“Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway” Trailer (EN sub)

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“Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway”
We have decided to premiere “Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway” in theaters nationwide in Japan on May 7th, 2021 while we’ve been delaying its release under the circumstance of the global spread of COVID-19. Please wait for our further announcement regarding our release plans outside Japan.
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  • My future goal is to make real mobile suits for war

    167_Thaariq Hasyim167_Thaariq Hasyim11 小时 前
  • I'm ready for all the feels! C'mon give it to me man!

    Jaymen AmihanJaymen Amihan15 小时 前
  • the word "DAVAO" makes me excite to watch this gundam saga!~ #GundamHathaway

    Yuujin MikhailYuujin Mikhail20 小时 前
  • i wonder if they will keep the novels ending?

    天 前
  • As much as I am hyped for the movie don't we all get tired from seeing the Earth Federation triumphs again and again no matter how corrupted it is? Even the revelation in the Unicorn hardly did any damage to the status quo enjoyed by EF. Can't they just make a show that depicts the exact moment EF disintegrates? That would be satisfying af.

    Taufik KiftiyahTaufik Kiftiyah天 前

  • 드디어!!~~ ... ㅠㅠ

    나의이름은나의이름은2 天 前
  • I'm looking forward to this so much

    Kareem H.Kareem H.2 天 前
  • Is the UC timeline the only one worth following? I’m somewhat new to Gundam and none of the other timelines hold my interest.

    VTDemocracyVTDemocracy3 天 前
    • If literally any of the AUs don’t appeal to you (even the ones where they fight Vegans and use Martial Arts) then yeah you’re fine to just stick to UC

      __天 前
  • Oh the poor new fans when they will get a dose of UC lol..

    Jared PyleJared Pyle3 天 前
  • Davo... It's set in the philippine!

    Ehron NathanEhron Nathan3 天 前
  • Shit just got real!!

    Armadas InterceptorArmadas Interceptor4 天 前
  • que tal animacion

    juan baekhojuan baekho4 天 前
  • チキン連邦政府って煽ってて笑う

    こじこじこじこじ4 天 前
  • cool i didn't want to see a Gundam in the Gundam trailer anyway.

    WTFCharlesWTFCharles4 天 前
  • DAVAO 🤔0:09

    Haring BayabasHaring Bayabas6 天 前
  • am I feeling hirayuki sawano vibes here? o_o

  • Filipino Gundamn Fans be like: NANI?? A PHILIPPINE LOCATION?? BAKANA!

    Kevin GKevin G6 天 前
  • I've been doubtful about 3D animation in anime, but seeing this has changed my mind. Not jarring at all - beautiful usage of it!

    MachFiveFalconMachFiveFalcon6 天 前
  • Okay, never watched gundam in like forever, do i need to watch previous "seasons" or is fine if I just watch this?¡

    zxrudyzxrudy6 天 前
    • Char's Counter attack is a must. You can watch Zeta, but that's not really that necessary for this.

      Justice GundamJustice Gundam6 天 前
  • Wareware wa....

    Yasaka XGGWYasaka XGGW6 天 前

    Benadryl CreamypunchBenadryl Creamypunch6 天 前
  • It would be amusing to me, if someone did a super edit where Hathaway dramatically runs to jump into a Gundam. . . to have it be a SD gundam, with a kawaii fan-dance number. Seriously, lighten the mood, 2020 was heavy enough.

    ClerenyvaldClerenyvald7 天 前
  • Davao to represent Philippines!!!!!!!

    LumierreLumierre7 天 前
  • never in my entire fucking life would i think id see my hometown in a fucking gundam movie

    HadrianHadrian7 天 前
  • Why didn't they show Princess Minerva? or Banagher? are they trying to tell us Hathaway Flash and Gundam Unicorn isn't connected or one of them isn't Canon?

    Pandora ChangPandora Chang8 天 前
    • @Bgs Ash Fact has nothing to do and meaningless to my argument, with people hoping/wishing it would be Animated. It might not even be in your lifetime or never will it be animated. So don't need to include the "Yet" 90% probability rate that it would be Animated. Sunrise already moving in to the F90 Era which is UC0115 and going into pre F91 UC0123 Era. If my prediction are correct they will open up Crossbone Vanguard by the next few years.

