguyenBinh Nguyen6 天 前
  • We need another wrestlemania in louisiana.

    Tony ArceneauxTony Arceneaux6 天 前
  • Lio Rush is more of a runt then a hype man.

    Tony ArceneauxTony Arceneaux6 天 前
  • Finn and Drew wear kilts.

    Tony ArceneauxTony Arceneaux6 天 前
  • Name another wrestler who had a better return then lashley.

    Tony ArceneauxTony Arceneaux6 天 前
  • Lashley needs the tag title to have a triple 👑.

    Tony ArceneauxTony Arceneaux6 天 前
  • i hope Lashley wins this year"s wrestlemania match

    stone SKstone SK6 天 前
  • If Batista can be Drax Why can't Bobby Lashley be Cyborg in the DC Universe.... Even with those huge muscles 🔥

    Fook-ItFook-It6 天 前
  • Bobby lashley looks like his Action figure with those huge muscles 😤🔥

    Fook-ItFook-It6 天 前
  • I really miss the demon finn 😭😭

    Keith MalicKeith Malic6 天 前
  • Bruh the entrance it self took 6 minutes 🤦🏼‍♂️ And overall it’s a 4 minute match

    You’re so dumb Like omgYou’re so dumb Like omg6 天 前
  • Finn balor tryna be like the fiend

    brandon sparkbrandon spark6 天 前
  • အေရးေတာ္ပံုေအာင္ရမည္

  • boring

    Winston HowWinston How6 天 前
  • Ffwd 2 year look where they are now

    Richard cookeRichard cooke6 天 前
  • Finn Balor is one of. my favorite wrestler. He's good. And strong that was amazing

    Freddie MontanezFreddie Montanez6 天 前
  • Finn balor a entrance was longer than the match

    Chris GutierrezChris Gutierrez7 天 前
  • Finn Balor's entrance was longer than the entire match

    HapiHapi7 天 前
  • The Demon Finn Balor's entrance is AWESOME

    Siphiwe Khothatso NzimaSiphiwe Khothatso Nzima7 天 前
  • Bigger fan of balor and the demon

    Huntre IvyHuntre Ivy7 天 前
  • Finn balor is awesome Bobby lashley is to rush to

    Huntre IvyHuntre Ivy7 天 前
  • I’m still stunned that Balor really power bombed Lashley.

    Fresh FargoFresh Fargo7 天 前
  • That spear thru the ropes!!!

    MyNintenderSexyWhoreMyNintenderSexyWhore7 天 前
  • Finn Balor sucks

  • Tht spear thru the ropes tho👀👀

    D_ DD_ D7 天 前

    Hadley VlogsHadley Vlogs7 天 前
  • Did anybody else hear 'leo rush I'll beat your a**'' 5:57

    Kane DovariKane Dovari7 天 前
  • It's time to do it again! Balor vs Lashley! Lashleys biggest Demon is Balor that he can't beat! Really want to see Balor as World champion!

    DovydasDovydas7 天 前
  • Bloody hell, the crowd was dead this match

    Cian DolanCian Dolan7 天 前
  • Fin valor es el mejor

    Andres MonroyAndres Monroy7 天 前
  • Jesus can the crowd be anymore dead. But at the same time Wrestlemanis is like 9 hours nowadays so...

    Kenny ThelusmaKenny Thelusma7 天 前
  • A1

    Ameen KhanAmeen Khan7 天 前
  • hoping bobby lashley retains the belt this saturday 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    Walter JohnsonWalter Johnson7 天 前
  • Finn Balor summoned the power of the Warrior

    EmmettXIVEmmettXIV8 天 前
  • why did Finn leave raw he was so good

    VronVron8 天 前
  • Langley's gonna give the wwe title to McIntyre just like what happened in this past wrestlemania. Thank you guyz

    Godfred ObengGodfred Obeng8 天 前
  • No pop means no further chances

    ejones9924ejones99248 天 前

    Richard rageRichard rage8 天 前
  • 5:58 “LIO RUSH I’LL BEAT YOUR A**😂😂😂”. ~WWE FAN

    TacticZ-_ToFlyYTTacticZ-_ToFlyYT8 天 前

      TacticZ-_ToFlyYTTacticZ-_ToFlyYT8 天 前
  • Bing back the Demon!

    dagrazLPGdagrazLPG8 天 前
  • 4:02

    Nicholas McDonaldNicholas McDonald8 天 前
  • Sheeeeeeeeesh my guy

    Jacob JoeJacob Joe8 天 前
  • Hey finn balor can u say hi to lil x nas for me

    Ocean LifeOcean Life8 天 前
  • رووعه WWE❤️❤️

    CKCCKC8 天 前
  • Demon King vs The Fiend at Wrestlemania 38

    SuperCommentRemovedSuperCommentRemoved8 天 前
  • that intercontinental championship needs an update

    Devlin WoottonDevlin Wootton8 天 前
    • obvs its.a repeat duh crowds

      Devlin WoottonDevlin Wootton8 天 前
  • Bring back the days of old and drop the nonsense characters

    Tiny TimTiny Tim8 天 前