      Pandora ChangPandora Chang9 小时 前
    • @Pandora Chang yes, i dont know. And it still doesn't change the fact that its still not, or not yet animated.

      Bgs AshBgs Ash9 小时 前
    • @Bgs Ash It might stay forever not animated, if you did not know the reason why until Today it wasn't even talked about or highlighted. Don't worry about me I am a Universal Century Freak.

      Pandora ChangPandora Chang9 小时 前
    • @Pandora Chang and for a reminder, gundam sentinel is not yet animated.

      Bgs AshBgs Ash10 小时 前
    • @Pandora Chang dont u know the rule, "anything that animated is canon"? None of johny ridden featured in any UC animated show. Or maybe we can forget about the canon-and-non-canon debate and enjoy the show?

      Bgs AshBgs Ash10 小时 前
  • I am from Davao....

    aumariganaumarigan8 天 前
  • anu daw ? sa davao ?

    joseph keithjoseph keith8 天 前
  • From boy gundam into a man level

    GamingFpsGamingFps8 天 前
  • was literally talking about gundam 5 minutes ago and then started looking and found this. so hyped.

    the Harvestthe Harvest8 天 前
  • Davao

    Edmar PedianEdmar Pedian9 天 前
  • Gigi Andalucia is my waifu.

    LegilisLegilis9 天 前
  • Im Crying

    Icy WolfIcy Wolf9 天 前
  • 0:45 hentai

    seu rnseu rn9 天 前
  • Any news on premiering in the U.S?

    ReyRey9 天 前
    • probably not theatrically, it’s definitely gonna get an international release when it comes in BluRay but with the pandemic there’s a low chance it’ll happen

      __3 天 前
  • 가슴이 웅장해진다

    물리속성 알라봉물리속성 알라봉9 天 前
  • Whats the order to watch gundam

    senpoi sentulsenpoi sentul9 天 前
  • Can anyone tell me why people hate Hathaway much and said that his dad should slap him hard? Idontgetit since I dont really follow gundam z...

    Isan 2raIsan 2ra10 天 前
    • Well I guess because he is a simp for this one girl which led to questionable actions of his in Char's Counterattack.

      Taufik KiftiyahTaufik Kiftiyah天 前
    • in Char's Counterattack (which this is a sequel to) he’s one of the unlikeable side-characters

      __3 天 前
  • I dont see a white wing zero look alike so this aint it for me

    d415izmyned415izmyne10 天 前
  • sweet .....................................so when

    RX SlimeRX Slime10 天 前
    • May in Japan, no word on international theater release

      __3 天 前
  • is there prequel to this that i need to watch before this one? the last gundam i saw was OO so i don't know a thing about the last gundam series

    darkclouddarkcloud10 天 前
    • You should watch all the UC's Gundam series to familiarise yourself with the universe of this one but if it is too much, you probably can limit yourself to the original gundam series, Zeta gundam series and the movie Char's Counterattack.

      Taufik KiftiyahTaufik Kiftiyah天 前
    • Better watch prequel if you don't want to be clueless

      mrwhickmrwhick6 天 前
  • Me sad panda that we can only have these types of plot and story on Gundam movies and OVAs not on a full TV series.

    LX MediaLX Media10 天 前
  • hiroyuki sawano, sunrise, gundam, take my money.

    Futoi FutomomodesuFutoi Futomomodesu10 天 前

    Sleeper BurukSleeper Buruk10 天 前
  • Phew. Glad the comment section still hasn't been flooded by my fellow Filipinos yet.

    Christian Daniel MontalesChristian Daniel Montales10 天 前
  • What is gundam? Zaku don't hurt meee, no more.

    R MR M10 天 前
  • Is that Sawano theme song?

    • yup he’s composing the score in the trilogy

      __3 天 前
  • Yeah I need to catch up on UC quick

    hoshii.hoshii.11 天 前
    • You gotta watch like 3 (or 2 if you watch the 0079 recaps) shows with 43-50 episodes each. Although this film comes out in May and that’s only in Japan you’ll wait even longer for an HD fan subbed torrent

      __10 天 前
  • Aba, starring ang Davao 😎Gundam

    Marc FelmanMarc Felman11 天 前
  • "Davao" there's a scene from the Philippines interesting...

    antimage bryanantimage bryan11 天 前
  • Finally get to see Bright put his own son to death

    gcell10gcell1011 天 前
  • I hated the end of iron blooded orphans

    Chris TianChris Tian12 天 前
  • Please release it in India

    sid satamsid satam12 天 前
  • gonna go insane

    shadowycloudshadowycloud12 天 前
  • 00:02 Hiroyuki Sawano 🔥🔥 He's the one composing right?

    Abden Antony FernandezAbden Antony Fernandez12 天 前
    • Yup thats him

      __11 天 前

    Eka .RamdhanEka .Ramdhan12 天 前
  • Davao moment.

    Ecclesiastic ManEcclesiastic Man12 天 前
  • Is anybody able to tell me what I should watch to prepare for this? I've seen the 3 Mobile suit Gundam films, but I'm not sure what else from this universe I need.

    Nga AngNga Ang12 天 前
    • just watch 0079 (you’ve already seen this), Zeta, ZZ (first half isn’t that good but picks up after 18 Episodes) and then Char’s Counterattack there’s additional stuff like Spin-Offs and stuff that takes place between CCA and HF like Unicorn and Narrative but they’re not as important

      __11 天 前
    • This movie is a direct continuation of Char's Counterattack, so you should watch it first and I recommend you to watch all 6 the origin movies too.

      Ge GreenGe Green12 天 前
    • This is Universal Century / UC timeline (Gundam UC)

      falcon ffalcon f12 天 前
  • Where is the gundam?

    lifematchlifematch12 天 前
  • the girl is slegger law + mirai's kid

  • Davao? Wait does this mean it will follow the real world map?

    Matt De VeraMatt De Vera13 天 前
    • Clearly you are new to UC's timeline (or perhaps the Gundam series itself) but the show takes place in our world far into the future.

      Taufik KiftiyahTaufik Kiftiyah天 前
  • Mobile suit gundam simpaway

    Maku KawakamiMaku Kawakami13 天 前
    • Okay, I laughed so hard at this.

      Taufik KiftiyahTaufik Kiftiyah天 前
  • did he say staying in Davao in Philippines

    Superflint88Superflint8813 天 前
  • So glad Sunrise is doing this.

    Ben SBen S13 天 前
    • Eh? Pretty much all Gundam series made by Sunrise. I never recall any exception. It is pretty much what Sunrise famously known for.

      Taufik KiftiyahTaufik Kiftiyah天 前
  • Music? Is it by Sawano? Edit: it’s prob is... but ya need to check out Xenoblade Chronicles X OST.. it’ll make this trailer look like a carbon copy clone lol

    jaguarkickjaguarkick13 天 前
  • Another gundam in universal era? Was hoping we get something new and it being in its own universe.

    Feng LeiFeng Lei13 天 前
  • not gona lie...Gundam has been that great in years. They should try something different 1 day i the future and try to make a horror version. I would like to see a trippy, psychedelic, scary, horror take on the classic giant robot franchise.

    DavidzToyzDavidzToyz14 天 前
  • Davao? In the Philippines?

    ZΣlDΔZΣlDΔ14 天 前
    • yeah a part of this takes place there

      __10 天 前
  • No wonder the music feels AOT, music by hiroyuki sawano :D

    Takatoshi WadaTakatoshi Wada14 天 前
    • Even before AoT Sawano was already known for his musical work in Gundam Unicorn. In fact when I watched AoT for the first time I recall the familiarity with the musical scores being a trademark of Sawano precisely because of his work in Unicorn lol

      Taufik KiftiyahTaufik Kiftiyah天 前
  • i like gundam i hate 3d animation

  • i sense attack on titan music

    Ray AnimusRay Animus15 天 前
  • where them thicc jegans at

    Hello GuysHello Guys15 天 前
  • Is this the new Gundam anime?

    FebrianFebrian15 天 前
    • Yup

      __11 天 前
  • Wow davao in philippines is here in this series?

    Miguel SMiguel S15 天 前
  • Never been a fan of anime CGI, but it looks pretty good here.

    Loot CraterLoot Crater15 天 前
  • god damn I need this music.

    Andrew PrattAndrew Pratt15 天 前
  • I hope this lives up to the hype. They will definitely butcher the events of the original novel to make Hathaway actually canon.

    I My ChanelI My Chanel15 天 前
  • Just music alone is worthy to pay money for.

    Rin HikariRin Hikari16 天 前
  • What Davao!?

    RaisputinRaisputin16 天 前
    • Yep! It was set in the future version of Davao City.

      fransuke12fransuke1215 天 前
  • Oh this looks so fucking good :O!

    Stadium ARTsStadium ARTs16 天 前
  • Yo this looks super cool 👍

    Yami FenixYami Fenix16 天 前
  • Where my gundam?

    Aditya BagusAditya Bagus16 天 前

    NerradNerrad16 天 前
  • Ibo pt 3 please

    Jonathan AndrewsJonathan Andrews16 天 前
  • Been awhile since i saw something from Gundam in the Mobile Suit Universe. A Gundam series with a hint of intrigue. Looks interesting i may have to check it out.

    Steven GreenSteven Green17 天 前
  • This looks legit

    Jeremy Al'GoodJeremy Al'Good17 天 前
  • The japanese really have yet to learn the art of the trailer

    LongShotLongShot17 天 前
  • 80's style comes back...

    MR Dot1MR Dot117 天 前
  • This is some of the prettiest animation... And is that Hiroyuki Sawano I hear?!

    KyreemKyreem18 天 前
  • Looking forward for a Philippine release of this please... Especially when one of the setting is in Davao City...

    Tangkistang SadboiTangkistang Sadboi18 天 前
  • the real question is: when will the MG kit come out!!!??? or MB???

    othulloothullo18 天 前
  • I was wondering when they would come up with another Gundam anime hopefully it's more than 26 episodes

    AnimeGamer501st The Last YeetAnimeGamer501st The Last Yeet18 天 前
    • It's a trilogy.

      Geri DamasGeri Damas16 天 前
  • Dammit Hathaway.

    SaikisenSaikisen18 天 前
  • I hope the whole staff or wife's staf or any FUCKING one related to staff of Gundam series will NEVER EVER AGAIN do something that can change the story, Seed Gundam, 00 Gundam, Orphans Gundam IS ENOUGH!!!!! HOW DARE THOSE STAFF CHANGE THE SERIES TO WHAT THEY FUCKING WANT!!!!!?

    Banagher LinksBanagher Links19 天 前
  • Oh. An anime I might actually stand to watch.

    tiny crimestertiny crimester19 天 前
  • Finally adult pilots again

    Richard MeikleRichard Meikle19 天 前
  • Char was such a simp to a dead woman he decided to crash an entire asteroid to earth. Hathaway is such a simp to a dead girl, he joined a terrorist faction and made enemies against his father. Moral Lesson is simping to dead women is bad.

    You TubeYou Tube19 天 前
    • B R U H.... Hathaway and char knows how BAD and EVIL the earth federation are, if you did not know about the situation in this movie and char's counterattack then STFU because hathaway did this shit because The federation has become EVIL and decided to deport the incapacitated people from the earth to the space colony which makes the earth only habitable for the federation officials and some people too and char wanted every human to became newtype and can understand each other. Char dropped the asteroid To tell them that they must leave the earth,venture to space and become a newtype(char is not fully right in here don't get me wrong)

      Bael 25Bael 256 天 前
  • I cannot wait. Siege Zeon (yeah I know they are done for by the time this timeline happens

    Ace of HeartsAce of Hearts19 天 前
    • Not quite yet, they just aren't active on Earth aside from the remnants which were being hunted down and deported to space/executed. The last traces of the Zeon forces don't kick it until around UC 122 (Mafty is UC 105) post Mars. Mafty just doesn't focus on it because it primarily shows how corrupt and ineffectual the EF has become post CCA, leading to the inevitable decline.

      B LeungB Leung16 天 前
  • Hopefully this will pull me back to GUNDAM, with all the money and backing GUNDAM has there's no reason why it isn't as exciting at TITANS or some of the other series.

    Chris BullockChris Bullock19 天 前
  • I wanna know the background music

    DonaldDonald19 天 前